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The Countdown to WINTER starts… NOW!

Posted on by Marissa

One more year! ONE MORE YEAR!   We are officially 365 days away from the epic conclusion of the Lunar Chronicles hitting bookshelves and e-readers and finally being in your hands!   That’s right. #WinterISComing.     I know, I … Continue reading


Congrats to the Sticker Contest Winners!

Posted on by Marissa

The people have voted, the votes have been tallied, and I am pleased to announce the winners of the Lunar Chronicles Sticker Contest! Thank you to EVERYONE who entered. It is always a delight to see the brilliant and beautiful … Continue reading


Vote for Your Favorite Sticker Design!

Posted on by Marissa

You guys don’t make this easy on a girl, but I somehow managed to narrow the design submissions down to six finalists. . (My goal was to get it down to five but I simply COULD NOT cut any of … Continue reading


A Guide to Lunar Chronicles Character Traits

Posted on by Marissa

I’ve been getting lots of questions lately about what my characters look like—even down to specifics, like how tall they are. For ease of use and to encourage all ye fanartists (and maybe inspire some of you for the Design … Continue reading


Lunar Insignia Grand Prize Winners and Honorable Mentions

Posted on by Marissa

Confession: I HATE choosing contest winners. There are always SO MANY that I love, and I want to reward everyone for their effort and creativity, and I want to hug all of you for participating. But! Winners must be chosen … Continue reading


The Lunar Insignia Finalists – Voting is Open!

Posted on by Marissa

You guys never make these contests easy on me! I am constantly impressed by the effort, creativity, and brilliance that goes into these contest entries, and I am enormously grateful to you all for humoring me with these challenges. Thank … Continue reading


Pinterest Finalists Announced! Cast your vote!

Posted on by Marissa

WOW, you guys. Every time I host one of these creativity contests, I feel certain that it can’t possibly be that hard to choose the finalists. And every time I am proven ridiculously incorrect. There were a total of 186 … Continue reading


“The Glamour” by Besos Digitales

Posted on by Marissa

You guys. You guys. You guys. Queen Levana has a theme song!! Besos Digitales, an “acid house” music band in my hometown of Tacoma, WA, has just put out a song inspired by Cinder. Or, specifically, The Lunars. CHECK IT … Continue reading


The Long Wait for Cress: 7 Coping Strategies

Posted on by Marissa

Cress is currently scheduled to be released on February 4, 2014. As of today, that means we have 263 still to go, and as frightening as that number seems, just think—that’s 101 days LESS than we had to get through … Continue reading


Places to Follow for Lunartic Love

Posted on by Marissa

There was a time when I posted everything on this blog. Every piece of fanart, every new foreign cover, every bit of book news. But lately there’s become so much stuff happening all the time that I’ve had to pick … Continue reading


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