A Week of Rapunzel at A Backwards Story: Feb. 2 ~ Feb. 9, 2014

Posted on: 31st Jan 2014  /   Categorized: Blog Tours

Week of Rapunzel


There are A LOT of fun things to look forward to next week! CRESS releases, the SCARLET paperback releases, plus #SaveCRESS Twitter Chats and Launch Party Livestreams galore!

If that wasn’t enough, Bonnie at A Backwards Story is hosting her third annual Fairy Tale Feature in celebration of CRESS!


Check out her blog all next week for:

– A guest post from yours truly, in which I share the contents of one of my secretive story folders for the first time EVER.

– A spoiler-free dialogue between my three amazing beta readers on their experience critiquing the book’s early drafts.

– Book Reviews

– Author Visits

– Giveaways, and more!


There can just never be enough fairy tale love.

#WeekofRapunzel / #SaveCRESS



  1. Adele commented on:

    Just another thing to look forward too! 1. THE cress release (2 days!) 2. giveaways 3. Scarlet new bonus stuff 4 Comments for Cress. Man, that’s a lot of stuff this week! I hope i can remember everything! I am excited for the Winter cover to be revealed. When will it be revealed? And heartless cover? Will winter and heartless both be released in fall of 2014 ?

  2. adele commented on:

    I hope it’s not fall 2015, cause I couldn’t stand that!

  3. Bonnie @ A Backwards Story commented on:

    Thanks so much for posting about the event here, Marissa! 🙂
    I can’t wait to share your post with everyone!
    Your betas are going live with their opinions tomorrow <3

  4. Adele commented on:

    Marissa, I was really happy when I saw the cress blog tour! I really looked forward to the heroine quiz. But, when I went to the site, I found no quiz. So, I’m ????

  5. Marissa commented on:

    Adele, the quiz just went up today! I’m about to go make up a post with all the direct links.

    And Winter will be out in early 2015, Heartless will be out in Fall 2015. I can’t wait to see the covers too!!

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