Lunar Insignia Grand Prize Winners and Honorable Mentions

Posted on: 11th Nov 2013  /   Categorized: Cinder

Confession: I HATE choosing contest winners. There are always SO MANY that I love, and I want to reward everyone for their effort and creativity, and I want to hug all of you for participating.

But! Winners must be chosen nonetheless!

First up . . .



I am a sucker for sleek, modern, simple designs, and for that, I was absolutely smitten with these three entries from Jen, Ashlyn, and Bianca. If I had any interest in getting another tattoo, I would probably choose one of these designs.

I am equally a sucker for artists who choose to work in 3-D mediums, and I loved the effort put into Regina’s acrylic insignia and this piece sculpted from clay by Portia. Having worked with clay before, I know that it’s no easy task.

And lastly, I loved the entries from FeltsofFancy and adzscited, because they are GORGEOUS and also incredibly unique. I found myself staring at each of these for a long time.

Each honorable mention will receive a Lunar Chronicles swag pack.



Thanks to everyone who voted! The votes have been tallied, and the People’s Choice Winner is . . . .



For this stunning design, BlindThistle has won a signed ARC of CRESS, a signed UK edition of SCARLET, and a Lunar Chronicles swag pack.

Congrats to our other finalists: Caitlin, Celine23Spiral-n-Escape, Wilmelyn, and Xenatine. This was probably the closest voting bracket I’ve ever seen in one of these contests. All six finalists received tons of fan love!

Each finalist has won a signed UK edition of SCARLET and a Lunar Chronicles swag pack, including a limited-edition Lunar Chronicles messenger bag!



And last but never least, the Marissa’s Choice Award is my chance to reward an entry for effort, creativity, and their use of the books as inspiration.

And the award goes to . . .



Annie V.! 

The more I look at this design, the more I see. From the crescent moons forming a Sauron-like eye, to the bits of foil in the border that look like little pieces of the moon’s surface, to the contrast between the bright palace above and the dark, dingy city below (VERY Lunar-accurate). You can read Annie’s full explanation of the design here.

Well done, Annie!

For her design, Annie has won a signed ARC of CRESS, a signed UK edition of SCARLET, and a Lunar Chronicles swag pack.

Congrats to all the winners! You’ll receive an email within 24 hours to claim your prize.

Thank you again to everyone who entered – if you haven’t gone through the board yet, it’s worth looking at. There are many more breathtaking designs!


  1. Your Name commented on:

    Well done to both winners!
    Peoples choice was my favorite although I had never seen the other one before till now it was very very good an I really like it.

  2. Celine23 commented on:

    Congratulations to BlindThistle and Annie V.!!! Both of you’re designs are awesome and I’m so glad you won!

  3. raingoddessyume commented on:

    Congrats to you winners! I hope we will get to see pictures of you enjoying your swag!

  4. Annie commented on:

    Thanks so much for all the kind remarks! I am so, so happy to be chosen as a winner! A huge thanks! (like a hundred times over ;)) Congrats to BlindThistle as well. (and of course to all the others who participated ;)) xx Annie

  5. Lindsay commented on:

    I thought the Lunar insignia was different, but you totally rocked the new insignia!

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