The Scarlet Blog Tour (with Updated Links)

Scarlet Blog Tour Header

The Scarlet Blog Tour is officially wrapping up today, but many of the giveaways are still underway!

Here’s the complete schedule with updated links.

Monday 1/21
Alexa Loves Books : 7 Big Bad Wolf-y Facts
In which I detail some fascinating factoids I learned while researching for “The Order of the Pack.”

Tuesday 1/22
Alice Marvels : One Year After Publication: Things I’ve Learned
In which I look back at the crazy year that was 2012.

Wednesday 1/23
Mermaid Vision Books : Author Interview
In which I talk about Cinder and Kai’s romantic troubles, among other things.

Thursday 1/24
Into the Hall of Books : Rieux-Volvestre: The Real-Life Town Behind the Fictional Rieux
In which I take you to the town that inspired Scarlet’s home.

Friday 1/25
Supernatural Snark : Author Interview
In which I ponder how long it would take for Captain Thorne to get himself into trouble during a book tour.

Saturday 1/26
Anna Reads : My Top Five Fictional Crushes
In which I swoon. Spoiler alert: There’s more than one “captain.”

Sunday 1/27
A Backwards Story : 10 Things that Changed from Scarlet’s First Draft
In which I detail plot twists that Are No More.

Monday 1/28
Bewitched Bookworms : A Deleted Scene from Scarlet
In which I dare to show you an unedited, unrevised scene from Scarlet’s first draft.

Tuesday 1/29
The Book Rat : The Gruesome History of Little Red Riding Hood
In which we talk about non-Disney-fied things.

Wednesday 1/30
Makeshift Bookmark : Virtually “Touring” the Paris Opera House
In which I take you on a tour of one of the most beautiful structures ever built.

Thursday 1/31
Book Sake : Fangirling Over Fanart
In which I highlight some of my fav Lunar Chronicles fanart (so far).

Friday 2/1
Making the Grade : The Queen’s Army
In which I discuss the writing of Scarlet’s prequel.

Saturday 2/2
Birth of a New Witch : The Resurgence of Fairy Tales
In which I talk about this popular trend and how The Lunar Chronicles fits in.

Sunday 2/3
Two Chicks on Books : Why France? Werewolves and the Beast of Gévaudan
In which I tell the horrifyingly “true” story of an 18th-century werewolf and its murdering spree.


And don’t forget to also check out A Week of Little Red from A Backwards Story, which has featured early commentary from some of SCARLET’s beta readers, the Top 5 Little Red references in the book, reviews, music videos, giveaways, and more!