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Posted on: 29th Jun 2012  /   Categorized: Marketing & Promotion

For the grand opening of this blog, I’m spotlighting some of my favorite blog posts and moments from over the years throughout the month of June.

Week Four: Marketing and Promotion


Last November, unable to participate in NaNoWriMo, I decided to do my own month-long extravaganza and did 30 days of blog posts all about publicizing and promoting one’s first novel.

First posted on November 30, 2011
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Whew, we have officially reached the end of National Novel Publicity Month! I know I’ve learned a lot the past four weeks, gotten a lot done, and discovered some really fun self-promo tactics that may not have occurred to me otherwise, and I hope you’ve all been inspired also.

And now I have to say that I’m so looking forward to returning to my regular 3-times-a-week posting schedule!! *collapses*

In case you missed any posts, here’s a complete breakdown of the publicity topics discussed:

Day 1: Welcome to National Novel Publicity Month!
Day 2: A is for ARCs
Day 3: B is for Blog Tour
Day 4: C is for Conferences, Conventions, and Book Fairs
Day 5: D is for Downloads
Day 6: E is for Emails
Day 7: F is for Facebook Fan Pages
Day 8: G is for Giveaways (Part I)
Day 9: G is for Giveaways (Part II)
Day 10: H is for Hosting a Launch Party
Day 11: I is for Interviews and Guest Posts
Day 12: J is for Joining Writing Groups
Day 13: K is for Press Kits
Day 14: L is for LibraryThings, Shelfari, and Goodreads
Day 15: M is for Mailing Lists
Day 16: N is for Not All About You
Day 17: O is for Online Home Base
Day 18: P is for Participating in Online Events
Day 19: Q is for Question and Discussion Guides
Day 20: R is for Readings
Day 21: S is for Skype
Day 22: T is for Twitter
Day 23: U is for Unusual Venues
Day 24: Break for Thanksgiving
Day 25: V is for Vlogging
Day 26: W is for Writing for Publications
Day 27: X is for Exceptional Swag
Day 28: Y is for Saying Yes
Day 29: Z is for Zany Ideas

If you can think of any great, fun, or unique publicity techniques I may have missed, please let us know in the comments.

I hope you found the month to be interesting and helpful. I wish everyone luck in their publishing endeavors!


  1. Linda Ulleseit commented on:

    Hi, Marissa! I’m a sixth grade teacher who does NaNo with her class. When Cinder came out in January, I read it and immediately reocmmended it. They loved it even more when they found out it was a NaNo novel! Cinder even made their Top Sixteen Books Ever list in March when we did Novel Madness.

    Last month, my own NaNo novel, On a Wing and a Dare, was published. It is also my first novel, so I totally enjoyed your month of marketing tips! I will be coming back here again and again!


  2. Marissa commented on:

    Hey Linda, thank you so much for your comment! I LOVE hearing about classrooms that are partaking in Nano these days. What a great idea, and I’m sure so many students come away from the month feeling accomplished and inspired!

    HUGE congrats on your novel. I’m glad you’ve found these tips helpful, and wish you the best of luck with your writing!

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