Some of the Most Heartwarming TLC Art I’ve Ever Seen

Oh my stars. Have you guys seen these????

Now, I have received a lot of amazing fanart over the years and every piece has made me smile or swoon, and sometimes even made me laugh.

But last week, during the Stars Above tour, I received a booklet containing two short TLC comics that made me smile, and then awww, and then… cry. Truly. That was a first.  These two graphic stories are so incredibly touching (and cleverly done!) that I simply had to share them here.

Thanks to Sorcaron for bringing them to my attention and printing my own keepsake book to cherish, and to both Sorcaron/mf-islands and Ana-Dante for creating such heartfelt mini-tales.



Superheroes by Ana-Dante




Stories by Sorcaron and Ana-Dante



Click through to read the entire comics. And enjoy!