Month: September 2014

From Idea to Finished, Step 2: The Outline

Writing this blog post is coming at an optimal time, as I’m about to start outlining my superhero story within the next couple of weeks.     I’ll be honest. No matter how many books I outline, I always find this part of the process intimidating. Part of me always […]

From Idea to Finished, Step 1: Brainstorming & Research

BAM—You Have an Idea! It’s usually something small. A character starts speaking to you in the back of your head, wanting to tell their story. Or you’re sitting on the bus one day, daydreaming, and a movie starts to play out in your head. Just a single scene first, but you want […]

My Writing Process: 9 Steps from Idea to Finished

A few months ago I asked what types of blog posts you guys would like to see more of, and there was an overwhelming response for craft-based posts. And I’m right there with you. There is a lot to say on the craft of writing—entire shelves are dedicated to it in […]