New Treasures: Little Red Valentine & Snow White Cake Set

It’s been a long time since I posted about my vintage fairy tale collection – and some of you may not know about it at all! But I’ve been collecting antique fairy tale stuff for years now, and just recently found these fun new treasures.



Little Red Riding Hood Valentine and Box

These first two treasures were actually my Valentine’s Day gift from my husband this year (he knows me so well!!). I am beyond smitten with this valentine, which reads “Will you be my Valentine?, the Wolf asked Riding Hood. She said, ‘I can’t, I’m spoken for, Or else I surely would!’”

Poor Wolf. *hugs him*



And the box is meant to look like an old book and I love how worn it is—it’s obvious that someone actually used it to store some sort of treasure back in the day.




Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Cake Topper Set

How adorable is this little set?! I found it in an antique shop in Minneapolis a few weeks ago and absolutely adore it. Who knows? I might actually have to bake a cake one of these days! For the WINTER launch, perhaps? Hmmm…..