Coming Soon: TLC Ship Weeks!!

Posted on: 9th Oct 2015  /   Categorized: Book Love

Calling all Writers, Costumers, Illustrators, and General Lunartics! Thanks to the success and enthusiasm from last year’s TLC Ship Weeks, it’s happening again. In fact, it’s happening TWICE this year.

Let the shipping commence!!


ship weeks

Here is some info straight from the Ship Weeks Tumblr:



A Ship Week is a specified week where fans draw/write/etc and submit pieces for a particular pairing. Ship Weeks of course implies more than one week of such festivities.


In other words, it’s a multi-week extravaganza where hundreds of TLC fans gather together to create, share, gush, swoon, discuss, and fangirl/fanboy over our beloved characters!





The second annual The Lunar Chronicles Ship Weeks will take place in two parts:


I. Mini-Ship Week will be the week leading up to the release of Winter from Sunday, November 1 to Saturday, November 7, 2015. Themes will be given for each of the 7 days; submit pieces for whichever ships you’d like!


Your themes are as follows:



Fall; Espionage; Sleepover; Costume; Mythology; Beach; Revolution

II. The full Ship Weeks event will take place on Sunday, December 27, 2015 to Saturday, January 30, 2016, the 5 weeks before the release of Stars Above. It will feature the following ships and the corresponding themes (to be determined) for Days 2, 4, and 6 of each week:

Winter x Jacin
Cress x Thorne
Scarlet x Wolf
Cinder x Kai





Submit any type of piece you want! Fanart, fanfiction, edits, quotes, headcanons, videos, music, cosplays, etc.


Don’t have time to go all out? That’s okay! We accept sketches, ficlets, or anything else you’d like to contribute!


Can’t draw? Can’t write? Can’t come up with any ideas? We hope that you’ll still participate by sharing and commenting on other people’s submissions! Feedback is always appreciated. Let’s be the best fandom ever!


Don’t use Tumblr or DeviantArt? We’re working to bring you TLC Ship Weeks on other social media platforms (Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.) Suggestions and volunteers are welcome!


QUESTIONS? Check out the FAQ page for more info.


  1. I WILL NEVER STOP TRYING commented on:

    Hahahaa! I will never stop trying to make this question (in the chat i was not choosed, so sad). PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ANSWER ME!
    Hi! I wanto ask Marissa about Levana’s personality and characteristics. Is she really mad? And in Fairest it’s not mentioned the color of her skin and eyes. Is she one of the most powerful lunars? I want to paint a portrait of her and because of that i want to know those details. Sorry for my english, i’m from Venezuela.

  2. Taylor Brazzill commented on:

    YES! Winter is coming and so are my beautiful ships! YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. 😀 <3 .

  3. Please answer this?/Liliana commented on:

    Hi! I didn’t get to ask you a question on the chat, so can I ask you a question now? If so, here is my question: What is Cress’s mother’s name?
    Thank you 🙂

  4. Liliana commented on:

    Dear I WILL NEVER STOP TRYING, I have an answer to your question. According to the Lunar Chronicles Wiki, she has brown hair, brown eyes, and light brown skin (Much like Channary or Cinder). She also has scars on one side of her face (That is how she looks without her glamour). With her glamour, she has ivory skin, Auburn hair, and onyx eyes (onyx is kind of like dark blue). And yes, Levana is a very powerful lunar. Levana is probably more powerful than Cinder because she had much more practice. I’m not sure if Levana’s really mad. She seems kind of crazy, so I would say probably.

  5. Esmaya commented on:

    Wait so if I wanted to submit on Instagram, could I? And would it be under a hashtag? I love art this would be soo fun!

  6. Gabrielle commented on:


    This is my interpretation of Levana.. obviously I’m not Marissa Meyer, and I don’t want to butt in about who I think the Queen of Luna is, and I could be totally off here, but this is just my idea of why she acts the way she acts.

    –possible spoilers–

    There are a lot of different backstories concerning villains, and characters of the type. For one, I don’t believe that Levana was originally a villainous character. If I recall correctly, I believe that she wanted to rule Luna better than her older sister, who often bullied and abused her. At one point, I do think that Levana would’ve made a better ruler. She had to be strong to keep such a powerful glamour up all the time, and every time she did so, she grew stronger through practice. So yes, her mind may not have been completely sound. But that, plus love, plus pain, anger, betrayal- and she’s suddenly changed from an innocent girl, to a manipulative, powerful woman with the potential to change Luna and Earth, even if she doesn’t know it yet.

    Let me skip to Levana’s family life. When her parents pass away, she makes an inconsiderate statement, and seems to care very little for her mother or her father. Yet, there’s no way that she is completely unaffected when they die. They were still her parents, even if they weren’t constantly in her life. She had to be affected somehow, even if she didn’t think that she was. They’ve been suddenly ripped from her life- who wouldn’t that affect? Short years later, Channary has a daughter, and, firstly, Selene is a reminder of Channary, but also of the girls’ parents. It must be like seeing parts of her life start to fracture- Levana’s not queen, and her chances of being so have just completely dissolved. So she takes certain steps to concrete her monarchy over Luna.

    Years later, when everything seems to be going well for her- in her point of view, suddenly someone *cough* *cough* comes back, and reminds her of the past she’s trying to completely eradicate. It would be like seeing your enemy rise from the grave, with the potential to destroy you once and for all. And they *cough* have a following, and the attention of several important figures in TLC. And she slips from her grasp, and in Levana’s mind, that’s got to be just about the worst insult- the worst turn of fate, and her mind’s got to be reeling, while she tries to convince herself that she can overcome this, and yet part of her mind is quietly asking ‘can so-and-so overthrow me? Is this possible, after everything?’ At the same time, she is *this* close to achieving her goals, and if nothing else, this has to throw her mental stability through a loop. She’s so close, but yet, everything is slowly turning against her. Can you imagine how much is going through her mind? Talk about a trip down memory lane. At this point, she’s so far gone, we can tell she’s going to go to any lengths to concrete her monarchy- with a chance to rule Earth as well, how could she back out? Any steps backward would mean a retreat, and she’s not the woman to do that. All evidence to the contrary, it’s difficult for me to see her as insane. She’s in pain, broken, inches away from her goals, and there’s nobody to stop her from chasing the power that will never be enough…..

    ….well, maybe there is somebody.

    My impromptu TLC essay, everyone. *bows majestically* I’m sorry to fill up the blog feed, but I hope that answers your question, I WILL NEVER STOP TRYING. Again, my apologies for writing so much…

    *whispers* twenty-eight days, three hours, thirty-one minutes, and 30 seconds until Winter..

  7. Ella commented on:

    Hi Marissa, so I wanted to know what happened with Channary. Who was she dating and all of that. Also assumed you would answer that in Stars Above but you did not,:(. It’s OK though. Finally what is the answer to
    Please answer this?/Liliana’s question.



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