6 Social Networks, 6 Ways to #WinRenegades!

Posted on: 21st Aug 2017  /   Categorized: Giveaways

Two things happened this weekend.

1. I joined Instagram. (Because… peer pressure.)

2. I got my box of RENEGADES ARCs! Which means… it is time for me to start giving them away!



In honor of my being apparently the last person on the planet to join the Instagram bandwagon, I wanted to do a big #WinRenegades giveaway across all my social media pages. And I thought I’d start by saying –




Thanks to everyone who has followed, liked, favorited, or commented in support of me and my books over the past six years. I know I’ve been really quiet on the social networks lately (for which I mostly blame babies), but I so appreciate all of your ongoing encouragement – the fanart, the beautiful pictures, the kind words.


With that said, I am giving away one ARC for each of the social networks that I’m (somewhat) active on… and now, Instagram, too!



Read on for details on how to enter via each channel. Enter one or enter them all – it’s completely up to you!


Though not officially a social network, I’ve been connecting with readers via my blog since way back in my LiveJournal / fanfiction-writing days, and it remains one of my favorite ways to talk to you guys about my books and writing in general. Seriously, thank you for being here!

To enter, respond to this blog post and tell me:

What is your favorite type of content to see on this blog? (and/or) What sort of posts or information would you like to see more of?

Once you’ve commented, enter the Rafflecopter form below!



All you have to do is sign up, then enter via the Rafflecopter form. That’s it!

Subscribe at



1. Tweet an answer to this question: What makes YOU a hero? (Or, if you must, a villain.)
2. Include the hashtag #WinRenegades
3. Enter the Rafflecopter form below!



I just posted about receiving the ARCs (hurrah!), and all you have to do is like or comment on it, then enter the Rafflecopter form below. Easy peasy!

My big box of RENEGADES ARCs has arrived!! Details on how you can #WinRenegades coming soon!

Posted by Marissa Meyer, YA Author on Monday, August 21, 2017



Re-pin at least one image from my RENEGADES inspiration board to any board of your choosing, and include the hashtag #WinRenegades. Then enter the Rafflecopter form below!



I hope all the above challenges were easy enough, because I’m going to expect a *bit* more for my very first Instagram giveaway.

Your mission:

Take your best #bookstagram / still-life photo or video featuring at least one of my books. Be artsy! Be creative! I’m new to this, so I’m really looking forward to seeing what you all do.

Include the hashtags #WinRenegades and #bookstagram.

Once you’re done, enter (you guessed it) the Rafflecopter form!

There will be TWO winners via Instagram: the entrant who took my personal favorite photo, plus one randomly selected winner.

Curious? Here is my first go at the bookstagram thing:

Aww, it's my first-ever #bookstagram! Also, a #WinRenegades giveaway is coming soon!

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Each winner will receive a signed ARC of RENEGADES! Plus whatever pieces of random swag I have lying around.


Open Internationally! WOOT!

All entries must be submitted by Midnight PST on Sunday, August 27, 2017. Winners will be selected on Monday, August 28.

There will be Seven (7) winners total. Entries via blog comments, newsletter subscribers, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook, plus one entry from Instagram, will be selected randomly via Rafflecopter. One additional Instagram entry will be hand-picked by Marissa.

Once winners have been contacted, they will have 72 hours to respond and claim their prize before a follow-up winner is chosen.


Good luck!



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  1. Tim commented on:

    First of all, it’s amazing this is open internationally!! THANK YOU!!

    I always like blog posts with “extras” from books – extra information, extra snippets,… It’s also nice to know how things are going with the book(s) the author is working on – what stage is it in, what’s happening with the book, all those things.

  2. Naiche Parker commented on:

    I adore getting updates on your WIPs and what we’re going to see from you next!

    – Naiche

  3. Emese Csikai commented on:

    I’d love to see more extras, maybe deleted scenes or character interviews maybe even tweets (?), as I find it hard to part ways with the crew of the Lunar Chronicles. Still, I’m really looking forward to your new book! Thanks for the giveaway!

    – Emese

  4. Tanya Cruz commented on:

    I love all your content, thou I would like to see more information about your writing process and how you get inspired to write your books, like what inspires to to created certain character, how you came up with your book ideas, what type of music inspires you to write, and those kind of things. Thanks for the chance πŸ˜€

  5. Jaime Cross commented on:

    Artwork, unlocking releases, writing inspiration! I really love your Lunar Chronicles series!!!

  6. Andee Forsgren commented on:

    I love seeing FanArt for people on your blog.

  7. Delaney commented on:

    I really like seeing behind the scenes writing things or extra content for your books! But really I just like anything authors are willing to share with us :]

  8. Andy commented on:

    Marissa, I like the “extras” but also like to hear about some of the personal stuff too!

  9. Jessica commented on:

    I love seeing fan art, merchandise, and fun facts/behind the scenes stuff about your books. I am a huge fan of yours. I LOVE fairy tales and I fell in love with your books as soon as I started Cinder 4 years ago.

  10. Samantha commented on:

    I love to keep up with all the fan art and to see which box of hers are coming out next. I am so excited for renegades to come out. It looks like an amazing book.

  11. Michele Lisbon commented on:

    Thank you so much for the chance. I don’t own any of your books even though I’ve read them all so I can’t participate in the bookstagram entry but still did all other entries.

  12. Allen Ng commented on:

    I love all of your content but I especially love the behind the scenes stuff for the books because I enjoy the added depth to the characters you created

  13. Sophie commented on:

    Probably my favorite stuff I’ve seen on your blog (so far!) is your TLC deleted scenes, writing tips (trust me, they are SO helpful!), and any sort of fun facts. Something I want more of… everything. I love reading stuff on your blog πŸ™‚ But in specific, I guess I’d love more info on the writing process and on characters, and maybe you’d consider starting up your “day in the life” posts again? Also, as someone who really doesn’t have any social media, I’d love for a better way for fans to be able to contact you (to ask questions, etc.)

    I really love your writing style, and I’m so excited for Renegades to come out! I’m trying to nominate Cinder as our library’s teen choice awards book of the summer! (it’s winning!!) And thank you so much!!

  14. Becky T. commented on:

    Of all the times to have lent my copies to friends! But them reading is more important than bookstagram (I’d rather read a book than take a picture of it anyway). In any case, I think my favorite kind of content is the “writer life” kind of stuff — as a writer myself who hopes to one day move from hobbyist to actually published novelist, it’s really fun for me to see the writers I admire as just *people who write.* Thanks for hosting such an awesome giveaway! If I don’t manage to win one, I’ll just have to pick one up when it comes out (and come say hello at YALLfest)!

  15. Gabby Hansen commented on:

    I love seeing you blog about upcoming books and events. I also think it’s really cool that you have deleted scenes here. Those are always super cool to read. I think your blog of amazing!! It would be cool if you posted fanart.

  16. Karen Duarte commented on:

    I would love more writing advice!

  17. Alyssa Hollingsworth commented on:

    I always loved your old craft blog entries. I still use semi-modified versions of your outlining and revising methods for my own books! Always love to see authors giving tips for how they get their brains in (relative) order.

  18. Julianna commented on:

    My favorite content is probably about your real life and your writing life! (Although I love all your posts <3)

    I love it because I love learning more about you, and I feel like when you post about life and writing life then we get to know you a bit more rather than the "awesome person who wrote our favorite books," yeah? We learn about your personality. (Which is great, by the way!)

  19. Elyse commented on:

    I love seeing anything related to the Lunar Chronicles. They’re one of my favorite book series ever, and that’s saying a lot because I have hundreds of books.

    I also love getting sneak peaks of future projects.

  20. Abby Wingfield commented on:

    I love that you keep your blog up to date with your most recent book/s. I like the fact that you sometimes post deleted scenes too. I would really like to see you post more about your particular writing process. I am really fascinated by world-building, and I would love to hear your thoughts on that particular topic. Also, I wish you would post more about the characters from The Lunar Chronicles. Specifically, how you think they would fit into our world today. Also, I really like it when authors create a sort ofmusic playlist for their books/series. THANK YOU SO MUCH for doing this contest!!!

  21. Laura M commented on:

    One thing I love to see is the extras about characters and the worlds we don’t read about in the books. Those deleted parts make me love the story and characters all the more! Personally, I love your blog and I’d honestly read anything. I’d like to see more early stuff about ideas for books or upcoming stories you have in the works. Or even just random things that come to your mind about your books!

  22. Nikole Clow commented on:

    Hi, Marissa!

    Thank you so, so much for this opportunity!

    Regarding the question, I love everything on your blog but I absolutely enjoy reading about the fanfiction and seeing the fanart, as well as any writing tips. It is FANtastic to see such amazing work by the many book lovers who adore the Lunar Chronicles! Thank you for creating such a universe!

    Honestly, I would love to see more posts on fanfiction and writing tips. I’m an aspiring writer and your books are one of my favorites to re-read when I need motivation. I look forward to seeing all the upcoming posts on Renegades and Lunar Chronicles!

    Thank you again for this contest!

  23. Lauri Atweh commented on:

    First, THANK YOU FOR DOING THIS INTERNATIONAL!! *screaming in Spanish*

    , I really like to see some facts and extras about your books. I don’t know how to make this more extensive like the others because my english is very bad, so I don’t even know if what I’m writing is okay so this is all I guess (? ps: te amo mucho y sos lo mejor del mundo ahre

  24. Rendz commented on:

    I love reading deleted scenes from TLC or any other extra facts that perhaps didn’t make it into the published book but definitely were important to the characters’ stories!! I also love reading about your own reading endeavors and all the books you like to fangirl about! Plus Fan Art is the best!! I love seeing those too!!

    But honestly I will read anything and everything you write on here!! So excited about this contest! <3

  25. holdenj commented on:

    I like info about WIP, new books and events!

  26. Sydney Paolercio commented on:

    I really love when you post about your next book ideas, even little ones that you say you don’t plan to build upon. It’s always cool to see what goes through the minds of other writers, especially ones that I admire.

  27. Nabila Shaikh commented on:

    I love that your blog is so up to date and I love all the deleted scenes you have written because I absolutely love The Lunar Chronicles and the info about your new books and events and I love all the fanart too!
    Thank you so much for this opportunity!

  28. Amber Hendricks commented on:

    Thanks, so much for writing the books you do! Cinder brought me back to YA after a long, long time away. Because of that, Cinder will always be my favorite book. I can’t wait to read Renegades!

  29. commented on:

    I like to read about the events you do. I think it’s amazing to see all the neat things you get to do being a famous author. I would like to read more about your process individually. How you come up with the characters and what inspires you

  30. Amber Hendricks commented on:

    I struggle the most with plotting, so I always love a good plotting/outlining post!

  31. Stephanie Hux commented on:

    Yay to peer pressure! Ok but I’m glad you created an Instagram, it’s going to be awesome to see all the interesting things you’ll post. I love seeing content that lets us get to know you more as a person, and that teach us about what happens behind the scenes.

  32. Angie S commented on:

    Firstly, thank you for writing such fabulous stories. I stayed up late finishing Winter (there are no regrets there) and my heart is so heavy because I don’t want to part with the Rampion Crew just yet.

    I’d love love to see more extras as well–bits of scenes or blog posts that are dedicated to revisiting some of your wonderful characters! Your writing brings them to life, and it would be just meeting an old friend to kind of hear from these characters again. πŸ™‚

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway, congrats on your upcoming book, I can’t wait!

  33. Haley Schmeltzer commented on:

    I love your blog!! And I really enjoy reading “extras” about your books!

  34. Meghan Parsons commented on:

    Hi, Marissa!

    As an aspiring writer, I REALLY loved your content on writing (and since I’m slogging through massive rewrites, your editing advise is helping to keep me afloat!). I’d love to see more advice for aspiring authors, your own process, and tips and tricks on how to keep improving.

    Thank you! I cannot wait for Renegades!

  35. Sayako commented on:

    Thank you for this international giveaway!! I’m Japanese reader!
    When I read the Lunar Chronicles I really enjoyed “LUNAR HISTORY”. So I want to see extras about Renegades,too!

  36. Amanda Anderson commented on:

    Thank you for this! I love to see updates/tidbits about the books and ways to win cool things!

  37. Summer Burns commented on:

    I love to see more recommendations and what you are currently reading and watching! I love the recommendations book list!

  38. Illiana Villarreal commented on:

    The extras are awesome. Specifically the music playlists. I love listening to music especially when I’m at work. Reshelving books in boring without epic music playing.

  39. Kelly L. commented on:

    I love it when authors write a scene from another character’s point of view! I’m always curious what those other characters are thinking.

  40. Maryssa L commented on:

    My favorite type of content from authors is always the extra tidbits of info. I’m always dying for more background info or more insight into characters. It’s silly but knowing smallest things about characters is my FAVE.

  41. Jackeline Gonzalez commented on:

    What is your favorite type of content to see on this blog? (and/or) What sort of posts or information would you like to see more of?
    My favorite updates on this blog are updates and information on your current and future books. I also like when you announce book tours so I can see and plan when you are coming to LA. I would like to see an updated A Guide to Lunar Chronicles Character Traits post that includes Channary and Levana

  42. Jaime commented on:

    I really like extra content and deleted scenes! They really add a lot of background to your stories! *v*

  43. commented on:

    My favorite updates are literally any updates, I love hearing about the classic old stuff and the new material. I also love facts about the writing process, and anything that makes is fans feel more involved. I also love the book tour schedules, ESPECIALLY when Salt Lake City is on them πŸ˜‰
    Thanks do much for everything!

  44. Alli Steadman commented on:

    There’s so much that I LOVE!! Fan art, extra content, deleted scenes, and even just regular updates. I seriously just love everything that you do!! <3

  45. Sierra commented on:

    I always love hearing writing advice and inspiration, about your process, and where specific ideas come from. It’s always fascinating to me to hear the voice behind the text, ya know? Thank you so much for this giveaway! I’m looking forward to Renegades a ton. πŸ™‚

  46. Just Another commented on:

    *Summary: I like it when you expand on the TLC (and of course I would love to see more heartless) world with downloadables and guides to help the reader immerse him/herself more in the universes you’ve created Here’s an IDEA: a guide to how some places (The Eastern Commonwealth Palace Gardens, perhaps) look or some kind of map.*

    First of all, I am SUPER exited for Renegades!! I love TLC and Heartless (my heart!❀️) (*pun intended)
    What I would love to see more in the blog are extras and that kind of stuff. I am (as I said) a hugeness fan of your work Marissa, and I’m most definitely not alone But if there’s one thing I like more than reading a book, is showing of my fandom pride (#LunarcticsUnite) it’s really nice to have a wallpaper (for example) that is funny and that is symbolic for the fandom. Just imagine turning on ur phone and seeing a message that says some cyborg-ish stuff like Cinder’s Retina display that tells u what time it is or something cool like that…. idk, but you get the idea. Since fandom merch is hard to find, I think it’s really nice that u have some cool stuff here on the official blog.

    As I said, anything that helps to keep the fandom active w/ TLC universe even after the series ends is very much appreciated
    Have u ever considered opening some kind of official fandom merch store for a while? Just a suggestion

  47. Richelle commented on:

    I love all the extra content from the TLC universe and the updates about your new works.

  48. Veronika commented on:

    I love seeing fanarts and also teasers from the new upcoming books. I can’t wait to read Renegades!!!

  49. Sanne commented on:

    I’d love to read more about character’s background on your blog, like profiles and little blurbs.

  50. Georgina commented on:

    My favorite posts to read are about your writing process. I also love reading the behind-the-scenes and book extras about your published novels! πŸ™‚ Thanks so much for sharing with us and for hosting this giveaway!

  51. Jennifer commented on:

    I like the deleted scenes, the fanart and the writing tips. Thank you so much for this giveaway!

  52. mackensie commented on:

    My favorite content is the deleted scenes. I like seeing what could have been in the books. Thanks for making the giveaway open internationally!

  53. Nicole commented on:

    I love to see photos and information from your tours $ and sneak peeks!

  54. KT commented on:

    I love the deleted scenes and lists of books read that you post. Deleted scenes because I always want more πŸ™‚ and book lists because I always find something new to love. Thanks for all you do!

  55. Sarah commented on:

    I love the extra scenes on your blog ’cause how could I not want more from all of these characters πŸ˜€
    And I would love to read about reading updates and what’s there to come πŸ˜‰

  56. Meredith commented on:

    I love hearing about any new content your working on and of course anything related to TLC! I’ve been reading your work since the beginning and you are always an inspiration for my own writing and stories. I can’t wait to read Renegades!

  57. Alice @ Arctic Books commented on:

    I love reading deleted scenes of books that are already published! I’m also such a huge fan of fan art so I’d love to see more of that in the future!

  58. Isis Boon commented on:

    OMG!! This is amazing.

    I love to read deleted scenes, sample pages of your notebook, short stories, fanart, Q&A with your characters and updates on new content!

  59. Jocelyn commented on:

    I really love seeing book news.

  60. Sylvia commented on:

    OMG!!!!!!!! This giveaway is awesome!!
    I love anything and everything you post. Deleted scenes, giveaways, random info, q&a – literally everything.

    Btw, I’m honestly obsessed with Cinder. I read the series so many times, my books are starting to fall apart. I love you!!

  61. Leilani commented on:

    I loved your character guide to The Lunar Chronicles! I loved seeing all of their physical descriptions in one place so that it’s easier to picture them/draw them with accuracy! I would love to see more guides as such, or just posts about the worlds/universes, or deleted scenes!

  62. I commented on:

    I love everything you give us, but especially anything about the Lunar Chronicles!

  63. Lesly commented on:

    Thanks for having an international giveaway! So Excited! I love the extras you have!

  64. Samantha commented on:

    Thank you for making the giveaway international! My favorite types of posts are bonus information about your books (extra scenes, more info about characters, etc). I would love to see more posts like that! And obviously I love posts with international giveaways πŸ˜‰

  65. Abby Mason commented on:

    So excited that you’re hosting an international giveaway!!! My favourite type of content on here is cover reveals and also deleted scenes. And I wish you did more posts like the reading without walls challenge post – i.e. let us know what you’re reading.

  66. Diana MuΓ±oz Carbonell commented on:

    Hi Marissa!

    I like when we can see stuff related to the new books, such as covers, previews and things like that. I also like when there are bios of the characters of different books.

    And of course, I like give aways hahaha

  67. Mithila commented on:

    thank you *so* much for the chance! I love seeing anything related to new books and/or projects on here! Or fanart–those are great!

  68. Kate @ The Magic Violinist commented on:

    I love knowing about upcoming events and giveaways! For me, blogging is a much better way to find out than social media, where it’s more likely to get lost in the shuffle.

  69. Louis Mattox commented on:

    I would like to see your thought process in writing your recent novels. Like how you came up with the idea of a cyborg Cinderella or a pastry making Queen of Hearts. I also like to hear about your giveaways and when a new book of yours is coming out.

  70. Janeen Christensen commented on:

    I love a variety of posts, but mostly what you’re reading and writing tips. So inspiring!

  71. Kelly Hayes commented on:

    I would love to see what inspires you to keep writing. Maybe a current playlist, a certain scenery. What sparks those brilliant ideas!

  72. Zoi Ka. commented on:

    Firstly thank you so much for doing this international giveaway <3 I am utterly excited because we international readers*hello from Greece* don't have the opportunity to be a part of such things very often. We are usually excluded and that's quite unfair
    Secondly the thing I like the most on this blog is FAQs because I get to know stuff about you as a writer and obviously your books which btw I adore….(I love giveaways too LOL)
    I also would like to see more reading updates

  73. Esther commented on:

    I’d love to see what inspired you to write the way you do, I absolutely love it!

  74. Sarah Z commented on:

    What I enjoy seeing on this blog is when you give us more insight on a character from one of your books and so we learn/connect more with the character! I also like when u put up giveaways and stuff on your blog, because some of us can’t really afford the book, and their local library doesn’t have your books, so it gives us a chance to read your books!

  75. Liza L commented on:

    I would love to see you talk about things we might not have noticed in your books, or some of the in depth thoughts you had when writing certain scenes. Of course, everyone reads books differently and that’s great, but I still love it when an author talks about things like this.

    Thank you for having this giveaway!

  76. Britt van Vliet commented on:

    What is your favorite type of content to see on this blog? (and/or) What sort of posts or information would you like to see more of?

    I love to read deleted scenes or trivia about any of your characters!

  77. Claire @bookscoffeeandrepeat commented on:

    I’d love to see some more giveaways or some short stories of other characters in the lunar chronicles.
    Maybe even scenes that didn’t make it??

  78. Jasmin commented on:

    Dear Marissa
    I loved your letter to your older self and how strongly you believed that you will suceed. That gave me strength in believing that I could do it too. And I did! In October I’m starting my first semester in Creative Writing and Culturejournalism. And of course I loved the deleted scenes and I’m sure I’m not the only one who wants more of them ;D

    Greets Jasmin

  79. Ana C S commented on:

    I just started reading Cinder, and I really enjoy it! I especially like IKO, and Peony *Sniff*. I just found the blog, so I’d say some writing prompt/for fun contests would be fun.

  80. Ashley commented on:

    I love to see deleted scenes, extras, or short stories! Anything that gives us more of the characters we love!

  81. Jeanny commented on:

    I must say that I love everything you post so much. You’re a inspiration to so many people (including me) and I’m so so glad you brought the story of The Lunar Chronicles to the world — oh! And Heartless too! I love it when you post delete scenes, writing tips, when you share fan art, talk about your books and characters… and all.

    Thank you so much for this giveaway πŸ™‚ Congrats on your book!

  82. Ash commented on:

    I love seeing the diversity you promote on this blog. It’s rare in YA literature

  83. Carina Neu commented on:

    Hi Marissa!
    Can I just say what a huge fan I am of you! You inspire me to be better at writing!
    Your books have given me help when I really needed it most. They were/are an outlet for me just to let go
    of all my feelings. They have taught me not to judge people by what they look like or say but from what’s
    on the inside! Thank you for that!
    My favorite posts or content that you put out( well did) was the deleted scenes that you didn’t use from the lunar chronicles! I can’t tell you how much I looked forward to that special day every week to read a new
    story from my favorite series! I absolutely adored it!
    In the future I’d love to see more of the behind the scenes or maybe even headcannons from future or even
    previous books!
    Thank you so much for giving us such a wonderful series and many more to come!
    Love Carina

  84. Charli commented on:

    I like to see extras & tidbits about characters that we might not have known or wouldn’t glean from reading the books. πŸ™‚

  85. Samantha commented on:

    I love seeing your cut scenes, and info on what’s coming next from you!

  86. Sara commented on:

    I love seeing extra content from the books on your blog, about the characters or about your writing inspirations! I also love playlists, and just general updates about your writing πŸ™‚

  87. Finian. C commented on:

    I love seeing your thought process when writing, day in the life stuff, important announcements, anything geeky (book related, movie related or TV related), and most of all anything referencing your cats.

  88. Jadyn commented on:

    I love seeing extras from your books of course, but my favorite content is information about your writing process and what really goes into writing these books I love so much, as I love to write and one day would like to be an author hopefully! This kind of content is so helpful to me and I am really inspired by your writing πŸ™‚

  89. Christina (Ensconced in Lit) commented on:

    I love extras, interviews about your writing process, tidbits that we don’t know, deleted scenes, your touring schedules, etc! Thank you so much for this amazing giveaway!

  90. Jordan @ The Heart of a Book Blogger commented on:

    My favorite kind of author blog content is bonus information! Whether that’s extra/cut scenes, character info, author interview, or whatever you decide!

  91. Kathy A. commented on:

    I love hearing news about your books and your writing process. Seeing what inspired you for the characters and story is fascinating and makes me even more excited for your next books. Thank you so much for this giveaway!!

  92. Melissa commented on:

    I love seeing “extra” stuff from books! Any tidbits that aren’t included in the books but you still think is relevant to share, I love seeing that! Thank you~!

  93. Emily P commented on:

    I’d love reading recommendations from you. (Your favorite authors, genres, etc.) I’m always curious about the books that inspire great writers and I’m usually in need of books to add to my reading list. Thank you!

  94. Joy J commented on:

    I’d love to see background and more insight into your various characters as well as recommendations of books that you’ve enjoyed.

  95. digne commented on:

    I love the post you did on character details for the Lunar Chronicles. I love trivia like that. It makes me want to make trading cards of the characters. Birthday, height, hair and eye color etc …

    I also love maps! I have the Rampion poster which is so useful in following the action on the ship (I just wish it was more detailed and labeled). I love all the row house images on your Pinterest to get us stocked for Renegades.

  96. Cina Li commented on:

    My favorite is definitely the extra information about your books! Like that time you gave those profiles of you Lunar Chronicle characters.

  97. Ani Assadourian commented on:

    I love seeing all the exyra snippets from ur books! They make me so happy, any time I can read something that wasn’t in the book I go on the verge of tears I love this series and you sooo much, they’re what got me into reading and I don’t know where I would be without them <3

  98. Suomi commented on:

    My absolute favourite content were the deleted scenes from the Lunar Chronicles! πŸ˜€ I’d also be interested in seeing something like a more in-depth introduction of some of the main characters of your stories. And of course, I always love looking at new fanart πŸ˜‰

  99. Δ°smail commented on:

    I love seeing fan art, merchandise, and fun facts/behind the scenes stuff about your books. I am a huge fan of yours. I LOVE fairy tales and I fell in love with your books. ❀

  100. AslΔ± commented on:

    I love reading about your writing process or your general advice to writers, I especially loved the series you did called From Idea to Finished. So more posts about your writing process and your writing tips can be nice. <3

  101. kanaida a povey commented on:

    I’d like to see at what stage the images you put on pinterest come into your process, is it before you start writing or after? and how these influence the story. <3

  102. Lexie commented on:

    My favourite posts are the ones where you explore your writing process – from your office to your scene breakdowns. Seeing that has helped my writing process SO much (even if I am still only using my powers for fan fiction so far XD) I would ALWAYS love to see more of that!

    (And THANK YOU for opening this contest to International readers!)

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    My favorite stuff to see is the extra Lunar history (just the extras in general, really). I also loved the pronunciation guides- it was hilarious when I realized that I’d been pronouncing almost everything wrong.

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    Aside from extras involving the works of the author, I really enjoy hearing about what other things authors I like are reading, or things that they’re watching, or what they’re listening to.

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    AAARGH international giveaway!! *crazy fangirl moment* Thank you!
    I love the little extras you post sometimes – the TLC pronunciation guide and those little extra draft stories were lovely! ALSO I love when you post fanart/fanfic because its so cool that you’re acknowledging and promoting other people’s work πŸ™‚

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    I really like when you post about your writing process. It helps other writers who are just learning figure out new ideas for what could work for them. Thank you so much for doing this!

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    Hi Marissa!

    Thanks for making this an international giveaway. Please come and do some events in the UK soon!

    My favourite type of content is your writing blogs. They are so interesting and helpful.

    Thanks again!
    Sophie xxxxx

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    Hi Marissa!

    I love all your books and am really excited for Renagades and Wires and Nerver volume 2 to come out.!

    Some of my favorite content on this blog is just getting information about how your writing is going and what is coming next, I also enjoy the contests and just seeing you and what is up in your life.

    – Helena

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    Thank you for the chance! I love everything about your blog. πŸ™‚

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    I looovvee your writing posts! And photos from tour. <3
    I'm so excited to read RENEGADES. It's my most anticipated release of the fall.

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    The behind the scenes with the books are always my favourites and the pronunciation blog post you did for LC!
    was super helpful to see if was reading everything correctly. I also apprecitate and love a sneak peek at what your doing or the first pages of a book. Can’t wait for Renegades!

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    Extras for your books are always awesome, but what I’d really love to see is maybe an advice column from you for aspiring writers! Or even just a dedicated post here and there highlighting one writing technique or tip, that’d be really cool to see. Or an inside look into the publishing world to give us some idea of what it’ll mean for us to actually get a book published.

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    I love whatever you write!

  115. Charlotte Canevet commented on:

    I love when you post extras and news about your books. This way, it’s easier for me as I’m french and can’t have informations some times !

  116. commented on:

    Thank you so much for making this international As a reader, I wanted to know about the characters that I havn’t read from the book. And also some extras and trivias

  117. Megan S. commented on:

    My fave posts are sneak peeks of the Lunar Chronicles world, I love it so much <3

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    Hi Marissa, Thank you for this amazing opportunity to win and read another one of your amazing books.
    Some more posts that I would love to see on this blog are books that you’re currently reading or some of your favorites that you’ve already read. It would also be interesting to see updates on future books (kinda like progress updates) and fan art from the Lunar Chronicles. Those are always great. Once again thank you, and I hope to see you on your book tour.

  119. Farah commented on:


    I have to say my favorite content on this blog is usually updates about the books that your currently writing and maybe the books your currently reading or your favorites ! I chat what for the nest books!

  120. Taylor F. commented on:


    My favorite content on this blog is usually any extra content or fun fan art you post! It always brings back the feels from your past published works and I even love to see any updates you have for future works as well! πŸ™‚

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    I love updates on the writing process/progress, and ways to connect with you that I can pass on to my high school students. They (and I) LOVE your books and look forward to any new tidbits!

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    I love to see updates from you! Whether they be news about tours or upcoming books, it doesn’t matter. I love news!

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    Hi Marisa Meyer!

    My favorite contest are when people have to be creative and get to introduce themselves to their favorite authors! The posts I would like to see are ones updating us on what you are doing! Are you in the process of writing another book? What are you reading right now? Are you going on tour soon? What is up with you, Marissa Meyer?

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    I always love extra tidbits – answers about characters or deleted scenes.

  125. Marrill Collins commented on:

    I love hearing more details on characters – like the characters page you have. I also loved the deleted scenes on your Goodreads!
    As for more, I would love to hear more about your world! Llike America, and some other places we never get to go!

  126. Sofia Renom commented on:

    What is your favorite type of content to see on this blog? (and/or) What sort of posts or information would you like to see more of?

    I love reading about author’s thought process. What inspired them: music, films, other books, quotes, etc. I also love reading about the author’s themselves, what they’re doing and what they love. =)

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    My favorite content on your blog is when you talk about book characters. I love the character description guide and I love the deleted chapters that you posted.

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    I love seeing the “behind the scenes” work that goes into each book, whther it’s a delted scene or a bonus chapter to learn more about the characters.

  131. Daniela commented on:

    *whether it’s a deleted

  132. Daisy commented on:

    Well, I love all of your posts because they’re ALL amazing. :/ most boring answer ever, though…. *shrugs*

  133. Yvonne commented on:

    Dear Marissa Meyer,

    How are you?
    (Was that too formal? Maybe I should start again…)

    Hi Marissa Meyer!

    I am a teen reader who loves reading Young-Adult novels. After reading Cinder for the first time, I fell in love with the entire story and the whole Lunar Chronicles series. (That was when you became my favourite author!)
    I would just like to say in advance, thank you for sharing your thoughts and ideas with us (your fans). I love seeing every blog post regardless of what it may be. I find them all very interesting and inspiring!

    Keep up the great work! And keep doing you!

    Thank you so much!

  134. Carina Olsen commented on:

    EEEE! You are AMAZING Marissa πŸ˜€ Thank you so so much for all of these giveaways. Sniffs. I want to win so, so much. <3 Oh. I need this ARC of Renegades more than anything πŸ˜€ Ahh. Entering all the ways. <3 Crossing my fingers. And yesss πŸ˜€ I love that you are now on Instagram. <3 Hugs. You are the best.

    I love everything that you post on your blog. But my favorite have been deleted scenes πŸ˜€ Would love more of that. Deleted scenes, or just new scenes, ahhh πŸ˜€ And would love more personal pictures too, if you would feel okay with that. <3

  135. Matina commented on:

    I am so happy about all of this!
    I am super axcited about renegades I cant wait
    I actually love everything in your blog but i would like to see more.

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    I like seeing the fan art, extras, and behind the scenes of your writing. I love your books, so any time you post I’m excited to read it.

    Thank you for the giveaway! #WinRenegades

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    I love the “extras” for your books, and I can’t wa it to submit photos of our Lunar cosplay next weekend!

  138. Scylla commented on:

    Yasss finally some internationally giveaways. Well, I actually love, like the other awesome fans of yours, some extras and snippets. Like I loved those deleted first draft scenes of the Lunar chronicles, because I find them so interesting and I was obsessed with it, still am.
    And thank you for your amazing books and characters!!!

  139. Maria commented on:

    OMG I AM SO EXCITED!! Okay so the deleted scenes you post ones in a while are definitely my favourite posts so I guess i would LOVE to read more of them too <3
    Random piece of information: I just finished Cress and it was MIND BLOWING!!! I SHIP THORNE AND CRESS SO BADLY!!!

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    I like seeing the behind the scenes kinda thing of your publishing and writing

  141. Lindsay Davis commented on:

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    I love reading updates about your upcoming works!

  144. Lor C commented on:

    What I love most about your blog is seeing information about your writing process, inspiration, and how you got published. Not only is it informative but it’s heart-warming to see how successful you have become after your struggles =)

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    Hi Marissa!

    I love when you post fan-made quizzes and deleted scenes. I would especially like to see more excerpts as well as writing tips and advice. Hope to see you on your book tour in November!

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    I’m in!!!
    Heartless is about to be released here in Spain, and I can’t wait to read it, as well I can’t wait for Renegades!!

    I just wanted to add that The Lunar Chronicles was so important to me, I really really loved those books when I first read them, and I still do!

    Thank you for the give away!!

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    Awesome giveaway. I’d love to see more extras like the pronunciation guide you did. Like about the world and stuff like that.

  149. sara commented on:

    i love learning about YOU (that sounds creepy whoops). i enjoy learning about the author behind my favorite books because it makes me feel like i connect to the book more, in a way. it’s also so much fun because i relate to you in so many ways as well!

  150. Emily commented on:

    I absolutely love the history of your books and character profiles! The more I get to learn about my favorite stories and favorite characters, the better. I also love when you give us insights on your writing process and style.

  151. Jasmine Boucher commented on:

    I love when you provide us with pronunciation guides! As my first language is French, I sometimes butcher the names of characters and being set on the right pronunciation path is conforting! Also, seeing fanart of your books and characters is something I like and would want to see more!

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    I would love to see content on how you come up with the ideas for your characters and I think it would be fun to see your own artful renditions of them! Random facts/silly facts… It’s always great when your favourite authors share with you! ❀

  154. M. H. commented on:

    I actually don’t have Instagram, but might make an account just for this contest!
    Anyways, I love when you post your writing process (some might find it boring and long to read those posts, but I read every letter!). It’s because I’m an aspiring author myself, writing tons of stories no one has read yet. One post I remember and now also do myself, is not writing linearly – whenever I have an idea for a future or past part of the story, I write it down without waiting to reach that part of the story (and I never knew you could do that!). So thank you, Marissa! (I also love your contests and giveaways!) And thank you for this opportunity to read your upcoming book!

  155. Jen Brooks commented on:

    This is wonderful! Thank you for being generous with your books!

  156. Kate Krug commented on:

    I love glimpses into writers’ drafts or notebooks πŸ™‚

    Thank you for the opportunity, so excited for this book.

  157. Teya commented on:

    I can’t find my post I couldn’t believe I had not subscribed to the news letter. I have read every or I thought every Marissa Meyers book, at least in the Cinder series. Turns out I haven’t. GAH! I have some catching up to do and I cannot wait for this one! The Arc book sound fantastic! The first to read it, come on! WHOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!!

  158. Kimberly Ho commented on:

    I love your blog posts because they’re just so relatable to everyone regardless if they’re a reader or a writer. You share things that both groups are able to gain an insight from and benefit from it. Like for writers, your drafts or notebooks are super helpful and especially your writing process, that helps writers the most, I would think. Other readers would find you relatable by just sharing posts about your daily life I think a lot of your fans would love to see more short stories of your characters as they’re so lovable and how can we ever get enough? Hence, the entire Meyer fandom is just on their toes, like I am, for Renegades. I’m 101% sure. We all crave this book like Cress craved her freedom. πŸ˜‰ much much love, from a fan, now and forever. ❀

  159. Naina commented on:

    I love all your content but I’d love some more extra scenes and your writing process

  160. Shelly commented on:

    I love posts like your Lunar Chronicles name pronunciations, but especially the fact that it included name origins! That’s always cool stuff to see.

  161. Katrina commented on:

    I’m going to be completely honest – I would love to see more giveaways on here. I love entering a chance to win a free book! But, realistically, I would love to see more writing tips – especially ones concerning fairy tale retellings (because you have experience with that!) Mainly because I’m writing a fairy tale retelling of my own XD

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway!!!

  162. Maggie Turck commented on:

    Hi Marissa!

    First of all thank you for this giveaway! I’m super excited for Renegades and just the chance of reading an advanced copy blows me away! I love hearing about the upcoming events and new books. I also really enjoy hearing about the character pronunciation and where the name originated! I absolutely love when you post about your writing process. It is extremely helpful to me because I am trying to become a writer myself. I love the fan made deleted scenes and would love to see some fan art on here! I definitely would love some more giveaways and contests. That would be amazing! Thank you again for everything! You are a great role model and I am so excited for my younger sister to start reading you books!

  163. Isabella commented on:

    Deleted scenes/extra scenes are my FAVORITE! πŸ˜€
    I can’t wait to read Renegades!!! EAK!

  164. Dil commented on:

    It is so nice of you to do this! There are very few authors holding their own giveaways to give international fans a chance to win too^^

    I especially like “Day in the Life” blog posts and those about the publishing process of a book. Very interesting, very informative.

  165. Grace commented on:

    I would love to see more pronunciation guides and little background stories on the names of characters/places/story inspiration! <3

  166. Kimberly commented on:

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  167. Amanda commented on:

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  168. Brandy commented on:

    My favorite content is insight that seen in the books or other social media. I love to see little sneak peeks of current work.

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    Hi Marissa!

    I’m Noelle, and I live in Japan.

    I’m half American and half Japanese. Your series, “The Lunar Chronicles”, were the first thick books I’ve ever read in English. When I was reading Cinder for the first time, (I’ve read the series 4 times!) it was like the book was magic. I could not stop reading. Since then, I have fallen in love with reading.

    I’ve also read your other book, “Heartless” which had me in tears at the end. Your work has inspired me to think that maybe I can create my own series of fantasy with my imagination someday.

    I would love to read about what made you start writing, tips on how to create characters with personality and flaws, what was your favorite book, etc.

    I look forward into reading Renegades !!!!!

  170. Lily Belle commented on:

    I love reading about your NaNoWriMo experiences because I think I may start writing my first book! I would also like to see more day in the life of a writer posts.

  171. cate commented on:

    very excited to read your new book!

  172. Amy Walker commented on:

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  173. Alessandra Pellegrino commented on:

    I’d like to read/see cutted/bonus scenes, character profiles…all your-books related!

  174. Tamanna Kapoor commented on:

    Before answering the questions I would really like to thank you for this international giveaway. I am Indian and all my friends and I just love your work.
    As to what I like the the most about your blog is the fanart and of course the deleted scenes. It makes me feel like the Lunar Chronicles’ world will never end.
    The answer to the other question is quite difficult as you pretty much cover everything in your blog. So I can’t say what more I would like to see more. The answer is as simple as ‘Nothing and Everything’.

  175. Sara Glandon commented on:

    I love seeing more about you and about your writing process.

  176. Esthefany Quinonez commented on:

    Hello! This is Esthefany. I love your books and Heartless is one of my favorites ones. I’m from Guatemala and when I saw that book, wow I was breathless, so I started to follow you and your blog. When you post about a new book it’s just amazing, your books are awesome and they make me feel in another world. Someday I would like to be a writer, just like you. You write with the heart and that inspires me a lot. I would like to see more post about you and your life and how can we someday become an amazing writer like you are. I would like to be one someday, there are may stories in my head and I would like to share them someday, so please share some tips that we can use to be one! I would really love it!! Thank you Marissa! You have a fan here in Central America. Can’t wait to have your collection of books someday ☺️ πŸ™‚

  177. Nathalie commented on:

    I would love to see more posts about inspirations of the stories, characters and themes of your books, I always find this stuff pretty interesting. Also your writing process and maybe some helpful advice about it! I btw enjoyed the Lunar Chronicles pretty much and I love Cress! I loved it that you didn’t write a typical YA novel and tried out new things too I hope Renegades will be refreshing like this too!

  178. Sheena-kay Graham commented on:

    Um, I love all your content from personal posts to writing advice and journey. So I just want more. Plus you have cool contest idea and really make your fans feel special. I love you, Marissa. πŸ™‚

  179. Michaela H commented on:

    WRITING ADVICE is my favorite thing you do. Anything that helps you create your stories (that you haven’t blogged about yet), do it!

  180. LW commented on:

    Extras, writing tips, contests, news… basically everything. I can’t wait for Renegades!

  181. S Scott commented on:

    I love the outtakes from your books! I’d like to see some specifically from Heartless and Renegades, though.

  182. Liz commented on:

    My favorite type of content is definitely behind-the-scenes tidbits, both from older work and for books that are coming up.

  183. Sandra commented on:

    I like the “extras” and behind the scenes things πŸ™‚ I’d like to see more fanart

  184. LC commented on:

    My favorite type of content is definitely the scenes that were taken out of the books. I loved when you showed The Lunar Chronicles outtakes, just thinking about what could have been and comparing it to the story now, and trying to figure out how the story would fit together. It’s really interesting to see how much authors write compared to how much gets into the book.

  185. Katie L commented on:

    I love your writing tips blog posts. I have done so much research on pre-writing and drafting, but your tips have helped me the most. I also love reading about your writing process and updates on your latest work. You are such an inspiration to me and my writing and your writing advice has helped me the most to just finish what I start.

  186. Grayson S commented on:

    I LOVE all the extra content you put up of our beloved characters! Like how to pronouce names and behind the scenes!

  187. Alexandra commented on:

    I’m in solidarity with the others who say that extra content about the characters, deleted scenes, pieces of information that inspired you as an author are the most anticipated and exciting posts.

    Also contests that you organise make me want to use my creativity at its fullest, so I am extra thrilled when you make international giveaways!

    I will be very sad when “Wires & Nerve, vol. 2” is out and there’ll be no new books left in the universe of “The Lunar Chronicles”. So if you decide to post some pieces of content about our beloved Rampion Crew, how they go on living in your mind or what they do on daily basis, that would charge us with powerful positive solar energy!

  188. Angela commented on:

    I like reading information about books, deleted scenes and other extra stuff πŸ˜€

  189. Katie commented on:

    I love reading sneak peaks on books, and would love to see your favourite fanart, fanfiction (okay maybe not). Hell, might as well just create a social network service on this site for your fans! ❀️

  190. rue commented on:

    I love it when you show the steps between first having the idea for a book, writing it and editing it, as well as deleted TLC scenes and I would love to see more of it.

  191. VikiT commented on:

    I love extras and experts, book news, artwork maybe fanart.

  192. Katie Adkins commented on:

    I would personally love to see more recommendations! I also love artwork and fan art, so that would be cool to see as well!

  193. Sabrina commented on:

    Thank you so much for this giveaway! I can’t wait to read Renegades! I loved The Lunar Chronicles and Heartless is one of my all time favorite books ! I would love to see more deleted/ alternate scenes and sneak peeks of your WIP!

  194. Kirsty Barnes commented on:

    I love extra about our books like deleted scenes and info about new upcoming books

  195. Kirsty Barnes commented on:

    Sorry I meant your books

  196. sandy dougall commented on:

    Hi Marissa,
    I love the extra stuff about your characters that maybe didn’t make it into the books, but is cool for readers to know.
    Thanks so much!

  197. Azmira commented on:

    Interviews and giveaways

  198. Elise commented on:

    Being a writer myself, it genuinely fascinates me to read your writing tips and how you do things. It not only motivates me to keep writing, but it also gives me hope because I can relate to a lot of things you write about. I also love the extras that you post, whether it is a pronunciation guide or deleted scenes. It’s like receiving Christmas gifts every time you post! I would love to see more of how you get ideas for your stories or simply more information regarding the books that you have already written. It is always fun to get to know an author that way!

  199. david commented on:

    I definitely love seeing contests, but it was really neat when you posted the pronunciation guide recently as well! (so I guess that would be book extras?)

  200. Leah T. commented on:

    I like seeing inside info to TLC. For example, character profiles, pronunciations, etc.

  201. Lisa commented on:

    I’m overjoyed that this give away is open internationally, yes! As for the content, I love the inside info about the books, or the renegade superhero promotion with creating our own superhero identity. But if I could choose something to see more of, maybe some backstage info about the books, inspiration, or which books you are reading at the moment?

  202. Hailey commented on:

    I love seeing the inspiration behind the books. I also love seeing more information about the characters and updates on WIP.

  203. Rachel D commented on:

    I love seeing snippets and behind the scenes things of your books! When you posted one of the first drafts of a chapter from Cinder I found it so interesting. I’d love to see more of this and writing tips! Thank you for doing this giveaway and for making it international <3

  204. Hannah H commented on:

    My favorite posts are the deleted scenes etc. and writing tips. I love seeing more from the characters because it always hurts when you finish a series and know that you’ll never get any more from the characters, and it’s so nice to know that that day is still a long way off for Cinder and Co.

  205. Lacey T commented on:

    I love deleted scenes and posts with contests where you show the artwork people contribute!

  206. Myn Kobayashi commented on:

    I love when you provide additional backstory

  207. Katherine commented on:

    I love seeing posts on your writing process!

  208. Alice commented on:

    My favorite posts are always your writing advice. That six-part series you did was a life-saver and really helped me get my rear in gear with my own novel. Keep em coming!

  209. Katana commented on:

    I love hearing about your writing process (including how your current WIPs are going and parts you’re having fun with), as well as advice and encouragement for other writers – so helpful!

  210. Grace Burkhart commented on:

    I love posts with extras from the TLC novels. And of course, always enjoy posts with giveaways!

  211. Nicole Hoefs commented on:

    Extras, WIP news, interviews, writing/editing process, etc. Pretty much anything fun.

  212. Artistic Bent commented on:

    I like learning about who you are as more than the name on the cover of the book I’m reading. It helps make the experience more personal if I understand what motivated you to write the characters, settings, etc the way you did so even if something feels like it might be hard to believe someone doing/saying that I can see why you did and enjoy the book more.

  213. Gloria Garcia commented on:

    Thank you for the opportunity to win your Renegades arc!!! I love all the book’s you’ve written and can’t wait to read Renegades!!! ☺☺☺

  214. Taasia commented on:

    Thank you for the opportunity Marissa you’re the best <3

  215. R commented on:

    I love the deleted scenes, writing tips and contests.



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