Cress is finished! Have some statistics.

Posted on: 3rd May 2013  /   Categorized: Cress

Oh, hey there, Internet! I am VERY happy to report that Cress. Is. Finished! I sent the final manuscript off to my editor on Wednesday. Celebration!!


Here are some book statistics:


Title: Cress (Book Three of the Lunar Chronicles)


Fairy tale it’s based on: Rapunzel


Expected US release date: February 4, 2014


End word count: 139,076 (up almost 25K from the last draft! *dies*)


Number of chapters: 61


How I celebrated: Almond-infused champagne and 3 episodes of Firefly. I also cleaned my house, which doesn’t seem like it should be celebrating, but it totally is.


What happens next: Copyedits!


ARCs?: ARCs should be printed in June. My publisher is being stingy with them this year, but if you’re a reviewer, feel free to place a request via And I’ll definitely be hosting some giveaways in the coming months, so watch this space!


Cover Art?: Is in progress! I haven’t seen anything yet myself, but I think they’re looking to reveal it in… June? Maybe? *fingers crossed*


Opening paragraph:

Her satellite made one full orbit around planet Earth every sixteen hours. It was a prison that came with an endlessly breathtaking view—vast blue oceans and swirling clouds and sunrises that set half the world on fire.


Teaser Sentence as Randomly Selected by Twitter. From page 28:

“I don’t mind the scars.” He shrugged, his eyes taking on a mischievous spark. “They hold better memories now than they used to.”

(NYAW, who could that possibly be?! ^_^)


Have a good weekend, folks!


  1. Morgan commented on:

    Congrats on finishing! Ahhh I adore both sentences! I love your writing and really can’t wait to see the cover and read the book next year. Glad it’s longer too 🙂 There can never be enough of the Lunar Chronicles!

  2. Sarah Kate @ Sarah Kate's Silver Linings commented on:

    Wahoo! I am just now reading “Cinder” and I am hooked! Your writing is so unique. I can’t wait to read the rest of the series. Thank you so much for these great novels!

    PS Your release date is listed as being in February of 2013. Is this supposed to be 2014?

  3. Leah commented on:

    Ohhhhh my god! Congrats on getting it finished :D. Really, really cannot wait for this next book!

  4. Tina Marie commented on:

    Wow I am so excited Thank you for giving us an update and sneak peaks!! I was just talking to another fan on twitter about the release date and cover!! TYVM!! I CAN NOT WAIT 😀

  5. Amanda commented on:

    Congrats on finishing Cress! I can’t wait until Feb 2014! It seems like its forever from today!! The two sentences have me wishing I had a time machine! 🙂

  6. Teana commented on:

    I can’t wait for the next book!!! I love the books there have become my favorites and congrats on finishing

  7. Emma commented on:

    Freaking out over here! I love Rapunzel and I can’t wait for Cress. I just want to hug all your characters, they’re all cute in their own ways.

  8. Stephanie B commented on:

    *dies* I can’t wait! “I don’t mind the scars.” Eeep! I need to get my hands on this!

  9. Sara commented on:

    February? :*( That is forever away!!! I can’t wait!!!!

  10. Megumi commented on:

    Congratulations! I’m so excited to see the cover and then read the book!

  11. Sherry commented on:

    Yay! I really wanna read this ASAP!!! 😀 Congrats!

  12. Shyann commented on:

    The satellite is her tower! So excited, February can’t come soon enough!

  13. Frances commented on:

    Hi, I just ended scarlet and I can’t wait until you release the new books. I’m just wondering if you can release cress and winter earlier. Thank you for being the best author- Frances

  14. Cortney commented on:

    I feel like I’m technically too old to be reading this series and yet, I wouldn’t give it up if paid to. This series has me as hooked as Scott Westerfeld’s Uglies. Wanna talk about hooked? HA! I just finished Scarlet at 1am today. We read Cinder a couple weeks ago and everyone (my husband, 16yo daughter and 6yo son) was hooked. With baited breath we all awaited the email from the library saying Scarlet was in. So as of this morning (it’s now almost 2am and I’m supposed to be working) I have finished Scarlet, while the family is on Page 120 of 454. I eat books for snacks and this series is no different. If I were a teacher I’d make it a reading assignment for my high school English class. I really would. Just aMAZing writing, Luna Marissa Meyer; amazing. We’re all glamoured by the Lunar Chronicles. I agree with the other commenters though. February has never seemed so far away. I love the fairy tale aspects of each of the books/characters/settings. Cinderella from Beijing, People’s Republic of China; Little Red Riding Hood is from Rieux, France; and now Rapunzel’s tower is in space. HA! There’s no getting down from there quickly either. I’m just giddy with excitement. Please continue to write the way the first two are written – intriguing, captivating, good to the last drop.
    Okay. Last thought, I’ll add my signature to Frances’ petition: any way you can release Cress and Winter early? You have created small wolf cubs and we’re all chomping at the bit (please excuse my deplorable mix of metaphors) for your new release. Thank you for sharing with us.

  15. Alexa Y. commented on:

    Congratulations on finishing Cress! I’m super excited to read it. It’ll be interesting to see your take on Rapunzel. And I can’t wait to revisit the world and characters!

  16. Sydney Nguyen commented on:

    I love the Lunar Chronicles. I can’t wait till next year. I am looking forward to reading more of your spectacular writing. A world without the Lunar Chronicles is a world I don’t want to live in.

  17. Nicole Nolan commented on:

    I can’t wait to see the cover! I just finished Scarlet and I really want to read Cress! The Lunar Chronicles is definitely one of my favorite series; even though I usually do not like science fiction as much as other genres. I can’t wait for Cress to come out! 2014 seems so far away. Your writing is absolutely fantastic! I recently recommended the series to some of my friends when one of them asked if I knew of any good science fiction books that had androids or robots or anything like that. (She asked me this as I was reading Scarlet…talk about good timing!)
    I love this series!

  18. Lauren J commented on:

    Yay! I love the series! I can’t wait till cress! Btw I loved scarlet and. Wolfs little alpha female thing going on I hope it’s in cress too! Ahhhhh I’m just so exited! I’m going to run around my house 3 times screaming… Jk that would be kinda embarrassing. Well then byeeeeeeeee

  19. Sarah commented on:

    Is there going to be a prequel for Cress as well? If so, when will it be released? I am so excited for next year!

  20. Grace commented on:

    I keep getting more and more excited over this! Only 268 days left to go! 😀

  21. Grace Diseker commented on:

    I tore through Cinder then Scarlet in less than one day each! I can’t wait for Cress!! I think I know who it is about! Wolf and Scarlet!!!!! That is adorable. Why must it come out in feburary of next year!! I really want Cinder to com Kia and tell him who she is! He’d call off the marriage alliance and marry her!! Oh well,
    If you do do a movie make sure you have a lot of control
    The world doesn’t need another Percy Jackson movie fail no offense to rick riordon love the sereis both greek and eygptian

  22. Maisha Chowdhury commented on:

    The Lunar Chronicles was finished for me within 2 days flat, I had read it about 6 months ago and the story is always so fresh lingering in the back of my head all the time. I can’t stop thinking about it and the way you ended off Scarlet left me with so many questions about what is going to happen! Now that I’ve heard it’s out I am so desperate to read Cress, I will never forget this series, it’s something I have never read before. Your idea of fairytale twists came to an incredible stage. I am so glad I have picked up to this series!!!!! 🙂

  23. Chloe Brown commented on:

    Oh. My. God. Yay! I absolutely adore the series so far, both Cinder and Scarlet only took me a day to read each. I love the way you put such a twist in common fairy tales. This is probably one of my favourite series I have read so far, which trust me is a huge thing seeing as I’ve read hundreds of series (which some might consider strange as I just turned 13 and most kids my age prefer things like video gaming and texting) and enjoy few so much that I would reread them. I’ve recommended both books to loads of my friends but I don’t think many will actually read them. The only thing I dread about the series is the fact that it’s going to take about nine months for Cress to come out, I don’t think I can make it that long. Keep up the amazing work and you’ll always have me on my toes!

  24. Grace Diseker commented on:

    Ok, I know the books is about the girl, the queen’s programmer who warned Cinder.
    The person talking in the random splurge is Wolf or Ze’ev. He and Scarlet, the cutest!
    I am the exact same as Chloe Brown.
    I so want Cinder to Kia the truth about her, I think he might pass out though!!
    I oddly enough wouldn’t mind having the genetic modifications Wolf has. I would really enjoy them. The hightened sense , the amazing physical abilities, and the teeth.

  25. Elizabeth commented on:

    Congrats on finishing! I love your books they’re so unique and amazing. I enjoy how you mix fairy tales with a future dystopian plot. I just love it. CANNOT wait to read Cress!!!!!!!

  26. Grace Disekerf commented on:

    I understand how cleaning can be a celebration. Your home is made clean, neat, and just how you want it. A new beginning.
    I am going to die of book boredom (not having anything new to read) this summer! Can’t Cress come out sooner? Please!!

  27. Maryam commented on:

    I love your books. especially Scarlet. I mean, who couldn’t? they’re just AMAZING. When i recommended this book to all my friends,they told me that i had such great taste in books!
    This book was also really touching, i mean, It’s just so sad the way michelle benoit died. I literally stayed up all night just to finish this book. My favourite character is Cinder though.she literally lost her family twice, her mother and father, and also her stepfather and step sister peony. not to mention that she doesnt have a real body since half of her is cyborg. her own aunt wants to kill her and she discovers that she’s a princess who actually has to fight Levana? Not to mention that she’s a wanted fugitive on earth. after reading Scarlet and Cinder, i kinda wish i had brainwashing powers because i just realised how useful they’d be, and i love the idea of portscreens!

  28. Maryam commented on:

    When is Cress coming out in pakistan? I cant wait for 2014. i really dont think i can survive that long! so i hear that it’s based on rapunzel? With cinder being based on cinderella and scarlet red riding hood, its a bit hard to picture who the main character will be in cress. But which fairytale will winter be based on?

  29. Marissa commented on:

    Hey Maryam, I’m so glad you and your friends are enjoying the series! Cress will be based on Rapunzel and Winter on Snow White. I hope you’ll love them!

  30. Liana Chau commented on:

    I commented! I seriously can’t wait! Why must we wait so long..

  31. Deanne commented on:

    Ahaa, its nice conversation regarding this piece of writing
    here at this blog, I have read all that, so now me also commenting here.

  32. Lilliana commented on:

    OhMyGoodness! I really can not wait for Cress to come out! I finished cinder and scarlet in 3 days. I will probably finish cress in 1 and a half! You write so well and I love how you turned classical fairy tales into futuristic events. I makes it so interesting! Is there a chance that Cress could come out sooner?

  33. Lily commented on:

    I want the book to come out now!!

  34. Carley commented on:

    I finished Cinder and Scarlet both in like two days. From the first page they got me hooked and had me up past midnight reading. Your writing is AMAZING!!!!!! I love the whole story. It’s unique and not something I can forget in a hurry. I wish Cress could come out sooner. It’s torture for me having to sit tight. Can’t wait till Cress comes out! It’s going to be soooooooo good! You’re an inspiration Marissa Meyer!

  35. Nicole commented on:

    Ghhhghghghh…. This said the cover art for Cress would come out in June…! It’s almost August..where is it?! *grinds teeth*

    I simply cannot wait until this book comes out! I want it NOW! *screams and flails arms like whiny 4-year-old*

    I guess I’ll just have to entertain myself with other books until then…*sigh*

  36. Afnan commented on:

    Aaaahhhh!!!! So excited. It’s such an amazing series! And I’m also really sad I have to wait ’till next year. But I can’t wait for some more quirkiness from Iko and Captain Thorne. I really love how you’ve connected all the stories together. And I love how you make me forget I’m read a twist on a fairy tale because these books are unlike any other twists. You are an amazing author. Waiting impatiently…..

  37. Marissa commented on:

    Thanks so much, guys!!

    I can now say with a fair amount of confidence that the cover art will be posted next week. !!!

  38. yasmeen commented on:

    when is the cover coming out? its august and im so flippin xcited for this book!

  39. rhea commented on:

    I am so EXCITED for Cress! I just finished Scarlet today, and congratulations Marissa Meyer! Rapunzel is one of my favorite fairytale stories. Speaking of fairytales, do any of ya’ll watch once upon a time. I think you’d enjoy it. Well anyways, keep up the gr8 work Marissa Meyer. I can’t WAIT for Cress to come out!!

  40. Devashree commented on:

    I loved the first two book- they were so articulate, capturing and brilliant! Honestly, in the slew of books-adapted-from-fairy-tales, yours definitely stands out as the best. Cinder is my favourite female character right now- strong and flawed, and so real.

    And because you love(?) or at least watch Firefly, you are my most favourite person on the internet 🙂

  41. Nuala commented on:

    OMG! OMG!! OMG!!! I can’t wait Im so excited. Plus did anyone else notice that in Cinder when dr. Erland is talking about his “DEAD” daughter he calls her his little CRESScent moon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    OMG!!! I think Cress is dr. Erland`s daughter!!! Plus in the original fairytale rapunzel the prince gets pushed out of the tower by the witch and is blinded by a THORNE bush (luckily rapunzel heals him with her tears) but is anyone else thinking that Captain Carswell THORNE is Cress`s prince charming!!!!!! I certaintly hope so :)!!!!!!!!

  42. aly commented on:


  43. Lizett commented on:

    I LOVE THE SERIES!!! Literally counting down the days until Cress comes out!!! I can’t even tell you how many people I’ve recommended this series to! Cinder/ Selene is probably my favorite character! And I LOVE Prince Kai! I am seriously just waiting for Kai to finally realize who Cinder really is. I can’t wait for their reunion! Would it be too much to hope for at least one Cinder + Kai scene in Cress? *puppy dog eyes*

  44. Grace Diseker commented on:

    Fanfiction. …… only thing keeping me sane
    I need Cress like now!!!
    Dying from lack of it!
    Won’t it come out sooner!!

  45. Emily commented on:

    I can’t wait until it comes out! I am obsessed with Cinder. I just finished Scarlet and can’t stop thinking about it. Now I’m waiting for Cress. Then Winter. I just hope this series goes on forever! A bit impatient but I can wait!

  46. Irene commented on:

    EEEEEEEEK!!!!!!!!!!!! I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. rose commented on:

    Can’t wait, I loved cinder and scarlet.

  48. Rose Sammons commented on:

    Hi marissa Meyer first I love your page second I think that cinder and scarlet are fantastic I can’t wait till February 14th I’m so excited I already have my name marked at the list at the library I’m 14 and in all my life I’ve never read 2 books more awe inspiring more beautiful that cinder and scarlet I feel so overwhelmingly proud and great you finally finished your book.

  49. Caroline commented on:

    So exited 2 read the book. So totally gonna celebrate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK that was me screaming of exitement!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. Your Name commented on:

    I love these books and have been counting down the months until cress is released! After I read Cinder I went to my school library and recommend it and an happy to say I see it on the shelves . I also love how the stories weave together with the fairytales. Seeing the connections make me sooo happy:)! These books are amazing!!

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  52. makaela jackson commented on:

    Hello Ms. Meyer. My name is Makaela Jackson and I’m orangeburg, Sc. Cinder was recommended to me by my older sister. I immediately fell in love with the book. I am a big fan of all things romamce. I read cinder nonstop than I moved onto Scarlet and became even more addicted. I adore how you parts of the original story in the book. The books always kept me begging for more. This is coming from a 15 year old girl who doesn’t normally read novels and who will be turning 16 a day before the release of Winter. The timing couldn’t be anymore perfect. I’m so looking forward to reading Winter!

  53. makaela jackson commented on:

    I mean Cress not Winter.

  54. Amaiya Tourigny ( 10 ) commented on:

    Maybe thats Captain or Wolf… ) I started reading scarlet since some brat took Cinder right before i could find it and my friend doesn’t have a laptop so i looked up cress for her and now im excited! And i fell in love with the series and i got it for christmas! I’m halfway through Cinder and i had to go to winter break ( and return ) the scarlet book to my library when i left! Now i have the entire series ( baahhhh i blab alot ) and i cant wait till Febuary and 2015 T.T Byeeeee! ( i want to be a author like you! you make amazing books ) Now i need to go finish cinder c;

  55. Laura commented on:

    I love your books! These are one of the reasons why I read books again. Thank you so much for publishing these enetertaining,awesome, and the best book in the World!!!

  56. Concerned Mom commented on:

    My 10 year old has started reading the series but I’m not a reader. Are there any books in the series I should insist she waits on until she’s older? I’m more worried about racy scenes rather than violence. TIA

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