NaNo Experiment: Slumber Parties & Stately Mansions

Well, so much for posting about my writing experiment every day this month. *cringe* I got swept up in finishing CRESS and sending that off to my editor last week (with success, btw!), and that put my Secret Nano Project on the back burner.

I am back in full Nano-swing now, though!

Current Word Count: 24,127

Here’s where I’ve been writing the past few days:


(Left to right: Phoebe Kitanidis, Daniel Marks, Kristin Halbrook)

Day: 10

Location: Nano Slumber Party! (a.k.a. author Kristin Halbrook’s lovely home)

Time spent: About half an hour. (I was really there for about 6 hours, but most of that was spent finishing CRESS… and gossiping). So, half an hour spent Nano-ing.

Words written: 407

Comfort: Very comfortable! Good lighting, good food, good company…

Noise: Speaking of good company. You think writers are so quiet and shy? Not when you get them around a table with drinks and teriyaki. Lots of talking was going on at the Nano slumber party, which was a ton of fun, if also distracting.

Pros: It’s like being productive and social at the same time! Also, when we were working, there’s a sense of encouragement/competition. No one wants to be the one writer with a silent keyboard, so it motivates one to keep at it.

Cons: The social aspect is also the distracting aspect. It can be hard to focus when there’s gossip to be had.

Final Thoughts: I would do this again in a heartbeat. I’m not saying it was my most productive writing location, but it was definitely the most fun.




Then, on the 12th day I took off for my first ever writing retreat! I stayed three days at Thornewood Castle in Washington, which is where Stephen King’s “Rose Red” was filmed. These days it’s both a private residence and a bed & breakfast.

Day: 12

Location: A stately mansion, part I: Bedroom overlooking the fountain/courtyard

Recommended by: Writing in a stately home was recommended by Toni, who “always wanted to write in a stately home. In complete isolation. Probably Chatsworth house in Derbyshire UK. One of my favourite places.”

Which worked for me, because I’ve always wanted to stay at Thornewood Castle! I totally get where the compulsion comes from. I felt a little bit like Jane Austen (except, you know, the whole part where she didn’t live in a mansion… or America).

Time spent: 3 hours (well, I spent a lot more time there, but only tracked my time/words that first night).

Words written: 1,657

Comfort: The lighting was perfect—soft, but still bright enough to see. But the chair was a little low for the table, meaning I was constantly teetering on a stack of pillows.

Noise: I was the only guest throughout my whole stay (!!), which meant it was soooooo blissfully quiet.

Pros: Peace and quiet in a place filled with beauty.

Cons: I didn’t actually start writing until 5 or 6 in the evening my first day, which meant I was pretty tired (hence the low word count for three hours). And a more ergonomic chair would have been nice. But it was gorgeous, so I’m not complaining.




(The sunken garden.)

Day: 13

Location: A stately mansion, part II: Bedroom overlooking the “sunken garden”

Time spent: 1.5 hours

Words written: 2,102

Comfort: Perfect. The chair was just right and while I didn’t spend a whole lot of time looking out the window, it was a nice view to have when I did.

Noise: Just me and my keyboard. Again, I was the only person staying there, and while there are people who live on the other side of the house, I almost never heard them.

Pros: Um…. it’s pretty much paradise?

Cons: Okay, so technically I’m probably not supposed to be hanging out in the bedrooms that I’m not paying for (this was, I think, the most expensive room you could rent). But no one else was using it! So the only con was the occasional paranoia that someone was going to come in and I would get in trouble for being there, lol.

Final Thoughts: When can I move in?





(This picture does no justice to how insanely cute this bathroom was.)

Day: 13

Location: Stately mansion, part III: The bath

Recommended by: Crimson and Michelle Davidson Argyle both mentioned writing in the bathroom, while Katy specified that she’s written in “the bath with a rather damp notebook and pencil.”

Time spent: 1 hour

Words written: 965

Comfort: Very comfortable, until the water got cold and I turned all pruney.

Noise: Just me and my keyboard <~ you may have noticed a theme to these stately mansion posts.

Pros: I’ve written in the bath a few times before and I love it, partly because it feels uber luxurious and I can look around and be like, yeah, so this is my life.

Cons: You can only stay in for so long before you shrivel up, which can disrupt the writing if you’re on a role. Also, I would never ever in a million years bring a laptop in (OBVIOUSLY), which leaves either pen + notebook (which I personally hate) or my Alpha Neo. The Neo works very well, though I still have to be careful.

Final Thoughts: If you try it, have lots of towels handy, and a big glass of ice water so you don’t overheat.


Day:  14

Location: Stately mansion, part IV: The Great Room (by a fireplace)

Time spent: 2.5 hours

Words written: 3,128

Comfort: At first I wasn’t sure about the high-backed leather sofa, but it actually ended up being very comfortable!

Noise: They had music playing, but it was pretty laid back, so not too distracting. Otherwise, I was only occasionally interrupted by the homeowners setting up Christmas decorations.

Pros: Cozy, beautiful, and solitary.

Cons: Can’t think of a thing.

Final Thoughts: I wish I had an enormous fireplace to write next to all the time!


I’ll try to do a more complete post on my writing retreat thoughts and experiences after NaNo. In the meantime, I hope you’re all having a great noveling month!

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