Congratulations, Mad Hatters!

Your votes have been cast and tallied and a winner for the Heartless Mad Hatter Design Contest has been selected!


And the grand prize winner is……… Vanessa!



Vanessa’s design is absolutely stunning, and I have personally witnessed more than one jaw drop when people see it. So incredible and amazing and… yes, absolutely mad!!


Once again, big congratulations to our finalists and runners-up: Olivia and Raegyn! I am incredibly smitten with both of your designs and so grateful that you put your whole hearts (get it?) into this contest.




And because there were SO MANY exceptional entries, I wanted to keep up with my regular tradition of also highlighting some:




I fell in love with each of these, for a variety of reasons, and could have easily seen any of them among our finalists! For your hard work and originality, every one of our honorable mentions will be receiving a random pack of goodies and swag.


I will be in contact with the winners shortly!


Thank you again, a thousand times, to everyone who entered and voted and who is so willing to humor me and these crazy contests. The Mad Hatter would be so proud!


Now: dust off those teapots and start baking some scones, readers… Heartless will be out in just two more months!!!


*tips hat and disappears, Cheshire-style*