Month: January 2013

Listen to the First Chapter of the Scarlet Audiobook!

The SCARLET audiobook will be releasing next Tuesday – the same day as the hardcover. (OHMYGOSH DO YOU ALL REALIZE HOW SOON THAT IS?!) Ahem. The audiobook is read by Rebecca Soler, the same amazing voice actress who did the reading for CINDER. And thanks to MacmillanAudio, you can listen […]

The Scarlet Blog Tour Starts Today!

Did you guys hear?! My first real copy of SCARLET has arrived, which means… the book exists in the world! It also means… only two more weeks before it exists in bookstores!! *dies* Some amazing book bloggers have agreed to join me for the Scarlet Blog Tour, which kicks off […]

The *VIRTUAL* Scarlet Launch Party!

I am SO EXCITED to announce this new event, available to everyone with a computer and an internet connection! I particularly hope some of you who can’t come to a Scarlet Tour stop will be able to make it. YOU ARE INVITED: What: This free event will feature prizes, author Q&A, and more! […]