The Scarlet Paperback Blog Tour & Read-Alongs!

Posted on: 13th Jan 2014  /   Categorized: Blog Tours

Three weeks! I can’t hardly believe it, but Cress comes out in just three weeks . . . and guess what! So does the paperback edition of Scarlet, which will also be hitting bookshelves on February 4.


There are fifty pages of bonus materials in the paperback edition, including: “The Queen’s Army,” a companion short story; a Cress teaser; Q&A with yours truly; book discussion questions; and a we love bloggers! appreciation page.


In celebration, all this week is a special Scarlet blog tour—complete with lots of opportunities to win great prizes and free books!



Monday January 13: My Shelf Confessions

On the Lunar Chronicles’ science-fiction / fairy tale twists . . .


Tuesday January 14: Reader of Fictions

On some seriously swoonworthy boys . . .


Wednesday January 15: Scott Reads It

On one terrifying villain . . .


Thursday January 16: Michelle and Leslie’s Book Picks

On the Lunar Chronicles’ global settings and their futuristic glory (and chaos) . . .


Friday January 17: Book Brats

On our strong and inspiring heroines . . .


For your best chance to win copies of Cinder and Scarlet, be sure to follow the complete blog tour and enter all the giveaways!



But that isn’t all—you can also win awesome prizes by joining in two, that’s right, TWO read-alongs happening this month.




(Visit for details.)



(Visit for details.)



Both read-alongs are drumming up plenty of Lunartic chatter, fanart, and fun, and both come with prizes! So grab a copy of Scarlet and get reading (or re-reading) today!


  1. adele commented on:

    Sounds like fun! I’m kind of on the Red Riding Hood kick! (Red Riding Hood marathon) Good idea to get everyone’s mind off of Cress! It’ll prepare them for Cress when it comes out!

  2. Sara G. commented on:

    Hi! I know this is non scarlet related but I have to share! I JUST finished the final copy of my novel of how the evil queen in snow white became evil!!! My goals for 2014 is to start on my novel Vines (A retelling of Jack and beanstalk) do a Tangled novelization, and finish a draft on another unfinished novel. Then I want to read Cress, Splintered, Sisters Red and thats all! Have a great 2014 year! Love your books, and your writing tips. I LOVE your writing tips. They are so awesome! I use them a lot. Cinder is my favorite book, I picked it up at the library because of it’s neat cover and was hooked! The next day I bought it. I love the were-wolf element! And finally, everyone, please visit The singer is awesome with science fiction/fantasy and werewolf songs (make you think of scarlet?) They just released a album and will be releasing a new one soon. They are also releasing a new music were wolf video titled Predator. Their album is called Phantom, and so yeah check it out! If you like lunar chronicles, then you’ll like tara elisha music. It’s futurestic and everything!

  3. Marissa commented on:

    Thanks for your comment, Sara! I wish you much inspiration with your novels!

  4. Dakota commented on:

    Hi everyone! I want to remind everyone that Cress, (yes, the 1 and only cress) comes out in 20 DAYS! 20 DAYS! TWENTY DAYS! Get your copy and re-read cinder and scarlet, host a cress marathon and tell all your friends to order Cress. Spread the love! -Dakota, lunar-tic

  5. Sara G. commented on:

    I already have!

  6. jadyn commented on:

    OMG! 20 days. Like i didn’t know. Heck, 20 days!

  7. Kay commented on:

    Ummm, so if we bought the hard copy books of Cinder and Scarlet, we have to buy the paperback also to see this new material? Seems a little unfair…

  8. Adele commented on:

    I agree. I just bought a hardcover of Scarlet this past summer. I don’t think I’m going to buy ANOTHER copy just because of bonus material!

  9. sara G. commented on:

    19 days!

  10. Marissa commented on:

    I feel like I should point out that most of the bonus content didn’t exist when the hardcover came out, and is also already available for free on the internet. We’re not trying to trick you, it just makes for fun extras in this print edition. 🙂

  11. Alexandra Gresser commented on:

    I can’t wait for Scarlet!



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