Blog Highlights: My First TV Interview (Behind the Scenes)

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First posted on February 16, 2012

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Last Friday I was interviewed on Studio 4 with Fanny Kiefer up in Vancouver, B.C. Here’s the interview in its entirety!



So I was pretty stinking nervous for my first TV appearance, but overall I think it went pretty well.

I arrived with my husband and publicist about a half hour prior to the start of the show and we were ushered into the green room along with the show’s two other guests (Brian O’Dea, author of HIGH, and Chen Lizra, author of MY SEDUCTIVE CUBA). For some reason, I’d thought that the show would be recorded and aired later, but while watching the ticker on the news broadcast on the green room TV, it became clear that no, it would be live. So I spent the half hour trying not to think about that.

Brian O’Dea went up first to talk about his book, which was all about how he was a marijuana smuggler and smuggled a ridiculous amount of pot from South America into the states, got caught and went to jail and all these other horrific stories. It was a great interview and made me more nervous because I was all like, “Er… I wrote a Cinderella retelling…?” lol!

Then they ushered me into the studio. As the show cut to commercial, Mr. O’Dea was led off-set and I took his place. Someone attached my microphone and was like “Watch out that your hair doesn’t cover it,” so of course then I was paranoid the whole time about my hair. ^^;;

There was music and Fanny started giving her introduction which was definitely the most nervous-making part and I had to remind myself to stay calm and just treat it like a conversation. Once the interview actually got underway, though, a lot of the nerves wore off and it was easy to forget about the whole “TV” thing.

It was a very fast 15 minutes!

Afterwards, we cut to commercial again, someone came and unhooked the mic and I was ushered back into the green room where I signed a copy of the book for Fanny, and that was that!

Clothes, Make-up, Hair… (Because let’s focus on the important stuff, shall we?)

I did my hair and make-up at the hotel, although the show did have a make-up artist on staff to do touch-ups. Of course, some shows have full make-up and hair services, and I’m considering smuggling my sister-in-law/hair stylist into my suitcase for next time. ^_^

As for clothes, my only instructions were “No white, no beige, no small prints like checks or tweed.” I browsed through clips of the show to see what other women wore and determined I didn’t want a blazer and I definitely wanted either a skirt or a dress. So I went shopping with those marching orders and found my new favorite turqoise dress, and I’m quite happy with how it looks, and so glad I decided on the boots rather than pumps because how hot do they look in those far-away shots? Success!

That’s all I can think of.

So… got questions?