Blog Highlights: I Have an Agent!

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Week Three: CINDER from Conception to Publication





First posted on October 12, 2010

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Oh my goodness, it’s official. I am now a part of the Jill Grinberg Literary Management family, and while it was a tough decision (I ended up with three offers of representation, which was both thrilling and overwhelming), I could not be more ecstatic.

This is literally a dream come true as, believe it or not, Jill Grinberg was my Top #1 Dream Agent from the start. No, seriously. I have the excel file to prove it.


Because she just so happens to rep two of my favorite authors: Scott Westerfeld and Justine Larbalestier!


I’m so psyched. So so psyched.

And of course, the most important thing is that Jill (and her assistant) seem to truly love Cinder and are so enthusiastic to go on submissions with it.

It’s all just so surreal.

This has been such a crazy week, and I’m glad that the decision is made and I can now relax and celebrate and just feel joyous and thankful.

[In a twist of irony, I’ve been so preoccupied with all this agent stuff that I haven’t touched Scarlet in a full week! Become a “real writer” only to stop writing? How sad! So I hope that by this weekend I’ll be posting word counts and quotes again.]

Much love to you all for your endless support and encouragement!

I must say, I’m opening my celebratory prosecco much sooner than I expected. Cheers!