Announcing STARS ABOVE: A Lunar Chronicles Collection

Posted on: 9th Jun 2015  /   Categorized: Heartless

You may or may not know that there are a bunch of short stories set in the world of the Lunar Chronicles, and for years readers have been asking if these tales will ever be collected into a print edition for you to hold, caress, and enjoy.


Today, finally, I can tell you: YES. YES THEY WILL.


I am so pleased to announce . . .





Stars Above placeholder cover

Stars Above: A Lunar Chronicles Collection

Release Date: February 2, 2016


The collection will include:


Glitches: A prequel to Cinder, detailing Cinder’s first weeks after her cyborg surgery and her introduction to her new stepfamily.

The Queen’s Army: A prequel to Scarlet, telling the story of one soldier in Levana’s army who is determined not to become the monster everyone expects him to be.

Carswell’s Guide to Being Lucky: A prequel to Cress, expanding on some of Carswell Thorne’s exploits when he was a young man with big dreams.

The Princess and the Guard: A never-before-released prequel to Winter, chronicling the friendship between Winter and Jacin and answering some frequently asked questions about Winter, her insanity, and her scars.

The Little Android: My retelling of Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Little Mermaid,” in which an android falls in love with a human boy.

And a BRAND NEW as-yet-to-be-determined story!


PLUS a sneak peek at my first non-TLC novel, Heartless, and maybe a glimpse at the super-secret project I’ve been hyping for months, too!


I’ve been dreaming about a short story collection ever since I wrote “Glitches”—nearly four years ago—and I’m so happy my publisher is on-board. Now my mind is spinning with possibilities for the brand new story! (If you have a specific request, now’s the time to ask!)


What this means for WINTER:

Only that we get to hold onto the world and characters a little bit longer. Winter’s release date is NOT changing (insert mass sigh of relief) and it will still be in your hands on November 10. As many of you know, Winter is the conclusion to this tale, and I can’t wait for you to take the last leg of this adventure with me.


What this means for HEARTLESS:

Though originally scheduled to release in February, Heartless will now be out on November 8, 2016. I know many of you are excited for this take on Wonderland and the infamous Queen of Hearts, and I’m so glad you’re looking forward to it! But from the first time my publisher told me that Heartless was going to be on bookshelves only three months after Winter, I’ve been a little heartbroken that we would all have to move on from Cinder & Co. so soon. (Translation: I’m not ready!! *cries*)


I hope you guys feel the same way and will be willing to hang with me in the TLC universe a little bit longer. And I of course hope you’ll enjoy delving further into the universe in Stars Above.



That’s it for this announcement. Stars above, let’s celebrate!


  1. Moonie commented on:

    Will The Princess and the Guard still be released online this summer, or is it now exclusive to the book?

  2. Cate commented on:

    This sounds so exciting I can’t wait XD
    it’s a shame that we will have to wait longer for heartless but I think I can survive.
    you should to a short story on iko (maybe how she came to be bought by the linh family or have a love interest *wink wink*)

  3. Zachary Flye commented on:

    Would love a Sci-Fi Beauty & the Beast! Can’t wait for this collection!

  4. Artemis commented on:

    A story about Channary would be a wonderful addition!

  5. Maria C, commented on:

    Omg! I can’t describe these feels but I am super excited for Stars Above because TLC will be with me a little longer to motivate me at school! EEEeeekkkk!!! I would love to read about a sic-fi out of this world Sherlock Homes (being a girl) who has to uncover the mystery of three princess( from different planets) who have been at war before they set off an eternal winter in space! *cough, cough* specific request!

  6. Rebecca Hipworth commented on:

    I would love a retelling of a more obscure fairy tale; something foreign and very little known. Otherwise Beauty and the Beast or Sleeping Beauty would be fantastic.

  7. Sarah commented on:

    That’s amazing news, Mrs. Meyer! I’m so, so excited for both Winter AND this story collection! Hmm…a yet-to-be-determined short story? Could it perhaps act as an epilogue of sorts? I of course don’t know where we’ll end in Winter exactly, but it couldn’t hurt to give us a glimpse afterward of the characters’ lives after Levana’s been defeated (or at least, that’s what I hope is gonna go down…). Up to you!

  8. Dhanush commented on:

    This is too much to handle! TLC is also getting this anthology and I really cannot wait! Also, if you are asking for requests for a TLC themed short story: considering the times you have alluded to Mars and how it hasn’t really been referenced: I think a lot of readers would be interested if you made a short story based on the planet Mars and how the future society would view it? And the fairy tale centric character: instead of following the theme of princesses could be a prince like the frog prince?

    I hope that you consider this and also know that the collection of short stories will be a huge success among us readers!

  9. Dana Moore commented on:

    Will Stars Above be made into an audiobook??? Please say yes. I need more Rebecca Soler bringing this world to life!

  10. Rachel V. commented on:

    I am absolutely DYING for a short story about Iko! And if it’s possible how she finds her happy ending….

  11. Caroline Albuquerque commented on:

    I would really apreciate a short story of Iko. How Kai felt when he saw that Cinder was a girl ow a Lunar, something more about him. A short story about granny’s Scarlet and a Lunar too, oh my GOD SO MANY OPTIONS! I didn’t read yet the Levana’s story, so just forget that part if it is in the book, but a story when he killed her sister and set Cinder on fire.

  12. Marissa commented on:

    Thanks for all your ideas, guys! Keep them coming and I’ll do my best to please!

    I believe this collection will be made into an audiobook with Rebecca Soler narrating, but I’m not 100% sure. (I hope so!)

    And this does mean that “The Princess and the Guard” short story will no longer be releasing this summer but rather making its debut as a part of the collection.

  13. Oksana Kosarenko commented on:

    We have the stories of kid Cinder, Wolf, Thorne, and soon Winter/Jacin … for the new story, I suggest some insight on Kai. A bit more character depth. Yes, we HAVE had many POVs from him, for which I swoonImeancoughcough I’m grateful, but we don’t quite know him. I would like to see more of the inner strength of his that’s been hinted at throughout the series. Like when Levana swooped into his office after Cinder escaped, threatening him to the seven seas, and Kai’s decides to do THE MOST DISRESPECTFUL THING HE CAN THINK OF. That takes guts, if not a small measure of idiocy. But we already knew about that.

    If not Kai, then perhaps … *gasp* The story of how Cress was taken away from Dr. Erland! How he and his wife were so excited and then it turned out she was a shell and all their hopes were crushed! The fandom is going to be SOBBING.

  14. Iko commented on:

    This news just made my day!!!!! *happiness overload* I’d love to see some sort of futuristic Wizard of Oz. There’s the main character Dorothy (or changed to something more science-fictiony), an android as the tin man, a wolf-hybrid as the cowardly lion, and a palace guard as the scarecrow (“If I only had a brain… that isn’t controlled by my thaumaturge.”). Also, Oz could actually be Luna and the human is somehow transported there? “Iko, I’ve got a feeling we’re not in the Eastern Commonwealth anymore.” Or a story about the characters when they were little for the ones that haven’t already been done like Scarlet or Kai. Maybe some of the characters’ paths could cross when they were younger without them knowing it? Like they just pass each other on the street or come into contact with the same person, but don’t actually meet yet. (I’ve just always loved little things like that.) Anyways, thank you for these amazing books!!!!

  15. Jessica commented on:

    If I may ask, why are you not releasing The Princess and the Guard this summer? This saddens me as I was really looking forward to reading that this summer but now it kind of seems like a let down that I will have to wait until February for it, especially since it seems like most of those questions you mention will already be answered in Winter. So what is the point in reading the short story for those answers when Winter will already be out and everything resolved? That disappoints me because I really wanted to know more about Princess Winter and Jacin. Kind of seems like a promise has been broken is all.

  16. Rowan commented on:


  17. ash commented on:

    The collection of books seems cool 🙂 Sad that Heartless realese date is getting moved. I’m rooting for another Thorne short since he’s my fav 😉

  18. kayla commented on:

    More Jacin and Winter- three chapters at the end of Cress gave me SO MANY FEELS. And I don’t use the term ‘feels’ lightly.

    Or Scarlet and Wolf because they’re most certainly my favorite characters.


  19. Sally commented on:

    Iko story??? YESS!!!

    Buuuuut I’d reeaaaally love a Kai story. I was thinking along the lines of The Prince and the Pauper, not a fairytale I know but it’s a plausible story because some asians look so alike (by which I mean no offense of course); plus Thorne’s and Wolf’s stories weren’t fairytales. It could explain why he was so calm and cool about taking a stroll down Cinder’s lane since he had done it once when he had traded places with some kid, they could stay friends…or not. And it could also explain his leadership and toughened personality despite the fact that he was born into royalty and could easily have been some pampered little brat who can’t take care of himself. But I’ll take any tiny Kai I can get!

    I’m super bummed about the Princess and the Guard story not being released this summer I thought it was kind of like FAIREST where it’s better to read it before WINTER.

  20. Faatima commented on:

    3 Words for Stars Above.
    YES! YES! YES!

  21. Faatima commented on:

    And if you want ideas for new short stories, than I’d love to read an adaptation on Sleeping Beauty (my fav.) or Beauty and the Beast!!!

  22. Reyna commented on:

    OMG!.A short story collection sounds wonderful! I’ve been wanting to have a physical copy of your short stories ever since glitches. Hurray! Pls pls pls let the last short story be a retelling of Beauty and the Beast, if not possible then more about Prince Kai or Iko but more on Prince Kai (like pre-Cinder) <3 I really don't want to leave the TLC universe yet.

    Nooooo, I've been waiting for ages for Heartless. The Queen of Hearts is ma hommie but I can wait. Because you're one of the best retellers and I don't want the Red Queen's story butchered. Hurray! I'm (im)patiently waiting for all your books 🙂

  23. Megan commented on:

    I’m so excited that we’re getting the short stories in a collection! (I was wondering if that would ever happen)

    for the new short story could we maybe get a retelling of Hansel and Gretel? I think the story really lends itself to the TLC world so much.

    and this is the first I’ve heard of ‘Heartless’ but you already have me hooked and I can’t wait to get that either!

  24. Elisabeth commented on:

    I’d love to hear more about Scarlet’s grandmother’s journey to Luna and her relationship with Logan Tanner. It’d be cool to meet the man who saved Cinder as a child.

  25. Bubbly commented on:

    I second a story about Iko or Beauty and the Beast! 😀

  26. Fendolyn Silverfang commented on:

    I’m just gonna go ahead and be a little cliche *cough cough* Frozen *cough cough* Because *sobs* we have to let The Lunar Chronicles go. By the way, does anyone want to build an android? Yep, I know, I’m weird. Deal with it. 😉

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  28. Antoinette commented on:

    yess!! finally !! cant wait for but still i will wait of course !! more stories marissa !!!

  29. S commented on:

    I second the sentiment about another audiobook by Rebecca Soler!! I really really really want an audiobook of STARS ABOVE! (I SO love this title.)

    Out of existing major characters, a story about Kai as a child would be nice. 🙂 Maybe when his parents are still alive? We haven’t seen much of them~

  30. Annie commented on:

    Wow, this is brilliant news! Haha, Marissa, I think you might have to write more than one extra story with all these suggestions here :). Anyway, I would love to read a story about one of the already existing characters, either from their childhoods or set in the future (*hint, hint* Cinder and Kai’s wedding with all the other characters invited to it would be awesome *hint, hint*). If you pick a new fairytale I would love Sleeping Beauty (my favourite) or beauty and the beast. Lots of luck, and I litteraly CANNOT WAIT for Winter.
    love from Belgium!

  31. jen7waters commented on:

    Oh MY STARS!!! 😀

    Oh please, please, Marissa, consider a Scarlet and Wolf story for the yet to be determined one. WOLFLET!! <3

  32. Daniela commented on:

    Can we have I don’t know a short stories or books in the tlc boys point of view!

  33. Daniela commented on:

    Can you write a full book or short of Kai and cinder life in the future! Or if not that can you write a short story or book about Kai childhood! Or if not can u write Kai point of view of the event that happen during the lunar revolution and after

  34. Ruby F commented on:

    STARS ABOVE I’M SO EXCITED MY MIND IS DRAWING A BLANK!!! Have to think, have to think…
    Okay well first of all, awesome idea! I’m so excited, and the title is perfect! 😀
    For a short story… maybe you could do Puss in Boots, since that is what started the Lunar Chronicles? Just a thought! Or also, Sleeping Beauty or Beauty and the Beast would be cool. For characters, it’s hard to say, because I don’t know how you end things in Winter! I love Thorne and Cinder and Kai and Cress and I think I will love Winter and I pretty much love all of your characters!!!!! And I really hope Iko gets a happy ending!!! So yeah, I really don’t know, but I’m not worried, because I know whatever you decide to write will be totally awesome!!! 🙂

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  36. Bonnie @ A Backwards Story commented on:

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is AMAZING NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am so buying this!!

    Um, and I may be in the minority because it means more delays BUT I’m actually really glad that HEARTLESS is moving. With WINTER this November and HEARTLESS next November, Macmillan would be smart to make this your new launch time period. It means that ARCs can go out at May/June trade shows and that your books will be available right before Christmas. Booksellers know that any book released Sept-Nov is considered a BIG TITLE (The other big time is May) and gets extra hype and promotion. Jan-March is a pretty dead time for books.

    Plus, it means you get to tour during better weather! No blizzards to keep me away! 😉

  37. Jill commented on:

    Please write the new short story on Wolf!!!!! I need to know what he and Ran went through when they were turned into the soldiers and how the hatred between them started!!! And I really wanna know what Wolf was like when he was a boy!!!!! Love these books so much! Im sad to hear their stories are being resolved! (cries)

  38. Brad commented on:

    YES!!! So excited to finally have these short stories in a physical books! I would LOVE another story about Levana; I want more stories of her twisted nature!

  39. Name commented on:

    A short story about Scarlet’s grandma, Logan Tanner, and Dr Erland, when they were all on Luna together would be SO COOL.

  40. Gorgia commented on:

    So happy there’s going to be another book in this series!
    It would be awesome if there was a short story about Kai’s childhood, or an epilogue from each of the heroine’s perspective. Or if you were going to do another fairy tale, Beauty and the Beast or Sleeping Beauty would be cool.

  41. Jo commented on:

    Oooooh, please do a lesser known fairy tale, or an epilogue. An EPILOGUE would be totally amazing!!

  42. Skylar Strongheart commented on:

    I would love a story about the first Lunar with the gift, some history for the rabid fans 🙂 (Plus, history makes it educational right?)

  43. lily commented on:


  44. JoeleneChristine commented on:

    Awesome news!!!! I’m so excited that I get to add this to my library! Pretty please could you write the short story as a retelling of Beauty and the Beast?!?!? That is my all-time favorite fairy tale and I would love to hear it told from your point of view!

  45. Mehak commented on:

    I am loving everyone’s suggestions so far. There are so many things I’d love to see from the Lunar Chronicles universe, but the two ideas I am dying for are:
    1. The love story between Michelle Benoit and Logan Tanner. How on Luna did such a rational, logical-seeming spaceship pilot fall so quickly and rashly in love with the enemy?!
    2. Cinder and Kai’s wedding. Obviously they’re not getting married at the end of Winter (sure, Levana got married at 16, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea), but I want to read about it so badly! I can imagine it so clearly: Iko would be the maid of honour, and she would be the wedding planner (along with Priya) and Cress would squeal over dresses, and they’d force Cinder to wear a fancy dress…that would be awesome!

  46. Megan commented on:

    I’m so tired of this woman messing with my feels. First, I have to wait until November to read the epic conclusion to my favorite series. Here I an think I can finally let my heart rest and have some closure for the characters that have been on my heart since Cinder BUT NO. Now mi poor little corazon has to wait until February! Hahaha I’m so excited.

  47. Liz commented on:

    So excited!
    I think a story based off The Bremen Town Musicians would fit well in TLC universe or maybe Hansel and Gretel.

  48. Madison commented on:

    I AM SO EXCITED! Also, I think a short story about Channary or Iko would be AWESOME, because who doesn’t love Iko? But , nevertheless, I think it will be AWESOME either way!

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  50. Taryn commented on:

    Oh stars am I excited! Can’t wait for heartless but alittle disappointed that it’s release had to be moved back:( but at least we get to go deeper into the world of TLC **jumps up and down in excitement** a lot of people have good suggestions but two ideas I would love to read about is: what Kai was like as a child and why the prince has such a charming and sassy side:) or alittle bit more on Channary. I know she was in Fairest but her character seemed somewhat less harsh when she got pregnant (at least that’s what I got from the text) although I know she was still evil I’d love to know alittle more from her perspective and maybe find out who Cinder’s dad was? Even if you don’t pick one of the above I know you’re amazing writing will not disappoint. So now I guess I’ll just wait patiently (as patient as I can be) for Winter and this wonderful to-be story!

  51. LadyKillerYT commented on:

    A story about Kai’s mother death, and how she and her family discovered it, and how they reacted. About her lasts days. I think that would be very interesting.

  52. LadyKillerYT commented on:

    Uggg, I made a grammatic mistake in my last comment! I hate that!
    But anyways, I just read in another comment something that I think it’s a good idea. I would be very awesome to discover who Cinder’s dad is!

  53. KaitSuzanne commented on:

    Yes, Cinders dad, but seriously! I’m actually more excited for Heartless and Stars Above than Winter which plainly states that . . . I’m incredibly excited! Where else could we get amazing books like these from nowhere else than Marissa Meyer – which is slightly funny because we live in the same state, only two hours away.

  54. Sherry commented on:

    Don’t worry. I’m like NEVER letting go of the TLC universe. Lunartic forever! ;D

  55. Sherry commented on:

    Maybe a story about Cress or Thorne again cause he’s like… a complete and total heartthrob *swoons*. Anyway, there both my favorite characters. I do think it would be cool to see more on Cress’s backstory though. Maybe of how life was like in the dormitories or how she was taken from Dr. Erland. Just so you know, my personality is like EXACTLY THE SAME as Cress’s. I literally took a “Which TLC heroine are you?” quiz and got 100% of Cress’s answers. 🙂

  56. Jo commented on:

    I think that an epilogue to wrap up all the stories would be AMAZING! However, if you are content with the ending of WINTER then you don’t have to. (I would still like you to though!) Or, do a story of Beauty and the Beast or Sleeping Beauty. No. No, wait do a short story on Kai when he was younger and growing up in the place! Yeah! Just to be clear on priorities here’s the list from most important to least.

    1. EPILOGUE! An epilogue would be the best thing ever! ( aside from the books of course.)

    2. A Kai backstory on how he grew up or something.

    3. However, if you don’t like the other two options then a twist on Beauty and the Beast or Sleeping Beauty would be great two.

    I hope you take my suggestions into consideration, and I hope this helped!
    Lunar-tic forever, Jo

  57. Britt commented on:

    I’m really excited for all the three new books, Winter, Stars Above and Heartless!
    I would really like to explore the journey of Michelle Benoit to Luna while retrieving princess Selene!
    I love you Marissa! Greetings from the Netherlands! ( I would love to see how the Netherlands is doing in the Lunar Chronicles world too!)

  58. Mia commented on:

    This is so exciting! I can not wait for Winter, and now Stars Above- Stars Above, this is phenomenal! For the short story suggestions, while many I believe others have already said it, a short story about Iko would be so fantastic! Like how she met Cinder, how she came to the Linh family, what was she doing beforehand… Anything like that! I love her so much and I think a short story about her would be wonderful, and peak the interests of many of the fandoms readers!
    I’m so excited for these upcoming books! Thanks for being such an influence and just in general an amazing author. Can’t wait! TLC has completely taken over my life, and I’m so glad there will be one last hurrah (besides Winter) in the series! Yay!

  59. Iris commented on:

    It would really be nice to have an epilogue for all the TLC ships! You should include stuff like dates, the proposal, wedding, future lives, all that jazz. It would be wonderful to see their happily ever afters!

  60. Jenny commented on:

    I guess a take on Beauty and the Beast would be similar to Scarlet and Wolf’s story.

  61. Michaela commented on:

    I would love a story that takes place on mars. I think that mars would be colonized much later than Luna, so it would kind of be like the frontier. I was thinking a futuristic western set on mars. Also any other planets that earth might have colonized. I don’t think earth would stop at just the moon. What do you think?

  62. Emma commented on:

    Will there be any story from Kia’s pov about when he met Cinder? I think that would be awesome!

  63. Wyntir commented on:

    I LOVE YOUR BOOKS!!! They are like my most favorite series ever and my house is a library! Anyway, if you are looking for something else to do for a short story I came up with a character of my own. Her name is Digit I assumed she would be some sort of Thumbelina spinoff. Just thought I’d try and help. And if you like it than I could tell you my other ideas for Digit. Though I warn you if you do I tend to ramble when I talk about characters

  64. Naomy commented on:

    I love your books! They always have a unexpected twist like Cinder is Princess Selene ! I have read Cinder Scarlet Cress and Fairiest and they are so good I have preordered Winter and can’t wait until Stars Above comes out! When I saw that you were going to make Stars Above I just screamed I love them so I am going to buy it and read about how the story begined!

  65. Charlotte commented on:

    First I wait a year for Winter now I have to wait a year for stars above!! MARRISA MEYER WHY DO U DO THIS TO ME

  66. Kayla commented on:

    Can you make just one more lunar chronicles book i am just not ready to let it go……… WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  67. Your Name commented on:

    could you also talk about after levana’s death more like if some of the characters get married or how they are now.

  68. Annabelle commented on:

    hi! HUGE fan of TLC, but sadly, i STILL haven’t read winter, so i don’t know if this is in the book, but i would absolutely ADORE a book on Cinder and Co. years after (supposedly, as i haven’t read it) defeating Levana. What they all started doing, who gets married,who has kids or lives where, as well as a reunion of them after life separated them (or not. maybe they’re still together years after) (P.S. Wolflet is my OTP)

  69. Meep :3 commented on:

    Hellur! I’m superduperlooper excited for stars above and heartless, and my mind is swarming because I’m also reading winter (on page 400 in two days *wootwoot*)! Thank you Marissa for the amazing books to distract me from school wrok, and I’m happy that I can now be on your journey bandwagon! Cheers! -Meep (and that is not my real name but, me no tell internet real name :3)

  70. Caiti commented on:

    I hope there is an epilogue to Winter in this book. Love reading the Lunar Chronicles series!

  71. Melanie commented on:

    I’m totally looking foward to this!! If you can (you’ve probably already finished writing, but….) PLEASEEEEE make an “epilogue” of some sort after Winter with Cinder and Kai (they are my absolute favorites and after reading Winter I would really like to see what happened to them!) Maybe a…*cough cough* wedding? I don’t know… but I absolutely adore Cinder and Kai and would love to see what happened after Winter!

  72. Maddie commented on:

    I’m so excited!! what I’d love to see most would be an epilogue about Cinder and Kai! I need it in my life

  73. Mazana commented on:

    An afterword story on the characters later in the future, like maybe a story about cress and Thorne traveling or scarlet and wolf on the farm or maybe about cinder becoming an empress would be so amazing, or equal stories are amazing but I love the characters as they are at the end if winter and want to see more of them as well.

  74. Emily commented on:

    I think It would be so cool to get a story on Scarlet’s Grandmere and Logan Tanner, and that “Diplomatic mission” to Luna. It was kind of swept under the carpet and forgotten about when there was the potential to have another possible ship there!

    I would also love a little epilogue. Just so I can truly say good buy to characters I now think of as best friends.

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  76. Yasna commented on:

    An epilogue would be incredible. I really want to know what happens to cinder and kai and cress and thorne and everyone else on the crew!

  77. Anaya commented on:

    OH MY STARS! I’m sooooo excited!!! You should NEVER end the Lunar Chronicles! It brings me so much joy and passion!
    Question: When are your tour dates?

  78. Surbhi commented on:

    An epilogue would be awesome, showing the struggle for Cinder becoming the new queen of Luna, and all of the characters after the whole Levana dilemma, and how life is afterwords. I really want to see Cinder and Kai again, and maybe their can be a wedding… Maybe? I just really want to see the other characters again!

  79. Cinder commented on:

    OH. MY. STARS.
    I CANT WAIT UNTIL THIS COMES OUT I HAVE TO WAIT FOR A WHOLE ENITRE YEAR… Sorry…cough…cough. Anyways, I think that we know a lot of the other characters, but we don’t know much about Kai. Maybe an epilogue with Kai’s story in the Commonwealth? Or Kai’s life growing up as a prince? I need to know what happens afterwords! Ahh! The suspense is killing me!

  80. Brenda commented on:

    OMFG I LITERALLY CRIED WHEN I FINISHED WINTER MY FAMILY STARTED MAKING FUN OF ME!! I deliberately reading the book slowly to avoid the ending so I wouldn’t have to deal with it *cries*An epilogue and a short story about Aladdin would be amaaaaazing! (Also imagine this:lesbians…in space??) Keep up the great work!!

  81. A Wolfy Person commented on:

    Oh my stars! So exited for Stars Above! I just got Winter and it is AHMAZING! Anyways, I suggest something with the whole Scarlet – Wolf thing, cuz they be my favs. But Winter is also so sad…


  82. Ayushi commented on:

    You should make an epilogue of what becomes of the Rampion Crew. I realllllyyyy want to know what happens to Kai and Cinder!!

  83. Your Name commented on:

    I just finished reading winter I don’t know what to do with myself.Anyways I would really want an epilogue with ALLLL the characters especially Kai and Cinder just because I feel like their what’s going to happen in the future is making me anxious.i just want her to become empress.Just a little short story on them. I avoided reading Winter I didn’t want it to end I got it on the day it came out!!! This is my favourite series pleaaaassssee don’t make it end.
    PS:I think I might be a little bit late with the suggestions but… no harm in trying!

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  85. hannah commented on:

    I hope the make the new short stories into audio because I like it that was because I’m blind and I would love toffinish all the books. that would be cool.

  86. Elizabeth commented on:

    I know it is to late for suggestions but here is what I am hoping for:
    -an epilogue of Cress and Thorne
    -an epilogue of Winter
    -Beauty and the Beast

  87. Ellen gronvall commented on:

    I would love to see what you could do with one of my absolute favorite stories wich is
    HC Andersen’s : the little match girl.

    Hope you’ll see this // Ellen (from sweden)

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  90. Sharma commented on:

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  92. :) excited fan commented on:

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    Ps: I am also hoping these become audio books.

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  95. Your Name commented on:

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  102. regan hoppe commented on:

    My friends and family are so done with me obsessing over these books. especially over Thorne. THANK YOU FOR MAKING MY LIFE SO MUCH BETTER. keep writing, you make so many people happy!!(:

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