Month: November 2013

Lunar Insignia Grand Prize Winners and Honorable Mentions

Confession: I HATE choosing contest winners. There are always SO MANY that I love, and I want to reward everyone for their effort and creativity, and I want to hug all of you for participating. But! Winners must be chosen nonetheless! First up . . .   THE HONORABLE MENTIONS […]

My Tips for Writing a Lot of Words

News: SCARLET is a nominee in the GoodReads People’s Choice Awards, Young Adult Fantasy and Sci-Fi Category! Cast your votes here:     Many of you are taking part in my Write Like Crazy NaNoWriMo Challenge, and I am so heartened to see all the growing word counts on […]

The Lunar Insignia Finalists – Voting is Open!

You guys never make these contests easy on me! I am constantly impressed by the effort, creativity, and brilliance that goes into these contest entries, and I am enormously grateful to you all for humoring me with these challenges. Thank you!!! *squishes everybody who entered* You can view all of […]