Wires and Nerve is here!!

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Wires and Nerve, the first of my Lunar Chronicles graphic novels, IS ON SALE TODAY!


I could not be any more excited. I truly love this book and am so proud to be crossing another childhood dream of mine (write a graphic novel!) off my list. It was immense fun for me to be able to revisit the TLC world and all my old Rampion friends, as well as to be able to give Iko a much-deserved tale of her own.


I sincerely hope you will all love it as much as I do!


Read more about the book and order your copy here. 


If you’re in the Tacoma/Seattle area, I hope you can come to tonight’s launch party – 7:00 at the Tacoma Public Library!



  1. Book Doctor commented on:

    Just finished it!! So good!! Thank you for this amazing graphic novel! Can’t wait for the next one!

  2. Book Doctor commented on:

    Also, when does volume 2 come out?

  3. Winter Hayle commented on:

    Preordered, and now I’m waiting for the mail to show up so I can get my copy! Stars, I can’t wait to read it. XD

  4. Emma commented on:

    I ordered it from Washington and I live on the east coast so I’m still waiting!!!!!!!!!!
    Volume 2 comes out beginning of 2018

  5. Elise commented on:

    I just finished it! It was AMAZING! I loved it so much!!!

  6. Megan commented on:

    Just finished it on my lunch break. Page 209, bottom right panel. I SQUEE’D SO HARD. IN FRONT OF EVERYONE. DON’T EVEN CARE.

  7. S commented on:

    I DEVOURED this book right after I got it!!! So amazing! Marissa, you’ve made me fall in love with TLC all over again!! Please give me regards to Doug Holgate for his wonderful illustrations too! SO looking forward to Part 2~!

  8. Natasha commented on:

    Ahhhhhhh!!!! I finished it in a couple hours and I love it so much. I found it funny that Cinder’s miad’s name is Tressa, because I wrote a fic where Cinder had a maid named Terria….
    I cannot wait for Volume 2!!!!! I’m hoping for some fluffy kaider scenes, in addition to the cresswell, wolflet, and jacinter we got in this book.

  9. Liv commented on:

    I loved it sooo much, but I read it too fast. I can’t wait for volume 2!!! and hopefully many many more volumes!!

  10. Elisabeth commented on:

    You did it again, Marissa Meyer! You had me at the first page, made me squeal every time one of the Rampion members entered the page, gave me a deeper love for Iko (if that was even possible), and had me rooting for every love story, every time. Thank you so, so much! I cannot wait for Volume II!!!!

  11. Izzy commented on:

    I totally loved it!!!!!! I am so looking forward to vol. 2 and the wait will be TORTURE! But it will definitely be worth it! Im glad for some more Kiko and I loved the others as well! TLC is by far my favorite universe and I’m so happy you expanded it! It was amazing and I can’t wait for vol. 2. You did awesome!

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