Month: September 2014

From Idea to Finished, Step 5: The Second Draft

Once I’ve had some time away from my first draft, it’s time to start in on revisions. Naturally, the first stage in revisions is . . . the second draft!   The second draft is the most complicated stage of my writing process, and half the time I feel like […]

From Idea to Finished, Step 4: Simmering Periods

In between each draft of a writing project, I make a point of taking some time away from it. I call it a simmering period. (Like making a soup or spaghetti sauce… you need to give it time to simmer so all the flavors can meld together and become delicious… […]

From Idea to Finished, Step 3: The First Draft

At the end of the outlining process, which I discussed in my last blog post, I have in hand an outline that gives me a basic summary of what’s going to happen in the story from scene to scene to scene, and how this story will progress from beginning, through […]