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Posted on: 3rd Nov 2015  /   Categorized: Marketing & Promotion


So much to talk about today! Here we go!


Enter the Ultimate Lunar Chronicles Sweepstakes

One grand prize winner will receive a Lunar Chronicles sweatshirt, mirror, lip gloss, comb, makeup bag, an Iko USB, and a complete signed set of books!! You have until November 20 to enter, and lots of chances to earn extra entries, too. (This one is for US residents only.)

The Fanfiction Contest Winners are up!

All six winning stories have been posted and you can read them HERE, including the fabulous grand prize winner “The Princess and the Bug” by Lauren Lopez. It’s a fantastic Lunar-ized retelling of “The Princess and the Pea,” full of romance, technology, and a sweet little twist at the end.


I’m going on tour!

Check out the complete tour schedule here. 

Can’t make it to any of the events? You can still follow @FierceReads on Snapchat! I’ll be taking over the account from November 9 – 20, and posting about all sorts of behind-the-scenes shenanigans.



Launch Party Livestreaming on Periscope

Speaking of behind-the-scenes shenanigans, if you’re totally bummed about not being able to come to the Lunar Ball in Tacoma, WA, on November 10 (which is going to be amazing), you can still live vicariously! First, download the Periscope app on your smart phone or tablet, then follow @FierceReads. We’ll be livestreaming events starting around 5:00pm PST, including a special announcement from yours truly.


NaNoWriMo Webcast

Not tired of me yet? Then I hope you’ll join me and Grant Faulkner, the executive direction of National Novel Writing Month, for a one-hour webcast this Saturday. Festivities will kick off at 3:00 EST / Noon PST, and we’ll be talking books, noveling, Winter, writing tips, and encouragement. Follow along at




Selene’s revolution is growing! If you haven’t done it yet, be sure to take a photo showing your support of the true Lunar queen and post it to Instagram using #JoinTheResistance and #LunarChronicles. If your location is turned on, it will appear on the Resistance Map.


Lastly, this just in: Winter is a GoodReads Choice Awards Nominee!

I’m super honored! You guys must have so much faith in me. *tears*

I know you haven’t actually read the book yet, but if you think it might be your fav read of 2015 and you want to keep it in the voting for the next round, you can vote here:



Okay. That it. I think I got it all.

#WinterIsComing #WinterIsSeriouslyAlmostHere




  1. Tricia commented on:

    Pretty much as soon I read this I entered the sweepstakes and voted for Winter! Even though, there were some other really good books, but I chose Winter anyway. 🙂

  2. Liliana commented on:

    I voted for Winter! 🙂

  3. Liliana commented on:

    I just realized that it is Wolf’s birthday today!

  4. Tricia commented on:

    Happy Birthday, Wolf!

  5. Marie commented on:

    How lovely, another contest which I came be a part of because I don’t live in U.S

  6. Liliana commented on:

    Hi Marissa! It’s My birthday, and I’d like to ask you a question. What is Cress’s mother’s name? Thank you!!!!!!!

  7. Taylor Brazzill commented on:

    I didn’t know who to message or where else to put this, but in case you didn’t know… on Amazon, when you click on the sneak peek (to look “inside”) for Winter, the WHOLE book comes up. All 824 pages. I just wanted to let you know before too many people found out. I didn’t think it was supposed to do that, and if it is, well, I am sorry for this comment then lol.

  8. victoria commented on:

    is there going to be a winter trailer

  9. Liliana commented on:

    Taylor is right. ALL of winter is on amazon. I read to about cha
    pter 7 and its amazing though. Great job Marissa Meyer!

  10. Tim commented on:

    OH MY GOD. I just went to the Antwerp Book Fair (I live in Belgium) and I ALREADY FOUND WINTER!!!
    823 pages of pure, absolute bliss are waiting for me now.

  11. Aimee commented on:

    I’m so excited! Will there be a blog tour?

  12. Audrey commented on:

    Ugh still trying to decide where I should buy the book. Target sometimes does signed copies but Barnes & Noble does posters inside and such and sometimes Walmart does something cool.

  13. Avila commented on:

    I’m am so excited for Winter! I’ve been counting down the days! I can’t wait for tomorrow!

  14. Liliana commented on:

    Winter is here!!!!!!!! 🙂

  15. Tricia commented on:

    Does a happy dance

  16. iamjulesrimet commented on:


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