The Stars Above Launch Party and Tour

Posted on: 19th Jan 2016  /   Categorized: Events

It’s almost February and I’m hitting the road again! I hope to see many Lunartics at these awesome events:

The STARS ABOVE Launch Party in Seattle, WA
Feb. 2, 7:00pm
University Bookstore (U District)

Please join me in celebrating the release of STARS ABOVE: A Lunar Chronicles Collection. There will be…

A Costume Contest
And my favorite… we will be raffling off an ARC of Heartless!
Oh, and I will also Sign All The Books.

Priority standing in the signing line will be given to guests who purchase Stars Above from University Book Store—in store on the day of the event or pre-ordered for pick-up at the event on February 2.


Or see me on tour at one of these other great events, where there will also be cool swag and amazing giveaways!

Salt Lake City, UT
February 3, 7:00pm
The King’s English Bookshop

Portland, OR
Feb. 4, 7:00pm
Powell’s Books in Beaverton

Tempe, AZ
Feb. 5, 7:00pm
Changing Hands Bookstore

Irving, TX
Feb. 6, 3:00pm
Irving Public Library

Cincinnati, OH
Feb. 7, 3:00pm
Joseph-Beth Booksellers

Bensalem, PA
Feb. 8, 6:00pm
Barnes & Noble

Coral Gables, FL
Feb. 9, 8:00pm
Books & Books


Can’t make it to any of those events, either?

Never fear!

The Feb. 9 event at Books & Books will be livestreamed to the interwebs, so anyone can join in the fun and shenanigans! You will be able to ask questions and even enter to win some really cool prizes.

Mark your calendars for Feb. 9, 8:00 EST / 5:00 PST, and watch the livestream here!



  1. Ally commented on:

    Will you sign books at the Tempe, AZ event, too?

    I am so excited because this is my first ever book signing, and I just bought the entire Lunar Chronicles series!

  2. Gabby Maddock commented on:

    So you only sign the books if you buy stars above from the store? I already pre-ordered my copy from target and that would be pretty disappointing if I went to the one in Seattle and couldn’t meet you.

  3. Breezy commented on:

    How many books will you be signing? Does it depend on which location?

    I’m so excited!

  4. Anonymous commented on:

    Hi Marissa! I’m currently reading Winter and was so heartbroken when i found out about Wolf’s further mutation! Please tell me he would be able to go back to what he once was! I cant imagine how bad he must be feeling, considering this has been his worst nightmare since he was on training!

  5. Mia commented on:

    Agree with you Anonymous! Wolf didn’t deserve it! Marissa, please tell me youre gonna write another sequel for this series about how they are in the future! And please tell me it involves Wolf getting the necessary procedures to get back to his normal self! PLEAAASSEEEEE

  6. Marissa commented on:

    Re: signing questions, I will be signing books at all tour stops and I’ll sign as many books as you want to bring!

    You do not have to buy your book from University Bookstore to get your book signed, but those who buy their books there will get priority (so they get to go first). It’s also a nice idea to consider buying something while you’re at the store – they put a lot of time and expense into hosting authors and we want to support them!

  7. Jamie commented on:

    Come to BOSTON!!!

  8. Breezy commented on:

    I am sooooooo glad you came to Arizona! It was a blast seeing you and I am just so amazed at this awesome world you’ve created. Thank you for coming to local bookstores and for being so awesome!

    Also, will you be doing book tours for your graphic novels? I know that probably isn’t common, but I’m sure all of the Lunartics would love that. I AM SO EXCITED!!!! IKO!!!! (AND CAMEOS OF THE MAIN CHARACTERS!!! AHH!!!)

    Please come to Arizona again for ANY of your books! I have loved the Lunar Chronicles and I plan sticking with you for all of your books. Thanks for everything!

  9. Maha commented on:

    I love this kind of parties and last Sunday i was gone with my family. All the day we meet to gather and enjoy the great meal. I should visit your mentioned place.



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