Month: October 2016

First Listen: Heartless Audiobook

You know we’re close to a book release when the first excerpt from the audiobook becomes available!   I’m delighted that Heartless is narrated by Rebecca Soler, the same talented narrator behind The Lunar Chronicles, and here is our first listen…         The Heartless audiobook will release […]

The Random Heartless Research List

  With just two weeks to go before Heartless  arrives bookstores, I thought I would share a curious little behind-the-scenes look into the creation of a novel.   Namely – the entirely bizarre things that we authors sometimes have to research.   The question comes up all the time when I’m talking about The Lunar Chronicles […]

The Scarlet Litographs Design Contest

If the brand new Cinder Infinity Scarves wasn’t enough… I have yet MORE exciting news from Litographs!   Their line of Cinder merchandise has done so well (thank you, Lunartics!) that they’ve decided to add a line for Scarlet too. (YAY!!) And because my readers are pretty much the most creative […]