Bookmark Contest: Honorable Mentions

There were a total of 278 entries to the Lunar Chronicles Design-a-Bookmark Contest!

If you have the time, I highly recommend scanning through the other entries. So many of them were stunning, and I wish I could highlight them all!

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Finalists and the voting form will be posted soon in a separate post, but before we get there, I had to highlight some of my personal favorites with these honorable mentions.

Honorable Mentions

Here are ten that blew me away with their creativity, execution, and artistic prowess.

WHY I LOVE IT: The variations on the four apples are so clever, the space background looks like actual space, and it’s on real canvas! I’m a sucker for that.

WHY I LOVE IT: I adore the scrapbook /shadow box / crafty vibe of this bookmark, which was clearly a fan favorite among the entries. The gears and snowflakes are my favorite parts!

WHY I LOVE IT: Do yourself a favor and enlarge this one to see it better. There is a lot happening on this bookmark, yet all the design elements are so elegant and tastefully done, and it sort of reminds me of fortune telling cards.

WHY I LOVE IT: It’s adorable!! I love the representation of the four girls, and how the quote from Fairest ties them all together.

WHY I LOVE IT: Another clear fan favorite, and how could it not be? The paint work is stunning, and I love the way all the colors and the four faces come together.

WHY I LOVE IT: Not only is the artwork fantastic, but the mirror image is like playing cards! So smart!

WHY I LOVE IT: Here again: enlarge this one! It’s truly breathtaking, and I love the decision to continue Cress’s arm and hand from one side to the next. It’s like a mural!

WHY I LOVE IT: Stained glass Winter!!! This gave me Beauty and the Beast flashbacks, in a good way.

WHY I LOVE IT: This is one of my favorite designs – so simple, yet so brilliant, and I love how you can really tell which hand belongs to each character.

WHY I LOVE IT: Argh, I wish I could get the Pinterest widget to make this bigger, because it deserves to be seen! This illustration is incredibly detailed and I love how the tag lines pull all the books together.

Thank you all for entering and sharing your talent with us! These honorable mentions will each be contacted after the contest is over and will receive a Lunar Chronicles swag pack. Congrats!