Heartless Tour Announced

Posted on: 13th Jun 2016  /   Categorized: Events

We’ve just announced details for the Heartless tour, happening this November! We’re in big party-planning mode, and these stores are all gearing up for some fun “royal ball” or “mad tea-party” shenanigans. I look forward to meeting lots of Lunartics and Alice fans alike!





Seattle, WA
Details to follow!


Provo, UT
Provo City Library


New York, NY
Barnes & Noble Union Square


Saratoga Springs, NY
Northshire Books


Naperville, IL
Anderson’s Bookshop


Parma, OH
Cuyahoga County Public Library


Decatur, GA
Little Shop of Stories


Nashville, TN
Parnassus Books


Times and ticketing information to be determined. Stay tuned!


  1. Allen commented on:

    I am TOTALLY an Alice fan!!!!! I’m so excited to read this book so much! I know the Red Queen’s back story from Alice Through the Looking Glass and now I want to learn the Queen of Heart’s, but when I see the locations I’m like, “Of course it’s never in Canada.”

  2. Kate commented on:

    !!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot even explain to you how excited I am about this! Me and my friends will come for sure.

  3. Rachel commented on:

    Allen and all other Canadians: I am also annoyed at the fact that it seems that all book tours are allergic to going to the land of maple syrup. And when they do come to Canada, they always go to ontario, and there is no way in hell I am ever going to convince my parents to take me on a road trip THAT big.

    Still, I am super excited to get my greedy little hands on Heartless on November eighth.

  4. Cate commented on:

    Man I wish I could go but you aren’t coming to California but I am super excited to read the next book. I hope you come back to California again soon for another tour.

  5. Allen commented on:

    Rachel, I live in Ontario, but I have never seen a book tour. I have heard of some. I think it’s in Toronto and I don’t live in Toronto so I feel you.

  6. Lyra commented on:

    Ooh, I will DEFINITELY be at the Seattle one. Really looking forward to reading Heartless, I can already tell from the sample that it’s going to be fantastic!!!

  7. Allen commented on:

    Even though I’m frustrated that it’s in Canada, I’LL STILL BE AN ALICE FAN!!!!!!

  8. Carina Olsen commented on:

    Ahh, I wish I could come to all of these. <3 Gah, I hate living in Norway 🙂 And oh, I hope it might be possible to order personalized copies from one of these places that ship to Norway 😀 Fingers crossed. <3 I am DYING for Heartless. Sobs. I shall love it the most 🙂

  9. shana aelony commented on:

    Will there be more locations? You are very popular with my 11 year old daughter and her friends in Los Angeles!

  10. Ryley Jackson commented on:

    Can you please come to Australia!!!

  11. Nuha Q commented on:

    OMG royal ball and mad-tea-party themed events!!!!! And I live 20 minutes from Seattle

  12. Mawada commented on:

    I read the extract and I cant wait

  13. cornerdemon commented on:

    Any chance of more dates being announced?

  14. Jo commented on:

    Is there any information on when you will be there? Is it through the store hours or…what?

  15. Savannah commented on:

    I’m so excited for Heartless to come out! I’ve been dying to come to one of your book tours since I read The Lunar Chronicles in 2013. Unfortunately, every time you’ve come to Texas, my parents have been unable to take me. I’m hoping that you’ll come to Texas, if you do a book tour for the graphic novels about Iko. It’s supposed to come out around January and that’s when my birthday is, so I’m hoping to convince my parents to let me go to that one. I’m anxious to see if there will possibly be any more dates announced.

  16. María commented on:

    Are you planning to come to Madrid in Spain someday? It would be awesome! I love your books so much
    Best wishes and have a nice tour!

  17. Annabelle Durham commented on:

    Yes!!!! I am definitely going! I already have all your books signed, so I need the newest one, naturally! Can’t wait to hear more about Catherine!

  18. midnight_misfit commented on:

    Anybody else going when she comes to Georgia?!

  19. Jillian commented on:

    Awww this is one disadvantage of living in the smallest state, I guess 🙁 Nobody comes to Rhode Island, or even New England!!! Ahhh I would totally go to NY if I could but I probably can’t 🙁
    Can’t wait for Heartless and Wires & Nerve though!

  20. Nicole commented on:

    ^ New England would be great! Perhaps Boston sometime! Congratulations on all the exciting things you’ve been up to!

  21. Bree McC commented on:

    SOOO want to come! It would be a blessing to meet my favorite author, and the excerpt at the back of Stars Above was AMAZING. Seriously cannot wait(if parents will let me come)

  22. Lulu commented on:

    So in love with the AR copy I got! Just wishing you would be able to stop in SD….We hardly ever get such talented writers here. Thank you for another wonderful story!

  23. Skye commented on:

    PLEASE COME TO CALIFORNIA!!!! I have two friends that are TLC fans and I love both the TLC and Heartless! Please come!



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