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Posted on: 20th Jan 2014  /   Categorized: Blog Tours



I get such a kick out of writing the blog tour posts every year! It’s like sharing all these quirky behind-the-scenes things that I’ve been hoarding all year long. 😀


The CRESS blog tour kicks off today! Here’s the full list of stops. On top of my guest posts, the tour is also full of giveaways, reviews, and more, so make sure to stop by each blog for the full Lunar Chronicles experience. Enjoy!



Monday, January 20 : That Artsy Reader Girl
In which I explain why I almost named Cress “Arugula” . . .


Tuesday, January 21 : Mermaid Vision Books
In which I share my “Ode to Spaceship Captains.” Yes, I wrote an actual ode.


Wednesday, January 22 : MacTeenBooks
In which I get a little nostalgic over the music that inspired the book . . .


Thursday, January 23 : Refracted Light Reviews
In which Meg Tao, Kai’s fan club president, is devastated.


Friday, January 24 : Love is Not a Triangle
In which I *squee* over some of my favorite Lunar Chronicles fanart . . .


Monday, January 27 : YA Bibliophile
In which I talk about my experience riding a real-live camel for research.


Tuesday, January 28 : The Irish Banana Review
In which I explain how I relate to Cress’s character . . .


Wednesday, January 29 : Forever Young Adult
In which I discuss the challenges of writing a quartet (and the third book in particular).


Thursday, January 30 : Alexa Loves Books
In which I talk about food. A LOT of food . . .


Friday, January 31 : FicFare
In which I discuss 10 things that changed from Cress’s early drafts . . .


Monday, February 3 : Mundie Moms
In which you can take a quiz to find out which Lunar Chronicles heroine you are . . .


(Posts from previous blog tours can be found on my blog posts Pinterest board.)


  1. Yan Ling Chen commented on:

    Where’s the quiz for what TLC heroine you are? It said:

    Monday, January 20 : That Artsy Reader Girl
    In which you can take a quiz to find out which Lunar Chronicles heroine you are . . .

    Can’t find it 🙁

  2. Marissa commented on:

    My post schedule was wrong and I’m waiting to get the new one. The Artsy Girl had the post on choosing Cress’s name ( The TLC quiz is still to come.

  3. Denise commented on:

    Thank you for posting the blog tour dates and where! I’m definitely going to visit these awesome sights! Thanks! <3

  4. Eileen Y commented on:

    I just saw the trailer in the Love Is Not a Triangle blog tour! Loved it so much and I hope they come out with a movie soon!

  5. Heather G commented on:

    I saw on your newsletter that the companion story “The Little Android” is avalible on WattPad. I was wondering if that would work on my Nook. Also, how do I get it? Is it avalible on Barnes & Noble? Love the fact that you do so much with your fans!



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