Stars Above! (A Letter to My Lunartics)

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Well, this is it, you guys.


Stars Above: A Lunar Chronicles Collection comes out today, and while it’s still not 100% the end of the story (see last week’s announcement re: Iko-based graphic novels, coming soon!), I’m still feeling a little sentimental over the release of this collection. Because while the graphic novels continue some threads of the story set up in the books, this collection, with its wedding epilogue and happily ever afters, does feel like The End of the story that first started in a New Beijing marketplace with a mechanic, a prince, and a broken android.


So I just wanted to take a minute today to say Thank You.


You guys – you readers and Lunartics, fans and booksellers, librarians, artists and friends – have made the last five years of my life so unspeakably incredible. Though I think every writer dreams of things like bestseller lists and movie adaptations, I never in a million years could have imagined what it would be like to have a community of readers come together around my story, my characters, my world, and embrace it as fully as you guys have. Your costumes have made me smile. Your fanart has made me giddy. You have told me your personal stories of being strengthened and empowered by these characters and at times you have brought me to actual tears.


I spent my whole life wanting to be published, to see my name on the cover of a book and know that I had created that. But when you’re still learning the craft of writing and chipping away at your first (or second or third or fiftieth) manuscript, it’s impossible to imagine how this story you’re creating might one day go out into the world and take on a life of its own. How it can impact the lives of others. How it can bring people together. How it can spark feelings of joy or confidence or even a desire to change the world around us.


I didn’t expect that when I started writing these books, and it still blows my mind to see what the story has grown into. It’s grown so far beyond my own imagination – and that’s because of you. Because you guys embraced it and shared it and turned it into something that is so much bigger and more epic than a manuscript on my laptop, or a book held in your hand. You guys brought the story to life in a way I couldn’t have done on my own, and that means the absolute world to me.


I hope with all my heart that these books are merely the start of a very long writing career. This is all I want to do for the rest of my life and I hope to never lose that drive and passion for telling stories. But I also know that, whatever happens in the future, nothing will ever compare to my first published series and this amazing experience I’ve had with The Lunar Chronicles and my Lunartics.



Thank you. I hope you enjoy the finale.


With all my love,



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  1. Danyelle commented on:

    Why must you make me cry Marissa… WHY!?!?! *sniffles*

  2. Adele commented on:

    Thank you. The Lunar Chronicles is honestly my life. It has taken me all the way from age eleven to my current age of fourteen. Your an amazing writer, Marissa Meyer.

    Love, – Adele

  3. Charlie Doyle commented on:

    Thank you so much for this series, Marissa. It makes me so happy that you care so much about your fans and that you genuinely love us. I have loved these books since Cinder was first published, and I plan on loving them until the day I die. They mean so much to me, so thank you for writing them. Thank you so much.

  4. Lissie commented on:

    I honestly can’t express how much joy you have given me through your words. You have been an amazing inspiration to everyone who reads your books. The way you make words become feelings and characters and on-the-edge-of-my-seat plots is utterly amazing! Keep bringing joy. Keep blogging. Keep writing!

  5. Kate @ Mom's Radius commented on:

    Thank you! You’re stories are so amazing and wonderful! I honestly never thought I’d feel about another series the way I felt about Harry Potter, but the Lunar Chronicles made me feel that way again. The excitement and the anticipation and the desire to go back to the books/audiobooks again and again. It’s be so great!

    I’ve never read a graphic novel before, but I will definitely be reading yours. I love Iko so much! I can’t wait to see what you have planned for her.

  6. Carina Olsen commented on:

    All the hugs to you Marissa. <3 You know I adore you. And your books. Have loved them forever and ever 🙂 And I am DYING to get to read Stars Above shortly. <3 Just waiting for my copies to arrive 🙂 SOON. Thank you the most for being the most amazing person. And for writing such perfect books. I love you the most for writing an epilogue to Winter. <3 All the hugs sweetie. Thank you for sharing this amazing post 🙂 You are the best.

  7. Marium commented on:

    Love u and your stories! And i wish u the best for future books, whoch ill always be anticipating for.

  8. Carly @ Books and Etc. commented on:

    Marissa, you are my absolute inspiration and I can’t think about my life without The Lunar Chronicles in it. These characters have become such a big part of my life and THANK YOU. I can’t wait to see what you have up your sleeve and what journey you’re going to bring us along next.

  9. Jey commented on:

    This has been my favorite series so far. I have all the books and am so glad I got to meet you in the book signing in Illinois! My friends and I here in Puerto Rico love these books and are so sad to see them end… TT_TT
    I’m really excited for the Iko graphic novel! (I have shipped Iko and Kinney since he first came out! I totally want to see how their relationship develops!)

    Keep up the good work!

  10. Brenda commented on:

    This is my favourite young adult series. Marissa Meyer was able to mash up two great things, fairy tales and a cool futuristic world. These characters have influenced me in so many ways and they were able to make my favourite princess AKA Cinderella totally badass. I am so glad I picked up these books, even though I had seen them circulating for a while. I am dying to read Stars Above and cannot wait for the Wires & Nerves.
    This has been one heck of a journey and I enjoyed every minute of it. And lastly thank you, Marissa Meyer for making fairy tales cool once again!

  11. Isabel commented on:

    Thank you too, Marissa. I love you and I’m so proud to be a lunartic. The love I hold for this series is unmeasurable, because I feel like it fits to me perfectly. When you released Cinder, I honestly thought it was going to be lame, but turns out to be the best book in a series I’ve read. I love how you have matured, as a writer, with the characters along the way.

    Love (and tears of joy) from a loyal Lunartic.

  12. Hisma commented on:

    The Lunar Chronicles has impacted my life enormously. It made feel apart of something bigger and immersed me into a world I can get lost in to. I loved this series from the very first book. Every chapter I go into, my heart beats a thousand times per second. I can never thank you enough for this series and the happy moments it brought me. I hope the very best for all your future books and I can’t wait to read them!

  13. Alexa S. commented on:

    If you keep writing, I’ll keep reading, Marissa! I’m so happy for you, and definitely will continue supporting you and your novels in the years to come <3

  14. Lyra commented on:

    This is my favorite series ever, and I’m sad to see it end. (Well, I guess it hasn’t ended yet, can I speed up time until the graphic novels are released?) I just finished Stars Above, and completely enjoyed it. The last short story hit me right in the feels…
    I went to the Seattle launch party last night, and it was awesome that I got to meet you! Please keep writing!

  15. Anaya commented on:

    Thank YOU Miss Meyer! You have made the last 5 years of my life so amazing! After I picked up Cinder, I couldn’t put it down. ALL, and when I say all I mean the ones that are making a huge mistake in their life and NOT reading TLC, get annoyed with me because I’m constantly referencing TLC!
    Miss Meyer, I think you are amazing. You have created such an amazing story that has impacted so many lives.
    Your pieces of art give me butterflies every time I think and talk about them! The way Kai looks at Cinder, even though she’s not only Lunar, but a cyborg makes my heart flutter <3. He saw the true side of Cinder. The way that Wolf cares for Scarlet with such passion and kindness, it's amazing what love can turn a beast into. How Cress looks at Throne is the way I look at Kai, knowing we never have a chance. But Cress did. She did and made that dream come true. Throne fell in love with her in such a romantic and vivacious way. Then we have Jacin and his trouble. Oh my stars! They are sooo sweet! I love them together! I love how Jacin puts his Winter in front of everyone else, how he never wants any drop of harm for her, yet won't tell her how beautiful she is.
    Miss Meyer, it is soooooo extremely hard to pick an OTP (and I've had MANY disagreements of this with my fellow lunartics)! If I had to pick, I'd go with Kai and Cinder <3
    Thank you so much Miss Meyer for creating such miraculous stories that I will cherish for the rest of my life <3

  16. Michella commented on:

    Marissa, this message is the sweetest! Thank YOU for such an amazing series, beautiful characters, epic world building and scope, and exciting plot/conflict to back it all up. The Lunar Chronicles is one of my favorite series and I’m so happy to have these books so I can reread them and have ALL THE FEELS. Stars Above is a beautiful ending to the books. It hit so many buttons. I’ve loved every second, every short story, ever page of these books and that is RARE. To have literally no letdowns with a series. Even Cinder showing Kai the cellar she was kept in was something I wanted once that heartbreaking scene with Cinder discovering it for the first time happened in Scarlet and to see it in Stars Above was like coming full circle. It was the last piece I wanted and you gave it to me, wrapped it up so pretty and perfect. It was the best ending for me. I love love LOVE these books. I’m so excited for the graphic novels, your superhero story, and Heartless.

  17. Gabrielle commented on:

    C-can someone get me a tissue box please?

  18. Aimee commented on:

    Sorry if this is late and very sentimental, but I just have to say that The Lunar Chronicles have such a special place in my heart. Cinder was the book that got me out of a long reading rut and made me realize that no matter how busy I was with school or work, it was still valuable to spend time on reading. But more than that, the books and this blog were what inspired me to finish my first novel, finish three more, and decide I wanted to commit to writing as a passion and hopefully a career. I’m now in the Creative Writing program at my college and happier than ever, and on some level, I owe it to you. So thank you.

    (Also, I recently wrote a college paper in my Children’s Lit class–the prompt was about fairy tales–on Winter!)

  19. Alana commented on:

    I’m speechless and crying. I love you and your books so much and The Lunar Chronicles have influenced my life in so many ways and changed me for the better. I love my connection with them and…just perfection! Ahhh The Lunar Chronicles is so amazing… just read the comments! *cries more*

  20. Jane commented on:

    Thank you so much for this wonderful series, The Lunar Chronicles! I love it to pieces. I can’t even begin to express how much or why I love it because I would have to write a novel to tell you. I actually followed your work in fan fiction writing of SailorMoon. You’re such an excellent writer. I look forward to more of what you have in store in the future.

  21. Katie commented on:

    Dear Marissa Meyer,
    I just wanted to thank you so much for this wonderful series, it couldn’t have been any more perfect. I live in a household of Lunartics, even my granddad loved this series. We know you must have put your heart and soul into these books and you did such a wonderful job. Reading Stars Above brought me to tears, especially that wedding, because even though we have the graphic novel to look forward to, this felt like the end, and it was so bittersweet. You have brought such inspiration to my own writing and I can only hope to be as good as you one day.
    Again, thank you so very much for this awesome series, and we all look forward to reading Wires and Nerves,
    The deepest of thanks from the Lunartic Family.

  22. Lrm03 commented on:


    Can’t wait to start Stars Above!! So excited! Loved, Loved, Loved, The Lunar Chronicles are I’m looking forward to this one too! Also, Marissa, remember me? I emailed you a few weeks ago!

  23. Breezy commented on:

    Thank you so much. Your books have been such a blessing and an inspiration to me and I cannot believe how your books could impact me in such a way.

    I remember picking up Cinder in a grocery store, thinking, “Hey, this doesn’t look too bad.” I didn’t know it then, but this series would be one that would change me for the better. I don’t ever regret picking up Cinder on that fateful day and giving it a read. I remember starting it, and then things got so busy, and I stopped…but my sister urged me to pick it up again, and I did. And I will never, ever, EVER, regret that decision. Once I had finished the book I got this feeling that dug deep into my bones, a feeling that I hadn’t felt in a long time. I was just so…dazed. I felt like this book was so special, and that it actually meant something.

    It wasn’t like any other book, I knew. Cinder wasn’t perfect. She wasn’t some prodigy, some stereotypical heroine. Many YA heroines are the same, but Cinder was just so…understandable. She felt flawed and not completely sure of herself, and yet, HER SASS WAS AMAZING, of course. I just want to thank you for giving us a girl who felt real and interesting and authentic. She inspired me to be brave, and to be the hero we all have inside of us.

    I picked up the next books immediately (at least, the ones that were out). I was a little skeptical to read the other books, because of the new POV’s. I was like, “Where’s Cinder? Where’s Kai? AHHHH!!!” I wasn’t very open to reading about these ‘new’ characters, this so-called Scarlet and Wolf who were supposed to represent the story of Little Red Riding Hood. And when I cracked open the first few pages, I still wasn’t sure. I wanted the old familiarity of Cinder and Iko and New Beijing. What happened to Cinder in prison?! Has she escaped?! I needed my questions answered! I didn’t want to read about this ‘Scarlet’! Ugh! But….but. Then I kept reading. And reading. And I fell in love. And yes, my questions were answered, and I got to meet CAPTAIN CARSWELL THORNE, which was a DEFINITE plus of reading this book. I learned to love Scarlet and Wolf, like, A LOT. Their dynamic was incredible. And the developing friendship between Cinder and Thorne was absolutely GLORIOUS. I adored them. And don’t even GET ME STARTED on Carswell Thorne. Can I just say *swoon*? I loved him from the very beginning. AND I STILL LOVE HIM TO THIS DAY. Cinder was always the ever faithful Cinder, unwavering in her Cinder-ness. And KAI, WOW. He was awesome! I never, ever, EVER assumed (and I was right) that there was gonna be a CInder-Kai-Thorne love triangle. Ew. I always knew Kai and Cinder would be together. Always. And y’know, if Thorne didn’t have a romantic interest, he always had me…but. No. Cress (bless her soul) came along and I KNEW I had to protect the precious baby child at all cost, and Thorne needed to do this as well so they could fall in love and be happy FOREVER AND EVER. But that’s another story. I loved Scarlet (the character and the book) so much. It was amazing. Wolf and Scarlet quickly became as beloved as the original Cinder characters.

    Now, Cress. CRESS. I LOVED this book so, so much. I absolutely LOVED it. I fell in love from the very first page. I instantly connected with Cress, and based on the size of the book, I knew this was gonna be AMAZING. It was awesome to see Cinder, Thorne, Wolf, Scarlet, and *ship* Iko all together, for like, two seconds. Until they went to rescue Cress, and everything went downhill. Unless you’re me and everything went way, WAY uphill. (Except for Scarlet and Wolf, THAT was very, very savage, Marissa Meyer, to separate my babies like that.) But THORNE AND CRESS. HOLY COW. I LOVED THEM SOOOOO MUCH. I thought they were the cutest little thing to ever crash into planet Earth, and my opinion STILL hasn’t changed. I still think they are absolutely, positively adorable. And amazing. And swoonworthy. And AHHHHHHHHH. But I loved how Thorne’s character was really given a spotlight, and how he really developed throughout. But, I mean, come on. THORNE. Can I just say SWOON? He was AMAZING, no doubt about it. And CRESS. I relate to her so much. Her insecurity, her hope. She was just so inspiring and a great addition to the other female protagonists. The great thing about Cress is that she is ENTIRELY different from every other heroine EVER. No one, I repeat, almost NO ONE has done a sweet, innocent, physically small but mentally AMAZING character like Cress. She was just so precious and adorable and AHHHHHHH. But she wasn’t just adorable, she was ASTOUNDING with her crazy technology and hacking skills. WOW. Can I just say that she (is and was) an invaluable part of the crew? Dang. Honestly, I think both Thorne and I viewed her as a precious baby child that needed to be protected at all costs. But she is pretty dang awesome. I loved her from the very first page. But WOLF. My precious tomato loving smol angry child. His sadness made ME sad. Why Marissa? why’d you do this to me? Whyyyyy? He was absolutely heart-breaking. And Scarlet. Wow. She was just so unbelievably amazing and heroic and brave I’m just amazed at how strong she is. Not surprised, but definitely amazed. Cinder was awesome and snarky and completely fantastic, as usual. LOVE HER. And Kai is a precious child as well, who is extremely lost and needs to be taken care of. He’s cute and I love him. But he also added some great insight to Queen Levana that I greatly appreciated, and I felt the reader needed. Yay Kai! Iko was fabulous, as usual. And she got a body! YAY FOR IKO!!! And thanks to our precious Thorne, of course. He’s great. *swoons* And the kidnapping of Kai was EPIC. COMPLETELY EPIC. HOLY COW. One of my most favorite things EVER. Very well done, very entertaining, heart-pounding, the works. WONDERFULLY WONDERFUL. I adore this book. LOVE IT.

    Fairest was awesome. I loved this one, as well. I loved reading from Levana’s POV. It just provided some amazing insight to her character that really provided some background for such an evil villain. It didn’t make me try to like her, which I appreciated, but it did help me to understand her better. I think understanding the villain is a crucial part to understanding the characters, so thank you. And LITTLE WINTER AND LITTLE CINDER AND (brief) LITTLE KAI WAS A BEAUTIFUL THING. Ha. Channary shipped Kaider from Day One. Ha. Haha. Ah….Marissa Meyer, you little trickster you.

    WINTER. WOW. THE FINAL BATTLE. THE REVOLUTION. THE FIGHT FOR LUNA’S FREEDOM. AMAZING. I knew I was going to love this book, and I was right. I loved this book with all of my heart. All of the main characters were incredible and classically them as always, but their character development was HUGE. IN ALL OF THEM. HUGE. And we got to see a lot more of Jacin and Winter, and despite not really liking either of them at first, I LOVE THEM NOW. I LOVE THEM ALL TO BITS. ALL OF MY BABIES. From those who have been there since the beginning to all the new children who have joined the crew. I love them with my whole heart. Winter was a masterpiece. I could not, absolutely COULD NOT have asked for a better finale. I cried, I laughed, I swooned, I screamed, I jumped, I worried, I died several times over. And I lived too. Through reading, I have lived a thousand lives I have only dreamed of living, and I think this book, this life has to be one of my favorites 🙂 Incredible. (THE CRESSWELL KISS IN THE LUNAR PALACE HAS TO BE MY FAVORITE. AHHHHHHHHHHH. THORNE AND CRESS LOVE EACH OTHER. AHHHHH. FINALLY.)

    STARS ABOVE. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE. I’m still not done yet at this point, since I saw you on Friday (YAY!), but I’m almost done. I haven’t read the epilogue yet, but I know you won’t let me down. You could never let me down. You could write anything, and I would buy it. There is no doubt in my mind about that. You are an amazing author, and no matter what you write, I will always be here to support you. Always! I’ve already cried reading this book, and I haven’t even read the ending yet. Ha. Haha. Oh no….I’m done for! I am not ready for it to end. I don’t think I ever will be. But we do have the graphic novels….

    The graphic novels. Iko. And Kinney. AND CREW CAMEOS. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. AHHHHHHHHHHH. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Okay, now that we got that out of the way, let’s talk about how much joy this brings me. We thought this was the end. And yes, it is…but not exactly. I am SO EXCITED for Wires & Nerves to come out, I think I might explode! AHHHHHHHHHHHH. Sorry, I did it again. I know they’re gonna be amazing. I know it. This is going to spectacular. I CAN FEEL IT.

    BUT. MARISSA. MEYER. You know we love you. A lot. BUT. If it’s not too much to ask, (which it probably is), I think we’d all REALLY like to see a CRESSWELL WEDDING. That’d be AMAZINGLY AMAZING. But, I know you’re busy. And trust me, I don’t want you to ‘overuse’ these amazing masterpieces. But, if you ever feel like doing another short story, *wink, wink* you know what to do. Honestly, though, do what you feel would be right for you and the characters. I love this series with all my heart, and if this is it, then this is it. I am simply grateful that you have written such an amazing series for us to enjoy over and over again. So thanks.

    Is this the end? No, I don’t believe so. I don’t think it will ever end, as long as these books are still standing. A long as the Lunartics are still standing. And as long as we live on, these characters will too.

    Is this the end? No.

    But I do want to thank you, Marissa Meyer. For giving us all hope. And the promise of a new day. These books have brought inspiration to us all, and I hope you know how much love we have for you, and for these books. The characters that have entranced us, the ones we have fell in love with will never leave us.

    It is the hero in us that is sparked by the hero in them.

    Thank you so much.

  24. Breezy commented on:


  25. Jasmine commented on:

    Hey Marissa, so I’m a little obsessed with Scarlet and Wolf. I am also a HUGE fan, I don’t have twitter or facebook and I couldn’t and can’t make it to any of your signings. I was wondering if you could possibly send me and my best friend a bookplate?? That would mean SO much to me and my best friend!!

  26. Emma Federer commented on:

    Hello Ms. Marissa,

    I just finished re-reading the entire Lunar Chronicle series, including the new addition, Stars Above. Thank you for the marvelous writing and characters.

    Though the “Something Old, Something New” was amazing and happily brought a close to the love story of Kai, Cinder, Scarlet, and Wolf, I would like to ask about Cress, Thorne, Winter, and Jacin?

    I know it is selfish to want more writing, but I am craving closure to the other characters that I love.
    Please know that I appreciate all that you have done already, but my curious side refuses to back down. If there is any information you are willing to share, I have two eager ears that will listen.

    Thank you for the world that you have created.

    A Crazy Fan,

    Emma Federer

  27. Breezy commented on:

    Agreed, Emma. My little Cresswell heart is just dying over here!

  28. Brooke D. commented on:

    I love your books! I picked up your book in 6th grade, but never fully finished reading until 7th. I can’t believe this is officially the end with the wedding. I’ve already finished Stars Above and I love the way each story went. I have to say my favorite short story was The Mechanic. That was amazing! I had to grab Cinder and compare! I think that you did an amazing job with this and I love the symbolism in each book. Also the fact that you kept some things the same from the original fairy tales, like Thornes blindness, was absolutely the best. I hate how my friends don’t want to pick up a copy. I’ve been trying to get them to relax this series since before I finished Cinder. Winter was my favorite book because of the length, and I think it had a really satisfying ending, and I can’t wait to pick up a copy of Heartless.

  29. Jamie commented on:

    I can’t wait to buy it!! Hopefully you’ll make another giveaway soon! 😀

  30. emily commented on:

    Oh my gosh! You have given me the joy of reading and when I read the last page of Stars Above I started to cry because I just couldn’t beloved it was over! I love you so much and I really Hope that someday (maybe) I will get to read another book half as good as this series you brought to the world! I am so curious about how the story really ends. I also wish it wasn’t over for”good” because these books brought me so much happiness and joy, I want you to know that. I actually just started reading the lunar chronicles recentnd then bam! and boom! I.was done with the series! I honestly don’t know what I an going to do but ask I can do is Hope that you are not officially over with the wonderful dream catching book. Over the summer I want to make the series into a script and wish for the books to become movies when though they won’t be half as good! I love you so much and I dream about possible endings to the story every night!

  31. Rose commented on:

    Can I ask who (if anyone) is publishing Stars Above in the UK?
    Or do I have to have it shipped from the States?

  32. Lucy Chen commented on:

    I think we reader will have to thank you for your wonderful books.
    The’re eye-catching funny, with amazing covers, and a brilliant plotline.
    Thank you for giving us such a absolutely fantastic series. I’ll be waiting to buy Heartless

  33. FAN532 commented on:

    love it. amazing, but can you write a whole new book about cinder and kai getting married and having kids like i know they got engaged(stars above) but PPPPPPPPLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSEEEEEEE!!!!!!

  34. FAN532 commented on:

    love you

  35. Lunartic commented on:

    Awww! I love you Ms. Marissa! Thank you for eriting such a wonderful series!! This series is my all time favorite!!! I will read anything you write I’m super excited for the graphic novels!! I hope it comes out soonest!

  36. Autumn commented on:

    Oh my gosh Marissa! Why must you make us cry so much! This is so sweet and touching. It is mind blowing that this is the end yet not the end. And, and, and, and….
    Until reading Cinder, I could not think of it imaginable that a book could come close to surpassing Harry Potter. You have blown my brain into a pile of ash and tears and love for Jacin and lunar stuff. Needing Cinder’s brain to process all this right now. My family would not be staring right now if I did not have tear ducts.
    You are a genius. One of the most kind and understanding people on Earth and Luna for continuing this journey.
    What a wild couple of years you made for us Marissa!
    Enjoyed every second of anticipation for books (while also dispising it.) Memorized each moment when a tear falls for your characters. And………………
    Thanks so much.
    Even though I’ve only seen you in person one time, I cannot imagine a life without you.
    Thank you.
    Wow. That was dramatic.
    Hey, does Scarlet chew gum? Has Thorne ever gotten acne? What kind of toothpaste does Wolf use? Oh, and does Scarlet have an accent? Is Kai grumpy in the morning? Genuinely curious.
    Keep writing!

  37. Autumn commented on:

    Sorry! But some more useless questions,
    Will any of them ever need glasses?
    Which couple has a child first?
    Does any of the men snore?
    Does Winter ever try to play a sophisticated game of cards with the wolf soldiers?
    Does Cinder like country music or rock better?
    Do they dance? (Cannot get the mental image of Jacin doing the Charlston out of my head.)
    You don’t have to answer these Marissa. Sorry that I am taking up space in this reply page with useless questions. You truly are the best storyteller and writer in the galaxy. Thanks for taking your time to make them! Don’t EVER doubt yourself. You are a superhuman, genius. I bet you could fly if you wanted cause your so amazing.

  38. Katieee commented on:

    Marissa, I jut finished reading The Lunar Chronicles. And I must say thank you, thank you, thank you, your books have changed me, this is my all time favourite series right now! A friend recommended Cinder to me, I thought I wouldn´t like it, because this wasn´t what I normally read. But I still gave it a chance. And it was amazing. Your books changed my life. Now, I´m recommending your books to everyone I know. You are my favourite author which means I will buy and read every single book you write, about the lunar chronicles or about anything else. If you wrote a book about how amazing Thorne is, I would be a the bookstore buying it the same day it comes out, even if you wrote about butterflies.
    Thank you for changing my life!
    So excited for the graphic novels!!!

  39. Kenzie commented on:

    The Lunar Chronicles has changed my life, I love ever character and I love seeing them grow through out the books. I have read the series sooooo many times and I love it even more. Thank you Marissa for giving me the joy of reading these books, soo Thank you so much.
    By the way do you think you could ever write a book about all of the main characters like 10 years after the Cinder becomes the Queen and then brings down the Monarchy? If you could that would be amazing. I love to know what happens to everyone, especially Thorne and Cress (they are my favourite characters!!!). But again Thank you for the most amazing series, I have ever read.

  40. Fanatizing commented on:

    I’m so happy to be a lunatic! And i’ve read stars above, and i’m very happy, but (and does this feel selfish?) about the way things turned out and i will always have dreams about Cinder and Kai (spoiler alert) but im still sad about this being the finale, i mean everything is soo cool, but i wish there could be around, one more book you know? but i’ve waited for Kai and Cinder’s wedding from the first time ive read Cinder, and i really wish we could be able to read about it, not trying to be mean, im so happy on the ways things turned out, but that is probably the most gripping part for any reader, seeing the most amazing characters, come to an end together and we have already seen Scarlet’s and Wolf’s wedding, so its just a matter of time until we have a cinder-kai wedding right? Again sorry i just felt like i needed to say how i feel, but done said, The Lunar Chronicles will forever be my place, to run away and hide from the world when im so sick of the real world i have always loved to read, and Marissa you’ve made me cherish that more than anything.



  41. Soren commented on:

    *Currently sobbing* That was a good speech Marissa… *shoves tissue down throat.* TLC is my favorite book series EVER and I think I’m dying because its like, over(?) *Long inhale.* IthinkIneedtotakeachillpillbutimreallysadthatitslikealmostoverorsomethingahhhhhh

  42. Soren commented on:

    I was reading everyone elses comments and just thinking “Wow my comment is pathetic compared to these…” But lets just say, I don;t know how to thank people correctly for everything they’ve done for me.

    Without TLC I would probably be nothing.
    And I can’t actually remember how I was before reading Cinder… (I have terrible memory)
    I’m still grasping the fact that this series is supposed to be for 15-16 year olds and im so glad that I did notice the book now, in my tweens, and not then, in my teens xD
    OKay I’ll leave now…

  43. Bookworm commented on:

    Oh, Marissa, I think that all of us Lunartics, new and old, just want to say that we will always love you and your stories. The characters, moments and everything that you have given to us to cherish, will live on with all of us, in our hearts, forever. I think we have embraced your stories as if they were something personal to us, because they are, and they speak to us. They are absolutely amazing. All of us crazy, happy, loving Fangirls and Lunartics and Bookworms send you our thanks… and hugs!

    Love, Zoe, a huge Fangirl/Lunartic and Bookworm



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