Blog Highlights: The Conception of CINDER

For the grand opening of this blog, I’m spotlighting some of my favorite blog posts and moments from over the years throughout the month of June.


Week Three: CINDER from Conception to Publication




Though this was posted nearly two years after I had the original idea behind CINDER, it’s a fun glimpse into where it all began… also, I’d forgotten that Dr. Erland’s name was Merlin in the first draft!



First posted on June 3, 2010

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Look what I found!


I was going through an old journal yesterday, making sure I hadn’t missed any story ideas before retiring it to the journal drawer, when I came across my first-ever notes for Cinder! Oh man, it seems like just yesterday…

“Cinderella is a cyborg/part machine. Stepmother keeps her for fixing computer stuff, stepsisters treat her like a freak. Dream is to be fully human. One day hears that palace scientist (Merlin figure) is developing means of giving cyborgs human parts. She devises a way to meet him and begins undergoing treatment. Also meets prince. For the “balls”–her machine friends lend her fancy new parts to “wear.” Her “slipper” is a wire or something. Also – helps the prince somehow?”

LOL. I love love love how nothing matches the actual novel except for the cyborg part and her stepmother keeping her to fix things.

I mean, her slipper is a wire? That doesn’t even make sense. (Okay, the idea did come to me in the middle of the night so I guess it can be forgiven.)

How things do change.