A Guide to Lunar Chronicles Character Traits

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I’ve been getting lots of questions lately about what my characters look like—even down to specifics, like how tall they are. For ease of use and to encourage all ye fanartists (and maybe inspire some of you for the Design a Sticker contest!), here are the character profiles that have been living in my Lunar Chronicles folder for many years.


If you notice anything that does not fit with what is written in the books, and you can point to a specific passage that contradicts what I have here, please feel free to mention it in the comments. Some times things change during writing, and it’s been a long time since I compared these profiles to the books.


If you would like to see inspiration photos that I’ve used, check out my Lunar Chronicles Pinterest Board here:







Birth date/place: Luna; December 21, 109 T.E., Sagittarius

Age: 16

Race: Lunar (mixed ethnicity—Asian/Caucasian?, tan skin, even more tan from walking everywhere)

Eye color: brown

Hair color/style: straight, fine, brunette, just below shoulders; often wears messy ponytails

Build: 5’8”, slender, few curves, almost boyish

Glamour: similar to Channary’s, breathtaking, she’s tempted to hide her cyborg parts but tries to fight it

Style of dress: comfortable and utilitarian

First book: cargo pants, T-shirts, dirty gloves, boots, messenger bag, occasional tool belt

Ball: Peony’s silver dress, Pearl’s white velvet boots that lace over the ankles, stained white silk gloves with seed pearls on hem that Kai gave her Prison: White cotton jumpsuit, bulky and loose, no shoes

Gloves: Cinder wears gloves exclusively for first book, usu. work gloves, but also thinner cotton gloves when not working. Kai gives her above-the-elbow white silk gloves with seed pearls on the hem for the ball


Cyborg characteristics: “Her control panel, her synthetic hand and leg, wires that trailed from the base of her skull all the way down her spine and out to her prosthetic limbs. The scar tissue where flesh met metal. A small dark square in her wrist—her ID chip, the metal vertebrae along her spine, or the four metal ribs, or the synthetic tissue around her heart (two chambers made primarily of silicon mixed with bio tissue), or the metal splints along the bones in her right leg. Ratio: 36.28%.”


Has a latch in the back of her head that opens, revealing control panel beside brain (no brain tissue can be seen behind it).


Can’t blush because it keeps her from overheating, but she can sweat. Can’t cry because tear ducts replaced with prosthetic eyes.


Prostheses: steel in first book. Left leg to mid-thigh (calf includes hollow compartment), left ankle attached via screws and red and yellow (and multicolored) wires; left hand to wrist.


New limbs (beginning at end of book one): new hand and foot. Plated with 100% titanium, fingers include: flashlight, stiletto knife, projectile gun, screwdriver, universal connector cable. Twelve tranquilizer darts are stored in palm.


Mannerisms: She has a nervous tick of fiddling with the hems of her gloves to make sure her metal hand is always covered. She also has a bad habit of pushing her hair out of her face when her hands are filthy, leaving grease stains on her forehead. She is ambidextrous. Often twirling tools in her fingers. Bites insides of cheek.





Birth date/place: New Beijing, Eastern Commonwealth; 7 April 108 T.E.; Aries

Age: 18

Race: Earthen/Asian

Eye color: copper-brown

Hair color/style: shaggy, straight black hair worn past ears, slicked back for formal occasions

Build: 5’11”, slender/borderline lanky

Style of dress: Suits and dress-shirts, although would rather be in jeans and Ts. Probably has a stylist telling him what to wear. For formal occasions, traditional mandarin-style silk shirts with fine embroidery and embellishments. Gray-hooded sweatshirt (incognito).

Physical characteristics: Handsome with angled, sharp facial features and “admirable” lips, smells faintly of soap

Mannerisms: Scratches at neck and ear when tongue-tied; ears turn red first when he blushes; quick to smile (looks for the humor in everything); yanks hand through hair when overwhelmed. Hands in pockets.





Birth date/place: Rieux, France, European Federation, 17 August 108 T.E., Leo

Age: 18

Race: Caucasian

Eye color: big brown eyes

Hair color/style: curly/unruly ginger-red hair to mid-back

Build: 5’6”, curvy

Style of dress: jeans and a red hoodie that her grandma gave her, clashes with her hair which is part of the reason why she likes it.

Characteristics: full lips, lots of freckles

Mannerisms: tries to make herself look bigger/stronger with folded arms, wide-leg stances, etc. Frank and abrupt, has a tendency to act first and think later.






Birth date/place: Luna, Nov. 4, 102 T.E., Scorpio

Age: 23

Race: Lunar (olive-toned skin—think Middle Eastern)

Eye color: strikingly bright green, thick eyelashes

Hair color/style: messy brown hair that tends to spike in all directions, refuses to be tamed

Build: 6’4”, super muscular

Style of dress: loose gray pants (almost like sweats), plain t-shirts or tanks, barefoot whenever possible, otherwise comfortable leather boots [wears military uniform when not “undercover”]

Other characteristics: tattoo “LSOP962” on left forearm; sharp canine teeth; covered in scars and wounds, some recent, some faded, including a bad gouge on his left arm from wrist to elbow, and more on his left temple and lips.

Mannerisms: protective stance, tense shoulders like he’s always ready to fight, often flexing fingers and making fists, snarling, trouble holding eye contact, shy around people, high metabolism, fidgety and constantly pacing, always hungry




Birth date/place: Luna, July 18, 110 T.E., Cancer

Age: 16

Race: Lunar (pale skin, Caucasian)

Eye color: bright blue

Hair color/style: honey blonde, insanely long at start of novel: “longest, waviest, most unruly mess of tangled blonde hair imaginable. The golden nest around her head was tied in a big knot over one shoulder, and cascaded in a jumble of braids and snarls, wrapping around one of the girl’s arms before descending out of the screen’s view.” Later cut above shoulders with a knife, so very ragged/blunt throughout Book Three.

Build: 5’0”, petite and slender

Face: sweet, heart-shaped with freckles across nose and cheeks, dimples, giddy smile

Style of dress: worn day dresses in satellite, no shoes (while on satellite)

Mannerisms: Always fidgeting with hair, toys and sucks on it, wraps it around wrists (when long). Tries to make herself smaller/invisible. Would sooner hide than fight. Flighty and nervous around people. Draws strength from overactive imagination.






Birth date/place: American Republic, May 22, 106 T.E., Gemini

Age: 20

Race: Earthen (Caucasian)

Eye color: blue

Hair color/style: short brown hair, usually with product (always wants to look his best), clean-shaven (after free from prison at least)

Build: 6’0”, broad-shouldered and strong, but not as muscular as Wolf

Style of dress: well-dressed, button-up dress-shirts with rolled sleeves or slim-fitting sweaters, vests, loves his leather jacket, prefers the “dressy” military uniforms to the utilitarian ones.

Mannerisms: checking that his hair is okay, admiring every woman he sees, whistling, making light of the situation. Cocky swagger. Flirtation smiles and raised eyebrows. Still labeled a “cadet” in military (though deserter), but insists on being called Captain.






Birth date/place: Luna, 3 January 109 T.E., Capricorn

Age: 17

Race: Lunar (black)

Eye color: golden-brown with flecks of gray around the pupils

Hair color/style: black, tight corkscrew curls, just below shoulder-length, very thick

Build: 5’9”, slender but with enviable curves, extremely graceful limbs, long neck

Face: high cheekbones, full red lips, delicate nose, ridiculously long eyelashes—the kind of face that is difficult to look away from; three scars on her right cheek, like teardrops from the corner of her eye to her chin; known as the most beautiful girl on Luna

Style of dress: sophisticated and conservative, both flowy skirts and pants but always feminine, likes to wear pastels and light colors, silvers, gauzy fabrics, etc.

Mannerisms: gentle and graceful, but crazy, whimsical voice and flighty gestures, almost skips when she walks, has a tendency to wander off, comfortable around people (except Lunar aristocracy) but has a habit of getting into their personal space and making them uncomfortable. Playful.





JACIN CLAY: royal guard; personal guard and pilot for Sybil.

Birth date/place: Luna, 8 July 107 T.E., Cancer

Age: 19

Race: Lunar (Caucasian)

Eye color: blue-gray

Hair color/style: blonde-white hair that falls in straight locks passed his chin, sometimes pulls into a ponytail

Build: 6’2”, muscular, graceful from combat training

Style of dress: official uniform of Lunar guards

Mannerisms: rigid, tense posture; confident and capable—rarely second guesses himself; makes few hand gestures—always trying to go unnoticed; usually quiet but harsh when he does talk; abrasive personality; will do anything to protect the ones he truly cares about


  1. Briana B. commented on:

    Hey! Cress is born one day (though quite a number of years) after me! For some reason, it’s always comforting to me to know how tall characters are.

  2. Alicia commented on:

    Isn’t Scarlet’s eyes supposed to be green? And Winter’s last name is Blackburn! After the first Lunar!

  3. Alicia commented on:

    Oh wait, I just realized that Winter would be related to the first lunar…

  4. Marissa commented on:

    No, Scarlet’s eyes are brown – but Wolf’s are green.

    Winter is only related to the first Lunar, Cyprus Blackburn, through marriage. (More on that to be revealed in Fairest!)

  5. Amber commented on:

    Just wondering, are these the extent of your character profiles? I’ve seen ones that seem never ending and yours are refreshingly short and to the point. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  6. Marissa commented on:

    In my complete profiles I also include things like character motivations, strengths and weaknesses, and backstory – but much of that info contains spoilers.

  7. Your Name commented on:

    This is so helpful! I wish more authors did this! Also what do you think of the character bio pics on the Lunar Chronicles wiki?

  8. Emily commented on:

    I love all these details! 🙂

    Based on his birthday, wouldn’t Jacin be a Cancer?

  9. Christianna commented on:

    Oooooh, I’m so excited for Winter. You’re an amazing Author Meyer!

  10. Your Name commented on:

    Wow this is great! I’m totally going to enter the sticker contest!

  11. Your Name commented on:

    I wasn’t expecting a black Snow White, but I like the twist! Thanks for posting these!

  12. Cookie commented on:

    scarlet’s birthday is 3 days before mine 🙁

  13. A commented on:

    For some reason I thought that Wolf was younger than Scarlet because at the end of The Queen’s Army he was 17, right? So there was a six year difference between the ending of The Queen’s Army and the beginning of Scarlet–am I totally confusing myself with the timelines?

  14. Sorcaron commented on:

    According to CRESS, Ch 37, Cress’s height should be no more than 153.48cm (unless Dr. Erland’s DNA test is incorrect). This converts to 5′ 2/5″, which should round down to 5’0″

    I bring this up because people on tumblr have converted 5’1″ to 155cm, which is indeed correct; however, this does not match the information given in the books. It’s a small difference, but there is a rounding error somewhere.

  15. Marissa commented on:

    I LOVE the character pics on the TLC wiki! That artist is so amazingly talented!

    Thank you for catching those details, Emily and Sorcaron! I changed Jacin’s birthday just this year because I didn’t want it occurring during the story’s timeline and forgot to change his sign. He is indeed a cancer. As for Cress’s height – just yesterday I was saying on Twitter that I wished I’d made her a little bit shorter, and looky there, I did! Ha!

    And yes, there is a long break in between the end of The Queen’s Army and the start of Scarlet. I think he’s only 16 at the end of TQA? or 17? Anyhow, the Pack would go on to have secrecy and spy training and learn how to blend in with Lunar society before they were sent to Earth, plus Wolf has been on Earth for a while before he meets Scarlet.

  16. Nikki commented on:

    I never found Wolf to be shy………..maybe it’s just me.

  17. Nikki commented on:

    Hey, Cress’s birthday is 3 days after mine!

  18. Danielle H commented on:

    This is wonderful! Do you write the detailed character profiles first, then the storyline or the other way around?

  19. Haley Aaryn commented on:

    This may be a stupid question but how do you pronounce Hayle? Like my name or like hail?

  20. Cait commented on:

    Oh this is so so fantastic. I’m a really visual reader so I really like knowing what they look like. (And looking at your pinterest boards!!) Thanks so much for sharing this with us! I was only having a discussion with someone the other day whether Cinder was Asian or Caucasian. 🙂

  21. Kym commented on:

    That was really good/helpful, I think that would be like the biggest help to anyony who wanted to do fan art for TLC. I know it dose for me.

  22. Stephanie commented on:

    What is queen Lavanas description?

  23. Your Name commented on:

    I agree with Briana. For some reason, it’s comforting to know the heights of characters. I don’t know why. It’s strange and I wondered if I was the only one. I’m writing my own story now and I created a document with a list of information similar to this, but it’s less detailed than this one. Thanks for posting this. I can’t believe I guessed Cinder and Scarlet’s heights correctly.

  24. Kay commented on:

    Why would Cinder be Asian? Are you assuming her father was Asian, or that the people of Lunar have the traits of the various races on Earth? Otherwise, she’s Lunar, but lived in Europe. Asia was only her final home when first we meet her.

  25. A commented on:

    Thank you so much for answering my question! It means a lot!

  26. Dan commented on:

    When you release a box set of the entire series you should include this encyclopedic (and resourceful) Character Traits as a special book. I would LOVE to read these as spare material after finishing the series.

    But then again…I’d kill for an action packed Graphic Novel/Comic based on The Lunar Chronicles. I’d truly would purchase it to (FINALLY) see what these characters truly look like.

  27. Your Name commented on:

    Scarlet is my favorite character, and her birthday is 3 days before mine=D

  28. Danyelle commented on:

    Cress just had a birthday about 2 or 3 weeks ago in our time!

  29. Nikki commented on:

    I agree with Stephanie….what is Levana’s description?? I guess we don’t know cuz of her glamour.

  30. Emily commented on:

    Your Message

  31. Your Name commented on:

    I think Levana isn’t included because that would have too many Fairest spoilers. We do know she is tall, really, really pretty, has long auburn hair, and has full red, red, red, lips. I can’t remember if her eye colour/skin tone was mentioned.

  32. Christel commented on:

    This is so helpful! Also, I don’t know if this would be spoiling Fairest at all, but do we find out what Levana looks like WITHOUT her glamour? I’m really curious about that…

  33. Alicia commented on:

    Well since you describe Cinder as a mix between European and Asian, I’m guessing she’ll look Filipino?

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  35. Lizzy commented on:

    I noticed how the family name of the royalties are never mentioned, but I’m happy to see that Winter’s surname is revealed here. What is Kai/Rikan’s family name?

  36. Allison commented on:

    Wait! You forgot Iko!

  37. Marissa commented on:

    Danielle, I’m mostly thinking story first, but as characters start to come into my mind I’m thinking about who they are from the very beginning. So it’s kind of both at the same time.

    Haley, I pronounce it like “hail.”

    Kay, Cinder is Lunar and I pretty much consider Lunar to be the “race” of all Lunar characters. But Lunars are descended from many Earthen ethnicities and so come in a wide range of skin colors, hair types, facial features, etc. Hence, the clarification.

    I intentionally left out Levana’s description because… ALL WILL SOON BE REVEALED, bwa ha ha! (But her glamour is described the first time Kai meets her in Book One.) I also didn’t include Iko because… she changes so darn much! And I didn’t want to include that spoiler for anyone who hasn’t read CRESS yet. Maybe in a future post, though.

    Weirdly enough, I’ve never given a royal family name to Kai and Rikan. My original thought process was that they wouldn’t need a family name – they are simply the Emperor, the Crown Prince, etc., and their title essentially counts for their surname. Kind of like a celebrity – just Madonna! just Cher!

    That said, this is one of those decisions that I still go back and forth with myself on. It’s starting to feel too late to give them one now, but part of me wishes that I had early on. Oh well…

  38. Kay commented on:

    You know, technically, if we believe Cinder, Levana isn’t beautiful at all!

  39. Dana commented on:

    Thorne has the same birthday as me!

  40. memyselfandbooks commented on:

    I love getting extra info about the characters, but I found one teeny mistake:
    On the cover of Glitches (very pretty art by the way) Cinders cyborg hand goes up to her elbow, yet here it says it’s just up to her wrist… I couldn’t figure out earlier because of conflicting info in the books and on that cover, and I really wanted to know this for drawing purposes. Thanks for the info!!!!!!!! 🙂

    On a random note, Kai’s birthday is only a few days after mine!!!!

  41. Marissa commented on:

    Yes, the artist that did the Glitches cover took some artistic liberties. (It’s also her right arm in that picture, when it should have been the left.) Still – gorgeous artwork!

  42. Grace commented on:

    omg. wolf is sooooooo talllllllllll
    jacin has the closest bday to me: July 2 but happy to see many cancers~
    tbh cannot pick a fav character. but i love Cress’ name!!!
    quick question- eheheheheheheh: is Cress based a bit off of tsukino usagi aka sailor moon??????
    and Kaito reminds me of Vocaloid’s Kaito but it could be just because of the name lol
    right now dying for winter and fairest!!! <3
    as a girl in love with Kai ( i mean who isnt lol) he is awesome and my type but maybe more with wolf's personality <3<3<3

    p.s. — as a fellow otaku I would love to fangirl about different animes~~~<3

    p.p.s — you're awesome! and amazing! Ganbatte~! <3

  43. Lexi commented on:

    Very helpful post! I love how different all your characters are, both personality and looks wise. It makes it easy to relate to all of them! So while I may have the same build as Winter; I have Cress’s personality, etc. Reading the books is so much more fun that way:):)

  44. Bri commented on:

    Im confused because in the book they say they brought Cinder from europe so wouldnt that make her european and lunar?

  45. VICL commented on:

    Awesome!! Wolf has the same birthday as me!!! Well obviously not the year 😛 and I got to say all ur characters are really unique and special in their own way be it looks or personality! I LOVE IT!!!

  46. Monique@ Something To Browse commented on:

    I love you so much! THIS IS THE BEST! Just look at my emperor and his glorious details. Too bad he doesn’t have a last name, though (How am I supposed to change it when we get married?) Hahaha! In all honesty, thanks for sharing this. I consider it a birthday present that this was posted on my birthday even though it took me so long to finally read this. 🙂

  47. Miller the Mechanic commented on:

    Hi Marissa!

    My cousin, Tamara F. (you may know her) introduced me to your incredible series. I gave them to my friend and she adored them. We are massive fans of your books! Thank you for an amazing experience in New Beijing!

    M.T.M. ; )

    P.S. Who is your favourite Sailor in Sailor Moon? Mine is Sailor Mars.

  48. Miller the Mechanic commented on:

    Hi Marissa!

    Just a quick question; is true you are coming out with a new book called HEARTLESS?


  49. Alyssa commented on:

    I must have read and re-read Thorne’s and Wolf’s over and over because I am literally in love with them. You know that feeling when you really REALLY want to make a book character real and marry then and blah blah blah, yeah, I feel that way about Thorne and Wolf.
    It’s horrible.
    I had a dream about Wolf and I was Scarlet.
    Thank you Marrisa for writing so perfectly that your characters drift into my dreams.
    Love all the characters though. <3

  50. Lorebeth commented on:

    Dear Marissa


    I absolutely love your books and have been reading your books since the beginning.

    My question is what accent do the Lunas speak with. (For some obscure reason, my brain reads it to me as if it’s an English accent.)

    Ooh. And another one! Would Lunas be tan? They wouldn’t because of the artificial nights and days, right?

    And possibly…which character did you come up with first? Did it all start with Cinder in your mind?

    Forever fangirling,

  51. Marissa commented on:

    Oh wow, so many questions! Let’s see…

    Bri, Cinder is Lunar and Lunars are descended from many ethnicities. Her being adopted in Europe is irrelevant in this case. And even if it weren’t… they do have non-white people in Europe too, right? 😉

    M.T.M., My favorite scout is Jupiter – the actress that played her in the live version was even my original inspiration for Cinder’s character. And yes, my first book after the Lunar Chronicles will be called HEARTLESS and is based on the Queen of Hearts. <3

    Lorabeth (pretty name!), Lunars and Earthens alike speak a universal language, but it's likely that Lunars would have at least a slight accent. I'm not sure what accent to compare it to in today's world though... however you want to read them is fine by me!

    Lunars live in biodomes that protect them from the very intense solar rays that the moon receives, so they wouldn't develop much of a tan beyond the natural pigmentation of their skin.

    I think Cinder was the first character that I really started to feel like I KNEW, although I had had ideas for a Big Bad Wolf and evil queen before that, and I'm not sure which of them came first. 🙂

  52. Lorebeth commented on:

    Dear Marissa

    Through nagging and begging my friends, I have convinced them to come as the crew of TLC for Halloween.

    (I can’t wait to paint my hand and foot to look like metal when I dress up as Cinder!!)

    My question is, since Cress’s clothes weren’t her own choice, what would she wear on a normal day? If she was a normal girl?

    Thanks for being my favourite author

    Forever fangirling,

  53. Loren commented on:

    Dear Marrisa

    Is there some sort of gravitational device that keeps Lunars from floating away?

    Love your books!

  54. Marissa commented on:

    Lorabeth: That will be so cool! If you post pictures of your crew anywhere, please send me the link!

    Cress is a girl who likes the familiar and comfortable, so I think that she’ll continue to like her soft, simple, no-maintenance dresses, even when she’s given other options. As for what she would have worn had she not been stuck in the satellite – your guess is as good as mine! Obviously she would be a very different person had that been the case.

    Loren: Yes! The biodomes on Luna have the same technology to create artificial gravity as is used on spaceships, like the Rampion.

  55. Anna commented on:

    this is great! thanks so much!

  56. Arisha commented on:

    I’m working on fanart for this and this was super helpful!

    I know you’re a huge sailor moon fan, but are you also a fan of other anime? Lately, I’ve been seeing Kai in every gorgeous, pony tailed main character. I’m DYING to see Kai with a ponytail. Thoughts?

    And any chance in Winter that Kai’s shaggy hair grows so unkept aboard his time in the Rampion that he has to push it back into a ponytail? *fingers crossed*

  57. Miller the Mechanic commented on:

    Hi Marissa!

    I’ve been trying to find a page on your website that fans can post comments and stuff for a few weeks now, and only just discovered this page a week ago. I’ve tried #The Lunar Chronicles website, as well as this one. Is there any other websites that fans can post their views? Or, is there a special link on the website that I can manage to get onto a fanpage, maybe?

    Sorry to bother you about this.


    I’ve been trying (emphasis on “trying”) to write stories for ages and it’s like I have this massive idea, I start to write it down and then it just… dies… (just like my goldfish). Anyway, I was just wondering if you have any advice on this maybe.

  58. Miller the Mechanic commented on:

    Marissa, at my school, we have this thing called Book Week, and one of the components of Book Week is to dress up as your favourite character from a book you love. I picked Cinder and I was wondering if I could post or send you a picture of me.

  59. Marissa commented on:

    Arisha, I’m smitten with the idea of Kai with a ponytail – why not? You should fanart that for sure! And while I rarely watch anime anymore, I watched a lot of it back in high school and college. My favorite was Cowboy Bebop.

    Miller, I’m not sure if there are any Lunar Chronicles fandom pages where you can discuss or not… you can always review and post your thoughts on the books on GoodReads (a popular book lover destination), or comment on fanart if you havea tumblr account – such as at Or you can leave comments at or That’s all I can think of right now. Sorry I can’t be more help!

    But oh, you should definitely submit your cosplay to the Lunar fanart page! I’d love to see it!

  60. Your Name commented on:

    Dear Marissa,
    I’ve always wondered, what does Levana look like. I’ve tried looking for descriptions, but all I’ve found were descriptions of her glamour. I keep imaging her pale and with black hair (kind of like Angelina Jolie, but black hair). Can you answer this or do I just have to wait for Fairest?

    Can’t wait,

    P.S. Scarlet’s birthday is closest to mine (Septmeber 1st)

  61. Fiora commented on:

    Dear Marissa,

    I’ve been wondering…who is your favourite male character of the big four? I’m having trouble deciding between Wolf and Thorne…
    Secondly, I’m wondering if Princess Winter is even aware of how beautiful she is. Does it matter to her? What would she tell young girls everywhere who are fussing about their looks?

    Love the Lunar Chronicles,

    P.S. This may seem like a silly question, but LOL, it’s been bothering me. Does Levana have at least ONE mirror? Because otherwise, she might forget what she looks like (I know I would). Or maybe she WANTS to forget…

  62. Marissa commented on:

    Seanna, your question re: Levana will be answered in Fairest. (What she looks like beneath the glamour hasn’t yet been revealed!)

    Fiora, I absolutely couldn’t choose! I love all my male leads (and female leads) equally. I find that there’s no point for me to write a love story if I’m not swooning myself, so I make it a point to fall in love with them all. (How fickle does that sound? LOL)

    And your questions re: Winter and Levana’s mirrors will be answered in Fairest and Winter.

    I hope you’ll both enjoy!

  63. Chinonso commented on:

    I’ve been trying to write a book for a while. Is there any advice you could give about writing character appearances, communication, and interactions with other characters. Help would be most appreciative.

  64. Rachel commented on:


    Dear Marissa Meyer

    I am a huge fan of the series and love the couple Scarlet and Wolf. The worst part in Cress got to be Scarlet being captured and having her pinkie cut off. I really do hope Scarlet’s and Wolf’s romance stay alive. Most importantly, I do hope Scarlet won’t get hurt anymore

    One Question is why is the book Winter is moved to November 2015?

    P. S. I am making a type of fantasy art relating to both of the characters I mentioned. Is it alright if I send a photo of it when I completed it?

  65. Marissa commented on:

    Chinonso, I’ll give it some thought! I haven’t posted many tips about characters or dialogue yet… that might make a good topic for future blog posts. 🙂 In the meantime, there are plenty of writing guides out there about characterization, I suggest checking out a couple and I hope they’ll help!

    Rachel, I’m so glad you’re enjoying the books! I love to see fanart and would be thrilled to take a look at your fantasy art! You can also submit it to the tumblr at so other fans can enjoy it too. 😀

    Winter was pushed back to November because my publisher and I felt it was important for Fairest to release first (it really sets the stage for a lot of things that happen in Winter), and to give me more time to make Winter the best series finale I can, and because my publisher liked the idea of it coming out in the holiday season.

    I know it’s a horribly long wait, but I hope it will be worth it!

  66. DaughterOfTheNorth commented on:

    I just finished reading all 3 books this weekend and LOVED them. But I misread and thought Winter was coming out this November. Its gonna be a loooong year waiting! I just wanted to let you know I really really like how most races and people who are mixed are all main characters, and to be a princess you don’t have to be blond and blue eyed. I can really relate even more to Cinder now being mixed Northern European/East Asian, and I’m also a Saggitarian 🙂 looking forwards to reading your future work.

  67. Holly commented on:

    Hi Marissa,
    I just wanted to let you know that your profile states that Thorne was born in 105 but the book says 106. 🙂

    I have read your books several times and have enjoyed them immensely. They really are MORE then just entertaining. My own Captain and I are about twice as old Cress and Carswell, but i see some of us in them and it’s sweet to watch their relationship grow. Thank you for sharing this world with us. 🙂


  68. Marissa commented on:

    Good catch! Thanks so much, Holly, I’ve fixed it on the profile. (I’m glad my math was right in the books – he’s still 20, lol.) So glad you’re enjoying the books!

  69. Hannah commented on:

    Hi Marissa,
    I only recently found your books, but I am already addicted, and can’t wait for Fairest and Winter! I only just found this page a few minutes ago, and I don’t know if I missed it when I read them but I’ve always pictured Wolf as being around the same age as Scarlet – I can never change the way I picture a character once I meet them in the book :3
    As a young and hopeful writer myself, I also wanted to say that your advice for asapiring writers is amazing – I’ve read many authors’ lists on it, but your’s is the best one I’ve read!
    Looking forward to Fairest and Winter!


  70. Candice commented on:

    Hi there! I have a quick question to ask that popped into my mind while I was reading earlier comments: what was Jacin’s birthday before it was changed to July?

  71. Arisha commented on:

    Hey Marissa!

    So currently I’ve started working on my series of The Lunar Chronicles fanart. I was wondering if you could take a look at what I’ve done so far so I know if i’m actually getting the characters right and I can continue with the rest of the fanart.

    Link to my gallery of TLC fanart:

    Also I was wonder how to view fanart on your TLC website (whenever I click it all that comes is a box asking to submit question…?)

    Continue writing, your an amazing author!
    Love your books,


  72. Marissa commented on:

    That’s a great question, Candice! I know it took place sometime during the first three books – I changed it so that I wouldn’t have to address it when he gets back to Luna, because Winter is the type of character who would have made a big deal out of it and there wasn’t time for that, lol. So… his original birthday was somewhere between mid-August and late-September.

    Arisha, your fanart is fantastic!! I love it! The girls are very true to my imagination. Although I don’t run the TLC website, I think you can use that question box to submit your work (or a link to your work?) and then the moderators sometimes put it up on the main Tumblr feed… I think….

  73. Sya commented on:

    Have you decided on a specific ethnicity for the characters or are you going to leave it brief? And do you have any actresses or actors in mind for the part? Personally, I see Kelsey Chow as a Cinder.

  74. Oksana commented on:

    Marissa Meyer – your books are amazing. I’ve never had a favourite series before (which is saying something, because I am addicted to reading!) but I do now! I’m entering the writing contest called Inspire Teen Reads – convince judges to read your favourite book in 400 words – and I’m doing Cinder, because it’s just so fantastic!

    Are there going to be any sequels to Winter? Or any other series you may be planning to write? I’d like the Lunar Chronicles to continue on, but all beautiful things must come to an end, otherwise we couldn’t appreciate how beautiful they are…

    Will you ever come to Ontario, Canada, for a book tour? All other authors I like live in the USA and so stick to the USA for their book tours. *sniffs* I’m curious to know – Are Lunars are just a sub-branch of the human species – their ability to manipulate bioelectricity being the differentiating factor – or a different species altogether, as far as DNA is concerned?
    In Cinder, who was the fairy godmother? Cinder herself, maybe, because she fixed the car? (“It looks more like a pumpkin,” said Iko) Or was it the plague, because that’s how Cinder obtained the gown and shoes to go to the ball? (The plague seems to be like the originating force behind everything that has happened in the Chronicles – or maybe it’s the Lunars, because they started the plague) In Scarlet, who is the huntsman? In Cress, is the witch Sybil or Levana?

    You’ve combined four different plotlines into one major story – weaving fairy tales into young adult fiction – and I’ve never read anything like it. It’s awesome. It’s powerful. You must never stop writing, ever – your talent is a precious thing. Thank you for bringing smiles, laughs, endless thoughts, and all kinds of emotions to me.

    Anticipating Winter (14…more…months…),

    P.S. I find your posts on writing stories very detailed and helpful – thanks!

  75. Oksana commented on:

    P.P.S. Are there any possible plans for a movie of Cinder?

  76. Oksana commented on:

    P.P.P.S. I have a hunch about the ending of the Lunar Chronicles. If Cinder does secure her rightful place on the Lunar throne, and all is restored . . . and Luna must still ally itself with the Earthen Union . . . oh goodness, when I thought of this I felt giddy for HOURS . . . would there be a marriage alliance between, say, the Emperor of the Eastern Commonwealth and the queen of Luna?
    *jumps up and down and shrieks*
    I’m not asking for spoilers, but might I be onto something?

  77. Katelyn commented on:

    Love your book can’t wait to read winter, but I always image cinder as a cancer. So why did you decide sagttarius.

  78. Your Name commented on:

    Wow, when the books said that Thorne dwarfs cress, you weren’t kidding! I was wondering if you have to read Fairest before Winter? If I just read Winter, would it make sense? Or would I have had to have read Fairest first?

  79. Grace commented on:

    Your books are so amazing! I love them so much. Also, this is very helpful. Now I can totally picture the characters in my mind. Also I’m retreading Cress right now hehe. I can’t wait for Winter to come out!

  80. Jessie commented on:

    Hi Marissa,

    I absolutely LOVE your books! When I read Cinder, I was literally dying (okay, well, maybe not literally) when I saw that the Crown Prince/Emperor’s name was Kai!! I’m actually a huge fan of a certain band called EXO (Have you heard of them?) and one of the member’s stage name is Kai, and he fits the description of Kai (the character in Cinder) perfectly!! The messy hair and the eyes and the build and the characteristics- everything matches!! That’s why I was wondering, how did you choose the names of the characters? Were they maybe some of your idols, or family members or friends, or were there more specific reasons? I’m guessing Cinder is short for Cinderella, Wolf because of the big bad wolf/ because he’s kind of a werewolf or something like that, Thorne because in the Rapunzel story he was blinded when he fell on thorns, and Scarlet is because of the red hair, but why Levana, Ran, Kai/Kaito, Ze’ev ( Wolf’s alt. name) or Cress? And, I was wondering, could you post a description of Ran? I know he’s dead and all but for some reason, he’s my favorite character in the Lunar Chronicles series. Maybe because I have a thing for antagonists, but I’d love to do a fan art or a fan fiction of him if you could post a description!


  81. Seanna commented on:

    I’m looking forward to Winter and Fairest but I have another question. Is there going to be a reference to the seven dwarves in Winter. From what I know already about Princess Winter, she is isolated from other people. Does this mean she will still meet the “7 dwarves” or not?


  82. Your Name commented on:

    I love this series!
    Just wanted to let you know that in the Swedish translation of Scarlet they’ve written on the back of the book that it is Scarlets moms mom, while in the book it says it’s Scarlets dads mom (we have different words for grandparents on fathers side and mothers side), and I just wondered, it is Scarlets grandmother on her fahers side that the book talks about?

  83. Oksana Kosarenko commented on:

    I’m re-reading Cress, and it occurred to me that if Jacin called Cinder’s concept of love (when she asks him whether he loves Princess Winter) a ‘swoony psychodrama’, then in the fourth book he will probably undergo some sort of emotional change, right?
    By the way: excellent line. “Swoony psychodrama”? XD

  84. Ana Luna commented on:

    I guess I would kinda look like cinder(only Hispanic). Only im sooo short >:( dangit. When I was a shy 6th grader I used to pretend I was Cinder and that would give me courage to talk to people 🙂

  85. Luna commented on:

    I guess I would kinda look like cinder(only Hispanic). Only im sooo short >:( dangit. When I was a shy 6th grader I used to pretend I was Cinder and that would give me courage to talk to people 🙂

  86. Becca commented on:

    I would do anything to meet you Marissa Meyer. I fell in love with theses books from the first chapter of Cinder. Could I help you make movies on The Lunar Chronicles it would be AMAZING. Keegan Allen could be Wolf.

  87. Marissa commented on:

    The seven dwarfs are represented… for readers who are paying attention. 😉

    How interesting about the Swedish translation! It is Scarlet’s paternal grandmother (aka her dad’s mother) that has gone missing.

    As for naming characters and reading Fairest before or after Winter… I am planning blog posts on both of these topics. Coming soon! (Hopefully…)

  88. Cassy commented on:

    This may seem silly but I’m so curious: how curly do you think of Scarlet’s hair being? I ask because if it’s ringlet-ish, kinky curls like mine then her hair must be INSANELY curly to be THAT curly all the way down the middle of her back. I’ve had long hair before and the longer it is the more wavy it becomes because of the weight of the hair. If it’s more of a messy wave that length makes more sense, otherwise I shudder to think what might happen if she ever hacked her hair off. She’d have some super-tight Latina curls going on.

    I always thought of it as loose-spiral curls but then you said she brushed it which would just make it go POOF – separated and frizzy.

    Ugh. I’m sorry. I’m weird. I love my curly hair and am OBSESSED with keeping it healthy and spreading the curly love. <3

  89. Ashley commented on:

    Cassy, a curly girl here too!
    I know exactly what you mean about how curly it must be. I assumed she must be a s’wavy type(if you know your curly girl terminology). Where it looks crazy curly pretty much no matter what she does. With the wavy kind of hair it acts like the exact opposite of corkscrew type hair, it gets curlier the longer it gets because more space to complete a curl versus where the weight of the hair pulls out the curl with traditional curly hair. I’m more of a typical plain old wavy (2b to be exact) so it lays more flat against my head but with s’wavy types it will still have the volume of traditional curls at the top but can still go all triangular like the wavy types (good example of wavy hair is the before makeover in the princess diary movie. That’s pretty much my hair). At least that’s how I pictured it. She very well could be a tradition curl so no wonder she keeps it long! She needs all that weight to tame it! Interested to hear Marissa’s input here!

  90. Vanessa commented on:

    Hello 🙂 I just want to know, if the royal family was able to pass on the Lunar gene to the rest of the population on Luna (through promiscuity, etc.), why didn’t Scarlet and her father inherit this gene? Is it because they didn’t have “prolonged exposure to ionizing radiation from cosmic rays”?

    I love the Lunar Chronicles so much! I discovered the series about 3 months ago but I’ve read each book twice already!

  91. Claire commented on:

    I’m trying to draw all of the Lunar Chronicles characters, but I noticed that Cinder is taller than Scarlet even though Scarlet’s like 2 years older. Is Cinder supposed to be taller? I need to know!!!

    P.S. I love your books! You’re even better than J.K Rowling! Look forward to Fairest and Winter!

  92. Claire commented on:

    P.P.S Your books are so great that I finished all three books in 1 week! That’s how good your books are! I love your books! I LOVE THEM!!! Reading them makes me so happy. You’re my idol. Also I’m planning to post my finished piece on your homepage. Is that OK with you?

  93. Brianna commented on:

    I love your books! I can’t wait for Fairest to come out! But I do have a question. How do you pronounce Ze’ev? I can’t even think of a way to pronounce it, lol.

  94. Karina O. commented on:

    Cress is a foot shorter than Thorne. HEIGHT DIFFERENCES!!!!!
    I am cry.

  95. Your Name commented on:

    This is awesome, as a future writer the idea of a compilation of character triats is amazing.

  96. Varsha commented on:

    Hi, Marissa! This is Varsha! Thank you so much for the character descriptions! They helped a lot!

  97. Ally commented on:

    These are lovely! After Fairest and Winter are released, do you think you’ll ever put out the complete profiles?

  98. Libby commented on:

    I was wondering, how do you think, in your own words, how the society changed from book #1 to book #3?

  99. Libby commented on:

    Btw, I LOVE your books, and I’m absolutely DYING to read the rest of the Lunar Chronicles.

  100. Giuliana commented on:

    Hiw do you pronounce Iko? Is it “eeko” or “eye-ko”?Also, there HAS to be a movie for this series! There just HAS to! Big fan! Please answer my question soon!

  101. Giuliana commented on:

    Ugh! I spelled it wrong! I meant to say “how” instead of “hiw”!

  102. Grace commented on:

    Omg me and wolf have the same exact birthday!

  103. Grace's BFF, Giuliana commented on:

    I know! My birthday is CLOSEST to his though . . .

  104. Olivia commented on:

    Hi Marissa! I was just wondering, do you enjoy writing books? Do you feel good after writing a few chapters? Or when your sad/upset does it make you feel better at some moments? Well for me I like to express myself on a piece of paper

  105. Nicky commented on:

    Hi, I was wondering if you needed new characters, because I`ve come up with a perfect fit for sleeping beauty. If you`re interested, please email me. That would be great.

  106. Sasha commented on:

    I was just wondering if you think you could get this book series into movie because that would be so awesome! Winter should be amandla stenberg

  107. Sasha commented on:

    If Jennifer Lawrence was 16 years old she would of been the perfect Cinder

  108. Lorebeth commented on:

    Dear Marissa: I love this series and am drawing lots of fan art for TLC. My question is what sort of headphone replacement would there be in the third error? Like a futuristic sort of earphones. I can’t remember if Peony had something like this in Cinder.

    Love all your books


  109. Lorebeth commented on:

    Dear Marissa:

    Hello again.

    Another question. I don’t know if you can answer this but will we hear about Cinder’s father in Fairest? I am dying to know who it is!


    Ps: Cress is the kind of character that I would expect to have freckles. Could she have gotten any or sun spots from all that time in the desert? I mean, she wasn’t accustomed to sun light what with being in the satellite and all. I hope she has some sort of freckles or else my fan art is slightly inaccurate.

  110. Your Name commented on:

    Dear Marissa,

    I know this is irrevelevant, but what part (state-wise) of the American Republic is Thorne from? I thought it was mentioned in Cress, but I could be wrong. I always imagined he was from around California, though I wanted your thoughts for me a to have a concrete visual (even though they never go to the American Republic, it would be good to have this closure of sorts).


  111. Oksana Kosarenko commented on:

    Cress is born one day after me – also a Cancer! We are alike in many ways (Cancer traits, emotional, imaginative, daydreamy) except the shyness. It’s comforting to be able to relate to her. 🙂

  112. Seanna commented on:

    Will there be a Cinder movie? I know you probably get this question all the time, but I think it’d be awesome!


    PS Thanks for answering my previous questions. You’re the best!

  113. Seanna commented on:

    BTW, could you possibly add Carsewell’s Guide to Being Lucky on Wattpad? I want to have the chance to read it all the time.

  114. Ally commented on:

    I love character profiles! I find it very helpful and reassuring to know the race, height, hair color, etc
    Don’t know why but I do…

  115. hana commented on:

    So wait wait wait, are you saying that Wolf is actually Lawrence Ahmadi?? bc he even has the striking green eyes, you see

  116. Maria commented on:

    Is Cinder asian or not? I love your books! My friends and I just adore the series.

    PS: Please keep Kai alive. My group and I would miss him to much.

  117. Sarah commented on:

    If there’s ever a movie for cinder… Expect me to be at the auction 🙂 kidding, haven’t reached 5’8″… And probably never will
    But I am so glad that these books aren’t your typical all-american story lines and characters, but instead have French, Asian, etc.
    love this series and can’t wait for winter!

  118. Cammie Morgan (a.k.a the chameleon) commented on:

    I love your books! They had me in a Fan Girl craze for an entire month. You and Ally Carter, (author of the Gallager Girl series should do a work together. That would be an awesome book. Any way, YAY!Lunar Chronicles!

  119. Sia commented on:

    What ever happened to Hispanics? We exist too!

  120. Morgan commented on:

    I just finished reading Scarlet and I almost DIED reading the part when Scarlet and Wolf kissed! I couldn’t stop blushing for the whole day. It was SO cute! <3 OMG I am totally fangirling right now!

  121. Elizabeth commented on:

    This will definitely help me make fan-art.!

  122. Anna commented on:

    OMG, I thought that Thorne’s hair was blonde

  123. Anna commented on:

    a lot of the characters I imagine differently

  124. Giuliana commented on:

    It’s been an entire month since I asked my question! Please answer soon, Marissa Meyer! BTW, still a BIG fan! Once again, please answer my question soon!

  125. Rosie commented on:

    Dear Marissa,
    I absolutely love your book after I began reading it a month ago, so I`m not the biggest fan yet… But I was wondering how human an android is. I know its definately less human looking than a cyborg, but are grippers the same as hands or do they have no skin? And what is the blue sensor Iko has in the first book; Are they her eyes, a part on her face, or separate? Sorry for all the questions! :)))

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  127. Mika commented on:

    wow . does Wolf have to bend over to make it through doorways ? how is it even humanly possible to be that tall ??? i got the out a measuring tape and i can barely reach that high on my toes*i am a 13 year old girl so its normal* . it is realy good to know peoples hights . i was wondering though , in chapter five Cress said that she had lived on the satalite for seven years and when introducing Little Cress they said she made her ” when she was 10 after 4 months of boredom ”. i might be wrong but wouldent that make her 17 ?

  128. Sophie commented on:

    I really love the way you wrote the books. I love the way you switch the view point between characters, and I think it makes the easier to know and understand d when you know a little bit on how they think. So,etching that I found cool is that cress is born on my same date of birth, and she is the character that I see myself as in the book. Just a thought. Love your books, and I can’t wait for winter to come out.

  129. Your Name commented on:

    Hello Marissa,
    I love your books so much. It’s so hard to describe the way they make me feel, and can I say that I think you’re an amazing author.
    I was wondering if Winter was always going to have black skin? The whole, “Hair as black as ebony, skin as white as snow.” Why did you decide to defy the stereotypes? I was also wondering who the big bad wolf is in Scarlett. Your answer may be Wolf, as that’s the obvious answer, but the more I think about it, the more it is Ran.
    The BBW is charming and kind, and only pops up to see Red occasionally, although he is following her throughout the story. This, of course, is Ran. Also, It is not Wolf, but Ran who comes out of the grandma.
    I love to think, so this might be from my overactive imagination, but I would love to see what your thoughts are.
    Thanks, Christine.

  130. Christine commented on:

    I meant Scarlet, not Scarlett. I’m sorry. By the way, Thorne is my favorite character, and I while I know you won’t answer this, 🙂 Do Cress and Carswell eventually get together? Personally, I think that while they kind of love each other, it won’t last. One of the things I hate in books is that sometimes they make people who would never get together date, and then they don’t tell us what happened afterwards. Maybe Thorne becomes less of a playboy? (long shot)
    I read all day long because it my passion, and I’ve tried to convince my friends to read you’re books. Any tips?
    Thanks (again) Christine

  131. Nayeli commented on:

    Thanks, Marissa! This really clears it up.
    I wasn’t sure where her [Cress’] freckles were, and I didn’t know she had dimples.
    And her birthday is 5 days after mine! (Jacin’s is 5 days before)

    I have a few questions:

    How do you pronounce “Iko”? Is it “i-co”, “eye-co”, “ee-co”, or something else?

    Scarlet’s hair would be more red (like dye) than ginger, since she says that they call her Scarlet because of her hair color, right?

    I see you didn’t include Levana or Iko. Is there a reason for that? They are sub-main characters, and they are in a lot of each book.

    Thank you for taking your time to read this.

    An Avid Reader and HUGE Fan

  132. Christine commented on:

    This whole day I’ve been thinking about Fairest! I can’t wait for the 27th. I know I’ve already asked a lot of questions, : ) but for whatever reason Levana was burned, what made her do it to Selene?
    I was thinking maybe it was because she wanted someone else to feel the pain she went through. Or maybe it was because she had become as cruel as the person who burned her, and she was mirroring her actions.
    And then who was princess Selene? Was she Channary’s daughter?
    Thanks (for the third time), Christine.

  133. Shazara commented on:

    I tried typing the characters using Myers Briggs types. Well, here goes!

    Cinder – INFP (Some people might argue that she isn’t one, but as an INFP myself, I found that I could relate to her the most and see a lot of INFP qualities in her. I saw her types as ISTP once, but I think she’s too much of a feeler for that. Deep-felt valuing, quietly caring, idealistic, independent, adaptable, inquisitive)

    Kai – INFJ (Quietly intense, insightful, sensitive, vision and meaning oriented)

    Scarlet – ISTP (Practical, adaptable, cool, independent)

    Wolf – ISFJ (Quietly warm, dependable, sympathetic, conservative, helpful)

    Thorne -ESTP (Excitement seeking, active, adaptable, adventurous)

    Cress – ISFP (I’ve seen her typed as an INFP before, but I just don’t feel it for her. I have ISFP friends with a lot of her qualities: loyal, quietly caring, modest, aesthetic, compassionate.)

    Winter – ENFP (Playful, warm, enthusiastic, imaginative)

    Jacin – ISTJ ( I feel like just about everyone will agree with this one. Critical, conservative, decisive, stable, logical)

    Levana’s a hard one, but I’m going to say… INTJ or ENTJ

  134. Alyssa commented on:

    I just got why you named each of your characters their names! It’s so obvious once you know.

    Cinder is a slightly burned rock. The character has been burned in the fire, but it is still able to be used, and so is Cinder.

    Cress is not only short for Crescent Moon, but also is a lettuce, much like rapunzel.

    Winter is for “snow” Did you pick it for some other reason as well?

    Scarlet is for the color, obviously, it also comes from a word that means small image, and while to a person who is 4’11, (and yes, I’m done growing.) five six is tall, but it is also napoleon’s height. Who was known for being short. And in the books, Scarlet frequently tries to make herself look taller.

    Kai means uncertain, as the character is about most things, especially including cinder.

    Ze’ev means masculine, as Wolf is. It also means “wolf” in hebrew.

    Thorne you picked because Rapunzel’s prince got blinded from thorns.

    I was wondering, did you pick Jacin Clay for any specific reason? Also Levana?

    Iko can mean child.

    Thanks, I would love to hear back to see if you choose the names for different reasons, or if maybe these are accidental.
    Thanks, alyssa

  135. Alicia commented on:

    Alyssa, she chose the name ‘Jacin’ because it means ‘healer’ in Hebrew. And since he’s the prince of Winter’s story, I think that he’ll somehow save her, as he mentioned in Cress that he always wanted to be a doctor.

  136. Alyssa commented on:

    Thanks Alicia
    I didn’t come up on that, but it helps. I know she picked each of the names for a specific reason. Thank you! 🙂

  137. Oksana Kosarenko commented on:

    Your Message

  138. Oksana Kosarenko commented on:

    (sorry about the previous comment. I clicked some button and it posted.)

    Marissa – I was wondering, do you have a melody in mind for the Crescent Moon lullaby?
    And also, if you don’t mind me asking, why the casual use of “galaxy” in the series – as in, ‘intergalactic struggle’/’after being a galaxy apart…’, etc. – when humanity hasn’t gone past their solar system yet?

  139. scarlet commented on:

    Is there going to be movies or are there already movies and I’m so dieing to know because I need to see wolf. I bet he is really hot.

  140. Michelle commented on:

    Hi Marrisa Meyer, i am a big fan of the lunar chronicles!
    However, i was hoping to get a bit more info regarding Queen Levana and IKO!
    As i am using this book for a presentation, i would need details regarding the characters!

    Thanks again! And i really enjoying reading The Lunar Chronicles!

  141. Amber commented on:

    Here it mentions Cress as being 16, but in the book she has recordings of herself as a ten y/o from the satellite, and I recall her saying she had been on the satellite for eight years so wouldn’t that make her birthdate sometime in 107 T.E making her closer to 18?

    I may be thinking of a different character but I was fairly sure she was 18 like Scarlet.

    Oh and I see what you did there with the ship The Rampion belonging to Carswell. Such wordplay.

  142. Laura commented on:

    I am physically the most like Cress but I’ve always imagined myself as Cinder for some reason….
    Also, what kind of name is Ze’ev??

  143. Jamie commented on:

    i have to do a project on Cress and the lunar series and this is really helpful. And Winter was born one day after me (although she was born in the future.)

  144. Madeleine commented on:

    Hey Marissa!
    I love your books soo much! I can’t wait for Fairest and Winter!
    I just have one question… Why is there a question mark after Asian in Cinder’s description? It sorta confused me at first because I didn’t know what it meant.
    Thanks so much! 🙂
    P.S it’s like 2:00 am where I’m at and I can’t seem to fall asleep! I love reading so I picked up Cress and I can’t stop imagining what’s going to happen next!

  145. Madeleine commented on:

    I meant to say Asian/Caucasian lol

  146. Jennifer commented on:

    Dear Ms. Meyer,
    In Cress, it is first stated that Emperor Kaito’s grandfather is the one who instituted the cyborg protection act, and later, he tells Cinder that his great-grandfather instituted the act. Which one is it?

  147. Marly commented on:


    I’m not quite sure that these are Marissa’s ENTIRE motivation when choosing the name Winter, but it is revealed in FAIREST (DON’T READ FURTHER IF YOU DON’T WANT SPOILERS) that Winter’s mother’s name is “Solstice”, as in “winter solstice”. It shows the disconnection between Levana and Winter (and honestly, it’s a wonder Levana lets Winter stay in the palace at all, although I suppose even an evil Queen wouldn’t want to deal with the wrath of her people for casting away her defenseless stepdaughter.)

  148. Joelle commented on:

    Hi Marissa!! *waves enthusiastically*
    Omg! Your amazing! I’m so glad that I found this page!!!
    Anyways, a couple of things:
    I am a HUGE fan of TLC, you are such a great author! My favorite character is Wolf. I love him!! My favorite animal has been a wolf for pretty much my intire life and now there is finally a character who is WOLF and is just like so freaking amazing… wow okay I’m fangirling.
    So, I’m a 13 year old girl and my dream career is to become an author. I’ve come up with some book ideas and have started writing a few things but I often get bored with them and never come back to them. Any suggestions?
    Also, I have not read Fairest yet but CANT WAIT!! Do you know of anywhere that I can get a good deal on the book? Trying to save money for more books and anime Cosplay!
    Oh speaking of anime:
    I know that you are an anime fan. What’s your favorite?

    Thank you!

  149. Jessica commented on:

    Dear Marissa

    I cant wait to read Fairest, do you know anywhere i could buy it for a good deal. Im tring to save up my money for the attack on titan jacket. Oh and by the way since you are a anime fan have you watched angel beats , vampire knight, ouran highschool host club, deathnote, maid sama, blue exorcist or golden time .

    Thank YOU

  150. Annie commented on:

    What about Levana or Jacin or Dr.Erland, (ect.) character details?

  151. Cora commented on:

    I don’t know how, but somehow this escaped my attention. I’m so glad I found it, though, because this is SO AWESOME. Also, I am totally going to cosplay as Scarlet one day. We’re the same height, curvy, and I have curly/unruly hair about the same length. Not red, though, but I can dye it. 😀

    So so so excited for Winter. I think it’s time to re-read Cinder, Scarlet, Cress and Fairest again. I can’t wait!!

  152. ME!!!!!!! commented on:

    If you do come to Utah for Winter book tour my sisters and I are going to comic-con dressed up as lunar Chronicle characters so we would definitely dress up to go to the signing! In other words I am attempting to get you to go to Utah Please

  153. Annelyse commented on:

    Dear Marissa,

    I’m very curious about Dr. Logan Tanner and Michele Benoit. There seems to be no mention of Dr. Tanner until Levanna questions Dr. Elliott about if anyone else could confirm Princess Selene’s death. Why did he get involved? What is his backstory? Also, there was no mention of Earthens being on Luna in “Fairest” that I can recall yet she was there in an official capacity. Also, who did the surgery on Cinder? And considering her political importance, why was she given to Garan? Did he even know who she was?

    Maybe these questions will be answered in “Winter?”


  154. Lyre commented on:

    Cinder’s birthday is November 29 109 T.E. or is my copy wrong because on her profile it’s December 21 109 T.E.

  155. Jennifer commented on:

    (Spoilers below for those who have not read the first book)

    Dear Lyre,
    the date November 29, 109 Third Era is the false birth date of the alias “Linh Cinder,” and the date December 21, 109 Third Era is the birth date of Princess Selene (Cinder’s true identity). In other words the second one is the real one, and Cinder mentions in her narration near the end of the first book that she is about a month younger than she had originally thought.
    I do hope this helps.

  156. Lyre commented on:

    Thank you it has been sometime since I read Cinder. Lunar out

  157. Cherrychanga_Gal commented on:

    Oh Marissa Meyer, I love love love love love your series! It is amazing! I really can’t wait for Winter and I bought Fairest on the day it came out. Are you going to be writing anymore books? My friend told me that you might write a Queen of Hearts type of series?

    But all in all, your books are amazing and I just am in love.
    My favorite character would be Scarlet. Even though she is from France, I like her character. Like me!

    Your fan,
    Jacquelyn. (aka Cherrychanga_Gal)

  158. Katie commented on:

    Shout out for my red head act a like bestie!

  159. Hannah commented on:

    This is a random question but it has been bothering me a lot. Do animals give off bioelectricity? I mean bio means life so do all living things have bioelectricity? If so can lunars use their gift to control animals as well. The answer might be in one of the books or this could just be a stupid question but I’d really like to know because it would be very interesting if they could.

  160. Rosalie and Carina commented on:

    Are you ever going to make a movie!?

  161. Catherine commented on:

    Thank you for information on their appearance, I am currently drawing some fan-art on Lunar Chronicles couples and this details really helps. 🙂

    P.S. Thank you very much for your amazing books.

  162. Willa commented on:

    First of all, I love all your books. I was just wondering, would you ever consider having a strong female lead? Towards the end of Cress it seems that everyone was pairing up, but I’m all for girl power. I see that these characters do go great together, but it just seems unrealistic.

  163. katie commented on:

    Finaly! So many questions answered! Gosh wolf is tall!!!!! I guess my favorite character would be scarlet. Shes so determined and who rodent love that hair! Plus her birthday is closest to mine (Aug. 10). Its so hard to pick. All the characters are so awesome!!! I am totally in love with these books!!! Thank you for wrighting them!!!!!

  164. A Lunartic You Might Know commented on:

    Hey Marissa! I absolutely LOVE Fairest and every book before it. My friend and I had a question about Kai though…Whats his last name? We’ve combed through all the books several times and read the character descriptions but we still don’t know if revealing is last name is a spoiler then you don’t have to say but if not it would be great if you could post it. Thanks!

  165. Maddie commented on:

    Hi Marissa! my friend and I ADORE your books and we are creating some fanfiction for a creative writing unit in school. I am very OCD about technicalities and would like to know hypothetically if Cinder and Kai were to have a baby, what would it look like? If I asked a spoiler question, you don’t have to answer. Thanks so much!

    P.S are you coming to FL for one of the stops on your Winter book tour? My friend and I are dying of suspense. 😉

  166. Your Name commented on:

    So according to Shazara’s character personality types, me and Cress are both ISFP – I KNEW there was a reason Cress is my favourite character 😉 Fairest only just came out in the UK, but judging from the reviews I’ve seen it’s amazing, can’t wait to read it 🙂

  167. Hannah commented on:

    Haha, oops, that last comment posted before I finished :3
    I was wondering how you pronounced Iko’s name – eye-co or ee-co? (I personally say ee-co, like the word eco, but I don’t want to get used to saying it that way and then find out I’m wrong >.<)

  168. Kinzie commented on:

    What about some of the other Characters like Peoney and Emperor Rikitan i know there not very important characters but I would still like to know a little bit more about them

  169. Kora commented on:

    Hi, before I ask you my question that has been killing me for who knows how long I wanted to say that I absolutely love♡ your books. I have read all of them (except for Fairest. I plan to read that soon though), and I’m actually rereading them, for the fun of it. I can’t wait for Winter. Ok, now for the question. I was thinking you could reveal some more information on Wolf’s past? Or Cinder’s? I would adore that. Btw, my favorite male character is Wolf. I’ve always had a soft spot for wolves. Such beautiful creatures.
    P.S. And Thorne somewhat reminds me of Flynn Rider from Tangled.

  170. Violet commented on:

    Where do you find the full profiles of the characters?

  171. Hannah commented on:

    Kora, I agree, Thorne and Flynn are so alike, though since they’re both the ‘princes’ of the Rapunzel in the fairytale I guess they were always going to have some similarities 😉

  172. Kora commented on:

    Yea, I find myself always making comparisons with the Marissa Meyer characters and the Disney/Pixar movies. Hey, while listening to music I do the same thing. Or with other books I have read. It’s sort of a tiny hobby of mine. 🙂

  173. Gillian commented on:

    I don’t know if this has been stated elsewhere, but what languages do all of the characters speak? Scarlet throws in a couple French words when she talks, hinting that she might not actually be speaking French. Also, it is mentioned that Thorne has an American accent. Would this be an American accent while speaking English or while speaking another language?

  174. Bailey commented on:

    that’s very helpful, but what do Pearl and Peony look like?

  175. Ellis commented on:

    Hi Marissa,
    I love love love love love love your books.
    I have the whole series sitting on my series shelf in a place of honor. My mom caved and got me Cress yesterday, (I read through it like a lunartic *laughs maniacally*)
    I was wondering if you knew this fact: In Africa, it is considered risqué, or you know, improper, for women to show any part of their bodies, especially legs. They all have to wear pants. You didn’t mention it in Cress, so I assumed you didn’t know, but I just thought I should tell you.

    I learned this not too long ago when my mom was shopping for clothing. (she’s going to Africa on a mission trip)
    Anyways, I just thought I’d tell you.
    Lots of love to you and your characters,
    P.S. I’m in love with Star Wars and Harry Potter, and I also fan girl over Han Solo. Also Kai. I thought I would recommend this book for you: it’s called Robin: Lady of Legend, and I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You should really read it. (it’s about Robin Hood, except it’s a girl who disguises herself as a boy to get out of a marriage alliance.) It has romance, and action, and death, and suspense, and secrets. Anyways, thank you for writing!!!!!!!!!!

  176. Alex commented on:

    It Would Be Really Cool If You Made A Twisted Story About Sleeping Beauty, Too.

  177. Lilliana commented on:

    It hints in Cress that there is a universal language that everyone speaks. The man that finds Cress and Thorne immediately realizes that they don’t speak his african language, so he goes, “Universal, then?” I think that over time, a new language has been settled that allows everyone to communicate with each other. It would be a big change, but no bigger than almost 200 countries compacting down to six. This is probably what the Rampion crew speaks, and most likely is also the language on Luna. (Maybe?) This is why the people from different countries also have their own languages and accents. Anyway, I hope this helps. Lots of love to fellow readers,

  178. Katie commented on:

    I am going to die before November comes!!! 🙁

  179. Chloe commented on:

    I hate to say your descriptions are wrong because you probably know better than me but in the book fairest it says that winters eyes were like her fathers in that there wre green and grey not just grey ( and i think mabey purple but I’m not shure) but I suppose that her eyes could have have changed as she got older but I don’t know and I am pretty shure Thorne has blue eyes and dirty blond hair but what do I know I dident write the books you did… Hehe ( awkward lagh)

  180. Samantha Blizzard commented on:

    I share the same birthday as Scarlet..and my favorite animals are wolves!!! How ironic?!

  181. Ella commented on:

    Yay! A character with a birthday close to mine Go Cinder! haha actually i all characters and cress might maybe be my favorite 🙂 but idk they’re all so cool. I saw on Wikipedia you signed a movie deal! Tell me when you start casting? (I’m 5’8). also I’m using cress for my “Award winning book” report and project in class and I’m going to do a characterization of Cress for my project! Any outfit suggestions?

  182. Amanda commented on:

    Hi. I’m going as Queen Levena for a contest and I was wondering if I could get some characteristics on her. What dresses does she wear? What color are her eyes/hair? What shoes does she wear? I want to get everything spot on! 🙂

  183. Amanda commented on:

    I also wondered, when will Heartless be coming out?

  184. Cat Kasten commented on:

    Captain thorne has the same birthday as me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  185. Sesi commented on:

    Scarlett’s birthday is on mine! Whoop whoop. Still Cinder all the way though. I can’t wait for Winter and Heartless. I don’t even think I can read any books till November at the risk of forgetting any details from Cress. Thorne is the best. Kai is adorable. The a Scarlet and Wolf situation needs to be fixed

  186. Sesi commented on:

    Scarlett’s birthday is on mine! Whoop whoop. Still Cinder all the way though. I can’t wait for Winter and Heartless. I don’t even think I can read any books till November at the risk of forgetting any details from Cress. Thorne is the best. Kai is adorable. The Scarlet and Wolf situation needs to be fixed

  187. Amanda commented on:

    Sesi, have you read Fairest? It is out, and it has a sneak peak for Winter.

  188. Hannah commented on:

    Hi! I know that they speak a universal language, but does that mean that thats the only language spoken? I know that there are mentions of other languages but would they be secondary to the universal language? I was wondering because I was curious to if Scarlet sounds like she has an accent to Cinder like Thorne has his American accent.

  189. Elle commented on:

    Ok, so I just started the series and I have literally finished both Cinder an Scarlet in two days. They were that good in my opinion. Your books are honestly one of my favorites I have ever read (I am a bookworm and find much joy in reading so that is saying quite a lot) but I am just worried that by the time I am finished with Fairest, it will be months until Winter is released! To tell the truth, before I read this article I imagined Cinder to be a short, pale girl with dark blonde hair. Love the series!

  190. Adyson commented on:

    Way, way, way, way, way, way sorry about that last comment! Turns out, pressing ‘enter’ doesn’t do what I thought it did! Anyway, HI!!!!! *grins like a maniac* I was wondering about Cress’s hair. In the book, doesn’t it say that her hair comes just below her waist? Or is is ankles? I was only wondering because on the front cover her hair is way longer than I thought it was. I’m wondering cause if I don’t know everything about all the characters I freak. So if anyone knows, this would be super helpful, also speaking to the person who thinks Wolf isn’t the big bad wolf… I have an opinion also.
    I honestly think the same thing. Maybe Wolf is the hunter? I’m fan-girling right now!!!! Anyway, I thought perhaps that the Lunar Special Operatives as a whole were the Big Bad Wolves? I don’t know. And I automatically love you because you like to think. Anyway, this comment has gone on way too long.
    LOVE to everyone and anyone who loves to read!! See you lunartics later, Adyson

  191. --- commented on:

    I saw a question here about Levana’s name, her name is acctually one of the names of the moon in Hebrew.

  192. Alyssa commented on:

    Thanks to all the people who helped me! Now I know why Marissa used Levana and Jacin’s names! I love all of y’all and all the books in the world.
    Alyssa <3

  193. Paula commented on:

    Wolf’s birthday is four days before mine and many more than 5 years older!!!!!!!!

  194. Leah commented on:

    When’s Leveanna’s birthday?

  195. Sabine commented on:

    Happy birthday, Emperor Kai!!!

  196. Noelle commented on:

    Now that the book Fairest has been released will there be one of these made for Levana, glamoured and not glamoured. Or maybe just one. It would be great to see one for her.
    Thank You

  197. Scarlett commented on:

    Hi Marissa.
    I am almost finished reading Cinder and am LOVING it!!!! Where did you come up with this idea!? Also, I really like the title of the second book: SCARLET. However, you could have added ONE more “t” at the end. Then, it would be my name!!! Now, time for a random question: what color are Queen Levena’s eyes, though. I can’t recall anything saying anything about her eyes.

  198. Cy Drittle commented on:

    Hi Marissa.
    i love all the three books of The Lunar Chronicles, and i love all the characters as well. they are (without doubt) amazing…i can’t wait to read Winter.

  199. Thamanna commented on:

    Hi marissa

    Your books are so amazing. I would be your #1 fan right here.

    In our class your book was sitting on our shelf for about 4 months. I noticed then I stated reading and OMG I fell in love with your books.

    One of my classmates said it’s boring cause of all the details so she skipped to the end of the book.
    I would read any of your books.

    And my teacher said we might be able to send letters to our favorite author I picked you.

    -thamanna (your #1 fan)

  200. Ollie commented on:

    Dear Marissa Meyer,
    I absolutely LOVE TLC & I think you are amazingly talented for coming up with such a wonderful & intricate storyline. Classic old tales meet futuristic world! AMAZING!! Definitely waiting anxiously for the finale, Winter.
    Btw, I think Thorne & Iko are my fav characters! & the name Ze’ev sounds really cool &, to me, really fits Wolf’s profile.
    Love & Respect,

  201. Sabina commented on:

    Hi Marissa,

    In an earlier comment you mentioned: “In my complete profiles I also include things like character motivations, strengths and weaknesses, and backstory – but much of that info contains spoilers.”

    Could you let me know where you have these complete profiles? Maybe it’s obvious but I’m not able to locate them.

    Thank you!

  202. Your Name commented on:

    This is great! I love knowing this background stuff, and, KAI WAS BORN ON MY BIRTHDAY! I AM SO FANGIRLING

  203. Tessa commented on:

    I just realized that my birthday is closest to Winter’s which is awesome because she’s my favorite!!!

  204. Alisha commented on:

    Hey! I don’t know about you guys, but I just realized that Jacin and Winter are prob gonna fall in love! I love Winter soooo much and we’re so similar CUZ I’M BLACK.


  205. heebsha commented on:

    I love the Lunar Chronicles!

    What does Iko look like in book one? I found this so helpful because I am trying to make a Lunar Chronicles video game on Scratch (

    We have a small but awesome fan club, please check it out!

  206. a fan commented on:

    You forgot to put “is obsessed with tomatoes” in Wolf’s mannerisms!

  207. Your Name commented on:

    Hi Marissa Meyer

    I love your books, and wonder how you came up with The Lunar Chronicles title? Also how did you come up with the character names? I have started to plan out a series of my own and do you think maybe…….. it could be based partly on The Lunar Chronicles? Do you think you can give me some tips on writing good novels? Also, if you had to choose one of your favorite male characters in your series (only one) who would it be?

    Thanks, sorry for all the questions
    Lauren :}

  208. Ingrid D. Knots commented on:

    How do you pronounce Iko and Jacin? Me and friends all love your books and their names have become our biggest topics of discussion (argument). Also, is there a possibility of a Lunar chronicles movie series? I think your incredible creativity deserves to be as well known as the Hunger Games. Your books have inspired me to become a writer and I’m currently developing a science-fiction book on Wattpad. If you were to read it, it would be the greatest moment of my life!
    the title is the seventh element (it’s a work in progress)

  209. KB commented on:

    Thank you for the character profiles. I may not be your oldest reader, but I’m certainly getting up there. I just wanted to let you know that TLCs transcend age and have a truly timeless quality. Rebecca Soler is a fabulous reader. I look forward to Winter. Thanks again!

  210. Noshin commented on:

    This series was wayy too good. You need to extend it to book 5 or at least start another series after the third era with different characters but in the same world!!!!!!!


    You don’t know how much of my heart I have devoted to this series! I LOVE the Lunar chronicles!

    Also, will you ever have a meet up in Toronto!

  211. KahikiS commented on:

    What is the font you use for the cover art?

  212. Colette commented on:

    I honestly do not think Cinder is Asian. I’ve argued with people over this but I’d like to share my views on it.
    1-She was born to a white Lunar family
    2-She was reconstructed by a white man
    3-She was reconstructed in a white country and was intended to live in a white country, but was moved to an Asian country.
    4-They would have wanted her to fit in with the family as much as possible, so why would they make her a different race?
    In all honesty, it’s not her race that matters, but her character. Cinder is a great, well-developed character, but I have a very visual mind, so for me figuring out exactly what a character looks like is very important.
    -xoxo Colette

  213. Tara commented on:

    Hi everyone, I have started a Lunar Chronicles board on my pintrest account (@taluvdance), and I want it to become really big! So you all notice, the following part I will put in capital letters PLEASE JOIN MY LUNAR CHRONICLES FANDOM BOARD ON PINTREST, GO TO MY ACCOUNT @taluvdance AND LEAVE A COMMENT!!!! I put this on this website since this is where all my fellow “lunartics” are!!! Please join!!!

  214. Alice commented on:

    Hey! Just got here, absolutely LOVE this website! My friend’s kinda borrowing my book right now, so I can’t double-check, but wasn’t Wolf supposed to be 19? Forgive me if I’m wrong! I LOVE your books so much!!!!! Are you thinking about writing any others? Thanks so much for this page, I am trying to draw a few of the characters and am struggling without their heights!!!!

  215. Karly commented on:

    Thanks for the Character Traits! I love knowing even the tiniest bit of things when re-reading the books (and yes, I re-read the books while waiting for Winter and Heartless). I also have a question– what about the Character Traits for Levena? I would actually seem to want to know about her, so I can visualize for the 3rd time reading Cinder, the 2nd reading Scarlet, and the 3rd time reading Cress. Anyway, thanks for all the books and taking up countless numbers of my weekends. It was a pleasure.

  216. Cinder commented on:

    What about Levana???? Can you post one for her!? I’m doing a whole project on your books and also on how you’re my idol.


  217. MELON HEAD! commented on:

    HI MARISSA!!!!
    I’m totally obsessed with your books!! I love how well you made the separate fairytales fit together, the way you wrote lunar chronicles is amazing!! The techniques you used to keep the reader hooked is fantastic, you skipped to another persons point of view just when things were getting exciting, making the reader compelled to get to the next chapter. But I love this technique because it was used it in each characters point of view, keeping the reader (me) in suspense at all times.
    I’ve read every single book and short story you’ve written for lunar chronicles(but still waiting for Winter), my favourite character would have to be Cinder. Not because she’s the main character, but because her attitude toward understanding people is soooooooooo awesome. I mostly love her back story because it shows how she tried to come into a loving family, but they rejected her leaving her alone in the world. I love Cinder because I understand her feelings better than the others. But if I could imagine what character your most similar to it would have to be Cress;)
    But I can’t help question if Cinder is Asian or not. Or is she half white half Asian looking, it would be great to know cus I’m half white half Asian (German and Filipino)
    I hope these comments obove and below will give you more confidence for your following books to come!!

  218. MELON HEAD! commented on:

    I just realized how seriously long my comment is………..sos

  219. Awanii commented on:

    Hi Marissa,

    I love your series so much, it is my favourite series! I’m always telling my friends to read this series because it is so awesome! I love how everything just came together, the characters and the stories! I love Cinder and Scarlet and Cress because princesses who can fight and save themselves! But Kai and Wolf and Thorne, and I will fall in love with Jacin in Winter! Can’t wait! 🙂

    I think me and Scarlet and one and the same because:
    She is 5’6, I’m 5’6
    She was born in France, I was born in France
    My grandmother lives in France just like hers (I do not live there anymore moved ages ago)
    I would like to say I’m 18 but I’m 16 but I’ve been told many times I love 18.
    I have a red hoodie like she does
    I love Wolf
    She had big brown eyes so do I!
    She is born one month after me but in the future and she’s older (this sentence is so weird)

    Anyways Marissa I would love to meet you in the future please come to London. This book needs to be turned into a movie like OMG Shay Mitchell for Cinder! and ahh I hope it does! I know you have no control over that but still hoping it does!!

  220. Awanii commented on:

    Me and Scarlet are one and the same*
    I look 18 not love*
    She has brown eyes not had*

  221. Here commented on:

    Loved the books

  222. Jill commented on:


    I am a HUGE fan of your books… I’ve read your whole series over and over about like 15 times. I absolutely love it! I tried to email you like a month or two ago but it wouldn’t let me! I was completely heartbroken, and yes, I did cry. I wasn’t able to email my idol.
    I’m doing a project (I think it’s my final for school) and I’m doing it on you! We have to do it on something we’ve learned in the past 4 years (for me 2 years cause I’m only a sophomore and I was taking a senior English class), and I’m doing it on how you as my idol has effected my life in the most positive way. You’re my idol and favorite author!!

    Thank you so much for writing those books!


  223. Chilea commented on:

    Oh wow, look at that, Scarlet and I have the same birthday, yay!
    Really though, I love your books. I usually hate dystopian society books, and when my friend told me about Cinder I thought I would hate it. But then I read it and it was AMAZING. Seriously, I haven’t read anything like it. Although the relationship between Cress and Thorne remind me a bit of Rapunzel and Flynn Rider from Tangled… Oh, I think I’m getting a bit carried away.
    And I don’t know how to finish this… All well!

  224. Your Name commented on:

    I read the first three in 5 days and I am re-reading them over and over again! Fairest I have started and loving it! I laughed and cried and shivered and giggled the whole time I was reading these. The last two chapters in Cress are the best pages I have EVER READ!!!! This is officially my favorite series EVER!!
    I do have a question or two though:
    Do you pronounce Iko as eeco or icko?
    When Cinder got into Sybil’s mind, did she just torture her until she died or force her to kill herself or what?
    Aces, I cannot get over these books!!! I can’t believe we have to wait for the conclusion in Winter!!
    You.Are.Fantastic. Thank you for writing these AMAZING books!!

  225. Valeria R. commented on:


    I really really love the lunar chronicles series, but I just have one question regarding Kai. Were you intending for him to find out about Cinder being Princess Selene until the end of the third book? I… sort of felt a little exasperated about the fact that he was presented with so many details on the “death” of Princess Selene and so many details about Cinder and he STILL did not have an inkling about what was going on until she broke the news to him on the Rampion. I remember reading the third book and encountering instances such as pages 59-60… It was almost painful to watch… Did something not work out… Some sort of discrepancy with the rest of the series?

  226. Nina commented on:

    Dear Marissa,
    I got into your books two days ago and couldn’t stop reading! Yesterday was a marathon for me, reading Scarlet and Cress (as PDFs) in less than 6 hours! I can’t wait for winter and to read Fairest. You are an amazing author!
    Will the fact that Lunars can now catch the plauge help the rebellion in Winter? Poor Dr. Erland!

  227. Nina commented on:

    Oh, and was Cinder originally Asian or was she modified durning her surgeries to be that way.

  228. Jenni Solstice commented on:

    Hellooooooooo, I’ve been reading these books since they came out and yesterday I had a dream about it being a movie. And I freaked out. I was wondering, as a big fan of Scarlet and the off chance that this ever becomes a movie I’ve had this little fantasy of being able to read for the role of Scarlet. But I’m Asian! So my question is whether these character traits completely fixed? Or are they more fluid? I love how specific you made these! I mean it’s not even in the making for this to be a movie, so I’m just out of my mind, but I can’t help but dream.

    -The Lunar Chronicles #1 fan

  229. Your Name commented on:

    Hi! I love ur books they’re amazing! Can’t wait to read winter! I have been obsessed with the lunar chonicals and they should make these books a movie, in my opinion. Plz keep writing forever!
    #1 fan

  230. Arlene commented on:

    What’s levana’s characteristics and birthday? You did everyone else but her and dr. Errand. Hopefully she’s pisces. The closest one to my birthday is winter and she’s in January im was born in February. I’m huge fan of lunar chronicles. Can’t wait for winter to come out.

  231. Amarachi commented on:

    Ermahgod. Lol that was my fangirl moment. But I was reading Cress’s profile. We have the exact same birthday. We sure act the same though. I don’t know. I like to pretend we are. But I really don’t know what to say. On a screen it seems so easy. But if I actually met you I’d probably die. Or just faint. Actually I’m being overdramatic. I’d probably just be super nervous and say almost nothing. Have you ever considered actually coming to schools and talking about your book? I really love the books and I lent mine to a friend she gave them back. (The whole time I was scared for my books) We both love the series but at my school no one knows what it is. I’m trying to write an actual book. Let’s just say for right now, I’m in the miserably failing process right now. I just have to find a good writing space. And do a lot of research. Yep all I do is sit behind a screen for hours scouring Wattpad for fanfictions and interesting stories… Sorry if this was kind of long. Can’t wait for when Winter comes out. (Whenever I say that around my other friends they think I mean the season but I don’t)
    -A Wattpad loving Fanfiction crazed fangirl

  232. Sherry commented on:

    Cress is born only seven days after me! Though 4 years before. Also, her mannerisms is exactly what I do. Down to the “draws strength from overactive imagination” part. I also have her mask of freckles on my face. That makes me happy. 😀

  233. wadaha commented on:

    Hey marissa

    I want to ask you about the time after the fourth world war , could you describe how the eastern common wealth was formed , the people’s language .

  234. Cameron commented on:

    Hi Marissa

    I really like the fact that you’ve spent time creating these amazing characters’ profile for us fans, so thank you so so much. I’d like you to make another for a very special character: Iko (if you could do it in both of her “bodies” that would be great). Or you may have done it and I was busy scrolling so I couldn’t see.

    Anyways, I’m a big fan and keep up the amazing work there!

  235. MELON HEAD! commented on:

    Though it is a great idea, in my opinion I believe that mafan’s a lunar chronicles movie might ruin the readers imagination towards how the characters and story plot is portrayed.

    Though the movie may turn out acceptional, there is still a slight chance that it will not live up to the expectations readers may have and id like to think we expect nothing less than the magnificance of the books.
    However, if they did ever make a movie, we can only hope that it brings our imagination to life in the most brightest way possible.

    Anyways! I love your books Marissa Meyer! And I hope you continue to use your brilliant writing skills to spark the hearts of many book lovers out there \(^-^)/

  236. Alyssa commented on:

    Hi Marissa!!! I just wanted to tell you how much I LOVE your TLC!! You are my all time favorite author and i love u!!! Thanks for making me happy through your books!!!

    p.s. This page is very helpful, and are the character pictures on wiki accurate??

  237. Jenna B. commented on:

    I think I have a Lunar Chronicles prob… Whenever I read it I chew my hair… Is it a good sign?

  238. Coe commented on:

    dear Marissa,
    Is there a timeline for the whole series? And how far into the future does it all take place? <3

  239. alyssa ohm commented on:


  240. Brittany commented on:

    Marissa do you think after Winter is published a comic/manga of the series would be possible?

  241. Laken commented on:

    Cinder and I have the same zodiac!!!!

  242. ihearthawaii commented on:

    If you read Fairest, there are tons of spoilers, plus you learn what Levana looks like… it actually made me feel bad for her

  243. Michaela commented on:

    Hi Marissa, I just wanted to know why you use the word galaxy? Are you referring to the whole milky way or just earth and Luna? When you use the word galaxy it makes me wonder if you mean more than earth and Luna. Also has earth colonized any other planets and moons?

  244. Lena commented on:

    Fairest was so sad almost made me feel sorry for levana. I love the profiles

  245. Lena commented on:

    Also, isnt winter half caucasian, since her mother is solstice hayle? Im surprised nobody else noticed this

  246. Your Name commented on:

    her mother was from Luna though, right?

  247. Reyna commented on:

    Kai and I have the same birthday! Also, are we going to ever find out Cinder’s real father since all we know is her mother?

  248. Sherry commented on:

    Oh my gosh, I was looking at this again and I just figured this out. My personality is like EXACTLY like Cress’ and my best friend’s personality is a lot like Scarlet’s. I was born in July, like Cress and she was born in August, like Scarlet. Scarlet is also 2 years older than Cress and my best friend is 2 years older than me.

    That makes me so happy I don’t even know how to describe it. 😀

    By the way Marissa Meyer. Thank you so much for writing this series. I love it so much. Ever since I started reading it, it has literally changed me life. So thank you.

  249. Natalie commented on:

    Agh, these were so helpful! It somehow pleases me that I look quite a bit like Cinder. X3
    It’d be really cool if you could release a reference book of sorts, with these character profiles and more history of WWIV as well as more backstory on the Third Era. Thanks for putting these on the website!

  250. Two people commented on:

    Jaime: Thanks! I love knowing how characters look! I’m a big fan of TLC.
    Persephone: I love how detailed this is. I always write about my characters before I write something! This is awesome! I love Wolf!

  251. Allyson commented on:

    Winter and I are the same sign… can’t wait to read about her, sorry I’m a newbie, I am getting close to finishing Cinder though…. and I LOVE IT

  252. elizabeth commented on:

    When i went through all of them i did not for some reason believe their ages like i thought they were all teens like 16-19 like cinder i thought she was 18 not 16 and same with cress and wolf i thought he was 20 for some reason Kai i dont know why but i knew he was 18 for some reason like i knew there ages but i thought u were tricking us readers or something like cinder is only 16 and she has all this responsibility same with Kai like damn by the way i would just like to say all the main characters that are boys are like super cute

  253. Abby commented on:

    I noticed someone mention something about Winter’s last name being Blackburn – she actually has no royal blood as she is the daughter of Evret and Solstice Hayle, the former being a palace guard (now deceased). Levana took her in when she married Evret. (Long story, read Fairest.) so yeah. That’s why it’s Hayle-Blackburn and not just Blackburn.

  254. Abby commented on:

    Also: thanks for these! They are so much fun, and extremely helpful. I love drawing characters from books and this was of huge assistance. Thanks for writing awesome books and I can’t wait for Winter!!!

    P.S. Just realized that the question I just attempted to answer was written a year ago, oops…

  255. Emma commented on:

    Aww! Cinder’s like the baby of the group. I can just imagine all of them at Cinder’s 18th birthday, being like “Our little baby finally grew up!” Or they’re all adults a year later and Cinder says “I’m 17…” And Cress is like “I feel you, bruh. I feel you.” And that’s quite the age difference between Scarlet and Wolf. I think that either Winter will rule Luna or it will kinda be like Canada. They elect their leader or just have a government that rules. Not to mention that all Lunars get those chip thing-a-ma-jigs that Cinder had. Maybe all the Earthens will get them too, in battle. They’re gonna need it.

  256. Courtney commented on:

    I believe there’s a red haired guard who was shot in the shoulder in Cinder. Does he have a specific name? He’s awesome! 🙂

  257. Zoe commented on:

    Scarlet is my favorite character because we both have such similar personalities and I think its also funny how both of us are leos

  258. SomeoneYouKnew commented on:

    actually didnt Thorne have sandy blonde hair?

  259. SomeoneYouKnew commented on:

    nope he doesnt my mistake. But Courtney the guard you are talking about, his name is Jerrico

  260. Evelin commented on:

    This is one of the favorite books in my whole bookcase, but since ive been looking for images of how Cinder, Scarlet, Winter and Cress look, I found out people kept making Cinder look Asian, and since i read that her supposably parents died in a fire in France. Wouldn’t that make her look some what different?

  261. Evelin commented on:

    My favorite character is Cinder! or princess selene as she may be known for. shes my favorite because i feel like i would have done the same things if i were in her situation. Unlike, Scarlet who waited forever to be with Wolf and Cress who was awfully nice. Cinder unexpectably acts okay with the whole im-cyborg-and-lost-princess-who-is-wanted-to-be-killed-by-half-the-world.

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  263. Hattie commented on:

    What about Iko? I’m doing a persona poem from Iko’s point of view and it would be great to have a list of characteristics about her.

  264. Doreen commented on:

    You won’t believe how happy I am about Cinder’s description. Sad as it is, even though I’m Asian myself, I sunconciously whitewash characters until stated otherwise. Later on, I created a mindset that Cinder was Asian, desperately clinging on to an oppurtunity of racial diversity in a book series. And now, here it is, said in print! Cinder has always been my favorite, so it’s nice to identify with a strong female character.

  265. ethel commented on:

    Its really comforting to know that some of the characters are asian. Im asian too. And will.wolf’s parents be featured in Winter? i hope none of the main charaters in Winter die. Except for levana.

  266. Surekha commented on:

    Could you maybe make some family tree’s ? Some of the lineages are hard to follow, but I guess that’s what makes it so interesting!

  267. EVELIN commented on:

    I just think that if the people they said were her parents before she found she was Lunar, Were said to be french,she would look British ,not Asian. And isn’t she suppose to be similar to her mom that she looks almost exactly like her? I mean, her mom wasn’t Asian.

  268. Vienna commented on:

    In Scarlet, Thorne says he has brown eyes but in Cress he has blue eyes. I was just wondering.

  269. Vienna commented on:

    Will there be second Generations? It would be really cool.
    When I read a really good book series I get sad when all the adventure is over. If you are going to continue please, please do it because I absolutely love this series.

  270. Jacquline commented on:

    I’m surprised no one really pointed this out in black and white but under race for scarlet it should also say lunar based on her inference. I’m also surprised scarlet didn’t tell anyone(like wolf or her grandma) she thought she was lunar but I guess she thought it was unimportant and because it was a guess based on something that MIGHT have happened 40 years ago and that her grandma didn’t let her and her father go to hospitals. only THIRTY DAYS TILL WINTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3

  271. Your Name commented on:

    Hi Marissa,

    Even just writing this I am fangirling uncontrollably. I don’t know if you are going to read this or not I just had a question. Lots of people have been saying that cresswell is one sided. I personally love them both and do not think it is one sided. I think that Thorne loves her as much as she loves him but what do you think? Is it a one sided relationship or is what I think true.

    You are my favorite author and your books are amazing. I am a crazy lunartic!! I can’t wait till winter comes out even though when I finish it I will be drowning in my own tears.

  272. Hailey commented on:

    I was the one who commented most recently. My name didn’t show up so I just wanted to say it’s Hailey in case it doesn’t show up again.

  273. Jey commented on:

    I’ve read these books like a thousand times and they are my absolute favorite. I always thought Scarlet had… well, scarlet hair… but this profile is amazing. Thanks for the descriptions!

    I’ll be going to the book signing in Illinois in cosplay as one of the characters, so this was real useful.

    I’ll see you there!

    By the way, my favorite characters are Wolf and Scarlet, they are awesome!! (Jacin and Winter are in second place!)

    I really love them all. Keep up the good work! Can’t wait to read Winter and your other upcoming books!

  274. Madeline commented on:

    I’m very confused. If Cinder is Channary’s child, and we don’t know who the father is, why is she part Asian?
    Also, what does Levana truly look like? In Cinder, it just says she has a little bit of assymettry. But in Fairest, she um…… Has some much bigger problems. Why does she look different?

  275. Jaliyah commented on:

    Hi Marissa!

    First, I would like to say that I absolutely love your books! Once I started reading them I just had to read the next book after the last one. I have a few questions about your books at least. But what does Levanna look like from behind that veil that she wears all the time? Will Levanna reveals her true self to Luna and Earth?
    And once Cinder becomes the real queen of Luna, will she marry Prince Kai? I’m just curious into what will become with the characters in the future?

    Btw, I can’t wait for Winter to come out! <3

  276. Taylor Bachelor commented on:

    when is winter coming out

    i need it

    can you give some thing new about cinder and kai


  277. Taylor Bachelor commented on:

    sorry forgot to say i love your books and i am such a fan girl

    i read your books over and over

    i love cinder and kai such adorable

    cant wait for winter

  278. Arbor commented on:

    I always thought of Cinder as having a biracial skin tone (a.k.a black/white) so am I wrong.

  279. mika commented on:

    one of my biggest questions is (don’t laugh) whAT EXACTLY IS KAI’S LAST NAME? i need to know cinder’s future surname! c; *hint hint wink wink nudge nudge*

  280. ethel commented on:

    I REALLY HOPE THERE WILL BE A HAPPY ENDING. IF ANY MAIN CHARACTER DIES, (EXCEPT LEVANA) I THINK I’M GONNA CRY. I’ll have my own resistance army march to Marissa’s house. kidding. i want Cinder to marry Kai. And Scarlet to Wolf.

  281. Gracie commented on:

    Pairings of my dreams:
    Cinder and Kai
    Wolf and Scarlet
    Thorne and Cress
    Winter and Jacin
    Levana and Dr. Erland (DON’T CARE THAT HE’S DEAD) (I know weird pairing but i love it)

  282. Layan commented on:

    Omg! My friend is drawing all the characters for me and I gave her alot of wrong descriptions Thorne’s her is brown and I told her thet it’s blond also Scarlett’s eyes are brown not green….she’s probably ganna kill me

  283. Layan commented on:

    But still it’s great what you did, could have saved me alot of effort instead of looking for a certain page in the whole three books.. Huge thanks to you

  284. anonymous commented on:

    Where is Queen Levana’s character traits???????????????????

  285. LUNARTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! commented on:

    Dear Marissa,
    What year does A.D. end and T.E. begin? Was there a particular year?
    Thank you!

  286. Your Name commented on:

    i agree with anonymous where are queen levanas traits and queen canarys

  287. Adelle commented on:

    Dear Marissa,

    This is an amazing series, and it’s one of my favorites! Cinder is by far the best character in my opinion! I can hardly wait until the new installments come out! You’re an amazing writer! I would like to know, how do you pronounce “Jacin”?


  288. Your Name commented on:

    Scarlet’s birthday is one day before mine omg

  289. PCAJJACP commented on:

    Your Message

  290. Cierra B commented on:

    Scarlet has the same birthday as me. I did not know that.

  291. Morgan commented on:

    Hi Ms Meyer!
    It is so cool how you made Kai an Aries and Cinder a Sag, I love that.
    How do the languages work? Technically Kai+Cinder would speak Chinese, Scarlet would speak French, Thorne would speak English, and Cress+Winter+Jacin would speak whatever language they have on Luna. In Cress there was something mentioned about a universal language so I’m wondering…how exactly does everyone on the Rampion communicate? Does a ‘universal language exist’, and if so, do they teach it in schools on Luna and Earth?
    Also my OTP is Scarlet and Wolf, they are so cute
    Also I love love love The Lunar Chronicles

  292. Alayna commented on:

    Your Message

  293. Alayna commented on:

    I have just finished reading Winter and am sad that it is over! But I would also like to have a little more information on what Wolf looks like (Spoiler Alert) after his new modification into yet another mutant soldier. But I am extremely happy that you will countinue writing series and I LOVED all the romance in this book! All of these descriptions really helped me picture the characters better (except for that one little Wolf one that comes later in the last book)! Can’t wait to read your other books!!!

  294. Lunartic!!!!! commented on:

    What font do you use when writing the titles?
    Just wondering because I love it! Also I just want to say thanks so much for these books because they are so amazing I have no words for them. I am currently reading Winter and so far it is really funny. ~(*.*)~
    I am so excited but I really wish this wasn’t the end because I will be sad when it ends.

  295. Ellen commented on:

    I haven’t finished Winter yet but I am a huge fan of the lunar chronicles! After reading the profiles I discovered that Cinder has the same birthday as me!

  296. Emily commented on:


  297. Your Name commented on:

    Okay Spoilers. I’ve always thought of Wolf as really, really REALLY, hot. (Don’t Judge) But in Winter, when you extra GMOed him I was soooo mad. why? 🙁 ;P

  298. Aimee commented on:

    I just finished reading Winter. Cinder has the same birthday as me!!
    I’m so sad about what happened to Wolf :(.

  299. Mayesha commented on:

    I am one of your hugest fans. I have read your books and I love all of them. I was waiting for your book Winter since late last year and I was so happy when it came out. I got it right away. You are one of my favorite authors.
    I was wondering if you can answer some my questions.
    -Is there going to be a movie for the Lunar Chronicles like how there are movies for the Hunger games?
    -Are you doing any book signings in New York City? If so, where in the city?

    Thank You so much for taking the time to read my comment, hopefully you reply back to me.
    Mayesha Hoque

  300. Mayesha commented on:

    BTW….Scarlet and I have the same horoscope sign…..Sagittarius
    My birthday is on November 30th though but the same horoscope is still nice and relatable.

  301. Alison commented on:

    STARS! My birthday is exactly the same day as Cress’s!!!

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  303. McAwesome commented on:

    Man, I was hoping one of the character’s would be a pisces, like me. Preferably Thorne, since he’s me as a dude. Eh, oh well.

    But I ship every character so hard, though. And not just with the original pairings. I have my own character’s, too. Like an Irken named Skad, who I ship with Thorne because they’re both cocky and arrogant. Somehow I think canon Thorne wouldn’t go for a green alien with massive silver eyes, but it’s my universe, so there. xD

  304. Madison commented on:

    I absolutely loved all the books!!!!!!! They are my new favorites!! I was soooo excited when I discovered this page because I just love being able to know all the specifics of my favorite characters!

  305. Lena commented on:

    So I was wondering, where on the website can I see the complete profiles? Also I love your books, they are so amazing! What will be your next series?

  306. emily commented on:

    I love your books and for the directors, they should really make the Cinder series movies. I was wandering if you’re going to write a 4th book for the Cinder series since on one of the comments you replied saying you were finishing up Winter and working on Heartless(February 16)… is Heatless the 4th book?? I really hope so, I really want there to be a 4th book and see the movies too, hopefully one day☹️If you write a 4th book, write it as long as you want the book to be1,000 pages is fine

  307. Mandi commented on:

    I think some of the confusion in the comments stems from the difference between Race and Ethnicity. Race refers to a person’s physical characteristics, such as bone structure and skin, hair, or eye color. Ethnicity, however, refers to cultural factors, including nationality, regional culture, ancestry, and language. An example of race is brown, white, or black skin (all from various parts of the world), while an example of ethnicity is German or Spanish ancestry (regardless of race). So if Cinder is listed as.. Race: Lunar (mixed ethnicity—Asian/Caucasian?, tan skin, even more tan from walking everywhere) Her Race would be Mixed, Her Ethnicity would be Eurasian or a mixture of European and Asian ancestry. ( I am assuming the decision for her to go live with a family in The Commonwealth specifically was because of her European and Asian ancestry and their visible traits. Much easier for her to blend in if her physical traits, minus the cyborg parts, are the same as those around her.) Knowing the history of her Ethnicity can help give a better mental image of her skin tone since Mixed or even ‘tan’ is such a broad term. Her Nationality is Lunar which fits into the Ethnicity section but because Lunars migrated originally from all over Earth and so recently using that to describe either Ethnicity or Race wouldn’t be very helpful. It also seems groups have been kept very separate on Lunar so the normal blending that would happen over time was greatly slowed keeping their historical Earth Ethnicities visible much longer.

  308. Felisha commented on:

    Hi Marissa!

    I was really wondering about why Cress was named Crescent Moon. Most of the other fairy tale based characters have names that either symbolize something from their original story, or are related in some way. Is there some meaning behind Crescent Moon that relates to Rapunzel, that I am missing, or was it just an artistic decision that you made specifically for Cress’s character? If it was a deliberate decision, are you willing to share the rationale behind it, or is it something we fans have to figure out??

    Also, I truly appreciate the world and character building you accomplished with this novel. Everything is so creative, and the characters truly grow throughout the course of the series.

    Thank you!

  309. Marry commented on:

    So is Cinder caucasian or asian? I believe that she’s caucasian because she was born on Luna not New Beijing, that’s where she was raised

  310. Rose commented on:

    Hi Marissa so I was wondering
    Is Cinder caucasian or asian? I know it already says that but there’s a question mark behind it so I’m a bit thrown off. I believe though that Cinder’s caucasian because she was born on Luna and raised in New Beijing

  311. Olive commented on:

    When is fairest coming out? Your books are AMAZING and I really want to know more about levana!

    D if you have to end cress in a cliffhangers?
    I am dying to read winter but haven’t gotten my hands on it… Stupid overdrive!
    Also, can u tell us more about cress being friends with Jacin but then going against her in the satellite that the rampion is attacked on?

  312. Olive commented on:

    Can you write more series like this is you find time because u r an amazing author? Most of the books I read are boring and then I read these and I’m like WOW I CANT STOP READING!!!!!!!!!!!! And then I’m sad because the book ends and I can’t keep going

    I am your biggest fan!!!!!!!!

  313. Hannah Tuttle commented on:

    I have loved many books and loved them, but none are as unique and impressive as yours. I loved each one and I call my best friend Cinder and she calls me Winter. I am writing my own book called To the Moon and Back, and you are my full inspiration. I loved the books so much that once I accidently told a girl that she looked like Peony. I bet I sounded crazy to her. I’m sorry if this sounded really creepy! I get jitters sometimes…

  314. Hannah Tuttle commented on:

    I agree, Olive. I started to cry when I finished winter, and all of my friends looked at me like I was crazy. Ive never had that reaction to a book before

  315. Kenzie commented on:

    Isn’t Cress 17 years old in the books?

  316. Kaitlyn commented on:

    I really enjoy reading the comments section of your blog posts! I just get sucked right into the amazing world that you’ve created. Thank you so much for writing such a great series, I loved every page of it! I’m really looking forward to the novella that comes out in February!

  317. Kaylee Durand commented on:

    I love this series!! I’m in the middle of reading Winter, so far it is my fav! I love Winter! She is a cool princess!

  318. Your Name commented on:

    This is so cool, I wish more authors would do this. For some reason, I always feel like character’s birthdays are classified information, and I feel privileged when I find them out. I know, it’s weird.
    So, I always imagined Scarlet taller than Cinder, and I didn’t think Cress would be that short! Also, she’s my favorite character (Cress), and we’re both Cancers! Yay!
    I have been re-reading the series, and it’s slowly hitting me that it’s over. *cries* Anyway, I’m SUPER excited for Stars Above, because more TLC! And I’ve only read one of the short stories. (Glitches)
    Just as a side note, I’m hopelessly in love with Kai. Maybe Thorne too. I love these books…

  319. EraWho commented on:

    I have the same birthday as Cress! And we look alike…

  320. Grace commented on:

    Hey Marissa:) I just wanted to say I absolutely love your books and I’m so glad Cinder was on the Middle School Battle of the Books list this year! I literally just finished Winter and I’m so excited to read more of your work! I saw some contradictory things about when ‘Heartless’ will be coming out and I was wondering if you know when it will be available:) sorry if you’ve already been asked this;)

    Ps I’m totally jealous of my best friends because they met you at a Winter book signing! They got my books signed (thank goodness) but I’m still hoping I’ll get to meet you one day! You seem super cool:)

  321. Isabel commented on:

    Hey Ms. Meyer!! Huge fan of TLC (and the friends I’ve dragged into the series absolutely love you too c; ), and super excited for Stars Above!
    I was wondering (since the tlc series is essentially done and what’s left is the short stories) if this character description sheet would be updated with more characters, outside of the rampion crew? Like, Levana, Sybil, Aimery, Strom, Kinny, Erland…maybe Iko in her final android form…the hybrid Wolf soldiers in general…that sort of thing? I don’t know, just thought I’d ask!
    Thank you so much for your incredible series that has left so many readers in all sorts of emotional states! It definitely has its honorary place on my bookshelf <3

  322. Anu commented on:

    Huh, I always imagined everyone a little shorter, but it moght just be because I’m short… I imagined Cinder being liks 5’6, Scarlet being 5’4 and Cress being 4’11

  323. Anu commented on:

    Oh and Winter being 5’6

  324. FG commented on:

    Dear Ms. Meyer,
    Cinder was suggested to my 12 year old son by his teacher (of Italian). He loved the book, and I read it too, because I was curious. Then I bought him Scarlet, and bought the English version for myself. Then Cress, and Fairest last year, and I have just finished Winter – without telling my son, who is still waiting for the translation of Cress, fortunately now scheduled for Spring 2016…
    Thank you for such an entartaining, rich and gripping series – designed for young adults, yes, but most appreciated by adults that still feel extremely young inside 🙂

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  326. Your Name commented on:

    Will you be creating a future story to go along with each characters future because I would be very happy with getting all those pieces…I finished winter yesterday and it ended great it answered all the questions I had when I finished the book however more are beginning to flood my mind and I hope you will consider creating a story like that

  327. Your Name commented on:

    Yeah, I agree with Emie, that it’d be really great if you could create a future story because I would really like to know what happens to Kai and Cinder, and what happens to Luna if Cinder decides to change it. I would also really like to know what happens to everyone else.


  328. Beatrice commented on:

    Wow, I’m shorter than the shortest girl. *sighs* No worries, I’m proud. Also, when are ID chips placed in citizens? And what language do they speak on Luna and what language does the crew in the Rampion speak?

  329. Your Name commented on:

    I love wolf

  330. Otto commented on:

    I have a question, what color are Queen Levena’s eyes????

  331. Scarlet commented on:

    I think my favorite character is most likely, Wolf.

  332. Luca commented on:

    I could dye my hair and I would look just like Scarlet (who’ my fave so HUZZAH)
    I finished Winter in a day and I’m proud to say that I only cried like four times.

  333. Bailey commented on:

    Hey! So, maybe I’m just weird and horribly mistaken but… is it just a coincidence that the ship was called Rampion (which happens to be a kind of plant that Rapunzel’s father stole for her mother from the witch’s garden in the original Rapunzel story)????? For some reason I remembered that random fact and wondered if it was at all intentional.

    By the way, I love the way you loosely follow the original fairy tail plots. I like that they don’t strictly follow the plots, but that there are little details such as “Rapunzel’s Prince” going blind that provide a nice reference to the original story.

    Thank you for all that you do!

  334. Amber R. commented on:

    Hey! I was wondering if you, Merissa, as the author and therefore the minds of the characters in the Lunar Chronicles, do you think cinder ever feels out of place being only 16 when her companions are all older than her…?

  335. Sashina commented on:

    I’ve always had this question since I read your character description; over what period of time did the lunar chronicles take place? For example, was it a few weeks? Months? Years? Also, are the ages for the characters the ages at the beginning of the Cinder or at the end of Winter? Or did they not age at all during the time of the Lunar Chronicles? I”m sorry for all these questions I just really needed the answers to them.

  336. Skylar commented on:

    What was the doctors name who helped cinder??

  337. Skylar commented on:

    I have had this question for like forever how do u pronounce Kai???

  338. Skylar commented on:

    One other question that is more important than my others PLEASE ANSWER IT. What character do you connect with the most Marissa??

  339. Jess commented on:

    Skylar, I believe that you pronounce Kai like Ky. I was a bit suprised that Thorne was so young… I thought that he would be more like 23/24, like Wolf!

  340. Phil commented on:

    What type of car was it?

  341. Savannah Grace Blackburn commented on:

    Got to say I greatly enjoy The Lunar Chronicles series as I was reading this page and saw that Winter’s last name is Blackburn I got a thrill from knowing that we have the same last name. As I am only halfway through Cress I did not know this yet. I look forward to reading the rest of your books!

  342. KSS commented on:

    I am confused is Jacin pronounced the same as Jason or is it Jay-kin

  343. Amy commented on:

    Hello! I was making a post about Winter (I loved it!) for my blog and looking for the exact ages for everyone, so this is perfect! I understand about why you didn’t include Levana’s description, but I’m wondering how old she is… ?
    I know you’re very busy (I can’t wait to read Heartless), but could you or someone else reading this send me an email or comment on my blog when you reply? That would be awesome. 🙂

  344. Emily commented on:

    What about Iko??

  345. Scarrrrrrrlet commented on:

    Hi I was wanting to make fanfiction this is perfect thx.

  346. Scarlet commented on:

    Thanks this is great was one of the curious people.

  347. Tamara commented on:

    This is great me and my friends are going to be dressing up as the characters at school and this helped a lot, thanks!
    Also I learned the me and Winter share birthdays! Isn’t January 3rd the day Cinder was released?

  348. Janelle commented on:

    In the book it said that Cinder’s birthday is November 29, but on here it says December 21?

  349. Erica commented on:

    I thought scarlet had green eyes for sone reason

  350. Erica commented on:

    And when in the book does it say her birthday is on Nov. 29. I never noticed that….

  351. Kristiana Budke commented on:

    Hey! Just wondering…Your book contains many examples of futuristic technology, so I was thinking. Iko has synthetic skin fibers, and even though she can feel anything physically, she can feel emotion, which doesn’t appear to happen in the current era (kinda eerie). Cinder, on the other hand, has nerves naturally (sounds weird..), but she is completely lacking her arm and leg, so they’re replaced with prosthetics. Is it possible that some technology connected to her arm allows her to feel just a little? Does she sometimes have phantom limb pain? She gets nervous when Kai touches her arm, but can she somehow feel anything? A funny question, but since I don’t have prosthetics, I don’t know!

  352. Winnie commented on:

    Hey, Marissa! Thank you so much for making this, its really helping me picture the characters. I love TLC, but I’m only on Cress, and was just wondering if Winter or Fairest comes after that. I also wanted to know if you are planning on writing some sort of sister series to TLC? Or a sequel? I’ll be super sad when I finish this series, they’re so addicting. Kinda reminds me of the Shadowhunter Chronicles. Anyway, thanks so much in advanced!

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  354. May commented on:

    Oh man, in my personal design for Thorne he was black. Agh now I have to change it and it was so cute. Thanks for making this, it’s really super helpful!

  355. Selene commented on:

    Yes my real name is Selene, what does Queen Channary look like? Thank you I love these books.

  356. Lilly commented on:

    Why was I under the impression that Cress is eighteen? Haha whoops. That makes more sense now 🙂
    I love these character profiles. Every author needs to sit down at some point and write it all out, even if it never makes it in the book; it makes your characters feel more real to know that they sneeze like a blowfish or whatever.
    I am curious… did you cry when you finished Winter? I would weep and weep until someone came and mopped me up. I almost did when I finished your series.
    She dropped da foot…

  357. Kc commented on:

    Oh my gosh I would also love to help with the movies please if your in charge of that stuff.

  358. Kc commented on:

    I always imagined Cinder with straight dirty blond hair and wolf being kind of dark. I have recently listened to Winter and for some reason I thought she had blue hair. I kind of don’t want to change how I thought they looked but these were really helpful all the same. I also thought Winter was a little lighter like a mix. Also can you please add Iko(?) to the list. Sorry if I spelled their names wrong, I didn’t read the books I listened to them.

  359. Kc commented on:

    I also imagined Scarlet with green eyes. Can you give a description of Everett too please. I am kind of wondering what Winter’s parents look like. Also, who sent Cinder to Earth?

  360. Rebekah H. commented on:

    Is there a something that Cinder says that is similar to what levena says in Fairest about not wanting the beauty if it makes her evil like Channary???

  361. ~ commented on:

    Why must I be so tall! I have red curly shoulder length hair and I’m curvy but my blue eyes and my legs screw everything up,anyways though thank you for this it was so informational!

  362. Elisabeth Hoehn commented on:

    Wait. Cant winter overthrow levana because she is her step daughter?

  363. Elisabeth Hoehn commented on:

    I mean can she take the throne cuz wouldn’t it be rightfully hers? Or is it rightfully Cinders??

  364. The Blind Wolf commented on:

    Uh… The coronation was to be held on the eighth on November right? Because Ze’ev’s virthday is the forth of November… Where do they celebrate his birthday? Just wondering.

  365. Faith commented on:

    Hey, Marissa!

    I am doing a dreamcast for your books and I don’t really know what Levana’s appearance is…Could you please let me know? Eye color doesn’t really matter to me at this moment, because I am doing it based off hair and build. If you do not answer that is okay too, but it would be helpful to me so I can secure my choice for Levana.

    Thank you!


  366. leila commented on:

    hi marissa !
    i really love your books and i’m really glad that you respond to fans, i mean not many writers do that ! and the short stories are amazing! and I’m really happy about the fact that you used different races as the main characters because it’s so hard to find protagonist that are not white! and the fact that cinder is asian, i’m filipino so FINALLY i know a book character that kinda looks like me

  367. Scarlet commented on:

    I think you forgot Iko and Levanna. No biggie, though. Also, I’m a MAJOR fan! I flipped when Winter came out! I ran down the halls screaming because I was so happy!

  368. Mandi commented on:

    Omg I would LOVE an Iko description. If you do make one I think she’d screaming!

  369. Letters commented on:

    I second that note on Iko.
    Id love a description on her new android body.

    (P.S. I love that little bit you did between Iko and Kinnely,
    When I heard you were making your next book” Heartless”. I thought it would be about Iko, heartless yet full of love, and her story with Kinnely. I was alittle sad when it wasn’t but the plot sounds very good too!! Cant wait to read it.)

  370. Your Name commented on:

    What is the next book after Winter going to be I LOVE these books!!! Also the books in order are Cinder scarlet cress fairest and winter right?

  371. Samantha Umoren commented on:

    This was so helpful, I’m planning on cosplaying winter for London comic con this year and it really helps to know this information. 😀

  372. Elisabeth commented on:

    I started to read Cinder in my Ela class despite the very disappointing book trailer. After the first page I was hooked. I then bought the rest of the books(with my b-day money) and fell in LOVE with the characters, plot, and just about everything else about them. Thank you so much for all of the extras and little stories because I have to be honest if you had not written even a small sequel like Stars Above I would have cried for DAYS! I have started to read the books over again in case I missed any minute detail!!

  373. Emma Juliet commented on:

    😀 Ha ha ha this is great! I mean I knew Cress was short but, I don’t know seeing she’s my height (actually an inch shorter if I may be that kind’ of brat) just makes me smile! The idea of a black Snow White is interesting, and… in general it’s nice to have a more solid picture of the characters. I mean I pictured Cinder looking like Winry from Full Metal Alchmest, but heck she’s a fellow brown eyed brunette! This is a lot of fun.

  374. Elisabeth commented on:

    How much time went by from the beginning of Cinder to the end of Winter? That has been bothering me for a while…

  375. Lucy commented on:

    Dear Marissa,
    Is there one universal language that everyone speaks, or do they all speak different languages but know a few others? Just wondering.

  376. Paige Winsor commented on:

    Ok, what I’m about to say might have already been commented on, but 1. Isn’t wolf’s hair tamed for a little bit in SCARLET in the opera house in Paris? (Slicked back with hair gel before he fights with ran?) and 2. Doesn’t cinder have a chip in her neck that (until dr. Dimitri earlend/dr. Sage Darnell breaks it in CINDER) keeps cinder from using her lunar powers without going crazy, or do they succeeding taking it out of her system after/in winter?

  377. Megan commented on:

    Okay I’ve read all the books a couple of times (all which are awesome) and thought the ending was beautiful but I think you need to make just one more book. But make this one a little different. i have 2 ideas. Either make this one about Iko or go totally different and make one about one of the boys in the story (possibly Kai) because there just needs a little more summing up. Also because I want to see if Cinder and Kai get married (and how well you could describe it) cause I have been fantasizing over that for way to long. It NEEDS to happen! Or you could always just explain their romance a little more

  378. Elisabeth commented on:

    Dear Marrissa,
    I know you probably get this question almost everyday, but is there going to be a movie? I hope there is but in the same breath that I say that I say that I hope there isn’t. A lot of my favorite books get ruined by the inaccurate movies that go with them. Take Percy Jackson book 2 for example, the movie directors added in random scenes that didn’t even take place in the book and then took away vital parts from the story plot. Though I would love to see what actors/actresses you would chose I am afraid that the movie would be a total letdown to other fans of The Lunar Chronicles.

  379. Sydney Turnbull commented on:


  380. Cress=awesome commented on:

    Marissa Meyer,

    You are my all time favourite author!
    I LOVE your books!
    Cress is definitely my favourite character. Then Thorne.
    One question.
    What months does the series take place in? All of the birthdays are kind of close, so I’m thinking…
    Around March.
    Is that right?
    Your the best!

  381. Paige Winsor commented on:

    Could you please give a description on Channary (cinders mother) because that is what cinders glamour looks like and i might not be the only one who wonders what that looks like. Also, could you give a description on levana (but both her glamour and her true self)?
    Thank you!!!

  382. Paige Winsor commented on:

    Oh!!! And I forgot to add I agree with the idea about tying everything up (the wedding) (Kai) Thanks again!!!

  383. sarah peterson commented on:

    what about queen/princess lavana? and sybil mira?

  384. Reyna Chase commented on:

    First of all, your books are amazing and definitely in competition for my favorite series ever!!! Second, KAI HAS MY BIRTHDAY YES *pumps fists*

  385. Julia commented on:

    Why is Winter’s race listed as “black”, since your Twitter feed listed her as half Indian /half black, should she not be listed as “mixed race (Indian and black)? Just because you have one black parent doesn’t mean you’re automatically black. Both racial heritages should be honoured, not just one.

    I’m a huge fan of your series and live the diversity… Especially being that you have 2 mixed race characters, as I’m a mixed race reader… Nice to be able to visualize myself as one of the main characters.

    Thank you. 🙂

  386. Saphira commented on:

    Dear Marissa,
    I am obsessed with all of these books! In several of my classes my teachers have told us to pick a book for a project and I have automatically chosen Cinder. I made a picture collage that made the Cinder book cover(her cyborg foot in a red heel) and I even made a book trailer for my Tech apps class. This series is my inspiration for ALL projects now! I have even convinced several other of my friends to read them and they have already fallen in love with the book!!

  387. Ally commented on:

    Hey Marissa~
    Would Wolf’s height change after the second mutation? In Winter they were talking about how not many clothes fit him very well, would there be any change in his height? How would he change physically in that aspect, because I don’t seem to recall many details given (granted its been about a month since I last read Winter).

    I absolutely adore these books and I’m sad too see it end

    I doubt you’ll see this or if you’ll respond, but if you do, thanks!

  388. Fleur commented on:

    I love your books and though it’s unlikely you will respond- but I made anime characters of Cinder, Scarlet, Cress and Winter and will be making the boys next. I was wondering if you would like me to send them to you and would love to share them.

  389. Vanessa commented on:

    It said specifically that cress was 17 in the third book.Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong

  390. Vanessa commented on:

    I would like to know what Kai’s last name is though

  391. Vanessa commented on:

    You have been such a huge inspiration in my life.I am currently writing a book because of you. My librarian recommended me cinder and I fell in love.You showed me that books are actually readable.I know wear the title of bookworm proudly thanks to you.Its tragic to see this end ,so I was wondering if there will be a spinoff,I can’t let go!!Thank you for showing a whole new world to me,a hopeless 12 year old.

  392. Dot (aka Fleur above) commented on:

    BTW thanks for creating such a beautiful fantasy world, I wish the series would never end. I feel like I have a mix of all the girls’ attitudes especially Scarlet. And Wolf is my favorite boy character. Lol. I can’t wait to read Stars Above.. I just finished Winter, and can’t believe the series went by so fast. KUDOS TO THE LUNAR CHRONICLES.

  393. short like Cress commented on:

    Scarlet has my birthday! That makes me so happy! I’m like hyperventilating right now! 🙂 🙂

  394. Seanna commented on:

    Hey Marissa,
    Can you put in a description of Iko with her old and new android body. I want to know what she looked like before and when her manufacturing date (birthday) would be.

  395. Leah (Lay-uh) commented on:

    I’d really like to see a description for Iko!

  396. Audrey commented on:

    What does Wolf look like now that he’s a freaky mutant ?!? I am so distraught.

  397. Ninja1217 commented on:

    This is my favorite website!!!! Love the TLC!!!

  398. Your Name commented on:

    OH my god, I love this series. so recently we had a skype session with Joelle Charbonneau at my school, and I was wondering if you did that kind of thing for middle schools? I also really want to know everything about the writing process, esp childish questions like do you type out your story and forward to a publisher etc. painfully childish questions 🙂 Thanks!

  399. Cookie commented on:

    Oh and please don’t email me the answer my email I forgot the password, just post the answer please.

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  401. Alisha commented on:

    I’m still having trouble imagining Scarlet’s hair. Is it kind of like Merida’s from Brave?

  402. aishani shah commented on:

    What is Heartless about?

  403. Saphira commented on:

    Heartless is about The Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland before she was the Queen…. I think…. That is what the book review says.

  404. Sophie M. commented on:

    Marissa –
    I was just wondering… How come it doesn’t say anything about what happened to Wolf in Winter [I don’t want to spoil it for everyone reading]? Also- is there a big difference in his appearance now?
    BTW- I have told several of my friends and even one of my teachers about this series and they LOVE IT!!! I also love this series!! Great work!! 😀

  405. Nadia commented on:

    Hey Marissa!

    So i was wondering if you would be writing some side stories, like maybe Cinder and Kai’s wedding (if they do get married). Or how Scarlet and Wolf on the farm, and maybe they have kids now. Or how Cress and Thorne are doing traveling in space. If you do, i;ll buy them right away!

  406. Bloom commented on:

    So, I know Wolf is lunar, *duh* But does he look Middle-Eastern, or does he just have olive skin? While reading the books, I never really imagined him looking Middle-Eastern for some reason. Any-who, I LOVE the series and I hope the book Heartless will be just as great.

  407. Mariam commented on:

    so interesting to read! really helped!
    cant believe Winter’s black! whaaaat. i think you mentioned in the book a few times that she has tan skin but… wow. i feel like i have to go back and read the whole book b/c i’ve been picturing it wrong for the entire time. that’s really cool 😀

  408. Mary commented on:

    I’m doing a book report on Scarlet for school, and I can’t figure out who the antagonist is. Is it Levena? If not, who else would it be?

  409. Jania commented on:

    Hi! I love your books!! I can’t wait for the graphic novel! Personally rather then a movie I’m content with a graphic novel just because movie adaptations of books terrify me D: !

    Anyway! I was wonder whether Iko’s character is loss let based on maybe the Little Mermaid? I wondered for a while and then I read Stars Above! Immediately felt like perhaps it was a confirmation and sort of like a possible back story that you would have given Iko and decided to add to the book!

    Thank you for creating such a marvelous universe! And for loving Pride and Prejudice and Sailor Moon as I do!

    (Name pronounced Jon-ya)

  410. Cyra commented on:

    Wow, this was REALLY helpful! For school, we had a “Dress up as your favorite book character” Day! I really don’t know why… but anyway, my friends and I all dressed up as “Lunar Chronicles” characters! Thanks so much for making this series, Marissa Meyer, and please respond to this (my friends will be so happy)! By the way, can somebody send me the link to the art in the Wikipedia Lunar Chronicles section? I couldn’t find it… Thank you so much for making this manual, it really helped us!

  411. Brittany Vaughn commented on:

    Scarlet is my fave character AND we have the same birthday?? That is so cool!

  412. N.b.v commented on:

    Sorta funny. Winter is my fave character, but we are practically complete oposites! She is beautiful and im ptactically a troll. Well that is an exaggeration. But shr is girly and gigley and I am a complete tomboy. I think cinders theme song should be gasoline by hasley or is it halsey? I keep forgeting. I luv the books. Wish they could go on for ever!

  413. N.b.v commented on:

    Im in fifth grade, but the lunar chrnicals are my fave series! Even though they r young adult. Plz email me merissa meyer, I love all ur books especially fairest. It helped me understant lavana and even feel bad for her!

  414. Crescent Moon commented on:

    Dear Marissa,
    Do Thorne and Cress ever get married? They seemed to finally realize they liked each other in the 4th book, Winter

  415. Awesome person commented on:

    I guessing in Winter the characters are older then in Cinder, right. How much time past between books?

  416. Julia commented on:

    Hi Marissa!
    I love the lunar chronicles soooo much!! When I’m bored I write make believe letters to the characters. I am an aspiring author and I was wondering how do you get your ideas for your books? You are so creative! I think I could write a good book but I just don’t have any ideas!! I want to create a fantasy world like you have done. You are really inspirational to me! Love you! XOXO
    P.S. Cress and I would be amazing friends!! I am so much like her!

  417. Ava commented on:

    I agree with Julia all the way! The Lunar Chronicles are amazing! Plus me and Cress are so alike.
    I hope to one day become a world renowned author! You are such an inspiration to me and you are my role model. The Lunar Chronicles is my favourite series and I love how there are similarities between the books and the fairytales. My favourite book from the series is Cress and I love how her and Thorne had to travel through the desert. I also agree with ‘Crescent Moon’ and would like to know if Cress and Thorne ever get married because they seem pretty close. How did you come up with the ideas for these books? I usually think of a small idea from what I think about, (I fantasize like Cress a lot) and then that small idea grows into a larger and more interesting plot. I absolutely LOVE the Lunar Chronicles! Love you
    P.S Cress is awesome!

  418. Bloom commented on:

    So, I know Wolf is lunar, *duh* But does he look Middle-Eastern, or does he just have olive skin? While reading the books, I never really imagined him looking Middle-Eastern for some reason. Any-who, I LOVE the series and I hope the book Heartless will be just as great.

  419. Malaz commented on:


    i really liked your books and i cant wait for the knew series and your books made me decide to create some fanart.

    before i forget i would like to know if you have any advice to offer me about writing a book.also if have any illustrators or agents that that you recommend please let me know

    thank you

  420. Queen Cinder commented on:

    I know you get a lot of these but I just want to know are you ever thinking about making a movie about the Lunar chronicles because if you where I would definitely go see it! Also i never pictured wolf being the oldest but now I can see that. One more thing a lot of the fan art show wolf having a short beard like thing that I don’t really know how to describe but did you picture him having that?
    FYI my favorite scenes are the romantic scenes and the action scenes they always leave me thinking about them.
    Thanks ✌. Also I am so close to finishing winter so I may seem a little clueless. (Don’t email me i never check my email)

  421. Taylor.L commented on:

    OMG my friends that read the series say I’m practically Scarlet, I was born on the 19th of August and she was on the 17th!!!!!!!

    -P.S. if anyone has Wattpad I’m writing a fan fic about this series it’s called Eshne pls go check it out!!!!

  422. Cierra commented on:

    Will you make movies out of the books. My friend and I have been talking and we want you to make a movie with people looking like they were described in the books. We love this series so much that we started calling people that we know characters that they know. She is Scarlet and I am Cress. I wanted to know if I could be part of the cast if you decide to make these movies. Thanks for your time, you are the best author ever.

  423. Fleur commented on:

    Me again… I’ve been hearing lots of comments on if you are considering movies for your magnificent series. If so I CAN’T WAIT, they would be great. Hope to hear from you soon. (#^_^#)

  424. Steph commented on:

    My favorite male characters are Thorne, Jacin, and Wolf. My favorite female characters are Scarlett and Winter. (BTW, I totally didn’t expect Winter to be black, but that just makes me like her more, so thanks!)

  425. Addison commented on:

    Hey Marissa (love your books, Winter in particular)

    You NEED to make these series into a movie. You NEED to. I know it’s not you to decide, but seriously. You’re really talented and a movie based on these series would be the best thing ever. (Spencer Boldman could be Thorne.)

    My favorite male characters are Wolf, Thorne, and Jacin. My favorite female characters are Winter and Scarlet.

    Now that I know what the characters look like, reading your books over and over will be so much more fun. 🙂

  426. Heather commented on:



    I’ve read all your books Marissa and they’ve provided me with laughter and smiles to occupy me in some of my toughest times.

    They are all incredible and I don’t regret any of this times I stayed up to read them:D

  427. Salwa commented on:

    I wish you would’ve put the wedding in Scarlet’s perspective or Wolf’s.

    And the same for the proposal. Like if we knew Kai’s and Cinder’s one on one thoughts that would’ve been amazing
    But It’s WAAAAAAYYY better than nothing.
    I was mourning the end of Winter for weeks until I found out you wrote Stars Above.


    Thanks for writing books that let me live a hundred adventures and live a bunch of laughs and tears and heart pounding moments that gave me a thrill.

    Happy birthday to Kai 🙂

  428. Bobby commented on:

    I noticed you are behind on responding ahahaha


  429. Summer commented on:

    Hey Marissa

    Question for you, even though he’s not much of a main character, I really need to know what Aimery looks like. I don’t think it really explains in the book. Anyway that’s it. Love your books.

  430. Tanvi commented on:

    Hi Marissa
    I wanted to know about Cinder’s eye colour. What shade is it exactly? Also, on a completely different note, I really liked the way you expressed Thorne, though I felt that there should have been more of his viewpoint. Cress had a beautiful ending, and I was wondering if you could rewrite the last few chapters in Kai’s POV as well? I really liked ‘The Mechanic’ and my request is building from there. Thanks for the wonderful books!

  431. Tanvi commented on:

    Oh, and a happy birthday to Kai, on a totally different note

  432. Anna commented on:

    Whew! Wow, I love your books. Okay, so get ready. I read halfway through Cinder and I was like eh this book’s okay, and then I skipped ahead two whole books and i was like BEST BOOK IN HISTORY I’VE NEVER READ ANYTHING MORE AMAZING! and I didn’t even read Scarlet or Cress. But anyways now I’m rereading Cinder and now I’m gonna read Scarlet and Cress. I’m in the middle of Scarlet right now and even though I’m a girl my favorite characters are Wolf and Thorne. And Aimery. (weird, I know! but oh, well. I just do.) My favorite female character is. . . hm. I think Winter. She’s awesome. But anyhoodle, this NNEEEDDDDSSS to be a movie series. Once it is (if it ever is), I will cry and scream and dance around in my room, and everyone will think I’m a lunatic but it would matter because I’d be the happiest person alive. Anyways, that’s all I had to say. Oh, and if you didn’t notice already (which I hope you did or else that’d just be sad) I love your books. XD

  433. Anna commented on:

    Hey Marissa, yeah, it’s me again. But anyways I just had a few questions on Thorne. Okay, so I just finished watching Tangled (y’know the Disney movie blah blah) and I realized Flynn Rider/Eugene and Carswell Thorne had a lot in common. They’re both supposedly from the story Rapunzel, they’re both thieves, they both have almost the same personality, and they’re both good-looking (don’t judge). Did you do that on purpose, or was that just a really big coincidence? But anyways, I digress. And oh yeah, why does everyone call Thorne by his last name? I personally want to call him Carswell, but to me that sounds like a last name. Like, think about it. Doesn’t Thorne sound like a first name and Carswell sound like a last name? Carswell Thorne. . . Thorne Carswell? I dunno maybe that’s just me. But I also just wanted you to know, I’m gonna use Thorne’s name for a story I’m writing on Wattpad (just the last name, not using the whole thing) and I just wanted to let you know so yeah (my character’s name is Thorne Nicro. . . what do you think?). Anyways, chances are I’m gonna be asking you more questions, so yeah.

  434. Jessica commented on:

    Hi Marissa,

    After some snooping, I did notice that it’s been quite the while since you answered one of these. Oh, well. I had a simple question: How do you pronounce Jacin’s name? Throughout Winter, I said it like ‘Jason’ in m head, but a friend of mine pronounces in ‘Jack-in’.

    I also wanted to add that you’re a remarkable writer.


  435. Liz commented on:

    Jessica! My friend pronounces it ‘Jah-queen’. You are not alone in wanting to know.

    Marissa! You’re one of my favorite authors! Thank you for these amazing books!

  436. Ava commented on:

    I say ‘Jason’ as well! I didn’t even think about saying it a different way.
    I was wondering how you pronounce Evret. Is it ‘Ev ret’ or ‘Ev ert’? I was always confused about that.
    Also is it true that Ze’ev really means ‘wolf’ on another language?
    That’s really interesting.
    Love your books Marissa!!!

  437. Arden commented on:

    I’ve always thought Thorne’s hair was blond… Don’t know where that came from. And aren’t Jacin’s eyes ice-blue, not blue-gray Sorry so confused Also how curly is Scarlet’s hair? Like tight corkscrew curly? Or wavy curly?

  438. Kaylee commented on:

    I thought thorn would have blond hair

  439. Cassandra commented on:

    Still bummed that Wolf wasn’t able to go back to looking as human as possible, and I can’t stand picturing him as half wolf with a pronounced jaw, nose, and teeth so I picture him as I used to before he got the second surgery, ignoring the fact that he still looks like a “monster”. Just wondering why you chose to keep him like that and say it was because they couldn’t change it without causing harm, instead of bringing him back to his prior look. As a person who has trouble forming appearances in her head, I don’t mean to offend your decisions, just asking why.

  440. Kateri Kramer commented on:

    Hey! Does Scarlet have a French accent? I imagined her without one, but them I realized she grew up in France and most likely has one. If she does, how strong? Thanks!

  441. Kateri Kramer commented on:


  442. Judy commented on:

    I love the series. It’s breath-taking. I just finished the book Stars Above, and I am amazed. I loved the part where he proposed to Cinder. Will you make a short story or an epilogue about Cinder and Kai? If you do then I will be happy. I want to know if what happens after the after!

  443. Haley commented on:

    OMG! Marissa, You have no idea how obsessed I am with your series! I absolutely cannot wait for Heartless to come out! It was actually my birthday yesterday and my party was based on it! I don’t even know what books to read now!!! As a growing writer, I thank you for inspiring me. The books were completely amazing and wonderful, flawless! My friends and I will forever be fangirling! I would love to meet you! I’m sure you’ve received many requests, but by any chance, could you write a small peek into the future of Kai/Cinder, Cress/Thorne, Wolf/Scarlet, Jacin/Winter? What were their weddings like? (Besides Scarlet and Wolf) Do they have kids? Thanks!

  444. Isabel commented on:

    Can lunars make others look different? It seems like manipulating what they see on yourself would be the same thing as manipulating what they see on themselves. If so, why isn’t the power shown in the book?

  445. #Cress commented on:

    Marissa, I love your books and especially love the characters Cress and Thorne. And the book Cress is my favorite. I like how you incorporated some fairy-tale princesses but subtly. Have you ever read The Sisters Grimm? It’s a good book series by Michael Buckley about Everafters, or Fairy-Tale Creatures. I’m re-reading it for the second time! And no, I won’t say which series I like more, because I honestly don’t know! You can reach me at

  446. Renee commented on:

    OMG!!!!!! Thorne’s birthday is EXTREMELY close to mine!! Plus, i want to marry Thorne <3

  447. Martina commented on:

    You forgot queen levana because I’m wondering if she’s a blonde

  448. Martina commented on:

    Marissa please reply I need to know if levana’ a blonde because I keep hearing she’s a blonde and then I hear she’s brunette and it’s hard to do fan art if you don’t know what color the hair is

  449. Your Name commented on:

    This really helped!

  450. ShadowWing commented on:

    Dear Marissa,

    Have you even considered a U.S.A tour with book signings by you? if you do, please come to Portland OR

  451. Caroline commented on:

    Dear Marissa,

    I am such a HUGE fan of your books, and I still can’t wrap my head around the idea that I am actually commenting to you! My question is do Cinder and Kai get married? You haven’t written a book yet where they do and I’m dying to know. Have a nice day!

  452. Caroline commented on:

    Sorry, I know in Stars above Kai proposed to Cinder (so romantic…), but could you PLEASE write a short story about the wedding?

  453. Caroline commented on:

    Yes it’s me again, sorry to keep pestering you but I just wanted to say again that I LOVE YOUR BOOKS SOOOOOOO MUCH! I also don’t regret staying up till 3 in the morning to read them! Btw your a genius author, please write some more books soon! If you are in the process of writing one I am sorry.

  454. #Princess Selene commented on:

    H Marissa!

    Ok, I have a few questions:

    ~does Cress ever meet Thorne’s family? what do they think of her? (I know they’re a bit formal 🙂
    ~If there IS a movie, will you “guide” them (meaning the directors) in some details? Please make sure they get it right. 🙂
    ~Will Heartless be a standalone novel, or will you write a second? (or maybe even a third!)
    ~What happened to Ran? I hope he and Wolf are better now.
    ~I don’t really know why, but I always thought Thorne had blonde hair.

    Sorry for bothering you!! You don’t have to answer all the questions (or any of them) but that would be a bit sad. 🙂

    Anyway, I LOVE YOUR BOOKS!!!! I own every single one!!!!! I just wanted you to know that you are by far my favorite author. 🙂


    Ok, wow. Sorry about all that. 🙂


  455. #Princess Selene commented on:

    BTW, I might have missed something in the books (DID you every talk about what happened to Ran?) I’ll have to read them again. 🙂

  456. Leila commented on:

    I LOVE the lunar chronicles so much! You are my favorite author. I can’t figure out how to pronounce Kai though. Also, are they still thinking about making a movie?

  457. Your Name commented on:

    Ahhhhh I never thought of Winter as black and I’m still halfway through reading Winter (the book) this is sooooo weird. Now I’m gonna have to adjust my picture of here in my brain. I always thought of her as extremely pale and had wavy shoulder length very light blonde hair and green eyes. Lol this makes me wanna reread the book again just to satisfy my ocd.

  458. Ava commented on:

    This is a little crazy and I have no idea why, but I thought:
    -Thorne had black hair
    -Cinder was extremely pale
    -Winter had pale skin
    -Winter had green eyes
    -Cinder had black hair
    But anyway, your books are awesome! I absolutely love them!

  459. Sabrina Soleil Rovira Ramos-Izquierdo commented on:

    Hi Marissa,
    I’ve read your books various times and I really enjoy the variety of character design, but since i have read the series about six times over i keep coming across this one gaping plot hole. Why is Cinder Asian? I mean, there is no problem with Asian characters, in fact I encourage ethnic diversity, yet her genetics don’t match up. Her mother, Channary, was depicted as a tan skinned, wavy hair, etc. from what I remember. And by the slight chance that the person Cinder’s mom hooked up with was Asian, it would act like a “it-was-all-a-dream” plot twist. So, I suggest maybe making Cinder Latina. Firstly, there are no Latin/Hispanic main characters which kind of upsets me, since I’m Latina. Secondly, Latino characteristic are very diverse, varying in skin tones, hair types and eye colors, so her tan skin and straight brown hair would be completely plausible. And lastly, it would also add up to Channary’s description as her lightly tanned skin and wavy hair are really common in the Latino/Hispanic community. Please take this into consideration.
    Thank you for taking the time to read this,
    P.S. I really love this book series and hope your future projects are even more successful!

  460. croissant commented on:

    I was born on the same day as Kai!!!!!!!!!!! (albeit a few hundred years earlier)
    I love the series soooooo much
    ‘ , : – )

  461. Anna commented on:

    Okay, Joelle, I know I’m not Marissa (I’m not amazing enough), but you’re the only person who mentioned anime and I JUST LOVE ANIME, so I’m also gonna answer your question. My favorite anime is Fairy Tail. It’s so awesome. I wonder what Marissa’s is. I hope she answers.

  462. Watch Hentai Online Free commented on:

    When some one searches for his essential thing,
    so he/she wants to be available that in detail,
    thus that thing is maintained over here.

  463. Mimi commented on:

    I’m soooo happy, my favorita character (Cinder) is a lot like me!! I’ asian caucasian, tan, brown straight hair, brown eyes, not very curvy, and I’ super into mechanics!! This post made me soooooo happy!!!! Thanks!!!

  464. Velissana K. commented on:

    When about does WW IV begin? like, how many years from now will the events of the books occur? (ex: the third era begins in what would be 2500 CE, etc )
    Ur great!

  465. Raegan commented on:

    Do any of the characters have accents?

  466. Curios Lunartic commented on:

    I have a couple of random questions about your books and i apologize if you have already answered them on this page previously…or are just if they just have really obvious answers…
    1.Is Iko like Black of does she just have really tan skin
    2. Does Iko have dread locks of just multiple braids
    3. Cinder is not Chinese right, she just grew up in New Beijing
    4. Before Iko got her new body was she white of like grey
    Sorry about all of the race and Iko questions i’m just really curios.
    I LOVE your books so much, they inspired me to kind of sort of start writing a sort of kind of book…

  467. Skye commented on:

    Dear Marissa,
    Ok. Iloveyourbookssomuchthatthereisnowaytophrasethisjusttherightway. Ok. Literally in love. Like, want-to-marry-Jacin love.
    Thank you.
    These character descriptions are so great. Short and sweet. Thank you for taking your time to help all of us that pray for you at night. (Yes I pray for you. Creepy huh?) just fangirling all the time. Even in my sleep.
    I hope you make a Levana discription. And even all those minorish characters like Maha and Aimery.
    This is the best website ever.
    Almost passed out from excitement when I heard that there is gonna be a graphic novel. OMG.
    Please keep writing and humor all your fans. It is so kind of you to make these posts.
    Thanks so much Marissa. I have yet to find sombody who even infitestimally dislikes your stories. Thank you Marissa for filling our heads with such beautiful daydreams. Forever be in your debt. Thanks for making Jacin.

  468. Layla commented on:

    Hello! I was wondering how many families is the Lunar aristocracy composed of? What are the families and their names? (I know there are the Blackburns and Annotels, but who else?) Thank you so much for your time!
    (I also love your books <3)

  469. Seda commented on:

    Marissa thank you for making the lunar chronicles!! Also, there are no movies of the lunar chronicles right??

  470. Emily commented on:

    I have read and reread this series too many times to count. I love this world and its people and I hate coming back to reality. As corny as this may sound: I’ve come to think of these characters as my friends, and the world you’ve built as my home. I feel happy being wrapped up in Cinder’s sarcasm and Wolf’s quiet protective nature. This series has changed my life and keeps me happy when the real world around me is constantly crashing down. Thank you for Cinder and Cress and Scarlet and Winter and Iko and Thorne and Wolf and Jacin and Kai. Thank you for Levana and Aimery and Adri. Thank you for everything.

  471. LSOP 962 commented on:

    Hey Marissa Meyer! I know you probably won’t answer me because so many people have already commented and so many people asking you questions that you can’t keep track of them all! You probably won’t even read this, in which case I’d be talking to myself… On line. Anyway, now that I got that out there, I was wondering, if you had to pick a dream cast for your books, who would you cast for your characters? Also, I love your books! This whole character thing was really smart! You should totally do one for Lavana!!!! And Everette… And Solstice!

  472. LSOP 962 commented on:

    Making one of Cyble, (I think that is how you spell her name), would be cool too!

    This is spoiling! Like leaving milk out on the counter! ;P

    Question… Can Cinder “turn on” here full glamour now, even though she is really good with her gift? (I am meaning this for the book Winter btw!)
    Can Lunars with anough skill be able to camouflage into their surroundings?
    How was it possible for doctor Erland to contract the mutated strain of Letimocis in the palace after they spent a pretty fair amount of time on the Rampion outside of New Bejing and he wasn’t exposed to the disease for a while, the virus doesn’t stick to clothing for long, and if he had it the whole time, which isn’t possible with the way the mutated disease is cuz it goes through the 4 stages so quickly, it is a highly contagious disease, how did he not pass it to the others?

    I want to make it clear that I love these books and think that Marissa is one of the most talented writers on the planet! I’m just curious…

  473. LSOP 962 commented on:

    Oh! And Marissa Meyer, I am praying for you! i don’t want to sound creepy or like a stocker person, but I want to let you know that you are loved! And I am very honest, so I thought I would just tell you!

  474. LSOP 962 commented on:

    Do you have one of these for Iko?

  475. OfficialIlluvatar commented on:

    Hello Mrs. Meyer, could I ask if you have MBTI alignments for the characters? I have guessed before, but it is difficult to confirm without the vision of the author.

    Another thing, originally the descriptions of Cinder, Scarlet and Cress were quite shocking to myself and some friends. Abby and Jewell are the spitting images of Cinder and Cress respectively, and I myself am similar to Scarlet (save the eye color). We still joke about you hiding in our closets and watching us!!

    Finally, thank you so much for writing these wonderful books, they were definitely a refreshing break from the usual shallow, bland YA fare. Bye!

  476. Kiki H. commented on:

    Haha, Thorne is my favorite and we have the same birthdate XD

  477. Silver commented on:

    Oh… Kai and I have the same birthday.

  478. Alexandra commented on:

    As I have been reading these books (which are amazing by the way!), I have realized that the character description of Cress in my mind has been a blue-eyed version of Willow Shields as she played her role in Mockingjay Part 2. She seems to me like the perfect actor to play Cress if there were to be a movie *glances at Marissa hopefully*.

  479. Sandra commented on:

    Cool! Kai’s birthday is 8 days before mine! Gods, I love Kai. And Cinder. And Winter. And Thorne. Okay… I like everybody….

  480. Rosalie commented on:


    Levana is a brunette, as said in Fairest when Levana was having a flashback of Channary cut off locks of her hair and throwing them into the hearth. I think her eyes are brown, and her clothes change, because it’s at least one less thing to hide with her glamour.

  481. Rosalie commented on:

    Scarlet is sort of 1/4 Lunar, since her grandfather was Lunar

  482. Rosalie commented on:

    Channary has a flawless complexion with a tan and brown hair, as said in the beginning of Fairest. Levana could never tell if it was a glamour or not.
    Iko, toward the middle/end of the third book claims Darla’s android body, and Cinder swapped the two personality chips. Her complexion is brownish, and her hair is varying shades of blue braids. It is implied that she is taller than her old body.
    Levana is a brunette, and I think her eyes are brown, but one is sealed shut permanently. Only about half of her head has hair, because the rest was burned in the ashes, and it will never grow back.

  483. Erica commented on:

    Why do people think Cinder has to be white because she’s Lunar? The books NEVER say that all Lunars are white, because why would they? Luna was colonized by tons of different people from Earth, and would therefore have lots of races and ethnicities. And the races of the royal family are never specified, so they could be any race as well.

  484. Allie commented on:

    Does Kai have a last name?

  485. Ava commented on:


  486. Machaira commented on:

    Help Marissa!!!!

    I’m in love with Carswell Thorne, but I’m a huge Cresswell shipper! I’m torn between two fangirl qualities- having unnatural crushes and shipping couples!!!

    I want Cresswell to be together but I want Carswell to be with me too!!! (Fangirl struggles)

  487. Cress commented on:

    Ok, this is the funniest thing ever, because my name is Cressa and my nickname is Cress, so when I first started reading the lunar chronicles and I read Cress, I thought that it was really awesome that put names are basically the same. So I wanted to do some fan art and read through the discriptions, and I noticed that Cress’ birthday is on the same day as mine!!!!!!!!! (18 of July) Which is great because Cress is one of my favorite characters!!!

    I love you Marissa, but when is heartless coming out on the kindle store because I read the excerpt and an greedy for more!!!

  488. Luna commented on:

    So, Marissa, which pairing do you ship the most?
    Cinder x Kai, Scarlet x Wolf, Cress x Thorne, or Winter x Jacin? Or is there a secret ship that you’re not telling us about, Hmmm? I ship Cress x Thorne the most, or even (brace yourself) Iko x Kai.

    BTW, my name isn’t Luna, it’s my dogs name, but my ID is forever concealed! >:)

  489. Isabella commented on:

    At first I didn’t imagine Winter as Black. I don’t have any complaints about it though!

  490. Isabella commented on:

    Mt birthday is five days after Wolf….

  491. Marion commented on:

    Cress thinks, acts, and looks a lot like me! I really enjoy your books, I have stayed awake until 1:00 (or 13:00 :D) reading them. You have inspired me to wright more than any other author. I am reading Winter, and I love it!

  492. Marion commented on:

    My favorite chapters are in Winter, 70, 71, and 72… 😀 What inspired you to write? See ya,
    Marion XD

  493. Karlee commented on:

    I love this series so much I like cress because she reminds me of me also I think I’m three days older than her. But I always thought thorne would have blonde hair like cress would but I was wrong

  494. Lexy commented on:

    I honestly have a huge crush on Wolf/Ze’ev and I am really hoping for a movie will there be one

  495. Lexy commented on:

    p.s.where does it say wolf’s birthday was it in the queens army because I only read it once

  496. Chicken commented on:

    The book says Kai is 19 not 18.

    It also says that Cinder has copper coloured hair not brunette.

  497. Ashna commented on:

    I’m happy for the clarification on Cinder because I’ve seen a lot of confusion online of people thinking that she looks like her sisters, Pearl and Peony, but I believed she looked European as you said.

  498. Phoebe commented on:

    This helps create an image of the characters a lot. But, I was wondering why Cinder would be half Asian if she wasn’t from New Beijing. I know that in the book on earth that the world has evolved and the different races are spread out more but she isn’t from Earth. I am just curious why Cinder is Asian. Does that mean that Channary was Asian? Or maybe her Father? I don’t know if this makes any sense but hopefully you get the just of it.

  499. Reva commented on:

    I’m a HUGE fan of your books! I can’t wait until Heartless comes out!!!

  500. Simran commented on:

    Omg, I love the lunar chronicles I just started reading them. I’m almost finished though i just have to finish reading Winter.

  501. Simran commented on:

    But isn’t Kai supposed to be taller 6 ft at least, I don’t know but it’s just how I imagined it.

  502. Jessie commented on:

    I really love these books.My favorite ship would have to be Thorn and Cress.Marissa, you are my favorite authors and I have read all of your books like three times.I kinda look like Cress only I have brown eyes and am 5’3.

  503. Kayla Posada commented on:

    Hi Marissa,
    OMG I LOVE your books. I read Cress in two days and loved it. I’m reading Winter right now and absolutely love it so far. I’m going to be SO sad when I’m finished. Your books made me want to read more although I haven’t found a book or series that I LOVE more than the Lunar Chronicles. I don’t think I ever will. I love your writing and can’t wait to read more from you!

  504. Emma commented on:

    Hey Marissa,

    I am a new fangirl of yours but an excited one. I love your books sooooooooooo much! I read every book in about a day and a half and I almost cried at the end (which I never do). I was wondering how you come up with what your characters look like? Whenever I try to write a descriptive paragraph about a character I can never really come up with anything interesting. Do you get ideas from pictures or do you base it off someone you know or do you just know what you want them to look like right off the bat?

  505. Emma commented on:

    Also, I really like Wolf…..

  506. Court commented on:

    What about Iko and Kinney? I know Kinney isn’t a main character, but I still want to know!

  507. Bookworm commented on:

    Will there be more books or short stories on the lunar chronicles? It is my favourite series. I have read all the books that are currently out and would like to read heartless as well. I would like to see Cinder and Kai’s marriage as well as more on the life of wolf and scarlet (my favourite characters). Wolf is the best!

  508. Lunarlover:-) commented on:

    The Lunar Chronicles series sounds absolutely amazing and i cant put in words how much i loved the book Winter. I’m kind of sad as i read Winter(the last book) first! I didnt know! However, i am still going to read the rest of the books as i am intrigued about all the characters beginnings and tales.

    Marissa is a truely amazing author and im so glad i came across that book, it literally changed my life:-)

    Soooo excited to read the other books! I just hope that the story continues!!

    Well done Marissa again, i really respect the huge amount of time you spent on writing the amazing books for all your fans! You really are awesome!

    Thank youx

  509. Bookworm #2 commented on:

    Thanks you for this it helps a lot with visualization but what about Iko? She’s one of my favorite characters

  510. Tiara Huffman commented on:

    You left out Levanna Dr Erlan/Darnel!!!

  511. Tiara Huffman commented on:

    You left out Levanna and Dr. Erland/Darnel!!!

    Also a but curious about Channary too and well the whole Lunar royal family.

    Cinder-asian, Winter-black and wasn’t Channary and Levanna white?? Who married who to have such a mix in the family. And who is Cinder’s Dad?

  512. Chelsea Fletcher commented on:

    Thank you for sharing that with us . Please can you do an Iko character profile soon and maybe a few other characters? I really want to know who cinder’s dad is! Do they all speak one language in the book because everyone is from different countries and they seem to understand each other fine? This might sound like a stupid question but does Scarlet have a french accent?

  513. Bianca commented on:

    Oh my gosh! I really love this! I always like to know the birthdays of book characters. And I can’t believe that Throne’s birthday is only eight days before mine! He’s a Gemini just like me!

  514. Sassy 2003 commented on:

    What about Queen Levana

  515. Shelby commented on:

    ok I was just wondering so I have red curly hair and I am 5’6 this is sssssoooo weired anyway I just thought that wolf was taller than a lowsy 6 somethin’ but maybe thats just becouse I have a brother thats 6’5 and he is 14 also my dad is 7’5 so l though wolf was more “wow! he is tall” Just thought I’d mentone it sorry if I am being a little bold! peace out!=)

  516. chloe_is_king commented on:

    Imma be Cinder for Halloween because her discription matches mine the most!!! Except for the hair. My hair’s longer and is WAYYYY more poofy and thick. There isn’t actually a reason for me to post this on here but :)))))

  517. Elise_marie7 commented on:

    I’m crying right now because I just finished cress and I I don’t want to read winter because I know it’s the last book and I can’t stand know that I’m finishing the series once I finish winter!!! Please please make a movie! I will buy it and watch it every night!!! Love lunar chronically and the romance!

  518. Kiari commented on:

    I CAN’T BELIEVE THAT WOLF IS 23 AND THORNE IS 20. Like I knew all the others ages and kinda just assumed that they were like 18 or so nope.

  519. Claire commented on:

    I just finished Cinder and Scarlet in 2 days, it was sooooo good. YOU HAVE TO MAKE A MOVIE UGHGHGHGHHHH

  520. Your Name commented on:

    Is there a universal language the characters speak? Or how do they communicate? Because Cinder and Kai grew up in the Eatern Commonwealth, Wolf, Winter, Cress and Jacin are from Luna, and Thorne is from the American Republic.

  521. Jade commented on:

    Never found the aries personality on Kai, still remember him as an aquarius.

  522. Lydia commented on:

    Cinder has the same birthday as me – though she’s born some years after me, haha!

  523. Lunar Chronicles Geek. commented on:

    This is so detailed! It helped me understand the book characters even more than I already do. Even though on the pictures of Scarlet Benoit her eyes are green? Why? Even though I like them more brown. You are an Amasing author! I love the lunar chronicles! My fav would be Scarlet! !

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  525. Reign commented on:

    What is the theme of the book Scarlet?

  526. MY NAME IS MY NAME SO THERE commented on:

    I disagree that Cress’ hair was “insanely long.”

  527. MY NAME IS MY NAME SO THERE commented on:

    I really enjoyed reading these books. I especially liked the romance between Wolf and Scarlet. You don’t find many books that have romance in a similar way.

  528. Madison commented on:

    I feel like Iko and Levana should be included on this list

  529. Amanda commented on:

    Can make a character profile for Iko?

  530. Annaaaaaaaaaaa commented on:

    Can you make a profile for Iko, like Amanda was wondering?

  531. Brooklyn commented on:

    Hi Marissa Meyer!!! I just really wanted to say you are my absolute favorite author
    and are a HUGE influence in me and my writing! I know you probably don’t remember because it was a couple years ago, but you came to my school (Zeiger?) and told us all about cinder and then you came to my classroom because our teacher was Mrs.Taylor and you signed all our book and I have read cinder a MILLION times and I never get tired of it! I just recently bought Winter so now I have the whole series and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! Thank you so much for being such a huge part of me!

    P.s I have the exact same birthday as wolf! And he is my favorite he’s so adorable at the end of winter!

    P.p.s sorry for the long comment!

    Forever fangirling


  532. Brooklyn commented on:

    One quick question; do you think there will ever be a lunar chronicles movie series?! I’m really hoping so. *crossed fingers* Also just wanted to say that Scarlet has been a huge inspiration for my main character in a book I’m writing!

  533. Brooklyn commented on:

    Wait no I got mixed up I have the same birthday as scarlet!

  534. Jillian commented on:

    I just decided I’m going to be Scarlet for Halloween since I was gonna do Cinder but I don’t have the time or talent to do her cyborg parts 🙁
    But Scarlet’s birthday is the 17th and mine is the 10th of August so that’s really cool!
    Also is it weird that all of the birthdays make sense to me? Like I saw Scarlet was August and I’m like ‘yup she seems like she would have a summer birthday for some reason’. Idk, maybe that’s just me.

    I would post a picture of my Scarlet costume but I don’t have any social media accounts 🙁 Is there any other way to share it with people? On the lunar chronicles website or anything?
    If anybody could answer this then thank you so much!

  535. Lindsay Bird commented on:

    Scarlet and I have the same birthday. Wolf and my boyfriend have the same birthday. Meant to be right!

  536. FanGirlWriter commented on:

    Hello fellow author, Ms. Meyer!

    I read your original 5 books (Cinder, Scarlet, Cress, Fairest, and Winter) a while ago, but they stuck with me. You are the writer that has inspired me to write a book. It is loosely based on Scarlet and Wolf, though it is not a love story, and it takes place on the moon. Thank you so much for inspiring me to come up with a great story. Here it is and I hope you respond and like it.

    -Fangirl for Life

    P.S. Have you wrote any other available books that continue the series? Someone mentioned a Stars Above? And then there was Glitches? What are those?

  537. FanGirlWriter commented on:

    P.P.S Wolf’s birthday is TODAY! Yes!

  538. Brooklyn commented on:

    Fellow fans! Does anyone think Liam hemsworth would be the PERFECT Thorne?

  539. Marls commented on:

    There isn’t anything on Levana. Besides being the “definition of perfection,” what does she look like?

  540. Trixie commented on:

    I share a birthday with Scarlet

  541. Lilia commented on:

    Hey! I was just wondering, when you finish Wires and Nerves Volume 2, can you please come out with more Lunar Chronicles series? I love your writing and I was so sad when I came to the end of Winter, but then I cheered up when I read Stars Above, but then I got sad at the end because I didn’t want it to end. I really wish you will come out with more of these amazing books! I love all your characters and their personalities, I feel like they are actually alive and i’m with them when the events happen in the books. I think you should make another book that explains what will happen to Cinder and Kai, and Cress, and “Captain”. But most of all about Winter and Jacin! I love these two. I think you really hit a spark with this. I hope you do take my request into consideration! Did I mention how much I love your books! 🙂

  542. Star commented on:

    I love your books! This really helped me thanks. I am on the third book!

  543. Star commented on:

    Oh yeah, same here Lila.

  544. Star commented on:

    I hope you can make movies too!

  545. FanGirl commented on:

    Scarlet was born a day earlier than I am!

  546. Bethany commented on:

    Hi. You are the best author ever. This is my list of questions for you:
    1. Why didn’t you add the characteristics of the villains?
    2. When is Heartless coming out?
    3. Will there be any movies based on these books?
    4. What is your favorite book that you’ve written?
    5. Who is your favorite character in the Lunar Chronicles?
    6. Why didn’t you add Dr. Erland’s characteristics?
    7. Do you think Rick Riordan or J. K. Rowling is a better author?
    (the last question is here because I can’t decide)

  547. Bethany commented on:

    Forget the second question on my list. I just looked it up and it came out 19 days ago.

  548. ThatOneEarthen-Martian commented on:

    So Carswell Thorne has brown hair? fanart was wrong

  549. Cinder commented on:

    Oh my goodness! I love this page! This helps me imagine them all so much better!! Thank you!
    Woah! Winter is so freaking tall!!!

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  551. lil commented on:

    hay love you book and love you

  552. Rae commented on:

    Winter Has the same birthday as me! She’s just six years older. Thanks so much for sharing this!

  553. Camary commented on:

    Oh my gosh, I just have to say, I freakin’ LOVE these books. Marissa, you are a freakin’ author GENIUS! These bios are awesome too. YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!

  554. Mina commented on:

    Why isn’t Iko mentioned in these characteristics?

  555. Skullrider14 commented on:

    I feel like Cinder is Wasian (like white asian mix)? I’m a wasian too. I feel like since Lunars came from all nationalities, they are most likely mixed. Cinder should be a mix of a sort and since she has tanned skin and wavier hair she could be a white and asian mix because Wasians normally have darker complexions. I feel like wasians can kinda look like anything so its totally realistic for cinder to be wasian… (anyway i have a really long message that I keep sending in hopes that you may see it but here)
    I love your books and have recently finished Heartless. I am so taken with your books that I’ve read Cinder three times, Scarlet four, Cress six, Winter ten, Fairest two, and Stars Above (I’ve lost count). I am wondering if there will be sequels (including Alice). I have a couple of questions:
    1) It was stated that Lady Peter had won a pumpkin eating contest a fortnight to the ball (which the pumpkins were poisoned and turned her into a Jabberwock). The Jabberwock attacked the ball that very night (after Catherine left), yet everyone seemed to have background knowledge of the Jabberwock (as if it was a legend of a sort). But as stated that Lady Peter became the Jabberwock after the pumpkin eating contest; how could the myth of the Jabberwock have arisen in a fortnight (and I quote; “The Jabberwock was a creature of nightmares and myth, of tales told by firelight to frighten little said to live amid the twining and tangled Tugley Wood…”
    2) I really liked how Catherine’s character change was gradual. I understand that in most stories dynamic characters change too fast. How do you space the change so it seems natural? Similarly, in the Christmas Carol (as amazing the book is) I felt that Scrooge changed too slowly and he changed too fast in the end. The story showed examples of him gradually change but then he would contradict the change later in the book (he would learn to respect one of the ghosts, but then the following ghost he would disrespect). In the end he change in a flash after seeing his own grave. How would you prevent too much or too fast of a character change?
    3) Why would the Hatta force Catherine back to Hearts if he wanted to prevent the future? I understand that he wanted Catherine to figure out the way to Chess by herself, but if he knew that it would jeopardize their trip why would he do it? I’m conflicted with Hatta’s character, at times he seems wise and others he acts whimsical and crazy. I suppose he is supposed to be mad…
    I really enjoyed reading this book. The ending was quite sad and bitter, but I really loved the way you crafted the story so well. I feel like this story relates similarily to Fairest. Levana and Catherine, both criminals, were victims in a way. Their past definitely reflected on their future. Do you feel that their evilness was inevitable? If you were in their shoes and everything that happened to them occurred to you could you have prevented yourself from changing? I believe that if Levana and Catherine had persevered, they would have been the greatest heroes you created (well after Cinder who is my favorite). Would you ever consider writing a story about a criminal who became a criminal not because of a sad past, but because they were born evil? Do you feel Catherine and Levana are even criminals?
    I’m so sorry to be asking so many questions, but I’m really interested. I’m going to try to find an answer to the raven and writing desk riddle; Thank you so much! Your books are amazing!

  556. Anna Gaid commented on:

    I was wondering when Levana was born. Mrs. Meyer I loved the Lunar Chronicles I read every single book, even Stars Above! I was also wondering if you could write books to continue the Lunar Chronicles series? Please? Like maybe a book for when CInder and ai get married?
    – Anna Gaid
    P.S thank you for writing this series. Please Always follow your heart!

  557. Anna Gaid commented on:

    Also Merry Christmas to you and your family!
    Love, Anna

  558. Anna Gaid commented on:

    Thank you for Putting up Character bios’ no author has done that, so I greatly appreciate it. Also I’m making necklaces for all the ladies of the Lunar chronicles including IKO. I only need to make Winter’s and Levana’s so I really needed the character’s b-day’s and ages etc. My main point is that you are an amazing writer and you have given back to me the love of reading in a new AWESOME and UNIQUE way. So an infinity thank yous’ to you and to everyone who made this series possible. I have the coloring book! OMGosh I LOVE the coloring book. You are an AWESOME and Fabulous writer. Sorry I say thank you so many times can’t help it! BTW very clever putting the symbolism with the character’s names’ and objects and writing the series based on fairytales’ Very clever.

  559. Dani commented on:

    Can we have a description for Peony? She’s one of my favorite characters and I’d like to know.

  560. #1TLCfanforever commented on:

    A lot of fan art has Cinder’s skin color as black. I’m not exactly sure what I’m asking, just kind of why?

  561. Morghan commented on:

    Hello Marissa! I just wanted to say that I love your writing so much, it is such an amazing style!! I have read all of your books so many times, they have become a thing of comfort now. Also, I received Heartless for Christmas and finished it in a day. It is so heart wrenching but awesome! Pun not intended, so sorry. I just wanted to say thank you for writing all that you have written, you are such an inspiration.
    PS I’m really hoping to get my hands on Wires and Nerve Vol. 1 next month (I didn’t realize it is coming out so soon, I am super excited!)

  562. Kaila commented on:

    Hello Marissa! Can you put a description of what the characters dresses look like (mostly Scarlets wedding dress in the book Stars Above) I would really like to know. By the way I think you are a amazing writer. The series Lunar Chronicles are my favorite series that I have ever read! I’m really looking forward to reading Wires and Nerve and Heartless,



  563. #1TLCfanforever commented on:

    Can you put a description of levanna and iko

  564. Ink Jem commented on:

    Thank you so much! It really helps to better imagine the characters!

  565. Paige commented on:

    Winter and Scarlet are my literal role models. The characters in TLC are so LEGIT. *drops mic and walks off stage*

  566. Paige commented on:

    By the way, Mrs. Meyer, I love the TLC playlist on this website. You have really great taste in music. Mumford and Sons are one of my favorite bands.

  567. Your Name commented on:

    Winter is half black and half indian duh!

  568. Alys commented on:

    Dear Marissa,
    I loooove how all your characters are so lifelike! They actually seem plausible, like you could meet them in real life. Do you have any advice for (aspiring!) teenage writers?
    P.S. Scarlet is absolutely, 100% my role model!!

  569. Riri commented on:

    Hi Marissa! Thank you for writing a book with capable, strong, and interesting female leads! I liked to write too and really try to make my female characters strong like yours. I also love how diverse your characters are. Can’t wait to read your next book.

  570. Marysa commented on:

    I have had some pretty heated debates about this, but how is Jacin pronounced?? Is it like Jay-sun or

  571. Meghan commented on:

    Cress and I share a birthday! And I was also 16 when I first read this series. How do you pronounce Kai? Is it “Kay” or K+eye”. Cause it seems to me that his full name “Kaito” would be pronounces “Kayto”

  572. Anonymous commented on:

    Hello Marissa Meyer I am not sure if you remember me but you visited my school in 2015, I LOVE your books and I can’t wait to read your new book Stars Above! Thank you for doing this as to make my interpretation of them more accurate.

  573. Astrid commented on:

    Hey! so I skipped all the above comments so if my question has already been answered, I’m sorry and hopefully I’ll be able to read the comment. anyways, you said Cinder is like a mix (biracial perhaps, or something a little more “mixed”?), that means either her unknown father was Asian, or Chanary and Levana and somewhat Asian. I was wondering which is true, the “percentage” pars say, and Chanary and Levana descriptions (or what Levan /would/ look like if she hadn’t been burned)

    Thank you!

    P.S. maybe Pearl and Peony descriptions as well. you said Peony at fourteen had curves Cinder could never dream of having, and I think you implied partial reason for that was because she was a cyborg and the operations caused physical changes and stuff. but as an Asian, and having several Asian friends I know that it’s also a common trait to be very flat chested (like myself) so that’s why I was sort of wondering all of this stuff. plus, Asians also happen to be really short. Chinese are taller than Japanese, but as a 5’4″ person, I am very tall among my Asian friends, so Kai being 6 feet, although not impossible and very attractive, doesn’t seem realistic to me. maybe that’s just me over thinking things but that’s my blurb.

    anyways, thank you again and I love your writing!

  574. ITALIA commented on:

    Hello Fellow Lunartics!!!

    I really enjoy the books I can’t wait for wires and nerve I found out about cinder BY ACCIDENT
    and fell in love with it I read it in one week and Scarlet in two I just started Cress and it IS SO GOOD!! will the Lunar chronical word continue after all the books and just wondering does Heartless continue in the world of lunar chronicles or is it a new world altogether I am so obsessed I literally draw scenes from the books on my arms and leg I gave myself a cyborg leg once too ( and someone will finally know what I MEAN!)

    welp just wanted to say I LOVE!!!!!!!!!! The books and Hope for more
    P.S. I am a writer and your books are pure inspiration they inspire me to create new worlds

  575. ITALIA commented on:

    Ok just to make one thing clear ITALIA is the main protagonist in my book
    just FYI and would you happen to know any good publishers?? Because I am trying to get my book published soon

    P.S. Sorry if I am being to nosey I just LOVE the books.

  576. ITALIA commented on:

    Ok so I just want to know series the books take place in different places around the world wouldn’t they speak different languages Cinder-New Bejing and Scarlet-France wouldn’t Scarlet speak french or is there a universal language and is there a lunar language I mean really this I really want to know!!!

  577. Ali commented on:

    I always imagined Winter as white, I dont know why. In my head she is pale and had long golden curls. IDK!

  578. Amalthea Kesley commented on:

    What was the age gap between Ze’ev and Ran?

  579. Your Name commented on:

    I Love This!!!!!! Me and Scarlet have the same Zodiac sign! And I have more info on the characters

  580. Wendy commented on:

    EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  581. Wendy commented on:


  582. Wendy commented on:

    I Love Marissa Meyer’s Books!

  583. Wendy commented on:

    I got my friend Zoe into it and now she won’t stop talking about Wolflet <3

  584. anime online commented on:

    Hello, all is going nicely here and ofcourse every one is sharing information,
    that’s in fact excellent, keep up writing.

  585. Taco commented on:

    I’ve read the whole series and I loved it! I wish you guys would make a movie series like Twilight.

  586. Rose commented on:

    How come Winter is black? It makes no sense to me. Someone explain.

  587. I commented on:

    Water is black because her father is black, though I believe that technically Winter is half black/half Indian. Can someone doublecheck this for me?

  588. Haven Song commented on:

    Yup, Winter is a black american…

  589. Kathy commented on:

    Hi! I love your books! You are a fantastic writer, I was wondering if you were going to make a movie out of cinder – thank you! 🙂

  590. Kathy commented on:

    Cinders birthday is one day after mine!!!

  591. Cress commented on:

    What is Kai’s last name?

  592. Emma commented on:

    Thorne has the same birthday as me!! Through Cress’ perspective, I feel her crush totally! This makes me so so happy! I’m still working on reading Winter, but these books have been incredible and I can’t wait to read more!

  593. Faith commented on:

    Will there be a description for any other characters like Iko, Kinney, Levana, Sybil, and Peony? Especially Iko!!

  594. Adalynn commented on:

    Ooookkkayyyy so few questions. 1: I am writing a book, any advice? 2: How can I send you some of my fanart?
    3: Just finished reading Wires and Nerve (Eep!), when will book 2 come out? 4: I am going to comicon as Scarlet and I will be staying in character the whole time, any advice on how I should act and what I should wear? 5: Also, does Scarlet have an accent?

  595. BonBonTheCat commented on:

    Since Scarlet lived in France for her whole life (and still does), then wouldn’t she have a French accent?

  596. BonBonTheCat commented on:

    Also, Jacin has the same birthday as my dog…

  597. Shelly commented on:

    Love all of these!! Thank you for bringing these characters to life. Also I loved your attention to detail, and making sure your voice is heard, in how these characters are truly supposed to look. It drove me crazy when people were mad at the casting of Rue in Hunger Games when I thought they nailed it and the actress was amazing! I think when you decide to make a movie of this it will be obvious the beautiful variety of people that can be cast for this series.

  598. Savannah commented on:

    Oh my goodness my sister was swooning for every male character. This is such an amazing series and I really hope you keep writing. When I read Winter I cried when it was over. It would be so cool to keep writing about the different disney princesses but just with your twists. Like Mulan, Pocahontas, Beauty and the Beast….wait no it’s kind of done Scarlet and Wolf, makes sense. Oh, you get what I mean. These are just such amazing books and I would love to read more. I honestly forget to do my homework getting caught up in these books. This list just added to the…books…amazingness…I don’t know. Just…PLEASEEE. keep writing! Even if it isn’t adding on the the Lunar Chronicles! You books are AMAZINGGG as I said before

  599. Marissa's HUGE fan commented on:

    Wow. I honestly did not think Princess Winter to be black. Does she use her Glamour to make her stunning beauty?
    Thanks so much Marissa for this wonderful explanation of the character’s features and attributes.
    I’m definitely am a HUGE fan of yours, Marissa! You an absolutely brilliant author.

  600. Niki commented on:

    Hi Marissa,

    I am an ENORMOUS fan of the Lunar Chronicles AND Heartless… in fact, I must admit that I have caught myself crying on a school bus out of severe longing for Wolf to be real. I’m kind of attempting to write a novel myself, and though it’s in a completely different genre, I was wondering how you managed to make every single one of your main characters so unique and so LOVABLE!! I didn’t even like my own protagonist for my entire first draft. (I know. Sad.) Anyway, I’d love some help in the character-creating department!

    Your books are fabulous. I fell in love on the first read, re-fell in love on the second, and will never stop hoping for a bioengineered lunar soldier with vivid green eyes the colour of sour grapes still on the vine to find me someday!

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  605. LOVE YOUR BOOKS MARISSA commented on:

    I love this series so much! I read all of the books in the series including Fairest and Stars Above and I am finally starting Heartless! I love your books and the premis of the stories! You are such a talented author. All the characters that you come up with all have really amazing and interesting personalities. I am so excited to read more of your work!

  606. Julia commented on:

    Cool! I was could have been born of Cinder’s birthday, but the one hour difference changed that. I also have the vise versa to Winter’s eyes: Grey with bits of gold.

  607. KaitMcp commented on:

    My friend and I were having a debate the other day about how to pronounce Iko’s name. She thinks its “ee-ko” and I think it’s “eye-ko”. Which one of us has it right?
    Also, why isn’t she in this? As an important character, I think she deserves a profile on this site. Even though she is an android.

  608. Hi I exist commented on:

    I’m sorry, I don’t want to bother you. I don’t want to reveal too much information about myself on this website… Is there any way you could email me? If not I understand. I know you’re probably very busy with writing books and everything (duh haha). You are my favorite author of all time and it would truly mean so much to me if you were to email me.
    If you even took the time to bother reading this, thank you!

  609. Shortcake commented on:

    Hey, Marissa!

    I absolutely LOVE this! I am a fan of drawing and this is so helpful.
    I went to your Brick and Mortar opening in Redmond last night (had a BLAST!) and I still have a couple questions for you, mostly about character development.

    First, did you get inspiration for Thorne from Disney’s Tangled?

    And my friend went up to ask you about “the fingers” in Wires and Nerve vol. 1, but were you aware that Cinder blushes constantly throughout the book?

    Thank you for being my favorite author,


  610. Olivia commented on:

    Dear Marissa,

    Hi! I absolutely LOVEEEEEEEEE the Lunar Chronicles! I can’t even express how much I love them! I honestly get teary eyed when I think of how good your books are and how much I love them.

    I have a few questions though:
    1. Will you ever be making a Lunar Chronicles movie?
    2. (I didn’t read Wires and Nerve yet so I didn’t really see any pictures) Are you going to maybe be releasing pictures of what the characters look like?
    3. Are you going to be writing any more books based off of the Lunar Chronicles?

    Thank you so much!

    Btw, Cress and I have the same birthday; July 18!

  611. Olivia commented on:

    Oh and by more books I don’t mean Wires and Nerve or Renegades, I mean like a real book

  612. Olivia commented on:

    Because I really want to know what happened to Thorne and Cress (I assume they stay together of course) but not knowing makes me honestly want to cry because I love both of them so so much. Maybe you can make like another collection of short stories that includes Cinder and Kai getting married

  613. Maven commented on:

    Are you ever gonna come out with movies for the books???
    I really want to see them on the big screen

  614. Scarlett commented on:

    Hey, Thorne is a Gemini! Just like me! And Marissa, when is the approximate date for the Lunar Chronicles movie? I’m desperate.

  615. Gabby commented on:

    Winter’s birthday is only 6 days before mine!!!!! Also, when are the lunar chronicles going to be made into a movie series?! I’m dying to see it made!!!

  616. Natasha Finch commented on:

    Hey Marissa! Any chance you could please add basic personality descriptions to this as well? I feel like I know the characters fairly well (I’ve reread the series probably a dozen times), but it would be nice to have something to reference back to when writing fanfics for the series.

  617. Fixed Matches 100% Sure commented on:

    The film stars Pawan Kalyan and Thamanna will be acted in lead roles.
    Other artists like to have a variety of different brands available.

    For that you start searching but failed to find the
    appropriate picture whatever you were searching for.

  618. Monica commented on:

    Hey Marissa!

    I want to go as Cress for Halloween, and I was wondering if she wore any make-up.

    Thanks so much for writing this series, me and all my friends are obsessed!!!

  619. - Jasmine commented on:

    Thanks Marissa for these books OMS I have never been so obsessed with anything in my life!!!!

    I Sobbed so much at the end of the book. You ended it great btw. still can’t believe it’s over tho…

  620. - Jasmine commented on:

    Marissa I know you have heard this more than a million times…. but you should make the LUNAR CHRONICLES into a movie. No matter what I still had to say that.

  621. - Jasmine commented on:

    or a tv show would be better

  622. - Jasmine commented on:

    Thrones Birthday is a day after mine!!!!

  623. - Jasmine commented on:


  624. Za'niya commented on:

    i don’t get how Lunars are black. Luna has no sun..?

  625. Fireworks commented on:

    Dear Marissa,
    I would just love to say I have really really enjoyed your books and thank you so much for writing them! I’m not expecting a reply because I know you are very busy. I know that you are coming to my city in a few months, fingers crossed I get to go! I have a dream of playing in the Lunar Chronicles movies as Scarlet and I’ve read all over your website and I know you have no control over casting or anything like that. Just saying thank you!


  626. Lauren commented on:

    Haha I’m taller than all of the girls! I’m 5’9 1/2, and I guess with more of Scarlet’s body type. But I’m Asian, so… Actually, the only girl I can’t really relate to is Winter. She’s so happy and nice and… so not me. And she’s gorgeous, so. Yeah.

  627. September 19 2017 commented on:

    Dear Marissa Meyer,

    Are you planning on making any fractured fariytale books??? I love all your books!!!

    P.S. Can’t wait for Renagades!
    Wolf Hybrid

  628. Wolf Hybrid commented on:

    Sorry messed up on my name!!!;)

  629. Casey Snell commented on:

    No Iko?

  630. KawaiiKat commented on:

    Cinder would only be around 18 or 19 years old when she gets engaged to Kia – right?

  631. KawaiiKat commented on:

    If Kia asks Cinder to marry him two years after winter then Cinder would only be around 18 or 19 years old right?

  632. KawaiiKat commented on:

    I’m basically Cinder! I’m hapa (half Asian half Caucasian) I have brown eyes and straight brown hair and side bang things! I love all of the characters so much!!!!! (Oh – I’m not Cinder because I’m short)

  633. Selene commented on:

    Cinder is a Virgo.

  634. sarah merrill commented on:

    I’m just reading this series right now. It’s books like these that make me love reading. SERIOUSLY GREAT JOB!!! this should be a movie someday……… I never want the series to end and wish my life was as exciting as Cinder’s. I LOVE THIS SERIES SO FAR AND AM JUST PRAYING THAT KAI AND CINDER END UP TOGETHER (no spoilers please)

  635. sarah merrill commented on:

    Also please reply to my comment above^^^

  636. Finesse commented on:

    OMG! Thorne’s birthday is the same as my beloved horse’s one! *-* If that isn’t a sign… These books just keep getting better and better btw, I can’t wait to finally read Winter (yes, I’m late..)

  637. Sony TV commented on:

    Even just writing this I am fangirling uncontrollably. I don’t know if you are going to read this or not I just had a question. Lots of people have been saying that cresswell is one sided. I personally love them both and do not think it is one sided. I think that Thorne loves her as much as she loves him but what do you think? Is it a one sided relationship or is what I think true.

    You are my favorite author and your books are amazing. I am a crazy lunartic!! I can’t wait till winter comes out even though when I finish it I will be drowning in my own tears.

  638. RinIsabell commented on:

    OH MY GOD! Thank you for this info. I will grab a pencil and draw in a really near future~
    I fell in love since the first chapter! I love the series so much and done with the series in less than a month. Just finished Stars Above few hours ago, actually. I have been imagining draw all the main characters and this information help so much! Thank you!

    Ps. I think I will follow every works you release from now on!

  639. - Jasmine commented on:

    @Finesse, No it’s fine being late and all I didn’t read them till the end of last year and here I am today reading them for the fourth time… lol. You are going to simply love winter. I LOVE YOU MARISSA.

  640. - Jasmine commented on:

    @Rinlsabell, same. I love the characters Marissa is so awesome to make a page like this so ppl can get all this info. I have made like five fan – art things already. I LOVE THESE BOOKS SO MUCH.

  641. Lorelai commented on:

    I love the diversity of the characters. It’s so great when the characters have different personalities, looks, and backgrounds, where there are serval characters people can relate to.

  642. Julieta Hunis commented on:


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  644. Julia Van Buskirk commented on:

    Hey! Cress and I have the same birth day (not the same year, but…) so what shade of blue would you say that Cress’s eyes are, what shade of bright blue?

  645. Annabelle commented on:

    So… i noticed there is no section for Iko… so… YES I GET TO DESIGN HER MY OWN WAY!!!

  646. Giada commented on:

    I really enjoy your books! I hope you come out with more for the Lunar Chronicles series!

  647. me myself and my dear emperor kai commented on:

    How do you pronounce ze’ev? is it like zeev?

  648. me myself and my dear emperor kai commented on:

    Can you make more? I want more on kai’s backstory

  649. Gabrielle Smith commented on:

    How is Cinder Asian? Chanarry is Cinder’s mom and the description of Channary and Chanarry’s mother seemed like they were full or partially black. Cinder’s ADOPTIVE family is Asian, but Cinder couldn’t be. Her father is unknown but nothing about Cinder’s description would imply she’s Asian at all. I always imagined her as half black and half white.

  650. Iris commented on:

    HOLY SHITZU I WANT A MOVIE SOOOOOOO BAD!!!! And I love how you wrote winter and stars above!!! I have also used their vocabulary and I say ‘aces’ and ‘stars above’ a lot! Anyway thanks!!!

  651. Levana is dead!!!! Now kai can marry cinder!!! commented on:

    I’m so happy that levana is dead!!!! I’m writing fan fix’s on the books on Wattpad!!! @FunGirl324

  652. Haley commented on:

    Cinder’s birthday is one day after mine!

  653. Pinoychannel commented on:

    Wow this is great! I’m totally going to enter the sticker contest!

  654. Jime commented on:

    I´ve read all the books (lunar chronicles) twice! I really love the story, also because I love the princess (better said fairy tales) too! When I read, a traveled to another world where everything it´s posible and I can assure you you leave me spechless more tan once! You´re my favorite writer! Sorry for my writting… english isn´t my first language… but I have one question: There will be a movie about these books? Please say yes! I would love read your answer!!!

  655. commented on:


  656. Bookworm commented on:

    I loved the guide, and the Lunar Chronicles! (i’m rereading them right now actually.)
    do you think that perhaps you could add an Iko, or Levanna description?

  657. Bookworm commented on:

    sorry, me again… but is TLC going to be a movie(s?) or a TV series?
    If so, PLEASE tell when you think it’s going to be coming out! books are always better than movies, in my opinion, but I would love to see TLC as a motion picture!

  658. Fiona commented on:

    Hey I think Thorne’s birth date isn’t correct. In my edition it says May 21 and not May 22 (I can’t give proof with an english edition bc I have a german one but it should be right at the beginning of chapter 6 in Scarlet.)

  659. Bailiegh Collins commented on:

    I love how you ended the graphic novels but I was hoping to see how Iko and Kinney’s relationship develops. I just love the idea of a palace guard and the “royal” sidekick android. And I’m pretty sure there a a lot of people that agree.

    P.S. ILYSM!!

  660. Bookworm commented on:

    Hiya! okay, so three things..
    1. I finally got two of my best friends to read the lunar chronicles! Julia and I are always fantasizing about marrying Thorne or Kai if they weren’t with Cress and Cinder. (not that we don’t ship Kaider and Cresswell! we TOTALLY ship them!) my other friend, Cara, she just started Cinder, and so far so good. 🙂
    2.Oh, stars… I just forgot.. maybe I’ll remember later! (I hate it when that happens!)
    3… It’s my Birthday today! sorry, I just wanted to say that…. but honesty, I’m kind of disappointed that none of the TLC characters are Libra… Oh well! 🙂

    P.S. my friends and I are crazy fangirl lunartics! YOU ARE AN AWE-INSPIRING AUTHOR AND YOUR STORIES ARE ARE BEYOND AMAZING!

  661. Mel and S commented on:

    Is it just me, or does Thorne sound a lot like Captain Jack Sparrow? They both want to be called Captain, they’re both outlaws and flirts and have that ruggedly handsome thing, and I know they’re very different, but there’s a reason I really like them both.

    Additionally, thank you so much for this series. I read Scarlet in a day and Cress in a day, and I read Stars Above and Fearless in a day (weekends, of course. I may have read Winter in the span of 4 schooldays and read that during class, but I can’t really just read the entire class). It’s been yet another thing I could fangirl over with my friends, and you’re an amazing author.

  662. Esmé Treadwell commented on:

    I did not know that jacin had long hair great job *would have enjoyed a dr England and a Queen Lavina

  663. Badtameezdil commented on:

    After pretending to gag she added: “It’s because he thought that would be the best way to disarm me.
    Badtameezdil is one of Indian Drama Serial Website where you can easily find every serial episodes.

  664. Bookworm commented on:

    Mel and S you are so right! I do feel a bit of connection between CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow and Thorne. 🙂

  665. pariwikisu commented on:

    After pretending to gag she added: “It’s because he thought that would be the best way to disarm me.
    Badtameezdil is one of Indian Drama Serial Website where you can easily find every serial episodes.

  666. pinoy1tv commented on:

    Winter’s birthday is only 6 days before mine!!!!! Also, when are the lunar chronicles going to be made into a movie series?! I’m dying to see it made!!! pinoy1tv Thanks For Sharing The Information.

  667. Read More commented on:

    Hey I think Thorne’s birth date isn’t correct.

  668. Star Plus commented on:

    Joy club…………………….

  669. Thorne commented on:

    Hey Marissa!! You’re my favorite author and I just wanted to say that Scarlet’s birthday is a day before mine and many years after. I haven’t finished Wires and Nerve Vol. 1 yet but it’s amazing so far. My friend and I are literally Thorne and Cinder (personality wise). I’m Thorne, if that wasn’t obvious. Even though I’m a girl. And considerably younger than Thorne.

  670. commented on:

    Hey Mrs. Meyer,
    I just wanted to say, me and my friend, (Let’s call her Crystal) both adored your books! Although we may be on the younger side of your audience, the characters really spoke to us both. (BTW, I took your quiz and, in a weird coincidence, I’m Cress, the brilliant hacker. What makes this so weird is that before we even started reading your books, Crystal started writing a story about a hacker by the name of Lucinda…..Although I personally would prefer Princess WInter) Randomly throughout the day I come up with story ideas that I write down in a journal. They consist of everything you could imagine, suspense, thriller, fantasy, and mystery. However, when I sit down and actually think about turning it into an actual story/novel, I can never bring myself to commit, which is why I adore you so much to create such complicated plot lines and really make the reader feel as though they are riding along with the characters on The Rampion!
    Thanks again,
    An avid reader & fan.

  671. Bookworm commented on:

    GUYS! IT’S ALMOST CINDER’S BIRTHDAY! (squeals with happiness)
    If I could actually give her present, I would most likely give her a new pair of wire cutters…. though now that I think about it, Kai would probably do that… So sweet! I love them!

  672. marmia commented on:

    This book series is amazing!!! I hope they make the movie out of the books and have the characters close to the book’s description. 🙂 Is the “Stars Above” the sequel of the book series? I already read it a few years ago but I’m planning to read it again. I LOVE THESE BOOKS!!!!! I wish this book series would last forever!!!!! Marissa Meyer, you are an amazing writer!! is Heartless part of the Lunar Chronicles?

  673. commented on:

    This book series is amazing!!! I hope they make the movie out of the books and have the characters close to the book’s description. It all started when the makers.

  674. m commented on:

    you should make one about lavana

  675. Riya Barnett commented on:

    Hello, Mrs. Meyer,
    I was wondering if you could answer a few of my questions: do you think there’s ever going to be 6 full lunar chronicles movies?? If you decided to make them, that would be awesome!! I’d love that so much, you book series is by far my favorite, I just started reading it last year too. I’ve read it fully about five times and I now own it! I’ve read a lot of books and yours are really great, I do also like the Warriors series. I know your series did come out quite a while ago and I’ve just now known about the series for almost 2 years.

    Do you ever think that you’ll make another short story book as an attachment to the lunar chronicles? That would also be very cool like if it had different perspectives from Linh Garan, Channary, and Dr. Erland etc.

    Are there any official pictures of the TLC crew?

  676. basketball games commented on:

    Out there, they’re picking up each other. In his heart, he silently welcomed the rain. Who are we now?

  677. Christina commented on:

    Hi Marissa, will we ever hear any more about the crew’s life after the war? I would really like to see more of them!

  678. thank you commented on:

    I just wanted to know because I’m doing a book report on your book and was doing character details when I noticed that you didn’t have a description for Iko the android and I was just curious what she looks like in your mind.

  679. Brynne commented on:

    My little sister is just like Scarlet! Actually, her birthday is on the same day, she has reddish hair, and she’s super spunky and outspoken, but also sweet! The similarities are remarkable!

  680. Hannah commented on:

    Hi! I have loved the lunar chronicles so far and I only have fairest left to read, and I have a question that has been bugging me for a while. Has winter ever seen herself? Because there are no mirrors on Luna and I don’t think she has ever left. Thanks so much I love your books.

    P.S. are you going to do a sequel for heartless?

  681. kulfikumar bajaywala commented on:

    Scarlet was born 14 days after me!
    I love these books soooo much they are the best books in the world!
    I think that marissa meyer Is the best author of all time!

  682. kulfikumar bajaywala commented on:

    Hi! I have loved the lunar chronicles so far and I only have fairest left to read, and I have a question that has been bugging me for a while. Has winter ever seen herself? Because there are no mirrors on Luna and I don’t think she has ever left. Thanks so much I love your books.

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    I just finished reading the series and I’m in love! I gotta go out and buy a boxed set or something. I love this guide too, I’m also really really happy that Cress and I share a birthday too! it really helps with picturing the characters.

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