Month: December 2013

A Real-Life Post: Babies and Adoption!

My husband and I have just made the official announcement to our friends and families, and I wanted to share the exciting news here as well. We are currently in the process of adopting our first child! (!!!!!) Though there are no guarantees with these things, we hope to have […]

Help! Autograph Sayings for CRESS

With only 46 days (!!!) to go before Cress hits stores and I take off on my epic Cress book tour, it’s time for me to start brainstorming the all-important saying that I’ll write in the book during signings.   This is one of those weird things that kind of […]

An Interview with the NaNo Challenge Winners

I’m pleased to welcome three special guests today—the top three word-count writers from the Write Like Crazy NaNoWriMo Challenge! Each of these ladies wrote over HALF A MILLION WORDS, which is beyond amazing, and they were all kind enough to write a few hundred more to answer some of my […]