Blog Highlights: The CINDER Blog Tour

For the grand opening of this blog, I’m spotlighting some of my favorite blog posts and moments from over the years throughout the month of June.

Week Four: Marketing and Promotion



First posted on January 31, 2012

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Did you miss any of the posts for the Epic Cinder Blog Tour? Here’s the entire rundown for your perusing pleasure! I had so much fun writing all these fun posts, answering interview questions, and recording vlogs, and I hope you all enjoyed as well!

And of course, I owe a GAZILLION thank yous to all the bloggers who participated!!

*round of applause for the YA blogosphere*

(Links will take you directly to blog tour posts.)

Stop #1:
In which I discuss the Awesomeness that is Firefly and how it inspired The Lunar Chronicles.

Stop #2:
In which I give a brief history of The Lunars.

Stop #3:
In which I explain how Cinder’s cyborg-ness developed over multiple drafts.

Stop #4:
In which I share some of the photos and artwork that inspired CINDER.

Stop #5:
In which I share a scene that was deleted from the first draft.

Stop #6:
In which my friends and I show you how to make shrimp wontons.

Stop #7:
An interview in which I talk about my writing journey.

Stop #8:
In which I give a gushy account of how I sold my debut novel.

Stop #9:
In which Prince Kai is interviewed.

Stop #10:
An interview in which I talk about my inspiration and offer advice.

Stop #11:
An interview in which I talk about my challenges and influences.

Stop #12:
In which the book designer and I talk about the cover art.

Stop #13:
In which I contemplate the symbolism behind a fancy-dress ball.

Stop #14:
In which I share some songs from the CINDER playlist, and how they inspired the book.

Stop #15:
An interview in which my characters get stuck on a desert island and I confess my karaoke song.

Stop #16:
In which my charming husband is interviewed.

Stop #17:
In which I eat noodles and crawl under cars. In other words, research.

Stop #18:
In which I share the query letter that hooked my agent.