A Month of Lunar Chronicles Nostalgia

Posted on: 1st Mar 2016  /   Categorized: Cinder

Since the launch of Stars Above, I’ve been doing a lot of reminiscing about the last four years, which have been amazing, surreal, and life-changing in so many ways. And I’ve been inspired to assemble a sort-of virtual scrapbook on Facebook: each day this month I’ll be sharing one of my very favorite moments in the time of The Lunar Chronicles, including some of the most memorable fan interactions, crazy-cool promo stuff, and some moments that literally brought me to tears.

The month-long celebration kicked off today with this image of the Flat Iron Building in New York City, and my publisher’s first tribute to CINDER:



01 Cinder building

Follow along for more of my favorite TLC moments all month long at


  1. Mark Murata commented on:

    Marissa, your calendar states your A TYRANNY OF PETTICOATS LAUNCH PARTY is taking place in the Seattle University Bookstore, whereas your previous announcement said it is in the Bellevue branch.

  2. Allen Ng commented on:

    Will you be visiting Canada?

  3. Lucey commented on:

    I think that this is awesome! I have a suggestion… what if you hosted a creative writing competition? It could be poetry or a short story. I’m trying to become a writer and something like this would motivate me. Maybe the prize could be LC swag or a autograph from you? Who agrees?

  4. Jessamine commented on:

    I agree with Lucey! I have always wanted to be apart of some kind of writing competition hosted by an author! It would be amazing being that I’m trying to work my way up to being an author as well. Who else agrees??

  5. Your Name commented on:

    I think that’d be great!!!
    I would probably enter….
    I have some fanart on my quotev page

  6. Kaylynn/ Margarita commented on:

    im Kaylynn btw forgot to put in the name XD

    Having a fandom is like having a family who understands just how crazy you are!!

  7. lucey commented on:

    Maybe if we get enough people to agree we can get Marissa Meyers attention! I’ve been dying to talk to her!

  8. Allen Ng commented on:

    I know how that feels, lucey, because I live in Canada, so I’m in!

  9. NANDINI commented on:

    PLEASE MAKE A CINDER MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am the biggest Cinder fan in my school, and I have a major crush on Wolf!!!!

    Mrs. Meyer, if you are reading this, please try to write more books or at least try to make a movie!!!!! If you cannot do that, at least respond to my comment please!!!

  10. Thorne is my spirit animal. commented on:

    Hey, Marissa. I love your books so much, as I’ve mentioned in other comments. I am a complete lunartic and I say aces, spades, or stars at least five times an hour. Thorne is my spirit animal and I’ve read every single one of your books except Wires and Nerve (Vol. 1 & 2.) and the Renegades trilogy. I’m almost finished with Wires and Nerve Vol. 1, though. I only have about 30 pages left. And as for the Renegades books, I just bought and started Renegades. I’m on Chapter 6, where Nova has just left the Pupeteer’s balloon behind. I love Heartless, by the way! Jest is amazing! (I tend to fall in love with your characters too easily. Example: Jest, Thorne, Jacin… And I also fall in love with Ally Carter’s characters too easily… Example: Joe Solomon, Hale, Zach, Thomas, Noah.) Thanks for being such a great author and please keep at it! Your books inspire me to continue writing. Thorne is my spirit animal.

    ~ Bella Black (pen name)

    P.S. I’ve been told by a couple of my fellow lunartics and I’ve researched some that the the rights to the Lunar Chronicles have been given to a company and that a movie is possible, but a series is more likely. Is it true? Are my dreams finally coming true??

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