Announcing the “Design a Sticker” Contest!

Three things I love:


– book swag

– creativity-based contests

– giving stuff away!



So I decided it was time to host a brand new contest, since it’s been a while since the epic Lunar Insignia Design Contest which was a huge success last year.


The winners of the Design a Sticker contest will not only receive some neat prizes (see below), but their winning designs will also be turned into real stickers that I’ll be giving away at book signings and including in swag packs for the next year.




I decided to host a design-a-sticker contest because, well, I love stickers! I had stickers printed up with the Cinder and Scarlet book covers before and I liked having them not only to use as giveaway items but also for my own purposes, like sealing envelopes. But I stopped having them made up because using just the book covers was so boring.


Which is where you guys come in! I need your help, because you are all so much more creative and artistic than I am. I can’t wait to see what you come up with.


Ready for some details?



YOUR MISSION: Design a Lunar Chronicles Sticker that I can use for promotional swag.




– Your sticker design can be either square, round, rectangular, or oval. I will be printing using, so if you need guidance on dimensions, I recommend looking at their sticker-sizing options.


– Your sticker design may include graphics, text, or a combination of the two.


– You are welcome to use any or all of the book covers in your design, but please do not use copyrighted images. Any artwork or photography should be your own creation or you must have permission to use it.


– Be creative! I’m intentionally not giving you a whole lot of direction because I love seeing what you guys come up with. As long as it has something to do with the Lunar Chronicles, your design will be qualified.


– Remember, I will be using these as promotional items leading up to the release of Fairest and Winter, so ask yourself what kind of sticker you would want to take home and paste everywhere in order to declare yourself a proud Lunartic. Likewise, if you had never heard of The Lunar Chronicles but you saw this sticker on someone else’s e-reader cover (or wherever), what would prompt you to ask about it?





– Please submit ONLY ONE DESIGN. If you submit more than one design, your work will be disqualified.


– Once your design is finished, post it on a public web site. (Pinterest is preferred, but I will also accept Tumblr, DeviantART, Twitter, or Instagram. Please do not use Facebook as it has difficult privacy guidelines. Do not email me your design.)


– Send me the link to your design using the contact form at


– Important: By submitting an entry to this contest you are giving me permission to use your design for future promotional materials at my discretion. You retain all other rights to your work.


– Open internationally.


– All entries must be received no later than midnight PST on August 17, 2014.





I will gather all entries onto a Pinterest board and finalists will be selected through a yet-to-be-determined method. All finalists will then be posted on this blog and put to a Reader’s Choice vote.


ALL FINALISTS will receive a swag pack of Lunar Chronicles goodies.


TWO GRAND PRIZE WINNERS (one Reader’s Choice, one Marissa’s Choice*) will receive a signed book, a limited-edition messenger bag, and more! Plus their designs will be turned into swanky stickers. Yes, I will send you some stickers, too.


* The Marissa’s Choice winner will be chosen from all entries, not only the finalists.




I can’t wait to see what you come up with. Happy designing, and GOOD LUCK!