Help Wanted: Scarlet Discussion Questions

Last year, CINDER was one of the top 10 books selected for GoodReads book clubs, and that’s kind of amazing! I’ve also heard from many students and teachers – from junior high through college – who have been reading Cinder and discussing it as part of their curriculum.

Again: kind of amazing.

So last year, I asked for blog readers’ help in compiling some talking points for book clubs and classrooms, and you guys blew me away with all your smart questions. In fact, they were so good that they were eventually compiled and printed in the Cinder paperback. They can also be read under the books tab on my web site.

So I’m asking for your help again – this time with SCARLET.

Please post your Scarlet-related discussion questions in the comments. They can revolve around plot points, characters, symbolism, themes, social commentary, or anything else you feel could spark a great discussion about the book.

For examples of the types of questions I’m looking for, check out the Cinder discussion questions here.

Many thanks in advance!

WARNING: Comments will contain spoilers.