Join Me in a Game of YA Truth or Dare!


I’m going to be at the first annual BookCon in a few weeks, and though I have lots of events scheduled, the one I’m most excited for is a conversation between me and Leigh Bardugo, the fabulous author of The Grisha Trilogy and the forthcoming SIX OF CROWS.


While Leigh and I were trying to figure out what we wanted to do four our big Keynote / Book Talk / Presentation thing, Leigh had the MOST EPIC IDEA EVER.


We will be playing Truth or Dare.




On stage.


And YOU get to Truth or Dare us!




Here’s how it works:


– Use the hashtag #YATruthOrDare in any/all social media posts now through May 20.

(Please do not post them here in the comments because I don’t want to see them in advance!)


– If you’re prompting one of us specifically, you can also include these tags:

◦ #truthLeigh when asking Leigh to answer a question

◦ #dareLeigh when you’re daring her

◦ #truthMarissa when asking me to answer a question

◦ #dareMarissa when your dare is for me


– DON’T tag us in your post. Again, we want to be surprised!


Our publisher will collect the best truths and dares and will unleash them on us during our BookCon event on Saturday, May 30 at 5pm in Room 1A21.


At this point, I don’t know if the event will be recorded and/or broadcast live, but I hope it will so that everyone can get a good laugh at our expense, haha.