Sticker Entries Are Up!

I’ve been updating my Pinterest board for the “Design a Sticker Contest” all morning, and some of these entries literally made me gasp. From clever to adorable, stunning to hilarious, the entries are top-notch. You Lunartics have once again outdone yourselves.


All of the entries can be viewed here. Prepare yourself for awesome.


ARTISTS: Please check the board to ensure that your entry is posted. If you don’t see it, contact me asap – either via a comment to this blog post or on Twitter. I know that at least one entry ended up in a spam folder, and I want to make sure I caught all the others.


Finalists should be chosen and posted for voting either tomorrow or Wednesday. How will I narrow it down?


…… I have no clue. *daunted*


Thank you to everyone who entered! I can’t wait to see two of these amazing designs turned into actual stickers!