Fairest Fanart Contest Grand Prize Winner

What an AMAZING contest this was, with so many brilliant entries!! I really enjoyed seeing how so many of you interpret Levana, both her glamour and what could lie underneath.


(Hint: Some of you came very close to the truth!)


It is my honor to announce our Grand Prize Winner . . .



01 GenevieveLeFebvre


Artist: Genevieve LeFebvre


Why I Love It: There were many wonderful interpretations of Levana using her mystical mirror—both whole and shattered—but Genevieve’s won my heart for how it conveys both Levana’s striking glamour and also something dark and sinister lurking underneath. I think it was a brilliant choice to illustrate Levana’s “reality” in the mirror using only black and white, with the occasional hint of bloody red, but then juxtaposing that reflection with the airbrushed perfection of model’s faces clipped from magazines. To me, this illustrates both the illusion of beauty Levana tries to show the world, while also suggesting that her glamour is impermanent and variable, like a mask that can be changed out for a new one.


Also, just now in looking at the picture again in order to write my thoughts about it, I noticed that Genevieve left a secret message in the illustration! (How clever, Genevieve!!)


I won’t say what it is. Do YOU see it?






I am so happy that Genevieve and her mom will be flying in from Minnesota to join me for the Fairest Launch Party on January 27. (On a school night! Can we give her mom a big round of applause for that??)


I can’t wait to meet them and give Genevieve her VIP Prize Pack, which consists of . . . I have absolutely no idea, lol. But I’m sure my publisher has something special in mind.



Thank you so much to everyone who entered the contest and wow’d me with your brilliant interpretations of Queen Levana. My publisher will be announcing our five first place winners later this week.