The Write Like Crazy NaNoWriMo Challenge: Did You Win?!

Happy December, Novelists!


I, for one, am so happy that November is over, and also so pleased with what I accomplished in the past 30 days. This was a big month for me, and the Write Like Crazy Challenge is definitely to thank for that. I know that I wrote a TON more than I would  have without the challenge, and I sincerely hope that it helped to inspire and motivate you as well!


So – without further ado.


My final word count for the month of November IS . . .


133,916 WORDS!




That’s 33,916 words beyond my original goal, and 8,916 words beyond my mid-month revised goal. It also included my first EVER 15,000-word day. (The 30th, naturally.)


Sticker-wise, the month looked like this:


nano calendar


Yes, you’re interpreting that correctly. As of the 16th, I had a mere 32,000 words, which meant that more than 100,000 of my words came in the last two weeks of the month. There were nine days total in which I wrote zero words. Life. Grrr.


And the important part is that . . . I finished my enormous Winter overhaul! The book that I started rewriting  in MAY. I’ll post more about my Winter progress and what the next step is later this month.


*falls over from happiness and relief*


I’m almost done with the Levana novella, too, and should be done with it this week.


I am HAPPY,  you guys.


*high fives all around*



So, Did You Beat Me?!


If YOU, Novelist, wrote more than 133,916 words this November, then step up and claim your prize!!


But remember, this contest is only for words written during the month of November, and again, I urge everyone to be honest, so that the writers who really went above and beyond will be the writers who win. That’s fair, right?


To claim:


Leave a comment to this blog post*  with:


1. Your final NaNoWriMo word count

2. A link to your profile that includes your verified novel and word count

3. Your email address


* Important: If you are reading this on a feed outside of, such as Amazon or GoodReads, please click through to the original blog post and leave your comment there.


The period for posting your word count to be considered for the Grand Prize will end on Tuesday, December 3, 2013, at midnight PST!


I will honor other winning word counts until December 8, 2013.





After Tuesday, I will contact all winners via email for your mailing addresses.


Everyone who beat my word count of 133,916 words will win a prize. I will figure out what that prize is on Tuesday once I know how many of you there are! I’m hoping to send you something really cool, guys, but I know there were a lot of super determined writers, so we’ll see . . .


The writer who wrote the MOST WORDS during November will win a Signed ARC of CRESS! And I know there were some ridiculously astounding word counts going on, so it’s going to be tough competition.



One Last Plea


Can you tell that I’m a little nervous people are going to lie about their word counts? Because I know how very easy it would be, and how very unfair that would be to the other novelists.


I am going to take every writer at their word here, so again – please don’t cheat. Please only claim your prize if you really did write as many words during November as your verified statistics show.



One Last Thought


Even if you didn’t beat my word count, I hope with all my heart that many of you wrote more words last month than you would have without the challenge. I hope that you were inspired and motivated, and that you reached some of your own personal writing goals.


No matter if you wrote 150,000 words of 50,000 words or 5,000 words – if you found time to prioritize your writing and experience the pleasure of storytelling this November, then you’re a winner, and I applaud you.


Well done, novelists. Well done.


Now go read some books! Your TBR pile misses you!