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Posted on: 3rd Dec 2015  /   Categorized: Cinder

As always, you brilliant, talented Lunartics did not disappoint! We received 90 entries for the Cinder Litographs design contest and they were absolutely amazing. Litographs and I really struggled narrowing it down to these seven finalists!


But—narrow them down we did, and now it’s up to you to choose your favorite. Remember, on top of some phenomenal prizes, the grand prize winner will have their design turned into Litographs T-shirts, posters, and tote bags!


The Finalists
By Giuliana

By Julia

By Katrina

By Morgan

By Nikki

By Raina

By Snigdha

You’ve seen the finalists… now cast your vote using the form below.

Voting will end at midnight PST on Thursday, December 10. Good luck to all the finalists!

(Having trouble viewing the form? Click here.)


  1. Hannah commented on:

    I love the one by Giuliani

  2. PegasusZ commented on:

    Omg I love them all!!!!

  3. Michele Lisbon commented on:

    They’re all so good! It was so hard to decide but one of them made it as my wallpaper so I had to vote that one

  4. Sara Ferrell commented on:

    Ok, so I vaguely knew what a lithograph was, but I wasn’t picturing this beautiful modern take on it! Wow! They’re all gorgeous!! Good job you guys!!! I want t-shirts of them all!

  5. Cassandra commented on:

    I love the one by Guiliani, I think it perfectly captures one of the best, (and last) scenes of The Lunar Chronicles.

  6. Kourtny commented on:

    The one by Julia is so Focused and to the point. It really captures cinder! They are all wonderful though!!

  7. Kate commented on:

    I love Giuliana’s!!! Though actually I love them all…

  8. Courtney commented on:

    Geez these are all amazing 🙂 , it really hard to just to choose one. Can’t wait to see how it turns out. It would be really cool if was contest like for this all the other books too.

  9. Angana Khatoniar commented on:

    I love Snigdha’s work! Its so magical and pretty! But all the others are so insanely pretty too. Its hard to actually choose. Cause everyone did suc an awesome job! Thumbs up to all of them!

  10. Nimisha commented on:

    Go Snigdha!! Amazing litho art. So detailed and magical 🙂

  11. MichelleMcR commented on:

    I commend all of the artists. Excellent work! They are amazing. Snidha’s and Julia’s are my favorites, but you ALL did a great job!

  12. Kevin commented on:

    They all look great! I love how Raina captured Cinder with such a simple yet recognizable design. Congratulations everyone!

  13. Cora commented on:

    Ahh, they’re all so beautiful! I think Katrina’s is my favorite, I love the Cinder/Kai parallels, but they’e all amazing. Congrats to everyone!

  14. Liliana commented on:

    Wow! So amazing! I love how simple Guiliana and Nikki’s are…. yet so breathtaking at the same time.

  15. Liz commented on:

    All of them are such beautiful pieces. I especially like Julia and Snigdha’s, but they’re all done beautifully. Congratulations to all!

  16. Nuzhat commented on:

    Ok so I was REALLY confused between Julia’s and Snigdha’s. Both were extremely well drawn! But I voted for Snigdha!

  17. Tiffany commented on:

    I loved all of these! It was really hard to choose just one, but I went with Julia’s because of its simple elegance and because it captures Cinder’s essence perfectly. Great job to all of you guys!

  18. Samantha commented on:

    OMG I love them all so much!!! There all so beautiful!!! (I have to pick one?!) But I have to say that Julia’s and Snigdha’s are my favorite two… I wish I could pick both but in the end I have to pick one… And I have to say there’s something about Snigdha’s… So I just what I’m trying to say is I vote for Snigdha’s!

  19. Destinee Cifuentes commented on:

    Snigdha’s desing!!!! LOVE IT… I hardly choose but for my opinion The Best (like Marissa Meyer 😉 is Snigdha’s

  20. Ella commented on:

    I was torn between Julia and Snigdha’s designs, even though they were all insanely beautiful! My only worry with Snigdha’s is that all of those little lines wouldn’t show with the text :/



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