The Perks of Being a Writer

Just a short post today, because lately I’ve been in a “aren’t I lucky this is my life” sort of mood. So I thought I would list some of my favorite perks that come with the job of being a writer.


– We get to work in our pajamas! (Probably my favorite perk of all time.)

– Reading is productive – it’s all market research, after all.

– The freedom to set your own hours and take breaks to go see a movie in the middle of the day if you want to.

– You can work with a cat on your lap. Bonus if they’re purring.

– You can work almost anywhere. Parks, restaurants, aboard a yacht… if you had a yacht. Or knew someone with a yacht. Hey… do any of you have a yacht?

– “Company retreats” generally refer to you, your pajamas, and a lot of chocolate. No silly ice breakers involved.

– That, or writing retreats with other authors, where you get to drink wine and eat cookies and talk about agents and editors like… you know, real writers.

– There are lovely people in New York who will take you out to eat when you’re in town.

– You get to do all sorts of cool things in the name of “research” (which means they’re also a tax write-off).

– Also, books are a tax write-off.

– You get to meet other authors at conferences and signings, including some of your personal icons.

– A certain amount of eccentricity is expected of you.


Whether writing for you is a hobby or a career or a hobby-waiting-to-become-a-career, there are all sorts of perks to be had. What are some of your favorites?