Secret Nano Project: Stats

Well… last week was fun! After travel and Cress revisions pushed me way behind on my NaNo goals, I forced myself to make a last ditch effort during the last week and try and finish the complete draft of my Secret Nano Project.


In the end, I wrote about 44,000 words those last seven days—and finished at about 3:00 p.m. on November 30. (With time to spare!) That is definitely a personal record for me, so I’m pretty darn pleased.


Unfortunately, the mad rush of writing meant that I abandoned my writing-location experiment and spent almost all my time in places I know are productive for me – mostly my home office and in bed. Ah well, maybe I’ll pick up the experiment again when times are less crazy. There are still many of your suggestions that I would like to try one of these days.


Though I still can’t give any concrete information on the project, it’s become tradition on this blog to post some basic stats after I finish a draft of anything, so here goes:


Title: Secret Nano Project 2012


Final Word Count: 67,259


# of Chapters: 41


# of Chapters I Skipped: 3


Top Reasons for Skipping Chapters: 1. Knowing everything’s going to change anyway, 2. Muddled Brain Syndrome.


How many things I already know need fixing: 10


Ideas sparked for possible companion titles: 1 (if my publisher approves)


Current first line: “Rosana held the tray as one might hold the king’s crown, her hands wrapped with tea towels to protect them from the heat as she slid it gently out of the enormous stone oven.”


NaNo tagline: A novel full of whimsy and magic, passion and tragedy, jesters and kings.


When I’ll be able to tell you more information: Hopefully January or February!


I hope you all enjoyed this year’s NaNo and are still as enthusiastic about your novels as you were at the start. Happy Revising!