Get Your Free Printable Activity Book!

You know those cheesy activity books you would get when you were a kid, usually before going on a long road trip? The kind with mazes and coloring pages and little tic-tac-toe squares? Well, for years I’ve had this crazy idea about wanting to create one of those for fans and readers of my books, as a THANK YOU for your enthusiasm and support.

And I am thrilled to say that my little dream has come true!

I had the great joy of collaborating with Kathryn Gee (the artist behind The Lunar Chronicles Coloring Book) on a series of fun book-related activities, and our booklet is now ready for your enjoyment!

What’s Inside the Activity Book:
– Exclusive coloring page featuring Cinder, Cath, and Nova
– “Help get the Rampion to Earth Safely” maze
– “Create Your Own Superhero” game
– Renegades quote coloring page
– Lunar Chronicles crossword puzzle
– “Help Decorate Cath’s Lemon Tarts” coloring pages
– Renegades madlibs
– “What is your job on the Rampion crew?” quiz and profiles
– Make your own superhero masks activity
– Recipe for Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater Chocolate Bars

The booklet is printable and shareable, and I encourage readers to print out as many copies as they would like for themselves and other YA readers. I would also LOVE to hear from teachers, librarians, or book clubs who might use the activities in conjunction with themed parties and events, too!


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