Forthcoming Novels, Stories, and Secret Projects

The last few months spent on a blogging hiatus have not been in vain—I’ve been one busy writer-ess! So I thought I’d clue you all in to what’s been happening behind the scenes and some projects you have to look forward to in the coming years.




FAIREST : As most of you know, my next novel, Fairest, was finally announced a few weeks ago. I am SUPER excited to share with you all the backstory of Queen Levana and how she became Princess Winter’s stepmother and Luna’s power-hungry dictator. After completing my final revisions on Fairest about a month ago, I’m now waiting to receive copyedits.

Release: 27 January 2015


WINTER PREQUEL SHORT STORY : Having written a prequel companion story for each of the first three books of the Lunar Chronicles, I couldn’t stand to leave Winter out! I’ve been brainstorming ideas for a Winter-based prequel and intend to draft something out by the end of this month. I have no idea how or when my publisher will want to release it, but I hope it will be available to readers before Winter comes out next year. Stay tuned!

Release: TBD



WINTER : Most likely your  most anticipated read, Winter, is chugging along! This book has been a long, hard slog, in part because it’s just so darn big and complex. (Four major plotlines? Seriously? What was I thinking?) But it’s finally shaping up and I’m working with my editor and beta-readers to make this the most epic and satisfying series conclusion that I possibly can. At this point I’m waiting to receive notes from my editor before I embark on Draft #5 (hopefully the final draft, but… we’ll see.)

Release: 10 November 2015


HEARTLESS : My Queen of Hearts-inspired prequel is the book I’ve been focused on most the past couple of months, and Draft #2 will be finished by the end of July. It’s only the second draft, so there are still a lot of things about it that I’m not happy with, but so far it’s been a lot of fun to write! I look forward to sharing my version of Wonderland with you all.

Expected release: February 2016


PETTICOATS & PISTOLS  ANTHOLOGY : A few months ago I was invited to partake in my first YA anthology, edited by the lovely and talented Jessica Spotswood! The anthology will be a collection of historical and historical fantasy stories with a focus on strong female protagonists, and there is a super impressive roster of contributing authors! My story will be set in Deadwood, South Dakota Territory, during the Black Hills Gold Rush of 1876-77. I’ve been conducting lots of research these past months and hope to draft my story this week.

Expected release: Early 2016


SECRET PROJECT : My publisher and I are working on something special that I can’t really talk about, but I can tell you that it’s been on my writer wish-list since I was a teenager. I’ve started doing some preliminary brainstorming and research and hope to have news to share with you guys by the end of this year.

Release: TBD, but I would expect early 2017 at this point



A BRAND NEW SERIES! : Last but far from least, I have a burning seed of an idea involving superheroes and supervillains that’s been plaguing me for well over a year now. I hope that, with any luck, I’ll be able to start writing it later this fall. Lately I’ve been brainstorming and doing some preliminary research for the series, and I’ll start outlining it as soon as I can cross some of the fore-mentioned projects off my list. Might this be another NaNoWriMo book? One can hope!

Expected release for Book One: Fall 2016



Whew! So that’s what’s on my plate now, meaning lots and lots of reading fun for the future. No rest for the wicked, right?