Lunar Chronicles Deleted Scene #1

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As promised, welcome to the first of nine blog posts featuring deleted scenes from The Lunar Chronicles!


I’ll be posting a new scene or excerpt every Friday between now and January 27, spanning the releases of The Lunar Chronicles Coloring Book on December 6 and Wires and Nerve, vol. 1 on January 31.


SPOILERS WARNING: Even though this scene was ultimately deleted from the manuscript, it still contains information and references to things that did make it into the book. I strongly encourage readers to enjoy the published books before proceeding!


Lunar Chronicles Deleted Scene #1


From: Cinder, 1st draft


Featuring: Cinder and Kai


Naming Notes: For clarity, “Adele” later became Adri, “Merlin” (yes, Merlin) became Dr. Erland; and “Coen” became Konn Torin (and pssst, he was originally a villain, secretly working for Levana! DUN DUN DUN).


Editing Notes: I really debated whether or not I should “clean up” the text of these deleted scenes before posting them. Truly, there were times when it was painful for me to read over them and not allow myself to fix this run-on sentence or delete that superfluous adverb, but I thought that posting them in their unedited versions might be useful for some aspiring writers out there to see the text rough and un-polished. Therefore, these scenes have been left untouched, with the exception of very obvious typos or misspellings.


Helpful set-up: This scene took place about halfway through the book, when Cinder went to the palace to see Prince Kai but was met with a crowd of protestors and turned away by the guards. In this initial draft, she didn’t have a handy royal android (Nainsi) to alert Kai to her presence, though, so she had to get resourceful… by using her cyborg brain to find a secret passage into the wall, of course!


* * *


At first, nothing happened. But when she pulled harder, she felt something budge, just a little. Putting all the might of her robotic limb into it, she pulled until a slab of interconnected stones pulled out from the wall, and she was left holding a heavy stone-and-grout door and staring into a dark tunnel, filled with cobwebs.

She looked at the guards and, seeing them still preoccupied, climbed into the corridor before she could change her mind. The door was outfitted with handles on the inside too and, with a little bit of grunting, she was able to lift it up and pull it back into place behind her.

It took a moment for her eyes to adjust to the darkness, which she spent brushing the cobwebs from hair and shoulders, glad that years of cleaning attics and chimneys for Adele had left her with a lack of fear of the everyday creepy-crawlies.


Happy Cyborg Monday 2016!

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So many fun things being revealed today, so let’s get started!


The Wires and Nerve Serialization kicks off today!

Every week we’ll be releasing a new preview of Wires and Nerve, my first graphic novel that follows Iko, the beloved android, in a brand new, post-Winter story. (Release date: January 31, 2017.)

The first installment is currently available right here at A.V. Club!


A special Cyborg Monday Facebook Livestream with yours truly.

Join me tonight on the Fierce Reads Facebook page, where I’ll be talking about Heartless, Wires and Nerve, and The Lunar Chronicles Coloring Book, and answering as many of your questions as I can get to!

Tonight, Nov. 28, at 9:00EST / 6:00PST at




Find out what Lunar Chronicles character you are by taking this super fun quiz! 

For the record, I’m Cress. Fangirls for the win!


The Cyborg Monday Sweepstakes

Took the quiz? Great! Now enter to win some awesome swag or a Grand Prize that will include The Lunar Chronicles box set, an Iko USB filled with Meyer content, a Litographs Cinder totebag, and more!

TO ENTER: Change your Twitter avatar to your favorite Lunar Chronicles character and tweet with #WiresandNerve and #sweepstakes! 

(Note: As this sweepstakes is being run by my U.S. publisher, I’m afraid it’s open to residents of the U.S. and Canada only. Sorry!)


Character Profiles and Downloadable Coloring Sheets

Refresh your memory about all the characters with these super fun character pages, including art from the upcoming graphic novels!

And while you’re reading up on the whole Rampion crew, don’t miss the “Download” button at the bottom of each page – where you can download advance coloring pages from the official coloring book, which isn’t in stores until Dec. 6!



The Scarlet Litograph Design Contest Winner

A HUGE congratulations to Nika, who created this stunning design, which will be available on Litographs T-shirts, tote bags, and posters later this week… just in time to share the Lunartic love for the holidays!




Deleted Scenes, Coming Your Way!

For years I’ve received dozens, nay, hundreds of requests to release some deleted scenes that never made it into the final, published books of The Lunar Chronicles.

Ask and ye shall receive! In celebration of the Coloring Book and Wires & Nerve, every week starting this Friday through the end of January I will be posting a deleted, never-before-seen* excerpt or chapter from the books. So stay tuned!


*Okay, one or two of them were included in various blog tours years ago, but for the most part they’ll be all new. 


Happy Cyborg Monday, Lunartics!


The Lunar Chronicles Coloring Book has arrived!

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Joy and jubilation, the TLC Coloring Book is here!!! And with character profiles, gorgeous settings, and some of my favorite scenes from the books all gorgeously illustrated, it is oh-so-breathtaking!


TLC coloring book

Marissa Meyer’s bestselling Lunar Chronicles series comes to life in a coloring book, illustrated by Kathryn Gee! Castles, costumes, and characters inspired by fairy tales are detailed with intricate and decorative drawings, perfect for coloring. Along with new text from Marissa Meyer, The Lunar Chronicles Coloring Book (Feiwel & Friends) is a volume that Lunartics will want to own.


If you haven’t gotten a copy yet, it is truly stunning in person, and I really hope you’ll all enjoy it. Take a mental break this holiday season and let your creativity (and Lunartic pride) shine!


And if you live near Portland, OR, join me and Kathryn Gee TONIGHT for the Coloring Book Launch Event:

Coloring Book Party in Portland, OR

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TLC coloring book

The Official Lunar Chronicles Coloring Book comes out next Tuesday, December 6!


If you happen to live in the Pacific Northwest, I hope you’ll join me and illustrator Kathryn Gee for a fabulous night of coloring and fun.




WHEN: Tuesday, December 6, 7:00PM

WHERE: Powell’s Books at Cedar Hills Crossing, Beaverton, OR

WHO: Kathryn Gee, fanartist and illustrator of the TLC Coloring Book, and me!

WHAT: Kathryn and I will talk about the origins of the coloring book and the process of making it a reality, followed by audience Q&A and a signing.

WHY: Because… coloring?

And oh yes, colored pencils will be provided. See you there!

Literacy-Themed Charities for #GivingTuesday

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This is a big weekend coming up, not just with Thanksgiving and Black Friday, but also Small Business Saturday and Cyber… er, I mean, CYBORG Monday. But before we all get swept up in holiday shopping and festivities (and all the many Lunar Chronicles announcements we’re going to make next week…), I wanted to write about the day that captures the feel of the holidays much more than any cheaply-priced flat-screen TV ever could…



If you’re not familiar with Giving Tuesday, it’s joined the annual Thanksgiving weekend line-up as the day in which people all over the world are encouraged to volunteer their time or money in support of a cause that’s important to them. Of course there are a BILLION different charities and organizations that one can choose to support, but I thought I’d take this chance to highlight some of my personal favorite literacy-based organizations for my fellow book lovers.

This clever organization works directly with pediatricians in order to supply age-appropriate books to their young patients, and include family-reading time as a part of their overall health and development plan. For many children who benefit from this program, the book(s) they receive from their doctor are the only books they own.

Through the use of a “book bank,” this fantastic program uses a network of educators and community leaders to provide books, educational resources, and even some basic necessities (such as band-aids) to children in under-served communities, with the overall goal of reducing educational inequality for children in impoverished areas.

Yes, yes, NaNoWriMo is an awesome annual motivator to push us writers into gear, but they are also responsible for the Young Writers Program, which reaches over 80,000 students and educators through special programming and free classroom kits, helping them develop their writing skills and nourish their creativity.




If you’re the type of giver that prefers to keep it local (fair enough!), here are some ideas for supporting your own community:


Your local library: Libraries are more than just places to check out free books (though that is, of course, an awesome service) – they also tend to be community spaces that host year-round events, from author visits to children’s story times, but they often require funding above what they receive from the government to accomplish their goals.

Prisons & Detention Centers: Illiteracy and a lack of education go hand in hand with crime rates. Many prisons and detention centers host educational programming for their inmates and/or book clubs to encourage reading and open discussion. Such programs can go a long way toward helping inmates connect with the outside world and avoid re-offending once they’re released.

Schools & Hospitals: If you’re not able to donate financially but have a stack of books lying around that you’d like to find good homes for, try asking your local schools or hospitals. Many are eager to have fresh reading material for their libraries.


Want more information on charitable giving? is an excellent resource for finding causes that speak to your heart.

I hope that gives you some ideas for next Tuesday… or any time of year, for that matter…


Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Jeopardy & Goodreads & Facebook Live – Oh My!

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This is one of those days where I have about 8 million things to cover, so let’s get to it!

First off – Author Promo FAIL! In all the excitement of HEARTLESS releasing, I completely forgot to MENTION IT ON MY BLOG. So, if you happened to miss it…

Heartless is now out in the world!! Yippee!


In fact, I am THRILLED to announce that it hit #1 on the New York Times Young Adult Bestsellers List!! Thank you so much to everyone who has supported me and my first stand-alone novel. *squishes all the readers*

That’s not all… Heartless also a Goodreads Choice Finalist! If you haven’t yet voted for your favorite books of the year, cast your vote today!


While you’re busy voting for things, don’t forget to cast your vote for your favorite design in the Scarlet Litographs Contest! (It’s a tough choice, but somebody’s got to make it.)



Plus a couple of super cool things were brought to my attention on social media this week, including…


Heartless in the New York City subway! (Say what?!)





And… I’ll take “Bizarre Moments in Marissa’s Life” for a thousand, Alex.





Last thing – our annual Cyborg Monday is coming up!! Keep your eye out on Twitter next Monday, 11/28, for TONS of news and announcements for The Lunar Chronicles and Wires & Nerve. (If you miss it, I’ll post a full re-cap right here on Tuesday.)

Plus – set your alarm for my Facebook Live Chat, happening Monday at 9:00pm EST / 6:00pm PST on the Fierce Reads Facebook page. I’ll be talking about some fun new things we have coming up, and will answer as many questions as I have time for!

Okay, I think I got it all. BAM.

First Listen: Heartless Audiobook

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You know we’re close to a book release when the first excerpt from the audiobook becomes available!


I’m delighted that Heartless is narrated by Rebecca Soler, the same talented narrator behind The Lunar Chronicles, and here is our first listen…




The Heartless audiobook will release on November 8, the same day as the hardcover, but you can pre-order it from Audible today:

The Scarlet Litographs Design Contest

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If the brand new Cinder Infinity Scarves wasn’t enough… I have yet MORE exciting news from Litographs!


Their line of Cinder merchandise has done so well (thank you, Lunartics!) that they’ve decided to add a line for Scarlet too. (YAY!!) And because my readers are pretty much the most creative geniuses in the world… we’re once again hosting a contest in which YOU get to design it!


*girlish squeal*


Seriously. I had so much fun seeing the designs created for Cinder that I am dying to see what you guys come up with for Scarlet. I cannot wait!!


All right, here is the official announcement and submission guidelines:



A Litograph is art created from the text of a book. Litographs then takes this art and prints it on t-shirts, tote bags, and posters, meaning you can now wear your favorite book! Check out to see examples of their work.


Here, of course, is the fabulous Cinder design created by Lunartic Snigdha Chaya Saikia:



And now we’re working on an original line of merchandise inspired by Scarlet!



YOUR MISSION: Create a design to be used as the base for posters, t-shirts, and tote bags for the original Scarlet Litographs line of merchandise.



– The winning design will be used as the main art for the release of Scarlet t-shirts, tote bags, and posters.

– Your design should be inspired by Scarlet: Book Two of the Lunar Chronicles and/or speak to a key theme, or plot point, in the book. In other words, we want to be able to recall the book from your design (that doesn’t mean spoilers!). Your design must fit some general size and style qualifications as in the Litographs style guide. That said, please do be creative!

– Your design should include graphics only. No text please (as the background will consist entirely of text!).

– Please do not use copyrighted images. All artwork should be your own creation.

– Open internationally.





– Please submit ONLY ONE DESIGN. If you submit more than one design, your work will be disqualified.

– Important: By submitting an entry to this contest you grant rights to use this design in forthcoming merchandise, and in display and promotional materials. Please read the terms of service within the typeform for more information.

– Once your design is finished, use this typeform link to submit your design and contact information. Your design will later be posted to my Pinterest page for voting.


– All entries must be received no later than midnight PST on Thursday, November 10th, 2016.  




5 FINALISTS will each receive a $50 Litographs gift card. This can be redeemed for posters, t-shirts, tote bags, temporary tattoos, and other great literary products, including those soon-to-be available for Scarlet!

ONE GRAND PRIZE WINNER will receive a $500 cash prize from Litographs and have his or her design featured on Litographs t-shirts, tote bags, and posters to be available at, and indie bookstores around the country!!!


Happy designing, and GOOD LUCK!


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