Flag Contest Update: Prizes

WHEW, I just finished choosing my top flag designs and formatting them for voting and it took forever. I AM EXHAUSTED.

But good news – the finalists will be posted tomorrow morning for your voting pleasure!

Before we begin, I wanted to make a small adjustment to how the prizes will work. Don’t worry, the changes make for even MORE chances to win.

As before, the Eastern Commonwealth flag with the most votes will win an annotated ARC of SCARLET.

The flags of the other 5 countries with the most votes will each win a Lunar Chronicles swag pack with a limited edition CINDER mirror.

I will still be choosing one flag – the Marissa’s Choice Award, if you will – that will also win an annotated ARC of SCARLET. However, I’ve decided this flag can come from any country (including the Eastern Commonwealth) and may or may not be from tomorrow’s list of finalists.

(I have some flags in mind for this and some of them aren’t in tomorrow’s finalists, so… you never know!)

Bonus Prizes

Lastly, my Dad emailed this morning with his own list of flag categories and awards. We’ll call these the Dad’s Choice Awards. Those winners will each win a swag pack and mirror and again, they may not be in tomorrow’s finalists. So even if you don’t see your flag up tomorrow, you could still win something.

It’s like the contest that keeps on giving!

That’s it. Get ready to vote and good luck!