Month: November 2012

And the Book Trailer Giveaway Winners Are…

Thanks to everyone who watched and commented on the book trailer! I can’t wait until you can all read the book and (hopefully) love the characters just as much as you love the actors. 😉 Winners were selected using (and I was very careful to ensure that double-comments were […]

NaNo Update: Random Facts I’ve Learned This Month

I have officially crossed the 50K mark and I hope many of you have too! But you know me, never satisfied with a challenge unless it’s the super-duper insanity-inducing kind, so my goal this month was never to hit 50K, but rather to finish the first draft of my Secret […]

Paying Homage: The NaNoWriMo Scarlet ARC Giveaway

Announcement #1: The book trailer giveaway is still underway and I am thrilled with how many people have watched the trailer and entered to win! I love the trailer and am glad so many of you do too. There are 3 days left to enter, so if you haven’t yet, […]