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Posted on: 19th Aug 2014  /   Categorized: fanart

You guys don’t make this easy on a girl, but I somehow managed to narrow the design submissions down to six finalists.

(My goal was to get it down to five but I simply COULD NOT cut any of these six – I love them all so much, and it had already broken my heart to have to cut some other beloved submissions. Because OMG you guys are AMAZING.)

In case anyone is wondering what my thought process was for choosing the finalists, I mostly imagined two scenarios:


1. If I were in high school and I saw this sticker on a classmate’s binder, would it pique my interest enough to ask about it?


2. As an author and promoter of my own books, how much do I want to stick this design EVERYWHERE?


Those two questions, plus a lot of back and forth and hard decisions, led me to our finalists…


By Jolien
By Jolien

By Jessica M.

By Julia M.
By Julia M.

By Lucia O.

By Sophia Z.
By Sophia Z.

By Veronica S.
By Veronica S.


And now, YOU guys have the toughest part of all. Voting for the grand prize winner!



  1. Rachel commented on:

    Whoa… I love Lucia’s! Great drawing skills, girl. πŸ˜€

  2. Heather commented on:

    I love them all, but the ‘Iko Approved’ one is amazing – I would stick them everywhere!

  3. A commented on:

    Is Aug 25 when we will learn Marissa’s pick? πŸ™‚

  4. Marissa commented on:

    Yep, I will post both the People’s Choice and Marissa’s Choice together on the 25th. At this moment I have a list of about 20 Marissa’s Choice contenders. GULP.

  5. A commented on:

    With so many talented entrants to pick from I don’t think you can lose!

  6. Lynna commented on:

    I am super conflicted right now. The thee I like the most are the 3rd, 5th, and 6th….can’t we have them all? Pretty please?

  7. Aie commented on:

    How do you expect us to choose if you couldn’t just either! They are all just too fabulous! Oh the conundrum…

  8. Kayla commented on:

    These are some seriously awesome designs! I had such a hard time choosing just between these 6! I chose Lucia’s but it just barely beat SophiaZ. Sophia’s was a great concept! GREAT WORK EVERYONE!

  9. D commented on:

    Here’s a male perspective. It is a well-established fact that girls are more willing to read a book with a male protagonist than vice versa – that’s just how it is. Cinder was the perfect introduction to your world, Marissa. I highly recommend it to all my male friends (the ones who can read). Which of these stickers would prompt me to ask “what is that about?” Julia’s. The moon says “adventure” more than any of the others.
    (I also applaud Lucia for what she managed with just 2 shades of blue, a black outline, and a smidgeon of white on the eyes.)

  10. Emily commented on:

    I chose Julia’s, but Lucia’s in amazing too! (They’re all amazing, but you know what I mean) πŸ˜‰

  11. Emiko commented on:

    I went for Veronica S.’s “Iko Approved”. It’s simple but expressive, I’d be SO curious about “who’s Iko?”, and I absolutely would stick that sticker so many places (including on a car window :D). Plus the fun similarity in name πŸ˜›

  12. Emi commented on:

    I’m definitely Iko Approved : )

  13. Cait commented on:

    Oh that was legitimately hard to vote for! I’m soooo stuck on the one by Julia M and also Iko Approved.

  14. YA Book Queen commented on:

    So many great designs! But I adore Iko, so my vote went to the last one – simple, intriguing….I’d put that sticker everywhere!

  15. Amy commented on:

    First off, all of these designs are amazing. Well done, everyone!
    This is such a hard choice for me but I’m going Lucia’s.

  16. Monique commented on:

    But I want to vote for everybody!!!!

  17. Mario RamΓ³n Mendoza commented on:

    Second, all suggestive and simple.


  18. Ebony commented on:

    I can’t choose between Jessica or Julia :/. Okay, I can do this…… Eeenie, meenie, miney … MOE!

  19. Emily C. commented on:

    I love love LOVE Veronica’s! Iko Approved! You can put this everywhere and it won’t get old because each thing you stick it on is different, so that changes the meaning of the sticker.

  20. adele commented on:

    How am I suppose to choose? I LOVE the Iko approved one- If I had that one i’d post it everywhere. Can we please have copies of every design?? And darn, I missed the contest. Thats fine though i don’t trust my artistic abilities ha-ha. πŸ˜‰

  21. Sarah commented on:

    Eep! So hard to choose! They’re all so awesome! I ended up voting for Sophia Z.- so creative!- but I love them all, especially “Iko Approved”, Jessica M., and Julia M.

  22. Sherry commented on:

    Jolien’s design is so adorable!! I honestly don’t think the others would catch my attention enough to ask about it. Although Veronica’s design was cute, someone who didn’t read the series would have no idea who “Iko” is, and the sticker therefore wouldn’t have such impact on them. If I were to see any of these stickers on a classmate, the colours and drawing style of Jolien’s sticker would snag my interest the most.

  23. memyselfandbooks commented on:

    I believe that Julia’s design would pique my interest the most, because I would be super curious what the Lunar Chronicles were, and if I were too shy to ask, the Internet would supply the info I want. Julia’s is also well designed, so she won my vote.

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  25. Yun-A commented on:

    All of the stickers are great! But I think the one by Julia M. represents the series best. I also love the Iko Approved one, though.

  26. Rachel Ann Hanley commented on:

    They’re all gorgeous, but I like the second one the most. It also seems most in keeping with the design of the book covers.

  27. Emma D. commented on:

    *gulps* What do you mean I can only choose one? These are all so beautiful and represent the series so well… I love how in the first one by Jolien, Cress’s hair is wrapped around the moon, and the “Proud Lunartic” is a nice touch. Then the Iko Approved one is simple and yet something I would totally put EVERYWHERE… So hard to choose!

  28. Your name commented on:

    If we did not enter the contest, how can we get stickers?

  29. Amber commented on:

    Personally, I think everyone did great! It takes a lot to put your work out there for everyone to see, regardless the reason. I can’t wait to see who wins and best of all Marissa’s choice!

  30. Lunartic commented on:

    I really like the “Hi I’m a Lunartic” by Sophia Z. !! A lot of work seemed to be put into that design.

  31. char commented on:

    i really hope that Jolien wins! i love her creation! it’s sooo beautiful!!
    if you haven’t read the book you won’t understand the creation of Veronica S.
    fingers crosst for Jolien!!!

  32. Lena LaMarelle commented on:

    These stickers are so awesome! I think I like Julia’s the best. To other fans of the Lunar Chronicles I just wanted to share with you a couple songs that I thought fit some relationships in the books.

    Scarlet and Wolf: Everything Has Changed by Taylor Swift

    Cinder and Kai: Enchanted by Taylor Swift

    I tend to put Taylor Swift songs to a lot of relationships that I read in books and I just wanted to share these with other Lunartics and maybe even Marissa Meyer. Tell me what you think. I’ve only read Cinder and Scarlet, so no spoilers please.

  33. katrina commented on:

    Wow, that was just so hard. They’re all so amazing!

  34. Sabreen commented on:

    Agh this was such a hard choice! Sophia’s “Hello I’m” concept is awesome, Lucia has amazing drawing skills, Jolien’s use of space is really clever, Jessica’s is nice and symbolic, and Veronica’s “Iko Approved” is so smart and unique (it kind of reminds me of Emma Approved…) But I picked Julia’s bc it fits my personal aesthetic

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