The Cinder Paperback is Coming: Bonus Materials + A Giveaway!

Aaaah, I’m so excited!! The Cinder paperback will be hitting bookstore shelves NEXT WEEK. I got my shipment in the mail a few days ago and it is GORGEOUS. I just want to hug it and squish it and love it forever and ever… at least, until my SCARLET copies arrive and usurp it. ^_^


So, what’s so special about the CINDER paperback?


Well. Allow me to tell you all about it.


Cinder paperback

Special Thing #1: “The New York Times Bestseller” is printed on the front cover. Those are some of my favorite words.


Glitches stickerpaperback Glitches

Special Thing #2: This pretty shiny sticker that reads: “Special Bonus: Short Story Inside!” (The short story, “Glitches,” is also available as a free download until January 3, for those of you who prefer the digital route.)


Cinder paperback back cover

Special Thing #3: The back cover includes a pretty picture of the Scarlet cover AND a QR Code that, when scanned, will take you to “an exclusive message from Marissa Meyer!” What is my exclusive message? Er… I’m not really sure. I wrote it a long time ago. You’ll just have to go scan to find out!


Cinder paperback endsheets

Special Thing #4: Gorgeous glossy endpapers that have people saying nice things about my book!



Special Thing #5: The Blogger Thank You! My publisher designed this as a way to show our appreciation to all you wonderful bloggers who have supported the series. I hope you all imagine me hugging you every time you see it.



Special Thing #6: A sneak preview of SCARLET!



Special Thing #7: A Q&A with me, including my favorite reading memories and what I would wear to the ball.



Special Thing #8: A discussion guide for book clubs and classrooms—those of you who have been following this blog for a while might even remember me asking for your suggested questions last spring. Did your question make the cut?!


Now that I have you all craving the paperback with its awesome bonus materials, you have the chance to win one!


THREE copies are up for grabs in this Goodreads Giveaway. Ends January 7, the day before the book hits shelves. That’s only a week away, so enter now!


(Er, this is where there was supposed to be a link, but evidently the Goodreads folks are on holiday, so they haven’t approved the giveaway yet. But it’s coming soon!) 


(Sorry, US/Canada/UK/Australia only. But international more giveaways will follow!)