Inspiration Gallery

Here are some of the photos and artwork I’ve used as inspiration for the settings, characters, clothing, technology, and overall feel of The Lunar Chronicles.

For my most up-to-date inspiration images, follow my Lunar Chronicles Inspiration Board on Pinterest.

I’ve done my best to give credit to artists and photographers whenever possible. If you feel anything here has been credited erroneously, please contact me and I’ll remedy the situation as quickly as possible.


Beijing temple at night


Beijing: The Summer Palace


Boys in Uniform by Porotto (


Real cyborg hand


“Underneath It All” by FrozenStarRo


Kwaaa City by Robin Chyo  (


Little Robot by Wadaka (


Mechanic Girl by Cool Surface (


Oriental Abyss by Blinck (


Oriental Market Place by Blinck (


Robot by Richie Brave (


Thaumaturge coat (artist unknown)


Tinkering with the Robot by GenevieveGT (



Farmhouse exterior


French town


Lunar guard uniform (artist unknown)


Medical Lab by Charlie415 (

Morel farm storage interior


Paris Opera House exterior


Paris Opera House lobby


Paris Opera House theatre


Paris train station




Smugglers Cargo Ship by Kenneth Fairclough (


Spaceship Sketch by Pete Amachree (


Wolf 1


Wolf 2



Charon Dock by Vonmurder (


Cockpit by Pyro (


Crescent Moon


Desert Mirage


Earth and Satellite


Spaceship Interior by Charlie415 (

Dead City Colony 77 by TroC–czarnyrobert (http://troc–


Earth from the Moon


Full Earth at Sunrise from the Moon


I Eat You by DrDo (


Lava Tube


Sunset from the Moon


The Palace by J. F. Liesenborghs (